A weekend with Nancy part 3A weekend with Nancy part 3


Upon arriving back at the car Nancy said that we had to hurry to our next destination because it would be closing soon and then she instructed me to drive while Alice and herself got in the backseat. “Honey, do you know that porn shop up the road a couple of miles?” said Nancy. I nodded that yes I did and I was instructed to drive there quickly. At the porn shop, Nancy suggested that I fix my makeup and then she told me that I could remove my leash and put it in my purse because I would be going in alone and that they would be along in a few minutes. I was not to make eye contact with them when they did come in, and I was to buy a harness and a good sized dildo. I could return to the car after I had spent at least 20 minutes in the store and they would follow shortly. We had parked as far kaçak iddaa away from the front entrance as possible so the girls could watch me walk across the parking lot. It was 11:30 when I entered the shop and it was still full of customers, I did as instructed making my way around the store, casually looking at all the different products. In glancing at the front door from time to time I finally saw Alice and Nancy enter and go directly toward the bondage section. I arrived at the dildo section and found a nice strap-on and a thick 9″ purple dildo and was quite surprised that no one had paid that much attention to me or what I was buying. I picked out a small bottle of lube and headed for the cashier.The cashier was stunning, young with long wavy brown hair and possessing all the right kaçak bahis proportions. I could tell right away that she knew I was a guy as she throughly looked me over and smiled approvingly but when she gave me my change she did so softly stroking my hand and then she something about hoping to see me again real soon and that she worked there most nights. Man, that invite just about made me cum right there on the spot. I had to get out of there as fast as I could and I found it quite difficult walking back to the car thinking about that little hotty. About five minutes later the girls returned and they had bought something although I didn’t know what. Nancy had the keys to the car so I had to wait until they returned. Nancy motioned for all of us to gather at the back of the car and for me to illegal bahis put what I bought on the trunk. She opened my bag and approved of what I had bought and then she began to take them out of their packaging. Nancy took the harness and made a few preliminary adjustments and moved around behind Alice. “Lift your skirt girl,” Nancy commanded and Alice’s eyes got real big as she both hesitantly lifted her skirt and frantically looked around to see if anyone was about. Nancy had Alice step into the harness and eased it up her legs and buckled it around her waist and having made the final adjustments so that the harness was now firmly in place told me to hand her the dildo which she attached to the harness. Nancy the walked over to me, turned me toward the trunk lid and forced me to lay my head and upper body down on the trunk. She kicked at my feet making me spread my legs, flipped my skirt up over my back, undid the rear garter straps of my girdle, and folded up the girdle exposing my ass.

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