Josh Knows BestJosh Knows Best


It has been some time since I have had time to post a story. This is a brief tale of a son seeking to reward his mother’s hard work.

All characters are over 18 years of age.

Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Josh and his mom may have more adventures, depending on interest in the tale.

Many thanks to JordanJohnson for his help editing. His suggestions were spot on. Any errors that remain are mine alone.



Mom and I had been on our own since my sperm donor ran off with his secretary; I was twelve. Prior to that, he had been nothing more than a stranger in the house. I assume he was pissed he had to marry mom when he was only twenty years old. But, on the other hand, she was only eighteen when he knocked her up on prom night.

She was a month shy of her nineteenth birthday when I was born. She never pretended I was anything but an ‘oops!,’ but never failed to add that I was the best surprise of her life. She told me over and over how amazed she was that something as good as me could be fathered by a total asshat.

Mom was a secretary, sorry, administrative assistant, to the principal at my high school. She was thirty-two when I started high school but looked more like twenty-two. I cannot count the times I had to clean someone’s clock for calling her a MILF.

She was hot, smokin’ hot, but she was no one’s MILF but mine.

Does that make me a sicko whack-job? Maybe. I could really not give a shit.

She worked two jobs to keep a decent roof over our heads. On evenings she worked as a bartender. She was hot and funny and made as much in tips as she did from working at the high school. Friday and Saturday nights were rough, so weekend mornings were her mornings to sleep in.

It was only a few days until I graduated. I had no homework. I didn’t work until 5:00 pm that night. Even so, I woke up at 6:45, like always. There was no reason for me to still be in my boxer briefs when mom woke up. Well, there was one reason.

They were skintight. And I had a nice cock. Okay, two reasons.

The house we rented was decent and in a good neighborhood, but it was small, with only a single bathroom. We had learned to share. If I needed to take a leak and mom was in the shower, I just let her know I was coming in. The same was true if I was in the shower.

Our bedrooms abutted each other along one wall. Half the wall extended into her bedroom to make room for a small closet for me. The other half extended into my room – her closet. The walls were thin.

She had no time for boyfriends, but at about the same time I discovered jerking off and internet porn I realized what the humming sound and muffled moans from her room signified.

It did not matter how many times I had already jerked off that day, whenever I heard that sound, my cock jumped to attention. I had learned to pace myself and cum only when I heard her cumming.

Despite sharing a single bathroom, I had only seen her naked once. She hadn’t seen me naked since before the sperm donor walked out.

Once was enough.

Despite working long hours and not getting enough rest, she made sure she got her workout time in. Her dedication showed.

She was trim, which made her hips and tits look amazing. Her tits were not huge. I imagined they would fit my hand perfectly. She had curly, shoulder-length auburn hair and lips that should have starred in lipstick commercials.

She was a beautiful woman. A lonely woman. I was a horny teenage virgin.

I had decided to seduce her.

I planned to fuck my mom. Fuck her and more.

I figured the first step was to help her see I was no longer a ‘little boy’. I was a good six inches taller than her. I swam for the high school team and was proud of my body. And my cock.

I’m not going to lie and claim I was nine inches or ten inches or some silly bullshit like that. I was just shy of seven inches, uncut, with a nice thick shaft. I was a shower, not a grower.

Thus, the skintight boxer briefs.

I always made her breakfast on the weekend. This Saturday morning, I hoped to feed more than her stomach. I hoped to feed her libido. I wanted to plant nasty, dirty, OMG ideas inside her brain.

My desire for her was so intense that when I heard her bedroom door open and the soft swish of her bare feet on the carpet I didn’t feel nervous. If I was anxious, it was for her to hurry up so I could show myself off to her. So, I hurried over to the sink to pretend I was getting a glass of water.

She was hiding a yawn when she got to the end of the short hallway and turned into the kitchen.

“Morning, Joshie…” her voice trailed off as she saw me standing by the sink in my underwear.

“Morning, mom. I don’t know why I was so tired last night. I didn’t hear you come in, so I must have been asleep, but I could not drag my butt out of bed this morning. I just had time to get the coffee going. It should be ready. Do you want eggs? Pancakes?”

I had turned slightly when she entered the kitchen. My cock-bulge was in three-quarter bursa escort profile. Fuck you, Mr. Geiger, I thought to myself, I learned something from your class. Mr. Geiger had given me the only “C” of my high school career; a fucking film history class, no less.

Mom did her best not to stare, but her eyes kept dropping to my crotch. I kept my face neutral.

“Oh, uh, I didn’t get a chance to eat much last night. I barely had time to breathe. I’m famished, Joshie. Would pancakes and some bacon be too much trouble?”

There was no point in asking her, again, to call me ‘Josh,’ so I let it go. “No sweat, mom. We even have blueberries. Blueberry pancakes?”

She swallowed hard.

“Sure, baby. That would be great.” She started for the coffee pot, but I waved her to the table.

“Sit, sit. I’ll get your coffee. Sounds like you had a rough night.”

She pulled out a chair and sat down. She had on a nightshirt, cotton, old but not old enough to allow me to see as much as I wanted.

I would turn nineteen in a couple of weeks. Then, a month later, mom would turn thirty-seven. If the next few weeks went as planned, I would give her something much sexier to sleep in for her birthday.

I poured coffee into her mug and added a heaping spoonful of turbinado sugar and a large slug of half-n-half. I stirred it for her, leaving the spoon on the edge of the sink, and brought the mug to her.

The mug was full, as I had intended. I walked slowly to keep from sloshing hot coffee over my hand. I kept my eyes fixed on the mug, giving mom plenty of time to eye my cock through the tight white fabric as I approached the table.

Her face was flushed when I set the mug down, and I suppressed a grin. I bent and kissed the top of her forehead. That wasn’t unusual. Standing as close as I was, my cock nearly brushing her arm, was.

“Morning, mom. Love you,” I told her as I walked to the fridge to retrieve the bacon, blueberries and a couple of eggs.

“Love you too, baby,” she croaked.

My back was to her, so I allowed myself a grin. I got the bacon frying and turned to the pancake batter.

I was glad she chose pancakes. It gave me a chance to face her, cradling the bowl in one hand and whisking the batter for all I was worth. She got a good look at my abs and my biceps. And my cock. Like I said, I’m a shower, not a grower, but it does grow. It was growing now. Getting harder. Straining to rip open my boxers.

Mom’s eyes were growing as well.

She had not touched her coffee.

I bent over to grab a pan out from the drawer, giving her a nice look at my butt. I got the pan hot, added some bacon fat, waited, and flicked a drop of water in the pan. It danced its way into oblivion. The oil was hot enough.

The pan was only large enough for one good-sized pancake. I poured the batter in and sat the mixing bowl back down on the counter.

My back was to mom. I tugged at my boxers, making no effort to hide the fact.

The tug lowered the waistband enough to show a quarter-inch of pubic hair. I turned back to mom, resting a hip on the kitchen counter. Her eyes were on my crotch.

Yes! I shouted silently as I did a mental fist pump. She’s interested. Careful now, don’t jerk the line too fast. Wait, dummy, just wait. She’s just nibbling at the bait still.

“So, work was a killer?”

It took her a moment to answer. Her eyes were glued to my cock. Eventually, she pulled her eyes away and tried to speak, but only a croak came out. She took a drink of coffee. I saw her take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Yeah,” she finally managed to get out. “The place was still packed at last call. Thank God Mel took the johns. I’m sure they were a mess. He looked pretty disgusted by the time he was finished and came back to help finish the bar area.”

“I can imagine. Bunch of drunks. At least the women don’t pee all over the floor.”

“Yeah? You’d be surprised. The ladies’ room isn’t all that much easier to clean than the men’s.”

The top of the pancakes began to sport bubbles. I lifted the edge. Golden brown. I flipped it like a pro, skills honed from working part-time at a diner. The bacon was done. I turned off the flame and laid the bacon out on a paper towel to drain.

I turned back to the table. A yawn bubbled up from my chest. I went with it, stretching my arms and arching my back. I felt my briefs slide a bit lower.

“First pancake will be ready in a second, mom.”

“One will be enough for me, Joshie,” she answered in a cracked voice.

I turned, plated her pancake, hiding a smile. I buttered the pancake while I warmed the syrup in the microwave. I poured myself a mug of coffee before carrying the pancake with a couple strips of bacon over to mom and sat down beside her.

“Aren’t you eating?” She asked.

I took a sip of coffee. I had already eaten, but wanted her to think I had slept in. “Nah, I’m not hungry yet. I’ll put the batter in the fridge. Then, if I get hungry, I can make some more pancakes later. You sure you only want bursa escort bayan one?”

“Yup.” She picked up a strip of bacon but paused. “I feel funny eating in front of you.”

“Don’t,” I laughed. “Like I said, I’m not hungry.” Not for food, anyway. “Eat. I’ll sit and have my coffee.”

I shifted slightly, and my knee touched hers. The nightshirt ended above her knees. My skin was pressed against hers. Her skin was hot, and I took a drink of coffee to hide another smile.

I waited to see if she would move her leg. She did not.

She ate quietly. I drank my coffee.

When she finished, I hurried to my feet. I leaned over to get her plate.

“I got it, mom. Rest. You want more coffee?”

My cock was pressed against the back of her arm.

“No,” she whispered.

I took her plate and the two cups to the sink. I washed them quickly and sat them in the dish drainer. My cock was hard as a rock.

I was so hard my cock had tented the tight material of my boxers. I glanced down. The waistband had pulled down to the base of my cock. My bushy pubic hair was on full display. There was a wet patch spreading out from the head of my dick.

I leaned against the counter and let my mom’s eyes wander over my body. I tightened muscles deep in my belly, and my cock strained against my shorts. I felt a gush of precum.

“Joshie, why are you dressed like that?” Mom croaked.

“I slept in. I didn’t think you’d be up this early,” I lied.

“Maybe you should get dressed now?” she whispered.

“Cause of this?” I grabbed my hardon and shook it a couple of times. Mom moaned softly.

“Sorry, I can’t help it. You are fucking hot, mom. You are sexy as all fuck. I can’t control how my body reacts.”

“You think I’m sexy?”

“Fuck yes. Are you kidding me? You know how many guys I’ve slugged for calling you a MILF?”

“MILF? What’s that?”

I smiled.

“Mother.I’,Fuck; MILF.” I spoke slowly, stressing each word.

“Your friends said that about me?”

“Hell yeah, but only once. I don’t care that it’s true.”

“True?” she whispered, eyes glued to mine.

I gave a single nod. “True. Very true, mom.”

“Joshie, what,” she swallowed hard. “Honey, what are you saying?”

I walked across the small kitchen, pulled her out of the chair and hugged her.

There was nothing strange about that. She was my mom. We hugged.

But I didn’t usually have a hardon pressed against her belly, and I didn’t usually push her hair back to nuzzle the side of her neck. And the hand I put around her waist was more on her butt than her back. But, other than that, we had hugged before.

“That I want to fuck you, mom. I want to climb in the shower with you. Bathe you. Pat you dry, carry you to your room, lie you down on your bed and fuck you. I want to make you happy. Make you cum. Make you feel good. Let me make you feel good, mom. Please?”

She stiffened in my arm. I had committed myself. The hook would either be set, or she would spit it out and flee. Maybe even slapping me before locking herself in her room and telling me to get out of her house.

I could feel her mind whirling. We stood there, in the middle of the small kitchen, for a long time. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do when she pulled back.

When she cupped her hand over my cock I moaned with her.

I quieted her by pressing my lips to hers and pushing my tongue halfway down her throat.

Mom suddenly shoved me away. I stumbled back against the table. She turned, buried her face in her hands and leaned her head against the wall.

“No, no, no,” she cried. “Sweet Jesus, what am I doing?”

I hurried to her and wrapped my arms around her from behind. I was sure she could feel my hardon against her butt, but I did not grind into her.

I kissed the side of her neck.

“You aren’t doing anything,” I assured her, “I am. You aren’t taking advantage of me. I’m almost nineteen. I’ve thought about this for a long time. I want to make you feel good. You. Are. Not. Abusing. Me. This is me, on my own, wanting you.”

“But it’s so wrong,” she whimpers.

I nuzzled the side of her neck.

“Is it? A parent taking advantage of a child is sick; it would be abuse, the worse kind of abuse. But this isn’t that. Mom, I’m pushing you.” I kissed the side of her neck again, then nipped at it with my teeth. “Let me make you feel good.”

She shivered in my arms. I continued to kiss the side of her neck but did nothing else, afraid of panicking her.

I sighed with relief when she relaxed against me.

I stooped slightly and slipped my hands beneath her nightshirt. My hands rested on her hips and I ran them up her body, slowly lifting the shirt as she shivered. Goosebumps rippled across her skin. I stopped when my hands cupped her breasts.

“Jesus, your tits are wonderful,” I muttered into her hair. “I always imagined they would fit perfectly in my hands, and they do. Fuck me, they do.” I kneaded them gently. Her head dropped back to rest on my chest.

I escort bursa loosened my grip and rubbed my palms over her nipples.

“Your nipples are so hard, mom. So hard.”

Her hand moved behind her back, and she grabbed my cock.

“You like this?” I whispered against her skin. “You like the way I play with your titties?” I nipped at her neck. “You like how hard my cock is?”

She moaned.

I plucked at her nipples with my thumb and forefinger, and she moaned again.

“Tell me, mom. Do you like it? Or should I stop?” I let my hands fall away from her breasts and started to lower my arms.

“No, Joshie, don’t stop. Yes, I like it. I like all of it. God help me; I love it.”

I picked her up in a bear hug.

“Good. I love it too. And I love you.” I sat her back on her feet. “Let’s get you out of that nightshirt. Okay?”

Her back still to me, she nodded. I gripped the bottom of the shirt and pulled it off over her head. I let it fall to the kitchen floor. I hooked my thumbs in the top of her panties and pulled them off as I knelt.

On my knees now, I urged her to lift first one foot, then the other, and tossed her panties aside.

My mother stood naked before me. Kneeling was appropriate. I worshipped her, worshipped her beauty.

I took a butt cheek in each hand and kissed them. Kissed the dimples that adorned her lower back. I kissed the top of her ass crack.

I reached around her waist and rubbed my fingers over her slit. She was soaking wet. I kept kissing her ass cheeks as I worked two fingers into her pussy.

“Oh, Joshie, that feels so good, baby.”

I pushed my fingers deeper into her pussy, and she arched her back.

I used my other hand to pull at her ass cheek, opening her crack to my mouth. I did not hesitate. I had been waiting for this moment. I prepared for it, jerking off to any number of rimming porn videos. I pressed my lips to the darker, puckered skin.

I licked her asshole with a long slow stroke of my tongue.

“Jesus, fuck,” mom cried as I finger-fucked her while tonguing her asshole.

I felt her body stiffen and forced myself to pull away.

“No, no, don’t stop, baby. I’m so close.”

“Turn around, please.” She stood there, trembling. “Please turn around, mom.”

She turned slowly.

“Open your eyes.” She did, but her eyes were glued to the ceiling. “Look at me, mom.” Her eyes dropped to mine. I smiled as I held up the fingers I had been fucking her with. They glistened. Her eyes were glued to them.

Her gaze followed my hand as I reached down and pulled the front of my briefs down, careful not to use my wet fingers. My cock sprang free, a wild animal unleashed at last.

The head extended halfway beyond the foreskin. I wrapped my wet fingers around my cock and milked it with one long, slow, hard stroke. My own liquid pooled over my fingers.

I held them in front of my face. Mom stared, mesmerized. I put my index finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. Then my middle finger, then both.

“Just an appetizer, mom. I’m going to feast on your cunt. You’re going to cum on my face and hand. Then, after you catch your breath, I’m going to turn you around and fuck you from behind. I’m going to pound my cock into your pussy right here in the kitchen. Would you like that, mom?”

Her eyes blazed. She reached down and grabbed me by the hair.

“You know I would love it, Joshie. You can see my pussy running down the inside of my legs. Quit talking about it,” she snarled, yanking my head forward by the hair as she pushed her hips forward. “Eat mommy’s pussy, baby. Get in there and eat my fucking cunt, Joshie. Eat mommy’s cunt.”

I let her yank my head forward as I opened my mouth wide and engulfed her pussy. I sucked her lips into my mouth as I drove my tongue into her. My face was instantly soaked with her honey.

I rubbed my nose against her clit as she yanked my head back and forth, fucking herself with my stiffened tongue. She pulled at my hair hard enough to hurt. I loved it.

She was so fucking drenched it was easy to push three fingers into her pussy. I curled them and massaged the rough patch on the front wall of her cunt. Her fingers spasmed in my hair. My scalp screamed right along with my mom.

“Fuck, yes, baby. That’s the spot, Joshie. Make mommy cum, baby. Make me cum.”

Fingers still working inside her pussy, I lapped up her slit, swallowing her nectar.

I clasped my lips around her clit. It was rock hard and throbbing. I tugged with my lips as I lashed her clit with the tip of my tongue.

Her orgasm was almost instantaneous and huge.

She pulled my head forward at the same time as she shoved her pussy against my mouth.

I had read not everyone believes in female ejaculation, but the hot fluid that filled my mouth and flowed over my cheeks did not taste like pee. On the other hand, it did not taste like cum either.

I had not lied intentionally. I had intended to give her a moment to catch her breath, but my brain was on fire.

I stood, tried to kick my underwear away but only freed one foot. No matter. I had freed myself enough for what I needed to do. I spun mom around. With a hand between her shoulder blades, I urged her to lean against the wall. The hand wrapped around her waist tugged her hips toward me.

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