Dave – Before the MoviesDave – Before the Movies


for the person who sends me the emails about the dangers of sex without condoms and that it is illegal to sell your body for sex – this is FICTION. of course it would be silly to do either of those things in real life.

please do not repost without permission.

Adventures With Dave — Before The Movies

I jumped and Dave smiled. He loved to do that to me. Make me jump. Jumping was perfectly normal under the circumstances. I was naked and my hands were tied together behind me. I was on my knees between his knees lost in my own little world when he suddenly spoke. “Come on in!”

It was only Todd, and he had seen me before, but I felt myself blushing from the top of my head to my clit. How can you feel your tits harden when you aren’t even touching them? I couldn’t help but smile around Dave’s cock as I worked it in an out of my mouth and I was gratified when he grunted huskily as Todd sat in the easy boy at the foot of the bed.

For a moment they watched mesmerized as I continued to devotedly tantalize his organ. I grinned shyly at the look of lust on his face as he pushed me away gently when he could stand no more. His cock throbbed with several beats of his heart.

“I suppose, being the slut you are, you want to suck on Todd’s prick as well.” I blushed again and couldn’t help but grin shyly as I nodded. He gestured, pretending mild irritation, but I could see the pride and humor in his eyes as he offered me to his friend.

Even though I tried to mask my emotions, I’m sure my eagerness showed through as I waited for Todd to drop his shorts and I crawled awkwardly between his knees. Awkwardly because the rope went around the back of my neck through each armpit, Kurtköy Fetiş Escort around my elbows and through the middle, around my wrists and between, and then the ends were tied shortly to my ankles. I felt like a baby with a pacifier as I settled in contentedly. I needed this.

I needed it because Dave had deprived me, teasing all the while, for the last two weeks. I didn’t know what his plans were, but there were always plans when that happened. And obviously Dave had been expecting Todd and that always meant that plans were afoot.

“You better not come, or it will be worse for you.” I jerked back into the moment and realized I was perilously close to orgasm. They had been talking, but I hadn’t been listening at all. Just sucking on Todd and feeling him grow and smelling his musk and mine had me spiraling on an almost irreversible trip to the big ‘O’.

His dick made a popping noise as I pulled back and tried to control my breathing and the feelings coursing through me. “I didn’t say you could stop.” The smile was in his voice. I nodded in confusion still trying not to come and began working on his now stiff mast again.

“She’s a lost cause, you know.” I snorted suddenly in surprise. There’s something about a cock in my mouth. I just disassociate with everything around me. It is just the cock and me and everything else is fuzzy. Dave sounded calm, but Todd was as bad off as I was. “You want her ass or her cunt.”

Todd’s voice was husky and he pushed me away abruptly. “Her ass. If I use her cunt, she won’t have a chance.”

“She won’t have a chance anyway.” Again with the suction, pop… Dave pushed the ottoman into my bottom with his Kurtköy Gecelik Escort toe. I looked at him pleading to be allowed to come. He shook his head, but his eyes were smiling. “If you come, you will be punished.”

I knew I would try to be obedient and he knew I would fail. He gestured with his hand and I crawled awkwardly to kneel over the ottoman. I felt Todd untying my ankles and then he spread my legs as he pulled my hands to the side.

Dave must have handed him the lube. I groaned hopelessly as I felt it blop out onto my ass hole and then Todd began working it in. Dave knelt in front of me and I took him in. At least if I was going to be punished later, I could enjoy myself now. Again I lost myself as I ran my tongue over his tip and discovered the pre-cum oozing.

Todd pushed in slowly and I gasped around the cock in my mouth as I pushed back to welcome the intruder. My hips writhed involuntarily and I heard him grunt as he put his hand on my bottom to hold me still. I almost came as I felt his balls press into my clit. I rocked back slightly and groaned trying to obey. My clit felt as big as his cock and the contact sent electric jolts through all of my sex and up to my tits. Slowly both pulled out and I groaned in disappointment. Unknown to me they exchanged a smile as I rooted blindly with my tongue for Dave’s cock.

I was squealing by this time and Dave began slowly shoving his cock down my throat. I opened my throat and swallowed him down catching a whiff of his musk in his pubes before my air was blocked and my nose was crushed. Todd slammed in from the other side and as soon as his cock bottomed out and his balls pressed into my clit Kurtköy Genç Escort I was seeing lights. Someone clawed their way under my breasts and crushed both my tits and I saw stars as I erupted.

I writhed and moaned and screamed and groaned as Dave and Todd worked in sync and then both cocks started throbbing inside me and I squealed as another round of orgasm slammed through me.

Aftershocks were still rumbling and I was limp as ankle restraints were added and my legs were anchored spread wide with short chains to eyebolts in the floor. I was limp as a dishrag as they lifted me and laid me over the large padded wooden dowel that they hung from the ceiling with chains. My arms, still bound behind me were raised and the ends of the rope were run through another eyebolt in the ceiling until my head was almost even with my ankles. Dave tied a loose bowline around my throat and anchored me to the floor. The butt plug slid right in my stretched rosebud and then something bumped my swollen clit and soaked slit.

“You still aren’t allowed to come. Because we are generous, we will count the other as two orgasms. I know you never behave though, so when you DO come, start at three with the next orgasm and count loudly through each succeeding one. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“The more you come, the worse your punishment will be.” The vibrator at my clit turned on.

“Oh please, Sir! Have mercy!”

I heard him chuckle as he kicked it up to medium.


I tried to keep from coming, I really did. And I would be coming still, but they finally did decide to be merciful after a total of six orgasms. And then they told me what my punishment would be.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to have to pick four of your boyfriend’s friends and call them on the phone to invite them to the movies and tell them, if they come, you will be made completely available to them? Dave and Todd and four others… One for each orgasm. At least I got to pick.

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