David’s Remote, Reloaded Ch. 03David’s Remote, Reloaded Ch. 03


(It was 2007 and Russ Baumann, 30 year old janitor at the St. Clair’s Mall was making use of a ‘FreezeTime Remote’ which had come into his possession. This had the capacity of freezing chronological time, so that people, became ‘frozen statues’ suspended in time, until the ‘RegularTime’ button was pressed. For some reason whoever was operating the remote was immune from it’s effects and was able to wander around within ‘FreezeTime’ and do anything they wished to do. The story is narrated by Russ Baumann.)


In the elevator I saw my two nineteen year old ‘friends’ from earlier.

It appeared that, entirely for my benefit, they had changed into cosplay costumes and appeared to be ‘Gothic Lolitas’. Both were dressed in bright pink bouffant knee-length dresses, under which there were many layers of white nylon petticoats.

I entered the small mirrored sanctum, waited for the door to slide shut then hit ‘FreezeTime’. Instantly the two girls became living statues and I was overcome by hysteria. I felt physically sick with excitement.

I was on my knees in front of one of them with by head under her dress and petticoats. I breathed in the smell of fresh warm cunt and began nuzzling and licking her. Her legs were very slightly apart and I found it relatively easy to pull down her white ruffled pettipants to knee level. Instantly my tongue slid up and down her most cleft.

In the mirrors surrounding me I watched myself, this 30 year old business man eating pussy with his free hand up the other girl’s dress. They both wore pink thigh length stockings held up with frilly garter belts. It was intoxicating beyond description and I felt I was definitely in paradise or at least in the largest ‘toy store’ in the city.

I pulled down the other girl’s pettipants and noticed that they had a yellowish discoloration in the crotch. Immediately my nostrils breathed in the aroma. The smell of more fresh cunt overwhelmed me and I had the urge to fuck these two young beauties there and then.

I stood up and kissed them on their impassive lips. One had her mouth open and I eased my tongue between her lips. Meanwhile I rubbed my hands up and down their clefts and miraculously felt lubrication form on my finger tips.

For some unknown reason, although they appeared as ‘frozen beings’, their sexual organs appeared to respond to my touch. Soon my finger tips were pushing their way between their labia. I adjusted the angle of approach so that my middle fingers slid fully into them.

It felt weird to be doing this and not having any reaction, not even a face slap. The wild guy staring back at me from the mirror appeared fantastically wild and deranged. I introduced another finger then a third until they were both oozing copious amounts of sexual secretions. I decided to penetrate one of them so slid down my pants and undershorts.

“Oh my, oh my,” I said to myself as I held up her lacy petticoats and pink flared dress. I watched Eskort myself in the mirror behind her as I pushed my erection slowly up her vagina and into her vulva. My hands grabbed her buttocks which felt nothing like normal flesh and had a hard unyielding quality to them.

Her legs were not quite wide enough apart and I was having problems with the angle as she was so much shorter than me. I tried to push her legs further apart but they felt just like cement and refused to move.

There was no way that I was going to penetrate her completely so I slid myself in as far as I could which was only roughly half way along my shaft. This was sufficiently tight however to stimulate my foreskin and glans and I thought that I would use her as something to jack off into.

By now I had a raging headache caused by my excitement and the generally sultry weather conditions in the city.

It was now or never.

I slid in as far as I could and held onto her hips. I kissed her doll like face but couldn’t look into her eyes. I was becoming freaked out again so shut my eyes and imagined I was having a regular fuck.

Oh boy I ‘came’ in bucket loads and managed to pull out just as I jerked out five long spurts of semen.

Fortunately it went mainly down the inside of her thighs but some ended in the crotch area of her pettipants. I quickly wiped the jism from my penis on one of the many lacy hems of her petticoats. I zipped up and tidied up as best as I could and combed my hair. I looked in the mirror and a smart businessman stared back. I think I appeared less weird now that I had satisfied my sexual needs.

I decide that I’d clean up the ‘first’ Gothic Lolita and pulled up her pettipants and smoothed down her flared dress and generally made her ‘look’ the way she did when I set eyes on them both in the elevator.

The ‘second’ Gothic Lolita was easier to sort out. Up came her pettipants and I shook her pretty pink dress and petticoats down again so she looked prim and proper. I even brushed her hair from her eyes.

I pushed the ‘RegularTime’ button and observed them come back to life. I just hoped that I looked the same to them and that there was no evidence of my dick having been out of my pants.

“O.M.G. Sharon what the fuck’s happened,” said ‘first’ girl suddenly aware that her pettipants felt very damp, sticky and full of semen.

I stared up at the elevator numbers counting down to the first floor and tried not to join in the conversation.

“For crying out loud Vanessa I’ve wet myself, oh fuck,” said girl ‘two’ feeling herself between her legs.

“Excuse us Sir,” said Vanessa as I resolutely stared up at the numbers.

The bell sounded at the first floor and the doors slid open. I got out as quickly as I could and hit ‘FreezeTime’ when the security guard recognised me again. Fortunately the automated doors were open and I made my way back onto East Robinson Street and I decided to take a bus ride to the Crabtree Center where I knew they had other stores which may allow me to feel women up and basically do what I liked during ‘FreakTime’ as I was now beginning to call ‘FreezeTime’

I needed the bus ride to give me time to think and I needed fresh air, lots of it. The passengers on the bus appeared normal and I needed the sound of human conversation to calm me down.

“Are you OK buddy?” a guy asked me and I told him that it was the weather that’s all.

We were in the track of another lightning storm and I suddenly, on impulse, got off the bus and walked the last two blocks to the Crabtree Center.

The relaxing music and heavy air conditioning hit me as a walked in. My remote was in my hand as I surveyed the women walking around. There were a lot of matronly types with huge husbands in tow. There were mothers with kids but few single women.

Then all of a sudden I saw her. She was on the upper floor and she wore very long blonde hair held out of her face with sunglasses she looked in her mid-twenties and she wore a wrap-over dress which showed a lot of leg. I sprinted up the escalator and watched her enter a health food store. I followed her in at a distance and grabbed a steel shopping basket. As I got closer to her she looked at me for a millisecond and I hit ‘FreezeTime’.

She was the most gorgeous ‘living statue’ I had ever laid eyes on. Her skin and hair were perfect. I lost no time in untying the waist belt of her dress and undoing two buttons which allowed the whole front to open up. Underneath she wore a matching white lacy bra and thong in a translucent almost transparent material. I pushed down her thong to her ankles and walked around her.

I was quickly on my knees in front of her and easing my tongue between her vagina lips. Her pussy tasted like fine wine, aromatic and heady. Soon her juices began to flow and I pushed my tongue into her as far as it would go.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to walk up to a complete stranger, press ‘FreakTime’ and enter a whole new dimension. I wondered who the hell had invented the remote control and for what purpose. Surely it wasn’t some mad geek who had decided he’d like a little more time or opportunity to loosen women’s underwear? I thanked my lucky stars however that I had found it.

I then became really worried that security surveillance CCTV cameras may be picking up on me and what I was doing. I analysed the situation.

So far they would have seen me with the woman during ‘RegularTime’ and they would be seeing nothing during ‘FreezeTime’. They would then pick up on me if I pressed ‘RegularTime’ again but I could be in the next store by then as it didn’t matter where I resumed ‘RegularTime’.

It would however appear very suspicious if I just materialised out of thin air on the CCTV playback loop. I decided that I would remain in the store and that I would reinstate the woman’s clothing as far as possible.

With supreme confidence I kissed her on the ass and licked her buttocks. My erection was painfully tight even inside my generously cut suit. I decided I’d had enough of her so hauled up her panties and buttoned her up and retightened her waist belt. I pressed ‘RegularTime’ and smiled at her while placing a bag of unrefined sugar in my shopping basket. She had a puzzled look and unfortunately dropped her purse. I stooped to help her pick it up and our knees touched.

“I’m so sorry, so clumsy of me I know,” she said as I stared up her skirt where the wrap-over part of her dress had come adrift. I left her scratching her leg and looking around as I walked out of the store, replacing the sugar at the checkout.

‘Lingard Lingerie’ beckoned me. I walked past the entrance and quickly glanced in and to my utter delight a couple of young women in knee-length tartan skirts were standing around looking at stuff to buy. I hit ‘FreezeTime’ and walked in.

I had never been in a lingerie store before and I was amazed at all the nylon and lace which women kept squirreled away, out of sight, beneath their outer clothing.

I was instantly on the floor with my head up the taller woman’s skirt. She smelled of fresh sweat and vagina. I ran my tongue over the front of her nylon panties and could feel the thick thatch of pubic hair which lay beneath. She wore neither stockings nor pantyhose. “Thank you ma’m.” I said to her and tried to avoid her vacant expression.

I crawled over to the other woman I ran my tongue up her leg from her open toed sling back shoes up to her panty crotch. Her panties were loose fitting French Knickers and were damp. They also smelled of sweat, urine and vagina. I breathed her in and pulled her crotch to one side. She had black pubic hair although her hair coloring was blonde.

“I know your little secret,” I told her, but she just stared at a pair of lace-topped stockings which had caught her attention.

I left the store still sporting a sizeable erection and resumed a position more or less where I had been standing before I hit ‘FreakTime’ then hit ‘RegularTime’ and I merged with the other shoppers. I was fast running out of ideas and had to be back at St.Clair’s for my 7.00 pm shift.

On the way I met a young woman in a loose dress who had a massive ass, I hit ‘FreezeTime’ but changed my mind and after a while the whole thing stopped being a challenge.

I felt that like all toys and gadgets you gradually lose interest and the novelty wears off. I returned to St.Clair’s Mall and placed the remote in my locker and said something hilarious to Ritmo which he didn’t understand. Ritmo only thinks occasionally, normally he runs on empty…empty of brain cells that is.

I did think of going to Vegas with the Remote and hitting ‘FreezeTime’ at the Roulette tables. That may have been the reason some guy invented it, we will never know.

There are a lot of casinos in Vegas and Russ Baumann could soon be up there with the high rollers. Las Vegas is full of chicks too.


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