Author’s Note: This is a sequel to my story “‘Bout Damn Time,” also posted here at Literotica.



Before they even reached the house, Troy knew he was out of his league. The place was fucking huge, a mansion. Gates at the head of the driveway; Jason had had to activate an intercom to get them opened. The cars in front of the place shone with ostentatious wealth–BMW, Mercedes, a Masarati, two Ferraris and a Porsche. Jason parked his royal blue vintage Mustang along the curb and gave Troy a grin.

“Here we go.”

Troy shook his head. “I don’t know about this, Jay.”

“Don’t know about what?” Jason reached over and laid a hand on Troy’s knee, not quite as if to comfort him, because that would have pissed Troy off. It was just a touch, a contact.

“This party. These people. Not my scene, man.”

Jason gave him a look. “You knew where we were going.”

Troy cleared his throat and looked out the window, away from the cars and the huge house, into the darkness. He hated this shit. Hated hanging with people who made him feel small, just because he didn’t bring his money home in suitcases, because he had to do quick and dirty math sometimes to make sure he could pay his bills. And now, if he walked in with Jason, they’d have one more reason to sneer. One more reason to look at him like he was something they needed to scrape off their boots.

“Yeah,” he finally said, because that summed it up.

Jason let his head fall back against the headrest. “Shit, Troy, don’t be a pussy. You know half these people. You met me at a party like this. What the fuck makes you think it’s gonna be any different?”

Troy just looked at him, and after a moment Jason nodded. “Ah.” His mouth thinned. “That’s bullshit, Troy. Now, I’m going in. You either come with, or sit here and show me what a chickenshit you are.”

Jason got out of the car, slamming the door behind him. Hard. He had to be pissed, to slam the door that hard, because he loved this car. Troy watched him stalk away, anger making his ass sway in his tight jeans in a way that made Troy clench his teeth.

“Fine,” he muttered, and got out, and followed Jason bahis şirketleri in.


Inside the house really wasn’t any better. Troy felt big and clumsy and awkward, nodding as politely as he could while Jason introduced him around and a wandering waiter poured him a glass of champagne from a bottle that probably cost six months’ worth of Troy’s salary.

He’d worn jeans and a button down shirt, as had Jason, as had most of the other men here, but somehow they wore them differently. Probably because they’d bought theirs somewhere that wasn’t Wal-Mart. He signed and sipped his champagne. It didn’t taste much different from any other champagne.

“You remember Troy.” Jason touched his elbow, making him turn his head. A tall, blonde woman stood next to Jason, holding her champagne glass in long, immaculately manicured fingers. She looked Troy up and down, her persual almost predatory.

“I do,” she said, and one corner of her mouth curled up in a smirk.

Troy wracked his brain. She looked familiar. “Pamela?” he ventured.

Her eyes narrowed. “Patricia.”

“Patricia. Right. Sorry.” He looked down at his feet, but Jason chuckled.

“Not like you remembered his name, Patty,” he said, his tone not entirely light. Then his hand curled into Troy’s, and he drew him gently away. Troy looked back up to see Patricia’s gaze riveted to their joined hands. One perfectly plucked eyebrow made a slow movement upward, then she turned away.

“Bitch,” Jason muttered.

“Thought these people were your friends.”

“Yeah, so did I.” Jason looked at him, his expression part mortified, part apologetic, but mostly just plain pissed. “You were right. This was a lame idea.”

Troy shrugged. “C’mon. There’s got to be one person here who’s not an asshole.”

“Yeah. You.”

Troy regarded him a moment, taken aback by the comment, then reached out and grabbed him by the waistband of his jeans and pulled him up close. And kissed him. Jason chuckled a little as he pulled back. Troy didn’t smile. “Want you to myself,” he growled, and Jason sobered.

“Come on,” he said, and headed out of the main room, toward a hallway. Troy bahis firmaları followed. Murmurs rose behind them, or was that his imagination? Jason fell back a step, his hand falling to the small of Troy’s back, and Troy decided he didn’t care.

The bathroom was huge, in keeping with the rest of the house. Faux marble–hell, real marble, probably, in this damn place–covered the floor. He barely had time to take this in, to take in the vaulted roof and the huge Jacuzzi, before Jason grabbed him and shoved him against the sink.

He forgot all about why they were there, why he didn’t want to be there–forgot about how uncomfortable the opulence of the place made him, when Jason’s mouth fastened to his, his hot tongue pushing Troy’s lips open. At the same time, Jason clasped Troy’s crotch, and any thought that might have been left behind after the kiss dissipated, as well.

Jason jerked Troy’s buttons open, slid his hand down between open fly and cotton briefs. Sure, insistent fingers clasped his erection through the cotton. They felt cold on his cock; he was hot, hard and ready. The contact made him shiver.

“Fuck, man…”

Jason chuckled. “Working on it.” He peeled Troy’s briefs down and went to his knees.

Troy braced himself against the marble countertop. “Fuck…” His vocabulary had become primitive and crude. He just couldn’t think of any other words. “Fuck…”

Chuckling, obviously amused by Troy’s inability to speak coherently, Jason fisted Troy’s cock, sliding his hand along its hard length. His thumb slid over the slickening head. Troy bit his lower lip, barely able to hold back another incoherent exclamation. And as Jason’s mouth slid over his slick, aching glans, his teeth on his own lip nearly drew blood.

Jason was an expert cocksucker. Troy knew this–he’d had plenty of chances to experience it over the past few weeks–yet somehow it always caught him by surprise. His hot mouth engulfed Troy, his tongue twirling. Troy had no idea how he did that, but shit, it was fucking awesome.

He braced himself on Jason’s shoulders, aware of nothing but Jason’s amazing mouth. He thrust into it while Jason’s fingers clasped kaçak bahis siteleri his ass, digging into the muscle. Then Jason shifted his grip, reached between his thighs to fondle his balls. Troy’s body clenched, fire walking up the wmall of his back. He fought to hold onto his control as the intensity built, threatening to overwhelm him in spite of his efforts to prolong the sensations. Jason rolled and tugged his balls, gentle, then rough, sometimes rough enough to make Troy start to protest, until the pure need took over again and what he thought had been edging toward pain turned into ecstasy. God, but Jason knew how to play him.

Then Jason’s finger moved back, and the tip slid into him. A quarter inch… half an inch… and Troy exploded. He coudln’t hold it back anymore. With a chuckle that Troy could feel vibrating through the head of his cock, Jason pulled him closer and swallowed him down.

Troy clutched Jason’s hair, his body pulsing and shaking with the intensity of the orgasm. For several long seconds, even after the last of his ejaculation had pumped down Jason’s throat, he couldn’t speak, or think, or even take a deep breath.

Finally Jason slid off him with a soft, wet sound and licked the head of his cock. Still too sensitive after the orgasm, Troy flinched. “Jesus…” Jason chuckled and licked him again, then slapped his bare ass and pushed to his feet.

“A little less tense now?” he asked, grinning.

Troy grinned back, chagrined. “A little.”

“Then let’s go back and see if we can find anybody reasonably normal to talk to.

Troy drew his pants back up, fumbling with the zipper. “You mean you don’t…?” He looked pointedly at Jason’s tented jeans.

“Nah. You can make it up to me when we get home.” He watched Troy put his clothes back in order, then opened the bathroom door.

A couple of guys were waiting outside. One of them eyed Troy, taking in his disheveled hair, his untucked shirt.

“Dude,” the man said, and Troy braced himself. But he went on, “Is that your Mustang outside? Man, that is a hot car.”

Troy smiled. “Nah, it’s his.” He looked at Jason. “But I bet he’d be willing to let you take a look.”

“You bet.” The other man headed into the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”

Still grinning, Troy looped an arm around Jason’s neck and kissed him thoughtlessly on the temple. Things were definitely looking up.

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