High School FantasyHigh School Fantasy

Bent Over

“Come with me!” Eyes wide with excitement, a devilish grin on her face, she pulls his hand and he instantly knows this is going to be fun.

They’d walked to their old high-school for a nostalgic look around, as their lazy Sunday afternoon together dimmed slowly into evening. Now he’s hurrying to keep up with her as they kick the fall leaves out of their way.

Stopping, she presses herself up against the old red brick of the building and he follows suit, puzzled. She looks around in every direction.

“Do you think anyone can see us?” She whispers.

He glances around. They’re hidden from the street but the curve of the wall and the long football field is between them and the nearest houses. A couple of rows of chainlink fence and some scattered trees add to the obscurement.

“I doubt it.” He says, and she shushes him to be quieter.

Now he sees what drew her attention. A fire-door has been left slightly ajar, propped open by the narrow body of a Bic pen. A small pile of crushed cigarette butts nearby explains why.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to go inside and look around?” She whispers.

“Yeah.” He grins, and slides his fingers into the door crack. “Ready?”

Her face fills with alarm. “What? No I didn’t mean we should actually do it!”

“Why not? The parking lot is empty, so there’s nobody here, it’s getting dark and I doubt anyone can see us anyway. And if we get caught…we run.” He grins wider.

Before she can protest further he opens the door, steps through, and pulls her inside. The door bangs shut behind them and they’re in sudden darkness, hearing only the sounds of their rapid breathing and hammering hearts.

Slowly their eyes adjust. The dim green glow of exit signs reveal a cavernous space, with row upon row of seats. They’re in the theatre. The big, outthrust stage is empty.

He puts his arms around her and pulls her close. “Are you okay? Do you want to leave?”

She looks around, he can see fear and excitement battling on her face. “Let’s…stay for now. I haven’t been in here in years.”

She’d been a senior when he started as a freshman. Tall, athletic, and beautiful she’d been as unreachable to him then as the moon herself. Now, years later in his arms, her timeless beauty and grace takes his breath away.

Taking her hand he leads her down an aisle towards the stage. “This was my sanctuary back then. I would come here to study, to hang out with friends, or just to get some quiet time alone with my thoughts.”

“And make out with girls?” She gaziantep escortları asks, smiling impishly at him.

He matches her smile. “Every chance I got.”

They climb the steps to the stage, their footsteps echoing in the dim emptiness.

“Did you do it right here on the stage?” She laughs softly. “Did you ever have an audience?”

“Oh no, I was far too shy for that. We’d hide up in the catwalks or downstairs in the costume rooms.”

“Did you ever wish you could?” She pulls him to a sudden stop in the very middle of the stage, her eyes twinkling in the faint light.

He pulls her close and kisses her. Her arms wrap around his neck and her tongue finds his. His hands slide under her jacket to pull her tight, pressing her body against his. Standing in this forbidden, familiar place, his body reacts to hers like he’s a teenager again.

Reaching up he slides his fingers into her hair, closes his fist, and pulls her head back, kissing his way over her chin and down her delicate jawline. Her skin is warm and he can feel her pulse against his lips as he kisses his way down her neck. With his other hand he undoes the top button of her pants and slides the zipper down.

She grabs his hand to stop him. He pulls back, looking at her questioningly.

“You’re the star of this show.” She whispers softly, then slowly kneels in front of him.

Her fingers deftly undo his belt and jeans and, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of his boxers, slides them both down to expose his growing cock.

Gripping his bare ass with both hands, she leans forward and brushes his shaft with her cheek, marvelling at the heat radiating from it. She can feel it growing harder with each beat of his heart, pulsing against her face. She nuzzles her nose into his soft pubic hair and breathes in the heady, manly scent of him until her head spins with lust. He moans above her and rests his strong hands on top of her head.

She carefully kisses her way up his shaft, delighting in the feel of his smooth hardness against her lips. As she reaches the tip she gives it a playful lick and hears him suck air in through his teeth. Sliding her palms over his hips and down his thighs, she reaches up and cups his balls in one hand while gently gripping his shaft with the other. Another soft moan escapes his lips and she feels his fingertips pressing into her scalp.

Slowly, she takes the head of his cock into her mouth, exploring the soft, smooth, hardness of him with her tongue. She can feel the tension in his body, his own strength harnessed against itself as he controls the urge to thrust. She drags her fingertips down the underside of his balls and feels his cock twitch in her mouth. Gripping him firmly, slaving her hand to her lips, she slides her mouth further down his cock, then slowly back up. Pausing to tease him again with her tongue, she slides her mouth back down him again.

The sensation of her soft, warm mouth sliding up and down his cock is making his body tremble in pleasure. As she falls into a slow rhythm he groans deep in his throat. The feel of her lips sliding wetly over the bulbous ridge of his glans sends sparks of pleasure straight through the root of his cock and into his brain. The soft friction of her tongue against the sensitive underside feels like the gentlest tickle of sheer ecstasy.

He could cum like this, very soon. The urge to let himself go and fill her mouth with his seed is almost overpowering, but he knows that’s not where she wants it. Against all his instincts he grips her hair in his fist and pulls his throbbing cock out of her mouth. Drops of saliva drip from the tip onto the stage between them.

Kneeling down, fist still gripping her hair, he pulls her face to his and kisses her hard. With his other hand he pulls urgently at her pants and panties, and she lifts her ass to help. Her exposed pussy feels suddenly cool where the slippery wetness has gathered between her lips. Laying her back, he doesn’t bother freeing her legs from the tangle of her clothes. His self-control is gone now, all that remains is his need for her.

Gripping her bunched pants in one hand he pushes her legs up towards her chest, levering her ass off the stage and giving him full access to her slick pussy. Gripping his cock in his hand, he slides the head of it up between her lips, coating it in her wetness and making her gasp as it slides over her swollen clit. Back and forth he stirs her with his tip, while her curled fingers claw at the hard wood of the stage.

She’s panting now, trying to press her hips up to him, desperate to force him inside her. He presses his cock to her opening and pauses, using then last shred of his control to savour the moment.

Then he’s sliding into her, spreading her open and filling her, feeling the wet heat of her engulf him. He buries himself in her in one smooth thrust, and she feels his hips press against her as she takes all of him inside. Her wordless moan is all the “fuck yes” he needs to hear.

Leaning over her, forcing her legs further back, he begins to thrust into her. All veneer is gone, his lust is pure and savage as he fucks her. Hammering his cock into her as her pussy squelches wetly around his shaft. She can feel his balls slapping her ass with each thrust as he drives her breath out of her. Her head swims and her world becomes the cock inside her and the weight of him against her body.

He can feel tightening at the base of his cock, the building pressure to release, and knows he’s about to cum. With a roar he thrusts hard into her, burying himself balls-deep, and feels the shuddering orgasm take control of him. His cock swells and pulses as his cum fills her.

Legs straining, she pats the stage beside her, and he pulls out and collapses at her side. With a sigh of relief she lowers her legs and feels a gush of cum slide out of her and pool between her ass cheeks on the hard wood beneath. He leans over shakily to kiss her, breathing hard. She lifts a hand to pull his head to her while her other hand moves down and her fingers slide over her aching clit.

Sitting up, he smiles down at her, and runs his hand up the inside of her leg to the mess he’s made of her pussy. As her hand moves faster he slides two fingers into her, seeking her g-spot. The slippery cum and wetness coat his hand, and he pushes a third finger into her, stretching her. Her breath is coming fast now, and her hips are matching the thrusts of his hand as he massages her g-spot. He feels a warm gush on his hand, and then another, and suddenly she’s arching against him, her pussy spasming and squeezing his hand as her orgasm washes over her.

“Don’t…stop…!” She gasps, and he keeps thrusting. He slides a fourth finger into her and she whimpers, her fingers a blur on her clit. With a shuddering gasp she cums again, her body clenching in rhythmic waves. Shaking, she drops her hand to her side, and he pulls his dripping dingers out of her. Leaning down, he kisses her gently, feeling the heat of her breath mingling his as her eyelids flutter from the aftershocks. In the empty theatre, their breathing is the only applause.

Awareness of their surroundings returns slowly. With infinite care he presses his wet hand against the stage, leaving a perfect hand-print in their mixed cum. She rolls to the side and slips her panties up before standing shakily to pull up her pants. Embracing, they kiss again, tongues lazily merging.

“Fuck that was hot.” He whispers.

She looks down at the glistening patches on the stage. “We left a mess.”

“A hot mess.” He laughs.

She pokes him hard in the chest. “Now feed me. You promised dinner.”

With a grin, he takes her hand.

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