CowBoy and Indian Maiden Ch. 01CowBoy and Indian Maiden Ch. 01


Barbara Stray Eagle approached the edge of the woods. The Shoshonean women was thirsty after he hasty exit. But she had been given little choice, the head of the council was going to make her marry her son the Bull. She would rather die, that live with a drunken abusive man, who treated women as whores. Stray Eagle who had the advantage of a college degree had only returned to take care of her dying father. She saw a small house where she might be able to steal some needed supplies

She saw a man caring for a beautiful horse as she entered the back door. Entering the kitchen, she found a fully stocked larder, grabbing some dried and fruit fresh and some water bottles she filled her pack.

“What do you think you are doing?”

Barbara sighed and faced the man. He was slim, blonds with bright eyes. “I had hoped to be gone, before you came in,”

“Obviously’, he answers. “Put it down.”

She was tired and impatient, “Move aside or get hurt.”

Now he got angry, “Thief drop it.”

“You had your chance,” Stray Eagle swung the bag at him.

The blond Pendik Ukraynalı Escort white man avoided it but she than kicked him.

“Bitch!” He swept her legs out from under him.

“Ow!” they wrestled but he was able to get her on stomach and twisted her right arm.

“Do you surrender?”

“Not to any man!”

“I’ll break it.”

“Then break it.”

He frowned, and then pressed a nerve in her neck, knocking her out.

Barbara woke up she had been handcuffed to a chair.

“Ready to talk now?” Her captor asked.

She smiled wryly, “It seems I have little choice. May I ask your name first?”

He nodded, “Roger Adlow.”

“The Chemist? I read some of your work.”

“I hope you found it informative, now why did you break in?”

“I left some people, who don’t understand when a woman says no, it means no.”

He looked at the dark-haired woman, “You are Shoshoni, but you don’t live on their territory.”

“Yes, it’s political.”

“Gawd, I hate politics.” He uncuffed her. “You can have the supplies.”

“It’s Pendik Üniversiteli Escort not that easy now.” She replied.


To his surprise Stray Eagle kneeled. “When I broke in, I was trying to count coup on you. You won. She lowered her eyes. “You are my master for the next 24 hours.”

Roger looked her for a long moment, “I would be a fool not to take advantage, be warned I am a kinky person.”

She grinned, “So am I. I just want to choose who I am kinky with.”

He returned the grin, “Now strip, let me look at my slave.”

“As you wish,” Barbara was proud of her body.

“Very nice,” he stroked her left tit. Then grabbed some rope and bound her wrists behind her. “You deserve to punished my lovely thief. “He sat on the chair and dragged her over his lap. Roger began spanking her.

“Thank you Master.”

“Start counting.”


“One Master” he corrected.

“One Master.” She replied.

After twenty spanks,” Back on your knees.” He grabbed a leash and a collar. Pendik Vip Escort “Outside.”

Barbara was led to the corral. Where several bales of hay were set up.

“You are in great shape”, he told her. “Start running around the circle.

Barbara was getting wet, damn he is good at this.

Roger put her through her pace but was getting hard. He had not had this feeling for a long time.

“Enough.” He took of his pants. He gestured to her.

Barbara needed no urging as she began sucking his cock.

It had been a long time for her as well. She wished she had her hands to use as she began her ministrations.

Roger sighed in satisfaction as he came. “I know you have said you are my slave. But I will ask. Do you want me to fuck you?”

“I may be your slave, but I am demanding it.” The maiden replied.

He laughed as he unbound her hand and led her by the leash back to the house. Throwing her on the bed, he began sucking on her tits.

“Oh yes.”

Roger had no more patience, as he penetrated her pussy.

“Who is your Master, warrior bitch?”

“You are,” she replied. “At least for now. Less talk more sex.”

He growled as he flipped her over. Using the leash, he combined the pain with the pleasure as he fucked her anally,

“Ah” They screamed as they organized. Roger than took off her collar.

“Round two?”

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