Irene And Oscar Chapter 01Irene And Oscar Chapter 01


It was on the beach at Sitges that I first saw her.  I had booked a weekend break there at the Casa Vilella, a pleasant hotel overlooking the sea as I needed some relief from a work project in Barcelona.  I like Sitges, it has some nice secluded beaches and the local authorities don’t seem to mind topless bathing.  The town has a good nightlife and an easy-going atmosphere.  I had arrived late on Friday night and gone straight to bed.  I woke up early on Saturday morning feeling quite refreshed and, after a quick coffee, had changed into my swimming costume and was strolling along the beach.She was sitting on a towel gazing out to the sea.  There was a man next to her lying on his back, seemingly asleep.  She was perhaps in her mid forties with a well-toned body, long reddish hair and dark brown eyes.  She was wearing a yellow bikini bottom and was topless, showing her breasts which were firm and full, with large areolae.  She looked enchanting.  The sleeping man looked to be a similar age but clearly not in as good shape with lots of extra weight around his waist.“Hola,” I said, “cómo estás?”“Hola.  Estoy bien, y tú?”“Bueno pero estoy caliente.”She burst out laughing.“You’re English, aren’t you?” She said.“Yes,” I replied, “I thought my Spanish wasn’t too bad.”“You just told me that you were feeling sexy.  You should have said tengo calor,” she said with a big smile.“I guess I should take some more lessons,” I said, “I wonder what other embarrassing things I’ve said in the last few weeks.”“Oh, don’t worry. Most people will understand and be pleased that you try.”“On the other hand, when I look at you, perhaps I did use the right words,” I said, looking straight into her eyes and smiling at her.She blushed and lowered her eyes.  I felt my cock stir and wondered whether it was visible through my swimming costume.“Thank you,” she said, “you are most kind.  Let me wake my husband.  His English is much better.”She turned to the man lying next to her and shook him.“Oscar, despierta y di hola. este hombre es ingles.”The man sat up and rubbed his eyes.“Hello Oscar,” I said, “my name is Alan.  Pleased to meet you.”“Hello Alan,” he said.“And I am Irene,” she said.“Are you here on holiday?” Oscar asked.“Just for the weekend,” I replied, “I’m working in Barcelona and needed a break.  I’ve been in Sitges a few times and I like it, so I thought I’d come for a few days.”“We’re just here for the day,” he said, “we live in Barcelona but like to come to places that are not so full.”“Yes, you can still find some quiet places here,” I said, “also the rules are not so strict.  I understand that there are some places here where you can swim with no clothes.”“That is also a reason we come here,” he said, smiling.I looked at him and wondered whether this might possibly turn into an interesting weekend.  Oscar seemed to be a pleasant and friendly man while Irene was more shy and reserved.  I looked at her again and saw that her areolae had deepened in colour and that her nipples looked larger. “Well,” I said, “I’m going to have a swim.  I’ll see you later.”I moved away and put my towel down on the sand a little distance from them, enough so that we did not intrude on each other, then ran into the sea.  The water was quite warm and I started to feel relaxed.  I floated on my back for ages before turning over and swimming back to the shore and flopping down on my towel.  The sun soon dried my body and I felt a warmth spread all over. I closed my eyes and soon drifted off into a sort of half-sleep, fantasising about Irene.  In my dream she was sitting on my cock rubbing her breasts over my mouth.  I woke with a start to find Oscar bending over me.“I think you better cover yourself” he said.I looked down and saw that my cockhead was sticking out of the waistband of my costume.  My body had obviously reacted to my dream.  I quickly adjusted myself, pushing my cock to the side.“Thank you,” I said, “I was dreaming.”“It must have been a good one,” he said.“It was,” I replied, but didn’t tell him I’d been dreaming about fucking his wife.“You’ve got a big one,” he said, “your wife must be very happy.”“Ah,” I said, “I’m not married at the moment.  My last wife did not like my lifestyle.”“Oh, and what was that?” he asked.“Too many other women,” I replied, “I find it difficult to say no.”He laughed. “If I had one like that, I would also find it difficult to say no.  Would you like to join us for something to eat?”“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude on your privacy.”“It would be our pleasure.”“Then yes, thank you very much. I would like that.”I got up and picked up my belongings, then together we walked over to join his wife.  She had opened a cooler bag and put out some ham, salad, cheese, and various other bits and pieces.  There was also a bottle of Vina Sol and some plastic glasses.  It all looked most inviting.“Hello, Irene,” I said, “thank you for inviting me.  It looks delicious.”“You’re most welcome,” she said, “please bahis siteleri help yourself.”I put down my towel next to theirs and sat down on it.  Oscar sat on the other side of her and soon we were all eating and drinking and getting to know each other.  Oscar was very outgoing and made conversation easy.  Irene was more reserved, but after a few glasses of wine she became more relaxed and talkative.  She was also becoming more tactile, sometimes laying a hand on my arm when she was speaking to me.  This was starting to arouse me and it was becoming difficult to remain indifferent.“I am going for a swim,” Oscar said, standing up, “would anyone like to join me?”“Not just yet,” I said, “I’ll wait a while. Irene, what about you?”“Maybe,” she said, “But I’ll wait a few minutes.”“Alright, I’ll go on my own,” he said and then, to my surprise, he took off his costume and ran towards the sea.  Irene laughed.“He likes to swim naked,” she said.“What about you?” I asked, thinking that I’d like to see her naked.“Oh no,” she said, “I wouldn’t do that.”“Why not?” I asked, “this is a nudist beach.  Besides, you’re a very attractive woman.”“Thank you,” she replied, “but it is too difficult for me.”“Well, maybe you will change your mind one day,” I said, “now, would you like some more wine?”“Yes please.”I poured some more in her glass and topped up mine then reached out and took her hand.“Relax, Irene, we’re just talking.”“Yes,” she said, “I know.”I looked at her and thought how much I’d like to get to know her more intimately.  She had an aura of sexuality about her, but masked by a conservative outlook.  She was obviously very committed to her husband and took her marriage vows very seriously.  I would clearly have to be slow and patient in my approach.“Now tell me a bit more about you and Oscar.  When did you meet?”“Oh, we’ve known each other since our school days.  He was my first boyfriend.”“That’s really romantic.  It’s not often that young sweethearts stay together for so long.”“What about you?”“I’ve been married but am now divorced.”“I’m sorry to hear that,” she said, “I’m sure you’ll meet someone else someday.”“It can be lonely, but at the moment I am working a lot so it’s not too bad.”“Are you in Barcelona for long?”“Quite a while.  I’ll be here for at least another two months, maybe longer.”“Then you must come and visit us.”“That’s very kind of you.  I’d love to do that.”She was now looking very relaxed and stared out at the sea.  The wine combined with the sun was clearly having an effect.  Oscar was visible in the distance and still swimming.“You’re very pretty, Irene,” I said, “Oscar is a lucky man.”“Thank you,” she replied, “you are a handsome man.  I’m sure you’ll be with someone soon.”“I hope so,” I said, “I miss the touch of a woman.”I was lying on my left side facing her. She leaned forward and stroked my cheek then ran her hand down over my shoulders and across my chest. I felt a rush of blood to my cock as it grew in reaction to her touch, straining against my costume.I looked into her eyes then leaned forward and kissed her gently on her mouth, my lips brushing hers, before sitting back again.  It took all my will-power not to do anything more.  I would have loved to feel her gorgeous breasts and suck her nipples, or perhaps run my fingers over her abdomen, but I knew that would be too much for now.“Thank you,” I said, “you’re a lovely woman.  I feel very good in your company,” then lay down on my back and closed my eyes.  I knew that she would now be able to see my arousal, and hoped that it might tempt her to relax her guard.“Would you like some sun protection?” She asked.“Oh yes, thank you,” I replied.She rummaged in her beach bag and brought out a bottle.“Would you put it on me?” I asked.Without a word she took off the top and let some lotion dribble on my chest and stomach, then started to massage it in with her fingers.  Her touch on my skin felt extremely erotic and my cock jerked, tenting my costume, as she rubbed my stomach.  She dribbled some onto my thighs and rubbed that in too, causing more reaction inside my costume.  Then she lay down on her back.“You can put some on me, now,” she said.I couldn’t believe my luck.  Clearly the wine and the sun had worked its magic as she was now giving me some access to her body.  She looked so sexy, lying on her back, her breasts spreading out with their nipples enlarged and pointing up.  Her stomach looked flat and I could see a few wisps of hair peeping out above her bikini.  There was also a small damp patch in her crotch, perhaps from sweat but more likely from arousal.I leaned over and dribbled some lotion on her breastbone, then started to massage it into her skin, moving down her cleavage then across her breasts.  I squeezed them gently as I massaged them, then rubbed my fingers across her nipples, feeling them harden under my touch.  She sighed.“Are you alright?” I asked.“Yes,” she answered.I dribbled some more lotion canlı bahis siteleri over her stomach and used my palm to rub it in circular motions, letting my fingers brush over her bikini.  I felt her abdominal muscles tense as she raised her hips slightly, so I rubbed my fingers over her crotch, feeling her swollen labia through her bikini.“Aaah,” she murmured, “it’s nice but you shouldn’t do that.  I am a married woman.”“Sorry,” I said and moved down to put lotion on her thighs, “it’s just that I find you extremely attractive.”“I understand,’ she said, “and I also find you attractive, but I cannot be unfaithful.  Oscar is my husband and the only man who has known my body.  I have never been with another.”Her response really aroused me.  I love trying to seduce “unattainable” women, women who are not available either because they are committed to someone else or because they consider themselves untouchable.  I love the challenge of breaking through their defences so that they forget their marital fidelity and all they can think about is fucking me.It takes a fair amount of planning and lots of patience.  The route to a woman’s cunt is a convoluted one involving trust, respect, praise, understanding, and building an emotional bond.  Once that’s there, though, and we’ve shared an intimate kiss, I know that the battle is over and it won’t be long before my cock is inside her.That moment when her marital vows become irrelevant and she wants me is a huge turn-on for me and I get incredibly aroused when she feels my cock, her wedding ring glinting with the movement, and then guides me into her cunt. It’s always bareback as I hate condoms and never use them.  Sometimes she’ll argue, but I’ve always prevailed.Cumming inside her cunt when it was previously her husband’s exclusive preserve is incredibly intense, especially if it’s the first time she’s been unfaithful.  Then watching my semen ooze out of her and down her crack, knowing that there’s still a large amount deep inside her and imagining her sitting down later with her husband while she’s full of my sperm, is unbelievably hot. But it would take some more time.  I’d made good progress so far – the first barrier had come down with her wanting me to touch her.  As long as I didn’t try to push her too much and too fast, it wouldn’t be long before she would want to explore some more.We both lay back and enjoyed the sun.  After a while I sat up and saw that Oscar was returning to us.  He was quite a handsome man, but carried far too much weight, with a large gut which rather overshadowed his genitals.  He had quite big balls but a small, uncircumcised cock and had shaved his pubic hair, probably trying to make it look bigger.  He was, however, quite confident in his appearance, not trying to cover anything.“Welcome back,” I said, “did you have a good swim?”“It was excellent,” he said, “very refreshing.  But I see you’re still wearing your costume.  Don’t you want to get a proper tan?”“Oh, I don’t know,” I said, “I’m happy like this.”“Oscar!” Irene cried, “how can you say that?  It’s embarrassing.”“Oh, I don’t think I’m embarrassing him,” he said, “he’s got a huge penis and won’t be embarrassed by it.  Come on, Alan, take off your costume.”I looked at Irene, but she was looking at Oscar.  Then I decided that this was a too good an opportunity to miss.“Alright,” I said, pulling down my costume, “I’ll join you.”My cock sprang free.  It was half-erect and standing out from my body.  I heard Irene suck in her breath.“I told you,” Oscar said, “do you like it?”“Stop it, Oscar,” I said, “Irene doesn’t want to talk about my penis.”But secretly I was delighted.  Oscar had broken through the next barrier for me.  Irene had now seen my cock and I was sure she would want to get to know it better.“I bet she does,” he said, “but let’s have some more wine.”He opened another bottle and poured more into our glasses.  We spent the next hour or so talking about the usual things one does socially.  Then Oscar asked about my work.  I told him that I was a technology person and that I was working in Barcelona on a project at the moment and that I would be here for probably another two or three months.  Irene told him that she’d suggested I visit them while I was here, which he thought that was a great idea.After a while the sun grew less intense.  I suggested we all go back to my hotel to clean up before they returned home, so we got dressed again and walked back along the beach.My room was quite a good size, with a double bed, desk and chair, and two separate easy chairs.  There was a large bathroom which had a large walk-in shower as well as a bath.“This is a nice room,” said Oscar, “I haven’t been in this hotel before.”“Yes,” I said, “I’ve stayed here a few times before and always been very comfortable.  What do you think, Irene?”“I think it’s lovely,” she said.“Well, let’s get cleaned up,” Oscar said, “Irene, shall we shower together?”They both went into canlı bahis the bathroom and soon I heard the shower running and, after a while, I also heard them laughing together with some squeals from Irene.  After some time Oscar opened the bathroom door.“We’ve finished now,” he said, “I’ve left the water on for you.”“Thanks, “I said and went into the bathroom.  Irene was there drying her hair, but was stark naked.“Oh, excuse me,” I said, “I thought you were finished.”“It’s alright,” she said, “I’m nearly done.”She looked fabulous with her large breasts and sexy figure. For the first time I could see her bush, which was full and untrimmed with generous curls.  I could also see her labia peeping out underneath. “I can’t see anything that needs doing,” I said, as I slipped off my costume and stepped into the shower, “you look fantastic.”She turned round to look at me while I was busy soaping myself, but I pretended not to notice.  Instead I made sure that I spent a lot time washing my cock, running my hands up and down my shaft.  I wanted her to have a good show before I turned around so that the water rained down on my front.  She had left the bathroom by the time I finished and stepped out to dry myself and put on a bathrobe before going to join them.I found them sitting in the easy chairs.  Oscar was wearing some shorts but Irene only had a towel around her.  I went to the wardrobe and retrieved some shorts which I put on, then handed my bathrobe to Irene.“Oh, thank you,” she said, putting it on, “but we really need to get our clothes.”“We have a change of clothes with us,” said Oscar, “if you don’t mind, Irene can stay here while I fetch them from the car.  It will only take fifteen minutes.  Then perhaps you might like to join us for dinner – we know a good restaurant that’s nearby.”“I think that’s an excellent idea,” I said, “I’ll find something for myself while you’re gone.Oscar left and I excused myself to get a shirt and some casual trousers from the wardrobe before walking back to the seating area.“Would you like a drink?” I asked.“No, thank you,” she replied.“I’m so pleased I met you,” I said, “you’re a really nice couple.”“We’re pleased that we met you, too,” she replied, “Oscar really likes you.  He said he’d like to get to know you better.”“And you? Would you like to get to know me better?” I asked, looking into her eyes.“Yes,” she said, looking straight back at me, her brown eyes unflinching, “I would.”“Stand up, Irene,’ I said, taking her hand.She stood up and I bent forward and kissed her on the mouth, not lightly but passionately. She responded, opening her lips slightly and allowing my tongue to enter as she placed a hand behind my head and ruffled my hair.  Our tongues danced together as we explored each other’s mouths. I pulled her more towards me, pushing open her bathrobe so that her body was against mine. I wanted her to feel my cock against her abdomen, even though it was inside my shorts, and to feel her bosom against my chest.  She sighed into my mouth but carried on kissing me, sucking in my lips and licking them.  My cock was now hugely erect and leaking precum.“You are a very sexy woman, Irene,” I said, breaking our kiss, “and your kisses are beautiful and arousing.”She looked at me, her eyes sparkling, and stroked my face before running her fingers over my lips. “You are a dangerous man,” she said, “you know how to make a woman weak.  I think you have broken many hearts.”I leaned forward and kissed her again then ran my lips over her neck. “And what is it that you want, Irene?” I asked.She turned and sat down in the easy chair.“It’s difficult,” she said, “I have been with one man all my life and been very happy.  But I feel that I might have missed something, as I have not experienced any others. I would like to know what other men are like, but I don’t want to be unfaithful.  I have spoken with Oscar about it and he is very understanding.  He has said that perhaps I should experience another man, but I don’t know if I can do that.”“That is certainly difficult.  What does your instinct tell you to do?”“My instinct is to try it, but ……”“Have you thought of what might happen? What if you preferred someone else? What if Oscar decided he didn’t like it?”“Yes, I have, and it makes me scared.”My view of Irene was changing.  She most certainly wasn’t the naive woman I thought she was, rather she was inexperienced.  That’s very different.  She had also revealed an inner sex drive that was clearly strong as well as a sensual nature.  I was now sure that I was going to fuck her, and that it would be more than once.“What would make it easier for you?”“I’m not sure, but certainly being able to trust the man and that he would respect me and my wishes and be careful with my feelings.”“And do you have any particular type of man in mind?”“Not really.  I like men who are intelligent and have a good sense of humour.”“Sounds reasonable.  I think you should discuss this more with Oscar.  The two of you need to try and find a path that works for both of you.  It looks like you both want something similar, so it shouldn’t be too difficult, your biggest challenge, though, is to confront your inner fears.”

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