This is the promised follow on to the story “Upper Deck,” published on Literotica on 1/20/2022 ( In that story, Gabe describes how he and his wife, Celeste, became adherents to a multiple partner life style while on a cruise. In this story he continues to describe how things changed at home and how they approached addressing their desire to increase their activities with other couples.

Two weeks after they returned home from the cruise, Gabe and Celeste were still basking in the warm glow of increased satisfaction with their sex life. It was a Friday evening and Gabe and Celeste had gone to bed early. They were lying in bed about ninety minutes later, exhausted and sweaty when Celeste asked, “Gabe, do you ever fantasize when we’re making sex?”

“Since you asked the question,” Gabe responded, “I assume you do.”

“This isn’t about me,” insisted Celeste. “I asked you if you fantasize during sex.”

“Never when we’re making love,” said Gabe. “Sometimes when we’re just having sex.”

“Oh,” said Celeste.

“How about you?” asked Gabe.

“About the same,” admitted Celeste. “Do you fantasize about another woman?”

“I certainly don’t fantasize about another man,” insisted Gabe.

“Someone you know?” asked Celeste.

“Someone we know,” admitted Gabe. “How about you?”

“Also someone we know,” she answered.

“Someone from the cruise?” Gabe asked.

“We haven’t had sex with any other couples,” reminded Celeste.

“What prompted you to explore this topic now?” Gabe asked.

“I was thinking about how much having sex with other partners has improved our sex together and when I began to fantasize about it, I wondered if it was time to repeat the experience.”

“Interesting,” commented Gabe. “I assume that you were thinking that the first thing led to the other and without the first thing the other might lose its intensity.”

“Yeah,” said Celeste. “Is sex with others required for continued fantastic sex with each other?”

“Are you suggesting we seek additional partners?” asked Gabe.

“I think so,” admitted Celeste.

“A couple from the cruise?” asked Gabe.

“That’s difficult,” observed Celeste. They’re scattered all over the country. The distances are difficult to overcome on a regular basis. Except, maybe Steve and Marion.”

“Steve and Marion are close?” asked Gabe.

“Not too close,” informed Celeste. “About two to two and a half hours drive time away.”

“That’s not too far for a long weekend,” said Gabe.

“Should I call them?” asked Celeste.

“Why not?” Gabe asked. “I liked Marion even if she’s older and I assume you were okay with Steve.”

“More than just okay,” admitted Celeste. “Even if he fell asleep prematurely.”

“And you’ve fantasized about him?” asked Gabe.

“I have,” answered Celeste. “And you’ve fantasized about Marion?”

“Guilty,” said Gabe.

“I can’t believe how much we’re on the same page so often,” stated Celeste.

Saturday morning, Celeste called Marion. Marion was delighted to hear from her. “I’ve wanted to call you several times but lost my nerve each time,” admitted Marion.

“I think we may have the same reason for wanting to call each other,” said Celeste.

“Our cruise experiences?” asked Marion.

“That’s it,” confirmed Celeste. “Would you and Steve like to get together with us? Maybe for a long weekend?”

“We would,” said Marion. “I don’t even have to ask Steve. How do we make it happen?”

“We’re less than a hundred and fifty miles away from each other,” stated Celeste. “Less than three hours drive time.”

“Your place or ours?” asked Marion.

“Either works for us,” said Celeste. “I should warn you, that we live in a one bedroom apartment. Things might be a little crowded.”

“Our place then,” said Marion. “We have a four bedroom house and the kids are away at school.”

Celeste and Marion settled on a weekend two weeks away, Friday and Saturday nights, all day Saturday and most of Sunday.

Gabe and Celeste’s fantasies were focused on Steve and Marion until the designated weekend arrived. They both left work early on Friday and were on the way to Steve and Marion’s by four in the afternoon. The plan was to have dinner with them with dancing afterward, all leading to time as mixed pairs later.

Celeste drove and made record time on the way to Steve and Marion’s. The greetings between the couples were warm and prolonged. They went to dinner at an Italian restaurant and dancing at a small, edge of town, pub and dance club where the drinks were heavy, the lights were low and the music erotic. Marion danced with Gabe and made her intentions known. They danced at the darkest corner of the dance floor where Marion removed her panties and encouraged him to explore. Gabe resisted her attempts to open his fly and expose his erection, promising to reveal all to her later. Never the less, Marion managed to get her hand inside his pants and stroke him almost to the point of embarrassment.

“Damn, I’ve missed you,” she whispered in his ear.

Celeste was having gaziantep eskort bayan better luck with Steve. He discretely followed her to the ladies room and they reconnected behind the locked door.

During a brief break in the dancing to hydrate, Celeste revealed her and Steve’s adventure. Marion wasted no time in dragging Gabe to the ladies room where, behind the locked door, she bent over the counter and he went past the point of embarrassment to satisfy her. While she took a few minutes to clean up and put on her panties, Gabe commented that she was definitely sexier than he remembered.

“I’ve had months to fantasize and work up my libido,” she told him. “I had an orgasm after talking to Celeste and realized you were coming to visit. I hope you’re up for an exhausting weekend,” she added.

The foursome danced until all of them were recovered from the restroom activities and headed back to Steve and Marion’s for further fun and games. Marion made sure the blinds were tightly closed, the lights dim and the music soft and slow.

Steve brought drinks for everybody and we began to dance again in the center of the living room. Marion was especially loose and emotive. Gabe was dancing with her but his participation was second to hers. Marion danced and spun in the dim room. She had everyone’s attention. Steve and Celeste sat on the sofa to watch. Eventually, even Gabe sat down to watch.

Marion was nonplussed. She continued to dance with the music. She kicked off her shoes on one spin and began to unbutton her blouse on the next one. Steve suggested to Celeste that they move upstairs to one of the bedrooms.

Celeste demurred, saying, “I want to see where this goes.”

“She’s been doing something like this frequently since we came home from the cruise,” said Steve. “I know where she goes.”

“But I don’t,” responded Celeste.

Marion continued to unbutton her blouse. Gabe was the focus of her dancing. Eventually, she removed it and tossed it in Gabe’s lap. She was having a wonderful time, dancing and turning in her bra and skirt. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She kicked it in Gabe’s direction and continued wearing just her bra and panties with the large, dark, damp spot.

“Have you figured out where she’s going yet?” asked Steve.

“I have,” answered Celeste, “and I want to see the finish.”

Marion had everyone’s focused attention as she removed her bra. Gabe expected what she would do with it and caught it in flight. Marion held her breasts, stroked them and twisted her nipples. Her focus was primarily on Gabe but she began to dance in front of Celeste as well.

“That’s different,” said Steve.

“Are you glad we stayed?” Celeste asked.

“Maybe,” replied a conflicted Steve.

Wearing just her panties, Marion refocused her attention back on Gabe. She turned her back on him, bent over and wiggled her cotton panty clad ass inches from his lap. Without hesitation, she slid her panties down her thighs, let them fall to her ankles and kicked them back and up unto Gabe’s lap.

She wiggled her now naked ass at Gabe and danced back in front of Celeste. Unexpectedly, she reached out, took Celeste’s hand and tried to pull her up next to her. Celeste wasn’t sure she wanted to go where she assumed Marion wanted her to go.

“Now I want to see where this goes,” said Steve.

That was enough to overcome Celeste’s resistance and she got up off the sofa and began to dance with Marion. Marion pulled Celeste’s blouse from the waistband of her skirt and stepped back. Celeste knew exactly what Marion wanted and she began to unbutton her blouse and moved in front of Steve.

While Celeste was teasing Steve with the removal of her blouse, Marion moved silently to Gabe and sat on his lap. She sat directly on his erection and spent several seconds repositioning him with one hand while adjusting herself with the other until they were both comfortable. Gabe moved a hand to hold one of her breasts. Marion put a hand on top of his. “I want that too,” she whispered. “But let’s see where Celeste is going first.”

Celeste was intently focused on Steve as she unbuttoned her blouse. When she turned around to have her back to him when she removed it, she realized she was alone, dancing in the living room. “What the fuck?” she thought followed by “What the hell?” and “Why not?”

She began to move rhythmically with the music as she slid her blouse off and tossed it over her head in Steve’s direction. He caught it and waited. Celeste unhooked her bra, removed it tossed it over her head. It missed Steve and he didn’t attempt to catch it.

Celeste turned around, holding her breasts in her hands. She pushed them up and then let them fall, one at a time until they were on full display for Steve. He licked his lips and smiled. Celeste smiled and twerked her hips. He skirt and panties quickly joined the rest of her clothing near Steve. She moved closer to Steve and sat in his lap mimicking Marion in Gabe’s lap.

Celeste waited for Marion. The eskort bayan gaziantep next act was hers and Celeste wondered what Marion might do. She didn’t wait long. Marion slid off Gabe’s lap onto the floor between his legs and began to remove Gabe’s pants. In seconds, she had them completely open and Gabe was holding himself off the chair so she could slide them down his thighs. Gabe’s pants ended up on the floor and Marion focused her attention, both hands and her mouth on his erection.

Without prompting, Celeste followed Marion’s lead and began to orally attend to Steve’s erection. As if women had some form of silent communication, the women simultaneously, slid back up on their respective men’s laps, facing them and lowered themselves onto the waiting erections. They pulled the men’s shirts over their heads and discarded them.

The music ended and the only sounds in the room were the staccato sounds of overheated pussies sloppily pounding on willing erections occasionally interrupted by the sound of a nipple being released by hungry lips. Celeste was the first to break the rhythmic sounds as she wailed when her orgasm spasmed through her body.

Steve helped Celeste to stand and led her from the living room and up the stairs. Marion pulled Gabe off the chair and straddled him on the floor. She moved furiously on his erection until she had an orgasm of her own. Shakily, she stood up, helped Gabe up and they followed Steve and Celeste upstairs.

The door to the main bedroom was closed, so Marion led Gabe to a second bedroom with a perfectly adequate queen sized bed. She pulled off the spread, and pulled down the sheet and blanket. She lay on her back in the middle of the bed, spread her legs and pulled Gabe up until he was able to enter her again. They worked together, as a team, the sounds of their coupling filling the room.

Marion’s second orgasm rattled every bone in her body. It was so intense that tears came to her eyes and when she opened her mouth to scream, no sound came out. Gabe was similarly overcome with Marion’s orgasm. He pushed down on her hips with his hands and up with his hips trying to crawl behind his erection inside her. He came with a force so strong that Marion’s voice returned and she screamed with pleasure.

They clung together until Gabe’s changing physical condition made it impossible. They lay alongside each other in each other’s arms. “God, I missed you,” whispered Marion.

“I missed you too,” echoed Gabe.

“Tell me you fantasized about me,” insisted Marion.

“I fantasized about you,” said Gabe.

“Really? You fantasized about me?” asked Marion.

“It was the reason we called you a couple of weeks ago. We were hoping you and Steve would be open to a weekend replay of the cruise,” Gabe told her.

“I really did fantasize about you,” said Marion. “I shared it with Steve and he admitted he’d been having thoughts about Celeste. We decided to call you. I was looking for your number when Celeste called us,” related Marion.

“Great minds think alike,” Gabe philosophized.

“They do and great bodies benefit,” agreed Marion. “I had an orgasm when Celeste suggested we get together for a weekend,” she reminded him.

The rest of the night was spent in alternating periods of sleep and sex. Sometime after dawn, Marion got up to pee in the attached bathroom. When she came back, she kissed Gabe and said, “Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Gabe asked.

“I’m hungry. Downstairs to find something for breakfast,” Marion explained.

“I have to pee first,” said Gabe.

“I’ll wait.”

When Gabe came out of the bathroom, he looked at Marion sitting on the bed. “Aren’t you going to clean up first?” he asked.

“No. I want everybody to see how much we gave to each other.”

Marion got up and headed for the bedroom door.

“No clothing?” asked Gabe.

“It’s downstairs or in the room with Steve and Celeste. So, yes, no clothing,” answered Marion.

They headed downstairs, unclothed, hair unkempt and bodies covered in drying genital fluids. Gabe started a pot of coffee while Marion rooted around in the refrigerator for something solid to eat. She settled on some day old donuts and Danish pastries.

They were sitting at the kitchen table when Celeste stuck her head inside. “Good morning,” she said.

When she noticed the undressed nature of Marion and her husband, she came inside.

“No clothing?” asked Gabe.

“It’s somewhere in the living room,” she answered. “And besides, based on how you and Marion are dressed, I think I’m perfectly appropriate.”

“You are,” said Marion. “Get yourself some coffee and join us.”

About ten minutes later, Steve came into the kitchen. He was wearing a robe and his hair was combed.

“Well, aren’t you the dapper one,” teased Marion.

She got up and walked to Steve. She untied the robe and pushed it off, revealing a fourth naked body. She messed up his hair. “Get some coffee and join us,” she said.

They sat around the kitchen table and settled gaziantep bayan eskort on the routine for the rest of the weekend. Marion eagerly promoted a number of suggestions including, clothing optional with none at all preferred, freedom to ask and accept private time between couples at any time and freedom to demonstrate affection at all other times.

Saturday was a television sports day. Steve and Gabe settled in to watch games on the television. The women took turns cuddling up with them on the sofa or an arm chair and frequently interrupted their viewing time with invitations to spend time in private that were difficult to ignore.

At one point in the early afternoon, Marion took stock of the edibles and decided she needed additional items from the market for dinner Saturday night and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. She prepared a list and recruited Steve to go to the market to pick them up. Celeste volunteered to keep him company. She put on a one piece smock she borrowed from Marion and they left for the market.

“The door was hardly closed, when Marion accosted Gabe in the kitchen. Her suggestions were simple. “Steve and Celeste will be gone for over an hour,” she asserted. She bent over the kitchen table and wiggled her ass at Gabe. “Fuck me,” she insisted.

“Here? In the kitchen?” asked Gabe.

“I want you in every room in the house and I know that’s not realistic. But now we have some alone time and we can manage a room or two. Is there a problem?” Marion asked.

Gabe couldn’t think of one. He positioned himself behind Marion and slipped inside her from the back. Something about fucking in the kitchen, a room not usually considered a place to have sex with a woman not his wife, excited him. Marion was certainly on the same page. They rutted for the simple pleasure of it.

The overhead light illuminated Marion’s backside more clearly than the usual dim lights in the bedrooms and Gabe was drawn to the tight pucker of her rectal sphincter. He wet a finger and rubbed it around her tight muscle.

“That feels different,” moaned Marion. “What are you doing?”

“Just exploring another part of your anatomy,” Gabe replied.

“Just exploring or also planning?” asked Marion with difficulty as Gabe continued to reciprocate within her.

“I was considering the possibilities,” admitted Gabe.

“Do the possibilities include your putting something in there?” Marion asked.

“They do,” said Gabe.

“Fingers?” asked Marion.

“Possibility,” admitted Gabe.


“Not without your approval,” said Gabe.

“Would you like that?” asked Marion.

“I have no idea,” said Gabe. “I’ve never done it.”

“Neither have I,” said Marion. “Let me think about it. Meanwhile, focus on the present. If you don’t take too long fucking me to orgasm we might have enough time to fuck in the garage too.”

Marion did her best to encourage Gabe’s orgasm but it was the arrival of her orgasm that completed the connection and he came with her. Marion immediately began an effort to minimize Gabe’s loss of rigidity. She was only partially effective and changed to encouraging the return of his erection. It took longer than she hoped.

Gabe and Marion were in the garage, looking for a place to christen the space when Steve and Celeste returned. Steve chose to ignore that his wife was in the garage naked with Gabe. Celeste chose a different path. She noticed Gabe’s erection and took him aside.

“You and Marion were going to do the dirty in the garage, weren’t you?” she asked.

“It was Marion’s idea,” admitted Gabe.

“I good one,” commented Celeste. “Maybe we can sneak out there later,” she added.

Her comment didn’t surprise Gabe. It was perfectly consistent with the other times and places Celeste had insisted Gabe fuck her. As Celeste turned to head into the kitchen to help Marion, Gabe noticed and telltale stain on the back of her borrowed smock.

He stopped Celeste, took the skirt in one hand and showed her the spot. “Did you and Steve have your own inappropriate location for sex?” he asked.

“I don’t recommend the back seat of his car,” commented Celeste. “It’s too small.”

Gabe laughed. “You continue to surprise me,” he admitted.

“And I have no plans to stop,” declared Celeste.

Steve and Gabe returned to watching sports on television. Shortly, Celeste and Marion joined them; Marion curled up in Gabe’s lap and Celeste in Steve’s.

“I owe you,” whispered Marion.


“I got you all worked up and we were interrupted,” she explained.

“You were worked up too,” reminded Gabe.

“Then we owe each other,” added Marion.

Marion was sitting across Gabe’s lap. She wiggled around, effectively working them both up and settled with him inside her. Gabe shifted his hips upward. “Don’t,” cautioned Marion. “I like the way it feels. Just let it marinate.”

“I need some movement to maintain an erection,” responded Gabe.

“Only enough to keep you up,” allowed Marion.

They were watching a late afternoon ice hockey game on the television. Marion’s focus on the game caused her to squirm and twitch as the players chased the puck up and down the ice and checked each other. Her twitches and wiggles were creating a situation with Gabe that he was struggling to prevent or at least postpone as long as possible. When one of the teams scored, Marion’s uncontrolled reaction, squeezed Gabe’s erection and he came inside her.

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