Cuckolders Inc. Allen 1Cuckolders Inc. Allen 1


Here I am, forty and still doing what I loved doing when I was twenty, but I am a lot more successful than I was. More successful financially and sexually. Like most twenty-year-olds, I enjoyed sex. One of the differences was that I was looking for married women to seduce, even at twenty. I was focused on married women, married five, fifteen, or even twenty-five years. I’m still not sure how I know I will succeed in seducing her or how I know the husband will tolerate it, either. I especially like watching my cuckold’s face as I fuck his wife. I want to make it as personal as I can. I make sure I can watch as I’m entering his wife, her pussy. I can see his despair, submission, arousal self-hatred, and even ecstasy as they see my cock disappear inside his wife’s pussy. As his realization comes, her cunt, his wife’s cunt, was mine. Until I gave it back.I especially like watching my cuckold’s face, until I remember watching his wife as she felt my cock touch their pussy lips, slowly push them aside, and enter what used to be their husband’s private playground. Her expressions are different from her husband’s. There is a lot more anticipation, arousal, and then the realization this is irreversible. When my cock enters, their marital virginity is gone in smoke. Gone forever. At first, I didn’t know what to call myself. Until I ran into Cuckolders Inc. It’s a group of men with the same hobby I have. Fucking wives and cuckolding their husbands. I even thought about getting business cards, Cuckolders Inc with me as Vice President of Wife Fucking. I did until I thought about kaçak iddaa accidentally handing one to a real customer. Ugh, no.Mary and Paul Whittaker were the very first married couple I tried. This was long before I realized that I was a Cuckolder. They had just had their first anniversary. Almost newlyweds. They both were in their mid-twenties and I was twenty. I was acting as a cabin leader and they were part of the kitchen crew. I recognized them from church but I first met them during the camp set-up before the kids showed up. When I first saw Mary I just stared. This is someone I want to fuck. And when I saw Paul all I could think is, He’ll let me do it too. Where this was coming from I didn’t know. I spent a lot of the setup time getting to know Mary and Paul. I wanted Mary to look at me as attractively dangerous. I wanted her to wonder how dangerous I am. And I wanted her to wonder what it might feel like if I succeeded.I chatted her up, flirted a bit, and touched her innocently. Mostly innocently, except for a few brushes against her tits. I could tell she would react to a bad boy vibe. Not too bad, just a little more edge than she was used to.The second day after the kids came, I found her alone and touched her some more. Her tits. There wasn’t any overt reaction and she didn’t start avoiding me. Near the end of the day,  I kissed her where I knew Paul could see. I ended the kiss by cupping her tits. Clearly visible to Paul. The third day, I found occasions to be more obvious to both Paul and Mary. Kissing and touching her tits and ass.Paul, I wanted kaçak bahis to feel a little intimidated. Not so much that he didn’t want me around, just enough to not stop me when I fuck Mary. It wasn’t a conscious thought, it seemed like intuition. The kissing and touching seemed to be intimidating Paul while giving Mary the required bad boy vibe. The same techniques didn’t and wouldn’t work on my next couple. It wasn’t until I was finishing fucking my fourth couple that I realized I was reading both the wife and the husband. My instincts were guiding me.The third day, because Mary was not objecting to my kissing and touching, I decided that Mary would respond to a direct seduction. After dinner was finished and the kids were at the campfire sing-along, I got Mary alone and asked her, no I told her, to meet me after lights out. An hour after, at ten. I also told her to bring Paul. As I told her, I kissed her with one hand on her ass, the other on her tits, caressing. I added that I wanted Paul to watch us. Later, I could only wonder why I thought such a direct assault on her would work. It was obvious to me that it wouldn’t, couldn’t.As I walked away, I could see her adding up what I said and what it meant if they came. I saw her stiffen and look back at me when she suddenly realized that, if she met me, she was going to be fucked. If Paul came too, he was going to watch her being fucked. By me, tonight.There was an equipment shed that had a stack of mats that were used for some gym exercises. It was somewhat isolated, and that was where we were going to meet. illegal bahis I knew she would come but at the same time, I realized she wouldn’t. If she came, would she actually bring Paul? If she did, would he actually let me? Thinking about him objecting, made me decide to bring a roll of duct tape. Just in case.I was waiting by the shed when I saw them coming, being quiet and trying to be invisible. When they got there I started, “Mary, does Paul know why you’re here? Why you brought him?”Again this was crazy, doing it this way. But still, I was sure it would work. Somehow. I knew she wanted to experience this, and I just knew he would let her. Mary, “Um… I told… Paul what you told me. That’s all.” “Didn’t you tell him what’s happening here? What’s going to happen? I saw when you realized what was going to happen.”Mary again, “Uh… no, not exactly. I just said… you wanted to meet here… and you wanted him… here… to, ah… watch. I told him I wanted to come… I wanted him… to watch… you and me… just watch. Just that.”“Ok, then. Let’s get a few mats out. Paul, put them here.“ I gestured to an open area close to the shed, mostly in the dark, but near some benches. “Paul, I want you to sit there on the bench… Ok, just in case you still don’t know what’s happening. Mary and I…” I pulled Mary close to me and I kissed her, my hands invading her under her top. I continued, “Mary and I are going to fuck in front of you. You are going to sit there and watch. If you need it, I can tie you to the bench.“ I could see Paul shrink down, but for the first time, I saw a cuckold’s emotions move across his face. I saw the acquiescence, submission, and arousal. I saw self-hatred, the knowledge he wasn’t powerful enough to stop me from violating his wife, contaminating her pussy, and enjoying it. 

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