New Beginnings CH04 The week without AdamNew Beginnings CH04 The week without Adam



1. The week was dragging along and my mom and others could see how sad I was. I will be so happy when Adam gets back here. Most of the seniors I ate lunch with where gone on the trip too. I was really depressed and finding myself daydreaming all the time. My mom came home as I was fixing me a snack and asked how I was feeling. I told her I was fine, just bored. Well son, today I talked to Bobby’s mom and she want’s him to stay here a couple of days. She has to go out of town for family business and he does not want to go. He was going to stay with Adam but now Adam is gone too. I thought that little bastard was going to stay with Adam, not on my watch. That’s cool mom, but what about school? He will wait here why your in school. OK when does he get here? Tomorrow she said. Cool I can’t wait. I would be able to find out what all he and Adam had done. The next day when I came in from school and walked into the house, Bobby said hey Tim, how was your day. Bobby when did you get here. I arrived this morning, I guess shortly after you had left for school. Mom want be home for a while so what you want to do. His expression turned into a devilish grin and grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom. He sat in the middle of my bed and patted the bed and said sit down, I have questions. I plopped down and he giggled and said so tell me about you and Adam. I was gushing, Adam is great and I really miss him being gone. He smirked and said, so from what I’ve seen he must really like you. So how much have you done so far. I blushed and said I think about everything. How many demerits have you received so far. I smiled and said I have only had the first day and once I got one demerit before he left. Wow, I could not sit for weeks after he took me under his wing. So has he fucked you yet. I was proud now and told him yes and I wanted it constantly. He giggled and said damn Tim, your a real little slut aren’t you? I Giggled and said I guess so. I am so glad it worked out, and sorry I did not tell you what was coming but I figured you would handle it better if had no knowledge of what I did for protection. I seen April the other day and she say’s Adam really love you. She was amazed, but she says she thinks you are one of the sweetest people she ever met. So how far are you getting his cock down your throat? I smiled and beamed with pride as I exclaimed I can take it all with no problem. Damn it man, it took me weeks to get half of it down. I guess your a natural born cock sucker. I was getting hard and very horny. Bobby said I gotta go pee, be right back. He ran to the bathroom and I quickly adjusted myself as my little pecker was about to snap off being bent back by my tight jeans. Bobby came out of the bathroom and said, I see you are getting horny there Tim. I looked to make sure my pecker was not sticking straight up in my pants. I giggled and said I’m always horny these days. As I turned toward him, he was standing completely naked in front of the bathroom. I was in awe as I just stared dumbfounded. He approached with his cock swinging limp, it was bouncing with every step. Come and suck me off. I immediately moved to side of the bed and reached for his limp cock and started pulling on it. I pushed him back and dropped off the bed onto my knees and engulfed his member. I started sucking his dick and could feel it growing in my mouth. It was not Adam’s monster cock, but it was impressive for a sophomore. I carefully worked it into my throat and it was hard as steel by now. I kept sucking him off when he reached for my head and grabbed a handful of hair and started face fucking me. He continued and pumping as he moaned. He picked up the pace and then pulled back everything but his cock head and thrust forward and with a load moan he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, in my mind I was doing Adam and drinking his man juice. Once I had drained his balls he said now get undressed I want to see your body. I stood and removed my t shirt, then my shoes, and unbuttoned my pants. I let them drop to the floor and quickly slid my underwear down. He said, oh now I see why he likes you so much. He adores little peckers and use to tell me he hated my big dick. He stepped forward and pushed me onto the bed and pulled my legs up by pants legs and pulled them all the way off. He then grabbed my underwear and ripped them off and it really hurt as the elastic band burned my skin as he pulled and he finally gave up and pulled them off me correctly. I was a little nervous now. He pushed my legs back behind my head and put his face in my ass. He was thoroughly examining my ass. He finally spoke and said yeah your still smooth and even though you have been pummeled by his big dick you are still kind of tight looking. That tells me you have been a good little boy. I was sort of proud of myself, but at the same time a little nervous at his tone. He spit on my hole and stood up and released one of legs and started rubbing my hole. He slid two fingers inside. He was working my hole over good. He added another finger and was really going at my ass. He stopped and stepped back and said yeah now it’s opened up good. He dropped both of my legs and asked what time my mom would be home? I told him should be here shortly. He said we better get dressed then. We got dressed and talked but nothing about Adam or the club. We went into the kitchen just as my mom got home from work. She said how was you boy’s day? It was good mom, yeah it was good. I brought pizza from town, Tim I’m going out tonight so you two will be alone, is that ok with you? Sure, mom, do you have a big date tonight? Yes I do actually, and I will not be back until tomorrow afternoon. We took the pizza and mom packed a few things and left for her date and said don’t stay up to late you have school tomorrow. I know mom I will promise to be up on time for school. Bobby your mom is picking you up in the morning about 11, so be ready. Yes ma’am Bobby said. We sat and ate our pizza and he was staring at me a lot. I finally asked what it was. He said you still horny? I laughed and said yes I am. Good I want to fuck you tonight. All night long I want to fuck you. I was having serious doubts about Bobby’s intentions, but I was super horny. As we went to bed we undressed and I was feeling really guilty about sleeping with someone besides Adam. I finally convinced myself it would be fine because it was going to be a little bit before Adam got to return home. He took me in his arms and asked me to tell him everything I had done so far. If you do that maybe I can teach you something new to surprise Adam. This idea actually appealed to me. I told him everything me and Adam had done. I even told him about the times Adam said he loved me. He was silent most of the time. Well Kızılay Escort I think you may have done more than I have. He threw the covers off the bed and rolled over on top of me and kissed me. I kissed him back and reached for his cock. I then rubbed my hands up his stomach and then over his sides and down the small of his back and grabbed his ass. I felt rough patches in places and assumed it was from going without shaving. The texture of his skin on his ass was making me obsessed with touching it. It was like I was trying to read braille. When I tried to reposition myself to get a better look, he pushed me back down on the bed parted my legs with his knees. I instinctively spread my thighs for him to get better access to my little boy pussy. I felt his cock fall between my legs and push into my little ball sack. He thrust hard a couple of times and, I winced in pain as he pummeled my balls. He pushed my legs up further with his knees and how his cock was poking at my crack. He stuck his fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them. He pulled them out and reached down and slid them up my crack and plunged them into my hole. I was wet down there already. He chuckled and said you ready to go. He fingered my hole and said beg for my cock in your ass little boy. I said please fuck me, give me your cock. Please give me all of it, I need it. He climbed off rolled me to my side and lifted my leg. I could feel his cock head rubbing across my hole. He pushed into me with great vigor and shoved it all in. Oh yeah fuck my little pussy Bobby give it to me. He fucked me in that position for a bit. He then said get on top. I crawled up on his cock and rode it hard and fast. He let out a loud groan and felt his cum flooding my ass. I collapsed on top of him exhausted. I then rolled off we laid there, I heard him snoring shortly and closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I awoke to the feel of his cock back inside of me and he was fucking away at my hole again. I felt him thrusting and could hear his grunting. I was still half asleep when I felt him cum in me again. He jumped up and I heard him in the bathroom taking a piss. He returned to bed and I put my arm over his chest and rested my head on his chest. He pushed my head down to his cock and I was being guided up and down his shaft. This went on for a while and he went soft and never did taste his come though I thought I felt a twitch in his cock. He just left my head in his crotch as he drifted off to sleep. I once again drifted off to sleep. I woke up the next morning and he was still asleep. I got up and jumped in the shower and washed my body and my ass really well as it was caked in dried cum. I decided Bobby would be leaving today so I needed to shave so I could stay smooth for Adam. I did not want to displease my true love. I dried off and walked back into my bedroom as Bobby was awake. I said good morning, good morning he said. He said can I get a shower? I said sure go ahead. I told him I would be leaving for school soon. OK, have a good day Tim. I was standing at my dresser looking for some underwear when he stood up out of bed. I was shocked at what I saw. That texture on his ass was strange very strange to the touch but seeing it was bizarre. I was running through my mind trying to figure out what could cause this. I kept going back to health class lectures trying to solve it this was an STD. I got my mind back on track as he went into the bathroom and I got dressed. I had to get this off my mind and get myself ready for school. I was picking up my backpack to head out when he came out of the bathroom. I said I’m heading out see you next time your in town Bobby. He smiled and said man I can’t believe you became what Adam has always wanted, and I got to fuck Adam’s little pussy boy. I left the room wondering what the fuck did I do, I have made a huge mistake. Trying to decide should I tell Adam and take a chance on losing him and everything in my life that had made me so happy. I was terrified Adam would find out about this. Maybe I am a stupid little slut who can’t keep my legs closed. I went through school that day in a state of panic about how bad I had fucked up. I returned home that day after school and Bobby was gone and mom was not home. I wondered what I should do. Maybe I could go over and ask Adam’s mom but no then she would definitely tell on me. I decided I would tell Adam everything when he came home and I would beg him for forgiveness and make it up to him anyway he wanted. I spent the rest of the week in disarray hoping for the best and not knowing what the worst could be.

Monday arrived finally and I could not wait to see Adam. I jumped up got dressed and headed out he door for his house. I arrived earlier and knocked on the door. Adam opened the door and said well good morning Tim, your bright and early. I smiled and said I missed you Adam. He smiled his cute smile and I swear my ass was sopping wet. I stepped inside and he kissed me on the mouth. He held me and said we have to talk later on in private, what time you gotta be home tonight. I said mom want be home until after 10 tonight. Good you will come here after school and we will talk. I was on pins and needles at school all day. Adam would look at me and smile. I would melt a little and then start thinking about all the wrong I had done to Adam. I had to tell him today and hope he will forgive me. After school we walked straight to his house without saying a word. I was super nervous but he smiled warmly every time I looked up at him. I stopped him as we entered his house and said Adam I have to tell you something. Something I did that was unforgivable and I am so sorry. He smiled and looked at me and kissed me again and said I know what you did with Bobby. Come with me, he took my hand and led me to his bedroom and sat me on the love seat. I was shaking and crying. He put his arms around me and said just settle down. First I am very up set with you but, you have needs and I was gone. I looked at him, my eyes still full of tears. He smiled and I calmed down with the warmth he exuded. He sat back and said okay, first things first. You broke a club rule, 20 demerits, and you let another man cum in my pussy. Your body belongs to me and me alone. 30 demerits. That’s 50 demerits you have to pay this weekend. You will be staying here this weekend if you have to run away from home. I will be taking you to the club this weekend. He pulled me close and said do you understand what I just said. Yes Sir, I will so anything you want me to do. I am so sorry for screwing up, I’m so stupid. He gave me a stern look and said you are not stupid and I don’t want you to ever say that again. Yes sir, I’m just really mad at myself for doing what I did. I will make it up to you, I’ll Kolej Escort do anything you want. I stood up and undressed and dropped to my knees. I unzipped his jeans and pulled out his huge cock and placed my mouth on it. He moaned softly as I went down his shaft flicking my tongue. I went all the way down and started bobbing my head up and down, milking his shaft with my throat. He was pumping his hips in rythym with my bobs. I was enjoying the taste of his cock in my mouth. I came all the way off of his cock and licked the precum from his swollen head and moaned loudly. I went back down on him and after a few more pumps on his shaft he grabbed my head and forced it down. His cock violently quiver and he exploded in mouth. He shot so much cum I could not swallow it fast enough. I was gushing from my mouth. I swallowed what I could and raised up with cum all over my face and said let me get that for you. I used my tongue to clean him spotless. I licked him from his abs to below his swollen ball sack. I had completely cleaned him up with my tongue. I looked into his eyes and he pulled me to him and kissed me deep and pulled me into his lap all the way and caressed my nude body with his strong hands. We made out for a while when I heard his mom call from the bottom of the stairs. Boy’s I’m going to get some burgers for dinner what kind do you want. Adam just put his arm around me and covered his flaccid cock with naked body. He said I want a double bacon cheeseburger and get Tim the same. Oh and some fries please. OK sounds good, I’ll be back In a little bit. Love you two and I have missed having ya around. I smiled and said I missed being here with both of them too. She left and Adam turned me towards him with the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen. I was smiling back just as big. He said you are finally comfortable and lost some of your shyness, I am so proud of you baby. I was finally happy and feeling safe and I looked him deep in the eye and said Adam I love you and I am yours 100% and will never screw up like I did while you where gone. You never jacked off while you where on your trip. He smiled and said how did you know that? He then giggled and said no I did not, I sure did want too, I could not get you off my mind. I had some weird roommates so that helped a lot. I looked at him sad again and wiped a tear from eye and said I should have made it clear before I left, I am sure you were set up by Bobby. The day he left your house, after you went to school he called me and said that’s some good pussy you got there. I was pissed and then he went on to tell me how you told him about everything me and you had done. When he told me I knew you did not tell him everything. I was always afraid he would do something like this to me. He wanted payback from all the punishment he received from me. I suddenly realized why Bobby’s ass looked like it did. Dear lord how many spanking would you have to get for your ass to look like that. Then I remembered I had 50 demerits to pay this weekend. That is 500 licks. Oh no, am I going to have an ass that looks like that. He took my face in his hands. Don’t worry I didn’t really care for Bobby, he was good to start with but he got arrogant as hell. I will not ruin that sweet ass of yours I promise. That being said you know you have serious punishment this weekend. That reminds me, mom wants to talk to you later on when you two are alone. No problem I said. I’ll come over tomorrow and see her. Adam said that Is perfect I have to go get a physical for football tomorrow so I will won’t be home till around 4 o’clock. Great I said. He helped me get dressed and I put his big cock away and zipped him back up. We headed back up stairs and his mom had the burgers on the bar and tore into them and they where supper great and was beyond happy to have Adam back across the street. I spent a couple more hours with Adam in the living room watching TV. I told him I had to go home , and he walked me to the door and kissed me good night and told me he loved me. I told him I love you Adam, I’ll see you in the morning. I whispered in his ear if you can do it so can I. I promise you I will not waste my cum anymore, I will only cum for you from now on. I leaned back and he was smiling ear to ear and said I’ll walk you home baby. We held hands and walked to my house, he walked my to the door and kissed me deeply again and said baby I love you see you in the morning and by the way everyone at school knows I’m bi but I think I’m now fully gay and I am choosing you as my lover. A rush of warmth rushed over me and threw my arms around him as I jumped into his arms and kissed him. I watched him walk out of sight and went in and grabbed a shower and went to bed as happy as I could be.

I woke the next morning and rushed to get dressed and ran down stairs and my mom said morning Tim, your early this morning. Morning mom, I love you so much. I am heading to school early I will grab food in the cafeteria. OK honey have a great day, I am glad to see your happy again. I smiled and said oh yeah mom Adam wants me to stay with him this weekend, is that OK?? Yeah honey thats fine I was planning to see if you minded me taking a long weekend with my work friend. I am so happy for you mom, and you can do as you want, am I ever going to meet them? She got a little red and said maybe one of these days you two will meet. I may invite them over to dinner one night and you can ask Adam over. Cool sounds good mom love you have a great day. I bounded over to Adam’s house and he and his mom where coming out the door and he said hey baby right on time. I said, I will never be late to meet you baby. His mom said Tim I wanted to talk you before this weekend it’s important. Yes ma’am I will be by after school today. She said great, you are a really sweet person, I heard what Bobby did and I’m sorry, I never did care for him much. I will always be proud of my son, but you are the best choice he has ever made. We arrived at school and Adam hopped out and opened my door told his mom he loved her and took my hand and we walked into school. I was a little apprehensive at first but no one seem to even pay it any attention. I heard April from the other end of the hall, it’s about time you two showed off a little. Everyone was looking at us now and Adam leaned down and kissed me and everyone cheered. I was a little embarrassed but not as much as I would have been before. The rest of the day was pretty usual except for all the congratulations. The day ended and Adam had left class early with the rest of the team and went for a physical. I headed straight to Adam’s house. I got there and knocked and his mom hollered come on in Tim it’s open. I went into the living room and his mom was on the couch with bottles Maltepe Escort of lotion all over the coffee table. She said come here baby and have a seat. I sat down and she took my hand and said rub my leg. I froze and she guided my hand and I was shaking. She said see how smooth that is and soft. You need to learn how to take care of your skin. I was a little relieved. She said I know what is in store for you this weekend and it’s going to be rough but you don’t have to let it ruin you. I was a little embarrassed but comfortable around his mom. She handed me a bottle and said this will keep your skin soft and moisturized. This one will keep you smooth after shaving for longer periods of time, it was a big bottle of what April had given me. Then she picked up a tube of cream from the table and said this will keep your little boy hole pink. I took the tube and read that it was whiting cream. I was in disbelief at all of the upkeep I would be doing. She handed me another tube and said I changed my son’s diapers so I know he is blessed down there. You can use this cream to keep yourself tight. I looked and it was madam caries vaginal righting cream. I thought wow I can keep my boy pussy tight, pink and moisturized. She then said you seem to be pretty good at following orders so I don’t think you will very much punishment, but you need to use this lotion on your ass as much as possible to keep it supple and free of scarring. I should have been embarrassed but I was completely fine with her advice. She asked if I had any questions, and I asked about how often and what was the best time to use them. She explained that anytime is a good time to use skin care. Just do it anytime you get you chance. I hugged her neck and said thank you so much. I do have another question. How do I come out to my mom about dating Adam? She smiled and said I think you will find your mom more understanding than you think. She really loves you Tim. I smiled and said thank you very much and I really do love your son and want to do whatever it takes to make him happy. She smiled and said just keep being you, because that is what he loves.

I went home and put my new lotions and creams in my medicine cabinet and decided to put some tightening cream on my hole. I applied some to my ass and I felt it draw up a little and then I applied the lotion to my skin and rubbed it into my ass cheeks. I pulled my jeans back up and stepped back into my bedroom when I heard the doorbell ring. I ran down stairs and opened it to see Adam standing there. I jumped into his arms and he embraced me and planted a kiss on my neck. We stepped inside and I led him to my bedroom and he said you know I need you now Tim. Drop your pants and bend over. One quick move and I snatched my pants down and felt his hand on my ass. I bent forward and placed my hand on my bed. He parted my cheeks and rubbed his cock head on my hole, and rubbed it up down. I lunged back and engulfed his cock head with my ass. I pushed back and thrust his shaft deep in me. I moaned and groaned loudly as he was balls deep in me. I started moving back and forth and then he grabbed my hips and started thrusting his cock in my ass. I was moaning and bucking, his cock shaft sliding in and out of my ass. I felt a sting as he slapped my ass while thrusting away and it was earth shattering tingles went through my whole body. He pulled out and turned me around pushed me onto the bed on my back and lifted my legs up and behind my head and thrust forward into me all ten inches deep inside me in one stroke. He began pounding me hard. He pulled my legs into his chest and leaned back deep inside me thrusting harder and harder. He was giving me everything he had. Out moan intertwined and felt his cock twitch and I felt my own cock twitch. He emptied into my ass deep and shot a wad of cum and it flew over my head landing on my pillow. I was screaming in ecstasy and he moaning very loud. He pulled out and stoked a couple time and plunged back into me. He did that twice then dropped my legs to his side and pulled me up and pushed me to my knees and put his spent cock in my mouth and pulled my head forward into his stomach and held me there as I slurped his cum and my ass juices from his member. He pulled me to my feet and pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs again and buried his face in my ass. He drove his tongue into my hole and then wrapped his lips around my puckered hole and sucked I pushed all his cum out of ass into his eager mouth. I was begging for more, more, please more. He pulled me up and kissed me and pushed his cum into my mouth and we tongue wrestled with cum flowing back and forth in out mouths. He grabbed my nose and bent my head back and spit the remaining cum into my mouth. I swallowed and took me into his arms and kissed me deep while squeezing my cheeks. We fell onto the bed and held each other, I fell asleep listening to his heart beat. I awoke later to the sound of my mom pulling into the driveway. Well don’t guess I will have to tell her anything is she walk in. I could tell Adam was asleep, and I draped my body over him and pulled the edge of the covers over us. I closed my eyes and could tell when my mom turned my light on. She turned it back off and I heard her say I’m happy for him, love you Tim good night sweet dreams. The next morning I woke up before Adam and I crept down and took his stiff cock in my mouth and slowly sucked him. He started to stir and I heard oh hey baby, we fell asleep. He pulled me up to him and kissed me. We better get ready you can finish in the shower. We hopped into the shower and dropped to my knees and he said close your eyes. I did and heard him groan as he pushed piss out after sex last night. I felt the warm piss streaming down my face and body. He finished and rubbed it on my mouth and I took him into my mouth and down my throat. I sucked him as he lathered up and I could feel him soaping me up. He shot into my mouth and slurped his yummy goo down hungrily. He pulled me up kissed me and turned me around as he washed my ass and the washed my hair for me. We got out and dried off. I got dressed in my school clothes and he put on his clothes from the night before and said we had to go to his house so he could change. We headed down stairs and I walked into the kitchen and said mom I have to tell you I’m gay and me and Adam are dating. She said yeah I kind of figured that out last night. I am very proud of you, and Adam your welcome anytime you want. We gotta get going mom I love you. Love you too son, ya have a great day.

I had a whole lot on my mind about what I had done the night before. I was praying Adam would not find out before I told him and apologized. Would he even except an apology from me, I could only imagine how many demerits this would amount to. I also had the worst case scenario of the extreme punishment at the club house. I did realize I had to pay for my sin of cheating on Adam. The only thing I would not be able to take would be him dropping me and never having him use me for his pleasure again.

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