Eden’s Christmas StockingEden’s Christmas Stocking


“The bearer of this coupon is entitled to receive one sensuous full-body massage!” Eden read. She smiled. “The bearer of this coupon is entitled to receive one hot dog with all the fixings! The bearer of this coupon is entitled to have her pussy eaten! The bearer of this coupon is entitled to have her ass fucked! The bearer of this coupon is entitled to receive some company while she shops in the mall for shoes for herself (with her husband’s credit card)! The bearer of this coupon is entitled to receive breakfast in bed!”

Her smile grew wider with each coupon, and Eden found herself turning to the next coupon on the page that she had received, with great anticipation. As one of the gifts stuffing her Christmas stocking this was turning out to be interesting. She was shocked but delighted by the pair of edible panties and the thong! She shook her head disbelievingly. A thong at her age! She was completely overwhelmed by the diamond ring with matching earrings; the pair of tickets to this year’s pantomime at the Ward Theatre and the pair for a cruise to Alaska; the gold chain; the sweets; the chocolates; the keys to the 5-door, Race Red-coloured 2013 Ford Focus with the big gold bow parked in her driveway that she saw through the bedroom window. The coupons, all hand-written in ink on a sheet of paper that was folded, outlined, again in ink, and painted in childish watercolour, were more personal and far more appealing.

“The bearer of this coupon is entitled to receive rhumba-dancing lessons…conditions apply. (PTO).” She turned the sheet of coupons around, and read the calligraphy on the back.

“This coupon is redeemable only at the BAILAR STUDIO in Kingston and must be redeemed between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013. The bearer must bring a personal dance partner to each of the 36 sessions that comprise this offer.”

She paused, and looked at the smiling, bearded man who sat quietly watching her coo over the gifts filling her Christmas stocking. She hadn’t seen when he filled it, though it hung by her bedside during the night since they didn’t have a chimney. She felt her eyes burn, and she tried not to burst into tears, and spoil the moment for them both. It didn’t work. She cried. She knew what Christian was trying to do. He was still trying to make it up to her for frightening her badly by having a heart attack in February. It was not necessary what he was doing, but he was still trying to prove to her that he was now fine, and that he was promising her a long, and healthy, lifetime filled with happier memories than they had had so far.

Christian really had made a full recovery. He had fought his way back to health bravely as a gift for them both. Through a careful diet and exercise programme, and strict adherence to a regimen of prescription medication he got back into shape, and having rested at home for several months, with mainly Eden for company, his sex life with her had exploded beyond anything that they had experienced in their marriage up to that point. The only problem was that he had returned to work even though Eden knew that she didn’t really want him to do so. He kept saying that he had to be there to keep an eye on things. Their investors had taken it badly that he had been ill for so long, despite the fact that their daughter, Daniela, had done a great job running the place during his absence.

“Don’t cry, sweetie!” Christian coaxed, hugging her tightly. He had spent a lot of time doing that after he had come home from the hospital. She had stayed with him nearly every hour of every bonus veren siteler day while he was there; leaving only to grab quick showers each day, while their daughter had run the business in their absence, calming the fears of their investors as best she could. Christian had gone back to work to great fanfare after six months, but it was obvious to those close to him that his heart wasn’t completely in it anymore. Despite this, he put in daily appearances at the office in New Kingston, and met with each of their investors to prove to them that he was as good as new and still in charge. Eden reflected that at 63, many people were already retired, not just saying to their wives that they would think about it. She dried her tears, and smiled at him.

“I’m sorry for being such a cry baby, my love, but I just remembered how lucky I am that you’re here with me this Christmas,” she said. “We’re definitely going to be taking these dance classes next year.”

“I know, honey; I know. I promise you that things will get better very soon.”

Eden didn’t really believe him. The man was a workaholic putting in 18-hour days six days per week. It was that that had nearly driven him to his grave, but although he had spent a lot of time with her during his convalescence, she could see him slipping back into his old patterns. She decided not to say anything for the sake of having a peaceful day, and hugging her thanks, she read through the other coupons that promised one delight after another, opened some of the gifts that Christian did not want their friends and family members to see when they came for dinner later that evening, and gave him some similarly private gifts that she had bought for him that were for his eyes only.

Their other, more public gifts to each other were still under the giant Christmas tree that was in the living room downstairs along with the presents that they had bought for their many relatives and friends. They had decorated that tree and the rest of the ground floor together, with the help of their daughter, just as they had done every year since her third birthday when she was in charge of carefully handing her father the gold balls that her mother gave her one at a time. This year, their son-in-law and 5-year old grandson had helped for the first time, continuing their family’s tradition.

It was nearly two hours later before Christian and Eden staggered out of bed. Listening to the Queen’s Christmas Message gave way to an early Christmas morning fashion show featuring the new black, lace teddy, the see-through nightie and the thong that he had bought for her, a sampling of one of the edible undies and a test drive of the vibrating cock ring that she had bought for him. This meant that they had time only for a quick breakfast before they needed to begin preparing dinner for their relatives. They had invited about 120 people, their closest relatives and friends, to their traditional Christmas dinner gathering and they knew that this year was going to be special since everyone wanted to celebrate Christian’s recovery.

Despite the numerous activities of the day, Christian had crooked his finger into the waist of one of her edible panties and drawn Eden toward him. Things had descended rapidly from there after he tickled at her cunt as she straddled his chest. Eden tried to roll off quickly, but he held her in place, rolling her off only when he was ready to eat her pussy; an advance on the services to be provided once she redeemed her coupons.

Christian gazed at his wife bedava bahis lovingly, he ran his hands along her long, hairless legs, revelling in the little bit of extra padding that was there. He had never really liked bone-skinny women, and Eden’s 10-pound weight gain over the course of their 40 year marriage was pleasing to them both, for different reasons. He grinned at her and then began licking and nibbling at his wife’s clit, sucking her, until squirming and screaming his name, she squirted her cum into his face. He kissed along her inner thighs toward her knees and then suddenly he rose up and, kneeling in the bed, hoisted her legs and placed them on his shoulders so that her now-lubricated cunt was open, glistening, waiting for his hard length.

He rested it at the entrance of her body, and, reaching down, he traced his finger along the crack of her ass. This caused Eden to thrust her pelvis toward him, allowing the head of his cock to disappear between her pussy lips. Christian bore down on her then, allowing his weight to carry him to the bottom of her slick shaft. He pulled out and slammed back into her in a long, measured stroke almost immediately. He kept doing this, listening to Eden whimper her pleasure, until he felt his balls tighten and he grabbed for her hips to hold her in place while he delivered his cum deep into her body.

“Wow! I’ve just had dessert before my main meal,” Christian sighed, nuzzling Eden’s neck. “Who taught you to be so sexy, my love?”

“I’ve learned everything I know from you, my prince,” Eden chuckled.

“Well, I know one little thing that I want to teach you today,” Christian smirked. “Will you wear that thong for me at the party? I want to know that with all our guests here, you have that on, and that you’re getting wet wondering if anyone will know how naughty you’re being. When they leave I’ll take care of you again, my dear; I promise.”

“Nice!” Eden exclaimed, rolling over to accept the kisses and fight off the tickling that Christian gave her.


The dinner party was a triumph. The number of gifts under the tree grew, rapidly. Music, mainly up tempo Christmas carols, played; children romped with each other and with the gifts that they had received from their parents earlier in the day. The hubbub of greetings and laughter grew steadily as everyone made merry. Glasses of eggnog, sorrel, juice, soft drinks, coconut water and rum punch flowed liberally from Christian’s bar, while Eden, her daughter, cousins and her sisters-in-law placed the large platters of food, a veritable Jamaican feast of ham, goose, turkey, roast beef, duck, escovitch fish, jerked chicken and jerked pork with their assorted dressings on the serving tables next to the bowls of cooked and raw vegetable and fruit salads, callaloo, ackee and saltfish, assorted rice and pasta dishes, duck bread and garlic bread rolls and sweet potatoes. Their dessert was Christmas, yam and potato puddings and chocolate and carrot cakes.

“My friends!” Christian rose to his feet, hitting his water goblet to attract attention after the meal was over; and everyone in a mellow mood. The crowd quietened, raggedly. “Thank you all for being here with Eden and me today,” their host continued after a while. “As you know, this year has been both a trial and a blessing for us. My brush with death had caused me to begin to see the really important things in a life of what is really all borrowed time,” Christian said, reflectively. “I rediscovered how indescribably fantastic my beautiful wife really is. deneme bonus In truth I am more in love with her now than I have been at any time in our lives together.”

There was a delighted gasp from the crowd and several people broke into applause. Daniela, sitting next to her mother, hugged her.

“She has always been the true source of my strength,” Christian continued. “She is the real source of my joy in life, my true wealth and my ability to do brave things. Her love and respect are both the foundation on which I stand, and the prizes for which I aspire.”

There was prolonged and rousing applause this time. Several people cheered, wolf whistled and hit either their glasses or their tables.

“So, my friends, I have decided to give myself a gift this Christmas,” Christian said when they settled down again. “I’m going to retire, and leave the running of the family’s business to you, Daniela,” he said turning to his daughter. “You are now the age that I was when I inherited that business from my own father, and I have told your mother that I am confident that you are a safe pair of hands in which to leave my father’s legacy. I know that I have not told you this though, and so the transition has dragged out, frustrating everyone. I just needed to mop up some loose ends, my darling, but I want you, and everyone here, to know that I have been so very proud of you and impressed by how phenomenally well you have taken the reigns of the company. I did not see when you grew up to be such a beautiful and talented woman and for that I am sorry, but grateful for the gift of my second chance to get to know you.”

He paused and waited for the applause and the congratulatory hugs for his daughter to die down before he picked up his glass, ignoring the murmur that crept through the room at this dramatic gesture, a signal of more to come.

“I wanted to buy back our company so that I could make a proper gift of it to you, my love! It is for this reason and this reason only that your old man is still under your heel. I’m going to get out of your way now, but if you ever need to give your daddy a heads up about something that you’re planning to do with the company, you know that I’m just a phone call away.”

There was a hush in the garden as Christian knelt under the tree and selected a large red envelope that had been tucked away at the back. He walked over to Daniela and handed it to her.

“My gift to you, my princess, is security. My father gave me this business thirty years ago, and I now give it to you, but I don’t want you to have to work with partners who don’t understand the truly important things in life, like spending time with and getting to know your family. I don’t want you to feel that you must spend more time than you want to, away from your own family, just because you feel that you have to protect your investors, instead of looking after your family’s interests. It is now yours to do with it as you please. These are the documents that show that you own 50 percent of the business. Your mother and I will be out of the country a lot next year, having that honeymoon that we never got to have since my dad and I were too busy building the business, but if we ever here that you’re becoming too busy to tuck Zander into bed, we’ll be back in a flash from Alaska, or from wherever we happen to be.”

He found himself engulfed in hugs and kisses from his wife and daughter. He accepted these with open arms. Then he turned and winked at his delighted audience, “Did I tell you all that Eden’s taking me on an Alaskan cruise next year, and that she’s dragging me to rhumba classes as well?”

The ensuing thunderous applause gave way to the music that Daniela’s husband turned up as he invited everyone to join him on the dance floor next to Christian’s now vacant bar.

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