Denise’s EncounterDenise’s Encounter


On the bed of her humid bedroom, the cellular phone began ringing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” and Denise Stone knew instantly that a terrible argument was coming. She almost through the phone out the window.

Denise didn’t need to be psychic to know what was going to happen. She didn’t need a fortune teller’s crystal ball to know exactly who the caller was, nor did she have a crystal ball in her grasp. To her untrained eyes, the lines in her palm revealed nothing of the caller, and she didn’t dream about a telephone last night.

Her former boyfriend had been harassing her for the past week, however, and after spending the previous night avoiding his calls, on the verge of tears as he called her every dirty name in the book when she did answer, then apologizing and begging she take him back, Denise knew he would be back at it in the morning. She dreaded the summoning of her phone now, knowing exactly who it would be, and wanting him only to leave her the hell alone.

Denise is an only child, and her father was killed in motorcycle accident when she was three years old. She felt left alone to defend herself against Ryan’s onslaught. What frightened her the most was one simple thing. Eventually she was going to give in and take him. They’d been down this road many times, and she always took him back. Ryan was the only boyfriend she ever knew. Ryan was the first boy she liked, the first boy she kissed, the first boy she slept with and the first boy she loved. Now he was just another boy she despised, although she couldn’t blame him for not giving up. She should’ve left him along time ago.

Last night, just after two in the morning, Ryan had stopped calling for the night, and Denise was finally able to get some sleep. Though sleep last night had been horrible, plagued with horrible nightmares, in which Ryan stalked her to the ends of the world, then raped and killed her. She woke shivering, on the brink of hysteria. She was positive Ryan was lurking under the bed. In the closet. Somewhere.

Now she stared at the cellular phone, willing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” to stop playing, but it wouldn’t. Ryan never gave up easily.

Esther, Denise’s cat, also sensed something horrible in the ring. Most likely the horrible reaction it gave her master. The cat moved between her legs, purring, pleading with Denise to leave the phone be. She scratched the cat behind its ears. The phone continued on.

Denise had a great relationship with Esther, simply because Esther wasn’t like most cats. She was black and white, and although she didn’t what breed her cat was, she knew the cat itself was different. It could sense what humans were good, and which were bad. Esther would be seven years old this August, and she’s hated Ryan since day number one. Denise stopped scratching the cat and looked at the phone again. She saw Ryan’s name and number on the Caller ID.

Esther quickly turned off the purr machine and walked away from her master. The cat was smart enough to know Denise was giving in.

After two and half minutes of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” Denise finally gave in to the unavoidable and answered the phone.

The caller was Ryan, of course. He was at home, laying in his bed, reminiscing about the good times they had. He listened to her while staring at Esther. Esther’s return glance looked humanly pissed.

As Denise listened closely to every word he spoke, Esther sprang onto the bed and rested her furry black head with white ears in her lap. She purred loudly, trying to drown out Ryan’s words, causing Denise to giggle in her closed hands. Esther had so many human qualities, it was scary.

Ryan stopped speaking. For a moment she was numb and confused, unable to think of anything to say. The deadly silence of the rest of the house was crushing, making it even harder to come up with conversation. Denise was fighting back tears, trying to swallow the lump in her throat, wondered if she could trust him again.

Normally, Denise would have broke down, taken him back with bursa sınırsız escort open arms, inviting him over to patch things up. She reached back into her heart, dug as deep as she could, and could find no love for Ryan remaining. It sucked the carcass of her heart clean. And with that thought, the tears came harder than before. It truly was over. She regret answering the phone more than ever, knowing there were no more words left, almost nothing left to cry about, no reason to take him back. Answering the phone gave Ryan a hope that no longer existed.

Esther moved her face up to Denise’s mouth. The cat licked her chin, then moved her head into Denise’s hand, demanding to be pet. She gladly obliged. If Ryan was in her room, the cat would be scratching his eyes out.

She finally broke the agonizing silence after a minute and a half, showing not a single trace of sadness in her voice. Before Denise could tell him how she felt, she needed to take a deep breath and close her eyes. “Ryan, listen, I’m sorry,” she said. She felt totally unprepared for this moment, and the right words escaped her hurting mind. He was breathing heavily on the other line, however, and perhaps he could sense what was about to be said to him.

She bit her lower lip and tried to force the right words into her mind. As long as he was still on the line, there was a small chance they could get back together. She needed to find the words, make them short and sweet, and for Christ’s sake end it. She left the bed, walked to the window, pulled open the shades and inhaled the cool morning air as if to make things easier.

Make it short and quick, she told herself.

But when a relationship has lasted six and a half years, how could you make it short and sweet. There was no possible way. Feelings were going to get hurt. Ryan has hurt feeling many times, however. He called her names, he cheated on her and never respected her anymore. Sometimes it seemed like they were stuck in an unhappy marriage. Things couldn’t go on like this. It was already over, Denise just had to make sure it stayed over permanently.

“We can’t see each other anymore,” Denise said. “I don’t have anymore love to give you. You’ve broken my heart so many times, and just can’t let you put it back together again. It’s over. It-”

As the tears rolled down her cheek, she felt like a traitor. The last thing she wanted to do was cry. “You called me so many horrible things last night. I’m afraid to answer my phone. I’m afraid to go out because you’re always there. You’re scaring me so bad, don’t you understand that, Ryan.”

It was Ryan’s turn to be silent. Denise didn’t mind. “Just stop playing in my life.”

“I love you,” he mumbled.

“I love you, too.” Denise used her free hand to wipe away the tears rolling down her cheek. “But I don’t love you half as much as I used to. Please stop calling me. Please leave me alone when you see me walking down the streets. Go get another girlfriend. I know a lot of girls like you.”

“I don’t want another girl.” He sounded angrier. He was losing his cool.

“Please don’t get mad,” Denise urged. “I’m tired of dealing with this. Let’s get on with our lives.”

Suddenly, Ryan was crying. “I can’t get on with my life. I love you. I need you to be with me. I hate you for leaving me you fucken whore.” With that he hung up. Denise turned the phone off slowly, wondering how soon he would call back. When the phone had been silent until the afternoon, she started believing it real was over.

Fortunately, Ryan did leave her alone. They would never see each other again, but the events in Denise’s day were far from over. With the end of a long relationship, came the start of something exciting, and it all began with a letter held together by a magnet on the refrigerator door.


After getting out of the shower, Denise went downstairs to get something to eat. She was able to place Ryan out of her mind and keep him away. She noticed the note bursa escort bayan immediately. It was held there by the Mickey Mouse magnets. She took the note from refrigerator and began reading.

Denise. I need you to return Mrs. Kinney’s paperback novel. It is called “Along Came A Spider” and it is written by James Patterson. It should be on the kitchen table. Oh, and please clean Esther’s litter box. The house is starting to smell like a zoo. See you later. Mom.

Denise cleaned the litter box first, then decided to run the book over to Mrs. Kinney’s house across the street. She through on her shoes and walked out the door. She was wearing a simple gray tee shirt and gray jogging pants. There was nowhere to go, so there was no point in dressing up.

Freckled face and long sandy blond hair, Denise wasn’t thought of as the most beautiful girl in the world. She is eighteen years old and she graduated from high school and month ago. Soon she would go to community college and be just as plain. She had nice, ample breasts, a cute ass, but her legs and thighs were to thick for her liking. She has nice green eyes, a skinny nose, big ears and decent teeth. She wins people over with charm and wit, and hardly ever got mad. The only boy she ever liked was Ryan, for some reason, men in general gave her the wrong vibe. She wasn’t afraid, she just didn’t like many.

She walked across the street, climbed up the stairs and knocked on Mrs. Kinney’s door. After waiting a minute, she knocked again, then saw the note on the window to her left. It was the second note of the day left for her.

Dear Denise, it read. Please drop the book off on the coffee table in the living room. The doors open. Thanks a bundle.

Denise opened the door and went. The living room was the first room she saw as she entered the house. It was spacious, filled with modern electronics and pet cages. Mrs. Kinney had guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, and gold fish. The house smelled more like a zoo, then Denise’s house. Two white kittens were playing in the corner of the living room, near the ferret cage.

Denise dropped the book on the coffee table and was about to leave when she heard a noise coming from the kitchen. Expecting to see Mrs. Kinney back there, she started toward the kitchen to say hello, then be quickly on her way.

As she approached closer to the kitchen, Denise noticed a pair shoes discarded in the middle of the floor. Denise knew Mrs. Kinney very well, and knew immediately the shoes didn’t belong to forty-three year old woman, and because they were lady shoes, Denise was pretty sure they didn’t belong to Mr. Kinney. It was early in the afternoon and the home seemed quiet, except a noise Denise couldn’t recognize, but knew was very human. The warm light of the kitchen was beckoning her, persuading her to enter the living. What Denise saw totally shocked her.

Entering the kitchen, she encountered a most unexpected situation. There was Mrs. Kinney passionately kissing a gorgeous young red head girl. Denise recognized the girl as Tabitha, a sweet girl with small breasts and cute ass. She’s almost six feet tall and has bronze complexion. They turned around at the same time, faces rosy with passion and embarrassment, and even guilt. Denise stuttered her apologies and turned to leave.

“I returned the book,” Denise said when she was looking away. Her own face was blushing. Denise had always thought Mrs. Kinney and her husband got around just fine, but here she was, with another woman of all people.

“Please don’t leave,” she barely heard Mrs. Kinney call. She had never seen two women together, and she’d never actually entertained the idea. Denise’s head was swimming with confusion, and it took a moment for her to become aware of the tingling sensation between her legs.

“I have you and my mom-”

She felt foolish starting such a question, but wouldn’t come out. She felt she needed to know, however.

“No. Your mother does care for my alternative nilüfer escort lifestyle.”

Denise didn’t feel anything after hearing the answer. She was speechless for the second time today, only this time she couldn’t just hang up the phone.

Mrs. Kinney took her by the hand and led her back into the kitchen as she continued to think of things to say. When Denise began to talk, Mrs. Kinney calmly shut her up and asked her to sit down. She noticed Tabitha sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, blushing and looking at the floor. She began to cry, and Tabitha truly sorry for the embarrassment she had caused her. Denise went to her, putting her arms around her and stroking her long red hair. It smelled of strawberries. Denise was happy to make Tabitha feel better. It’s the kind of person she wanted to be.

Things started to get weird and Denise, for the life of her, can’t remember how it got started. At some point during the consoling process, Denise began kissing Tabitha’s cheeks and face. She could taste her salty tears and their lips slowly met. Something about the kiss felt right. Denise’s breasts are large and full, and her nipples pushed through the fabric of her gray tee shirt. As they explored each other’s mouth, Denise felt a pair of hands caress her ass. Hot, sweet breath sailed across her back as Mr. Kinney drew herself close behind Denise.

Within minutes the three of them were all stripped down to their bras and panties. Mrs. Kinney looked amazing. Her breasts are the size of grapefruits and the nipples are huge and thick. Her hair is blond, her eyes are brown and her skin is creamy white and smooth. Denise’s vagina was pulsating with dripping anticipation. Mrs. Kinney led her back to the kitchen table, cleaned it off completely, and instructed Denise to lie down on it.

She did exactly as she was told, shaking violently. Tabitha, who had been playing with her breasts, released them from the bra as Mrs. Kinney slid Denise’s soaked panties down to her ankles. Tabitha climbed onto the table and straddled her face, at the same time squeezing her breasts. Tabitha’s pussy was covered with a patch of thick, red pubic hair. Denise had never seen another girl’s pussy this close before, and again, something felt right and good about this situation.

Mrs. Kinney was working two fingers in and out of Denise’s slippery hole. Denise’s tongue swirled around Tabitha’s clit as she breathed in her musky scent. Pulling apart her pussy lips with her hands and licking up and down between them, Denise found the experience getting more enjoyable.

For the next half an hour, they sucked, licked and stroked one another into lustful fucking frenzy. All at once Mrs. Kinney instructed both girls to bend over the kitchen table. They did as they were asked and proceeded to reach down and diddle with their soaking vaginas. Tabitha and Denise bobbed and shook, the incredible rhythm gaining serious momentum. Denise finally came in a quaking orgasm, then a moment later, Tabitha began vibrating from the onslaught of multiple orgasms of her own. They both collapsed on the kitchen table, struggling for breath. Denise wondered how her bad situation with Ryan led to this incredible situation with Tabitha and Mrs. Kinney.

When the girls turned around after catching their breath, they were treated to the sight of Mrs. Kinney sitting back in a kitchen chair, fucking herself furiously with a eight inch dildo. Her brown eyes glazed over with pure lust, and she came with a piercing cry.

After slowly removing the slippery dildo from her vagina, she offered it to Tabitha. Tabitha demonstrated her deep throat skills, taking all the day down her throat, really enjoying the sweet taste of Mrs. Kinney’s cum. Denise went to Tabitha and together they shared the dildo like best friends would a pizza. There tongues glided around and over it, sharing and occasional kiss around the head. The aroma of Mrs. Kinney’s snatch was rather delicious.

When she arrived home later that afternoon, Denise thought about the events. She couldn’t stop thinking about everything that happened. Her first taste of pussy. Her very first lesbian experience, but definitely not her last. A few days later, Denise gave up the males forever, making herself a devoted lesbian. The lifestyle change really wasn’t hard to adjust to. Denise was a born lesbian.

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