Time and TideTime and Tide


Time and tide wait for no man, someone once said. They were right. Add to those two fixtures, the uncertainty of weather, along with a rugged cliffside and you had a set of circumstances for the magic that was to overtake two lives, not yet aware of each other. Each was affected by the surging of their own blood, the anger in their hearts, and the urge for some incomprehensible dream. How could they know what fate had decreed for them?Brad Machin had a cosy flat not far from the beach and often came down for a morning swim. He was earlier than usual, tempted by the June sun from which the beach was in shadow until it rose higher. That very shadow would match the mood of gloom damned Rita had left him in. Not many mornings ago they’d been breakfasting together after their customary night of hot pleasure. No more. Her buns were now being toasted by that flashy rich guy.Adding to his anger, on this morning, was his own stupidity for not carrying out his normal check on tide times, especially since now was the season of flood tides. A time when the much higher water smashed against the rocks and cliff face creating dangerous cross currents which could pull the unwary bather under. True, it would be a short while before it was crashing against the cliffs.But the way the more distant waves boiled, had Brad wondering if the sea was as angry as he was. He gave a low growl under his breath, heaved at the small haversack on his back and thought about going back to his empty flat. Damn Rita. Didn’t life stink?Suddenly, a mighty clash overhead made him duck reflexively. An explosion? Then the ensuing low rumble told him it was thunder, and across the bay, lightning flashed. Brad, in his despondency, had not noticed the darkening sky, as the sun must have become cloud covered beyond the cliff.With equal suddenness, large drops of rain, heavier than any domestic shower, splashed down on him, pimpling the dry sand. The wind increased as, head down, he sprinted for the only cover within more than a hundred yards, the Rocky Cave, which, was merely a deep fissure in the cliff. As a kid, he had played inside the shadowed cove, hunting monsters.Running hard, he knew it was futile really, since he was already drenched, with shirt and pants clinging to his body. Then, his rain-blinded eyes picked out the figure of a woman, covered in a long green kaftan, running from the opposite direction. A small handbag hung from one shoulder, and a pair of green shoes were in one hand.They reached the opening at the same time, and Brad saw how the rain had glued the material of the voluminous kaftan to a pair of very shapely and braless breasts over a flat belly. Together, they darted under the rocky coverTawny hair hung wet and attractively straight to her shoulders. Out of her rain-streaked face, a pair of angry blue eyes blinked and glared at Brad as though blaming him. But, under the shelter, she faced out towards the incoming sea, which was multi-dimpled by the pouring rain, which fell with increasing force.“Summer storm,” Brad said weakly.“Life sucks,” she replied bitterly. She looked back at him and, momentarily, her eyes dropped down over his soaked body. “How high does the tide come?”Brad indicated the solid damp sand all the way to the large rocks at the back.She looked, frowned, and the breasts under the kaftan heaved, as Brad, enjoying the uncertain look on what was a lovely face, told her, “In an hour it’ll be two feet deep, at least, in here.” Not wishing to alarm her further, he added, “It’s possible to clamber up those larger rocks, to a narrow plateau well away from the water.”For a moment, she looked from the rocks to the pouring rain outside, before she said, “I’m not going out there, if, as you say, it’s safe in here.”“It’ll be five or six hours before the tide recedes enough to get out,” Brad advised, already having made his mind up to chance the rain. Her next action changed his mind completely“Well, I’m not standing around in wet gear,” she said, wedging her handbag and shoes in a small crevice. Without another word, she crossed her arms, gripped the wet fabric, and in one smooth ankara escort motion, she pulled the kaftan over her head. Briefly, while her face was tangled in the kaftan, Brad had an unobstructed view of a pair of finger-tingling pink tipped breasts.All she was wearing was a pair of lacy blue panties, almost sheer because of the rain, revealing that there was no pussy hair, and consequently a clear suggestion of the beginning of her cleft.“False modesty doesn’t become me, anymore,” she said coolly, as she held up her wet kaftan. Brad, brooding on that strange admission, stooped to his haversack and produced the large bath towel he had brought. Keeping his eyes averted from the allure of her naked body, Brad handed her the towel, while taking the kaftan from her.Draping the garment over a large rock which would be clear of the water, he stripped off his own wet shirt, lay it out kicked off his sandals, and turned back. She was standing there, towel still unused, as she eyed him appreciatively.“I think you’ll be more comfortable out of all your wet things.” And as she nodded downwards and added, “Too shy?”Hell, he’d never been accused of that before, and very quickly he tugged his pants down. She gave a little grunt of surprise as his already semi-erect cock was freed to her eyes.The situation was so unreal, and the storm in his mind outdid the storm beyond the cave mouth. “I’m Brad, by the way. Aren’t you -?” He indicated the towel hanging loosely from her hand.Her smile was weak as she replied, “Call me Linda. Would you dry me?” And she held out the towel to him.Brad was stunned by the whole turn of events, as tide and downpour splashed just beyond them. She, this Linda, was asking him to rub the towel over her naked body.She pointed a finger, and said, “Did the prospect of drying me cause that?”Brad glanced down to see his erect cock rising. What could he do but shrug?“You think I’m some kind of slut?” Her mouth twisted with emotion. “I suppose I am, now, but nine months ago I was a virgin.” Her blue eyes scanned his face before she added, “Does that not surprise you?”Brad was certainly confused, but he said, “What you think of yourself has to be your business.” Strange thoughts were rising in the back of his mind, as he patted the towel gently over her wet shoulders, her upper arms and down her sides.“So, why are you wary of my breasts?” she asked.Brad had always thought of himself as a lusty character, and briefly, Rita came into his mind, as she had just a moment earlier. He was quick to dump the thought, as he concentrated on gently rubbing Linda’s breasts. Even under the towel, they felt exquisitely rounded and full. Brad wondered how smooth they might be under his bare hands.“Do my legs and then my back, before I return the favour.”Bending, he passed the towelled hand down her thighs, and up to stroke fast but deliberate along her panty covered crease. Brad wondered whether his cock had hardened even more at the prospect of what could be lying ahead.He straightened to find her staring directly into his face, an unreadable expression in her eyes. Then she turned her back, so he could use the towel there. Those buttocks looked so ready to be fondled.“Now, my turn,” she said, taking the towel from Brad’s hands. “And then I’ll tell you how I came to be in this state.”“Wet?” Brad suggested jokingly, enjoying the rougher application she was making with the towel.“No,” she said, and her voice became harder as she went on, “angry and hurting.”“Maybe we could share stories about that. That’s the state I was in earlier.”“Yes, but yours was just because of the rain.” She towelled hard over his belly.“You think so?” Brad said, looking towards the entrance to where the sea was about to make a push into the entrance, and everything seemed darker than ever. “We’re going to have plenty of time to exchange stories,” he told her, and gave a shocked grunt as her towelling worked over his erection.“Mmm, impressive,” she said, putting the towel to one side and added, in a very subdued voice, “I’ve viewed a few of these lately.” She stood, and those blue eyes looked ankara escort bayan briefly into his, as she added, “And if you enjoy flattery, as most men do, yours compares very well.”Brad couldn’t help being aware that her lips had been very close to his purple tip before she stood up. Now she managed a smile, “And In the short time we’ve been here, I’ve learned something about you.”“Like?”“Like how you’ve shown no open desire to take advantage of my nudity.”Brad laughed lightly, “That doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it.”Her returned laugh was pleasing, “Maybe. But that is something I wasn’t used to with Mike.”“Mike?”“My so-called boyfriend until a couple of hours ago.” Her face hardened momentarily and then brightened. “Would you help me get back at him?”“I don’t see how I can help you there.”Mike gasped as she reached down, and her fingers gently stroked along his cock’s flagging length. The shock of it had Brad taking an involuntary step back until the lightness of her fingers became like electrodes that sent sparks through his body, and his hardness returned.Rubbing that hardness, she looked into his eyes, and murmured, “If I sucked on it, that would help me get back at him.”The range of thoughts buzzing through his head, made Brad hesitate. Was this woman genuinely hurt, or was she slightly crazy? To be offered a blowjob within minutes of meeting was a new experience. Would it not fit her own admission of being a slut? Brad was reluctant to accept that, sure that there was more behind this lovely young lady’s sensuous offerYet, he had to admit, to go along with it, would help him recover from Rita’s desertion“Do you mind?” she asked, positively yet nervously. God, she looked so gorgeous.“Oh, if you insist,” he said jokingly, and they laughed together. The situation was so unreal, and the storm in his mind outdid the storm beyond the cave mouth. Brad placed a hand on the side of her face, and whispered, “Shouldn’t we precede this familiarity with a kiss?”She nodded as she straightened, smiled, and presented her lips, to him. The kiss was gentle, her lips were delightfully soft, warm and active. Their tongue tips touched briefly, before she broke away, and dropped to her knees, never having released her hold on his solid cock.The promise in her kiss had Brad’s mind jumping ahead, and he could have allowed the kiss to go on. As she went onto her knees, Linda, reached for her handbag and placed it alongside her. Then, she leaned into him, her lips closed around his hardness, making Brad sure he had become even more solid.As she sucked his rod deep to the back of her throat, she gave a little moan of appreciation, which duetted with his moan of pleasure. Their duet was back-dropped by the roar and whine of the elements beyond the entrance, This, was fantastic. But almost immediately she was pulling back, keeping one hand on his now dampened cock, her other hand reaching into her handbag.Linda looked up at him, smiling, “Your cock is far superior to what that bastard Mike has, and that’s what I want him to know.” She held up what she had taken from her bag. It was a cell-phone.“You’ve used a smartphone to take pictures?”Brad had a wave of uncertainty. Where was this heading? Showing their photos to this Mike could have repercussions.He took the smartphone from her. She had seen the doubt on his face. “All I want are shots of your lovely prick going into my mouth. Just make sure most of my face is hidden by my hair. I want no identification for anyone but him. Nothing his spiteful mind could post on social media.”“But how will he know it’s you?”She smiled up at him and pointed to her nose just above the left nostril. Brad frowned not knowing what he was supposed to see. It was a lovely petite nose. “Just before it joins with my cheek.”Looking closer, Brad saw the tiny black mole, “See it? Only Mike has noticed that. None of my friends have ever mentioned it. But he’ll know.”Brad smiled down at her, and, despite the increasingly poor light, he enjoyed the attractive face, and the wonderful shapely breasts as she crouched ready to take him back into escort ankara her mouth. He was finding the whole situation so difficult to come to terms with. “So, face covered with the nose peeping out?”“And this impressive instrument of yours,” she said, laughing. Then her face looked more pensive. “I can laugh with you now, since being so low.”Brad was eager for her to retain that light-hearted outlook, as he said, “Women always laugh when they look at me.”Linda gave him a grateful smile as she said, “And do they all strip naked immediately? And do this?” Her lips closed around his cock and rolled her tongue around the bulging tip.Brad grunted, but raised the phone, which he had already set on camera. He flicked at her hair so most of it trailed over her face. With some adjustment her nose and stretched lips were visible. First shot, his cock was halfway into her mouth. Next one, when he was in up to his pubes. Hell, she was good.One more, and this time she drew back her mouth until the tip of his cock was just lingering on her lower lip. Tawny hair arranged to show only that and the important part of her nose, Brad took the shot.That done, Linda placed a hand under his balls and allowed his hard cock to drop into her hand. Then she struggled to her feet without letting him go. Brad had no objection to that, as he handed over the phone.“Lucky it had a flash,” he said, indicating how all light had virtually disappeared. Outside it was as black as any night. Brad could not recall any summer storm as fierce as this. Tidal waters were splashing roughly towards them.“These will be perfect.” He heard Linda’s excited voice, as she viewed the shots he’d taken. “He’ll hate this one,” She held up the one with the whole length of his cock seeming to cling to her lower lip. “Said I wouldn’t find anything better than his. This will show him.” And there was genuine delight in her voice.“We’d better get back towards the rear,” Brad broke in, indicating where the churning brown, sand stirring sea was flooding towards them out of the blackness.Linda looked at him, and in the gloom, Brad could see the sudden worry in her eyes. “Are we in danger?” Her voice was more strained now, clearly not convinced.“We’ll be all right,” he reassured her. “The boulders at the back are easy to clamber up.” He chuckled trying to settle her mind. “Even if you are bare-assed.”“Better not trust water levels,” he said, as he picked up the towel, his clothes and his haversack, while Linda grabbed her kaftan and handbag. They made their way to the furthest large rocks. Brad spread the towel on one of them, which had a layer of drying seaweed covering it. and she came in close, her breasts against him. Their bellies close against each other, demanded a kiss, and with their parted lips pressed together, there was much more passion involved as tongues wrestled, and explored each other’s cheeks and gums.Linda dropped a hand to feel at his cock which had slackened since her mouth had released it. The touch of her cool fingers Brad was sure brought it instantly to life. Not to be outdone he realised that she had performed all the favours this far.“Will you be comfortable lying back on the towel?” he quietly asked.“Why?” she asked, the puzzled expression belying the fact that she had already sat on the towel.Brad placed his hands cautiously on her shoulders and eased her onto her back as he said quietly, “Because I owe you one. If you have no objections.”Her blue eyes were wide as she stared up at him and said, “If you want to fuck me, I won’t fight you off.”Looking down at her beautiful face, her delectable body, he wondered just what this poor young lady had been through for her to make that response. He knew exactly what his intentions had been when he laid her back. “That may happen later, but only with your permission.”Leaning over her, he stroked one breast, before bending to lick at her nipple. It was pleasing to hear her gasp, and say, “You’re very gentle.”The breasts under his lips and tongue were so perfect, he luxuriated in sucking on the pink tips, bringing them up to willing attention. Again, Linda sighed, “So gentle.” Which added to Brad’s concerns about what experience she had been subject to. He wanted to move on to his original goal. He had no experience of a shaved pussy, so had to admit to himself that his intentions here were based on curiosity.

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