Sandy’s BoyfriendSandy’s Boyfriend


Sandy’s BoyfriendSandy and I are very close, but she likes/wants me as her girlfriend/bitch. I’m totally ok with this arrangement. She started seeing a guy from college, he’s an athlete, about 6’2″, very built. She told me that she wanted me to come to her apartment on Wednesday night. I should bring a sexy outfit and be prepared to please her and her boyfriend. I show up and we talk for a little while. She says it’s time for me to get ready. I’ve become very good at makeup and just love how I look all made up. I love bright red lipstick, it’s so hot! I’m wearing fully fashioned stocking of course, garter belt, panties and a pretty baby doll. Sandy teases my clit and rubs her nails across as she knows this drives me crazy. She says the Jim has never done anything like this before and she will control the situation. He’s excited about it but nervous. So when he gets here, I’ll introduce you and you just be the fabulous sissy that you are.A knock on the door at 8 sharp, Sandy lets Jim in and she introduces me. I say hi and he’s kind of just staring at me and says wow! “You look amazing,” he says. I thank him for the compliment. Sandy hugs him and gives him a kiss. She leads him to the sofa and they sit down. She says, “Baby, this is going to be so much fun.” She cuddles up to him and starts kissing him while her hand finds its way to his crotch. She tells me to kneel down between his legs. Both of our hands are working his bulge. It’s so hot to feel a cock growing hard. She’s kissing him and telling him to relax and enjoy. I undo his belt and open his pants. I slowly take the zipper down, he’s moaning but Sandy’s tongue is in his mouth. I rub his cock through his underwear. There’s already a wet spot from precum. Sandy tells him to take his pants off. I slide them down his legs, followed by his underwear. His izmir escort bayan cock springs to attention. Mmmmm, very beautiful cock — about 8 inches with a nice mushroom head, a lot of veins. A very pronounced cum tube. Jim sits back down and Sandy takes his cock in her hand and strokes it which produces more precum. She asks him if he’d like my pretty red lips to suck his cock. “Oh yeah,” he says. So while Sandy holds his cock out she tells me to lick his shaft. I start just above his balls and ever so gently, barely making contact, lick his cock. His balls contract and as I get closer to the head I apply more tongue pressure and tongue like I’m licking a dripping ice cream cone. “OHHH God,” he says. “You like that baby?!” Sandy asks. “I told you you would like this.”He starts feeling her tits and kissing her. I take him into my mouth, slowly taking a little more with each head bob. I work my way down till I have all of him in my throat and press my nose into him so he knows his cock is all the way in. He breaths deep and says “OH God” again. “That feels soooo good.” I start working his cock and he says suck my balls. Mmmm, gladly. He has a really nice pair of low hangers. I take his right ball into my mouth and work it with my tongue. He’s in Heaven. Then I take both balls into my mouth and like always I stretch them out. He’s looking down at me and says, “That feels so fucking good, don’t stop.” I mumble “uh hum”. Sandy again asks him if he likes it. “Oh God YES!” Sandy’s sweater comes off and Jim is sucking her tits. She says she has to get naked, hops up and jeans and panties go flying. “That’s better,” she says. I’m still sucking Jim’s balls and stroking his cock. He is moaning with pleasure. Precum is running down his shaft so I lick that up and tease his head with my lips and tongue. izmir escort bayan Jim says, “Fuck me, that feels good. I’ve never had my cock sucked like that before.” I just purr with a “mmmmmm”.Sandy says it’s her turn. “Sorry baby, but I need some too.” She sits back and spreads her legs and says you know what I like. She scoots her pussy out to the end of the cushion. Jim strokes his cock while I start pleasing Sandy. She starts talking dirty to me. “You like that big cock, sissy?” “Yes, very much.” “Good, ‘cause you’re going to be getting a lot of it.” I work her pussy and clit. I know how to make her cum really fast. She grabs my head and pulls it into her pussy and shudders as she closes her legs against my head. She cums all over my face. “Oh my God,” she says. Jim says that he’s getting close to cumming. Sandy firmly says, “No! You have to wait.” She says, “Baby you’re gonna cum like never before.”Sandy gets up on Jim’s lap and tells me to put his cock in her pussy. I take him in my mouth to lube him up and take his cock and rub his head against Sandy’s pussy, which is very wet. She lowers her pussy onto him right to his balls. She rocks her hips back and forth and he moans some more. “Spread your legs, baby, so the sissy can suck your balls while you fuck me.” He spreads his legs and I again take both of his balls in my mouth. I’m swirling my tongue all over them and stretching them out while Sandy’s pussy slides up and down his cock. “Take his cock out and suck my pussy juice off it.” Oh man this is hot! She keeps purring at him, “You like that baby? You like that, you like that sissy pleasuring that big cock?” “Oh God yes,” he says. “Put it back in and suck his balls!” Gladly. She rides him and her pussy is so wet it’s unreal. Her pussy juice is all over his cock and his scrotum. I’m licking as much as I can.Jim is on the brink and she pulls off of him. “Not yet!” “Oh God baby, I want to cum so bad.” “Not yet.” She turns around in a reverse cowgirl and tells me to take his cock and put it in her but lick it first. I want to watch those red lips in action. I lick his cock all over and take the head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. He’s going crazy. “Ok, put it in and get back on his balls.” Jim’s breathing is getting very rapid. “Not yet baby, hold on.” Sandy arches her back and buries her pussy on his cock and shudders with a massive orgasm. She quickly recovers and Jim tells her he can’t take it any longer. She hops off of him and takes his cock in her hand and tells me to open my mouth. “You want to cum on the sissy?” “Oh God yes!” She says, “Ok baby, look at those pretty lips, that’s your target.” She is stroking him and he says “I’m cumming!!” Oh my God, three rapid spurts, one goes in my mouth and the other two hit my face. “Hold that tongue out,” she says. “That’s it, baby — cum on the sissy’s face.” Rope after rope of cum just completely covers my face. Jim’s body just goes limp, his arms fall to his side, his legs go straight and he lets out a moan of pure pleasure. Sandy is holding his cock straight up and there is a long stream of cum on his shaft. “Watch the sissy lick your cock clean, baby.”She tells him to sit up and feed the sissy. She takes his cock and scoops up cum on his cock head and feeds it to me. “You do it, make the sissy eat all of your hot man cum.” Jim follows suit and rubs his cock on my face feeling how slippery it is with my face covered. He covers the head and holds it out for me to suck it off. I’m such a cum whore I just love it. It takes a while for me to clean all of his cum from his beautiful cock. “So what do you think baby? You like that?” “Oh yeah!” “You want some more of that?” “Oh yeah.” “Next time you get to fuck the sissy and fill that pretty little sissy pussy with a hot load of cum.” “Mmmmmm, can’t wait!!”

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