The hike had been invigorating. He wasn’t usually one to walk for any reason other then transportation but hiking deep into the woods, talking and joking with his friends really got the blood flowing. Maybe it was the companionship which made the time pass quickly.

Once they got to the chosen site everyone put down their bags. It was a warm night and the weather channel called for clear skies so no one bothered to set up tents. He took a couple of quick drags from the offered joint then went off to collect firewood for the evening.

The whole night was designed to be an impromptu slumber party, a group of friends smoking, drinking and hanging out as suited each best. He had volunteered for firewood duty since he knew the rest would head immediately for the cliff. There was a rope swing there and they would be diving and swinging off of the cliff into the water for a little while before they settled down to swimming. He didn’t like heights so he declared he’d meet them at the base of the cliff later.

She surprised him when she followed after him rather then the group. He’d met her of course but he didn’t know her well. So far as he knew she had no problems with heights. They didn’t speak as they collected twigs and branches of varying sizes. He took his time, sneaking as many glances as he could.

She had a great body. Her tight clothing accented her suggestive curves perfectly. He wasn’t certain but he was pretty sure she was wearing either underwear or a suit underneath. He couldn’t see any straps or lines but neither the distance nor angle was working in his favor.

She was reaching for something on the other side of a boulder. She leaned forward some more and suddenly he was staring at her perfect ass. He could feel his heartbeat. She was straining to reach whatever it was and one knee came up to better brace her outstretched weight. As her knees pressed against the rock his heart began to race, her pants tightened further, the seam sinking slightly into her recesses. He was looking straight into her soft crotch.

He managed to gather himself quickly as she shifted backwards over the rock revealing a log for later in the night. He was glad he was wearing jeans as they would conceal the bulge that had formed while he watched her work. They returned to the bags, piled all of the wood off to the side, and headed down the path to the base of the cliff.

Some of the group were already there, sitting on the rocks and passing around another joint. It didn’t take too many hits before he began to feel the sensitizing effects of the drug. He hadn’t noticed her slip into the water as he’d joined the circle but when he looked up her head was bobbing in and out of the water and her jeans and shirt were draped over a nearby rock.

It was beginning to get dark so he figured he should get in some swimming before the sun went down completely. He left his own jeans and t-shirt on the rocks and jumped in wearing the suit he had prepared underneath his clothing. It might not be much different from normal boxers but it would dry out much quicker.

The water felt incredible against his skin. He was treading water watching the shadows thicken when something brushed past him between his legs. Blood began to flow instinctively to his member as over working nerves imagined the possibilities. He began to wonder what kind of fish resided in the large pond. Whatever it had been hadn’t been very long, but he thought he felt it extend nearly straight down to his feet. He looked up, across the surface to the rocks where the clothes were, to see her emerging from the water. Rivulets poured down from her short hair, across her shoulders and down her back. They merged once again, following the contours of her butt, to run down her legs. He could now see she was wearing a bra and string bikini set, but he was once again too far away to tell if it was a suit or underwear and it was now too dark to even tell their color.

Now he was very glad most of his body was under water when he swelled up. He waited, hoping it would shrink to a Gaziosmanpaşa Escort manageable level, and watched her gather her clothes, throw a towel loosely around herself and turn back to him. One hand dragged upwards through the air imitating the brief feeling that had passed him in the water. She winked and waggled her fingers at him, waving ‘goodbye’. As she bounded up the slope he was reminded of the nymphs of legend, coquettishly skipping away from their pursuer.

He released the breath he had been unaware he was holding. He was certain the pressure and warmth flowing deep in his body had little to do with the earlier smoking. He swam back to the shore and quickly toweled himself off. He looked across the water in the bleak light and, seeing no one quickly removed his suit before putting on fresh underwear and the rest of his clothes.

Easily he followed the path back up the cliff, even in the dark. At the top he spotted the campfire roaring to life. He wandered over to the group to join the party. As he smoked he quickly put the earlier encounters out of his mind. She was now just another member of the group.

After a few hours things began to calm down. He felt a tug on his sleeve and turned to see her sitting next to him. In the flickering light he saw her eyes flit in the direction of the pond a couple of times. He nodded slightly, unsure what exactly was going on. The glance she returned to him was slightly frustrated and stern. She then directly turned to look once again in the direction of the pond before looking back at the group smiling and laughing. He took the hint.

He got up and went to retrieve his suit only to notice her coughing intensely. When he shrugged and turned back towards the pond her fit quickly subsided. Once away from the fire his sight quickly adjusted to the moonlit night. He followed the trail back down to the shore, stripped off his jeans and shirt once more and swam out, this time in his boxer-briefs. He felt the already comfortably tight fabric cling to his form the instant it got wet.

He swam out to a boulder jutting from the water about a third of the way across the pond. He climbed onto its wide, flat top and rolled over to watch the stars.

After a few minutes watching their transcendent beauty he heard a gasp. He looked around, scanning the water, but couldn’t find the source of the noise. It had sounded close, but sound traveled well on still nights. He looked to the cliff, only to discover that the rock wall, capped with trees, blocked most of the view to and from the top. The water rippled here and there as the wind kissed it, reflecting the moon at odd angles.

He smiled as he leaned back to once again watch the sky. Suddenly a hand traced its way up the inside of his leg and reached out to cup the fabric clinging to his manhood. It happened so quickly he didn’t even have the time to look down before she was pulling herself onto the rock. Her hand pressed against him slightly despite her attempts to only use her other limbs for lift. Her hand, the pressure, the recent smoke and his lust for her all conspired against his intentions causing his member to push back.

She leaned back as her eyes widened slightly. A smile spread across her face. She half-sat/half-lay on her side as her other arm reached up to grab his hands and hold them in place behind his head. She leaned against that arm simultaneously perfecting her balance and making it his freedom impossible without serious effort. They both knew he could use his size and strength to force control anytime he chose, but they also both realized that would destroy the situation.

He moved his head to look into her eyes only to discover her hungry gaze between his legs. He had grown further and was now being restricted by the soaked fabric rather then merely emphasized. He let her contemplate his organ and used the distraction to firmly etch her own body into his mind.

She to was wearing underwear rather then garments designed for water. Her bra clung Gölbaşı Escort tight to her breasts. His eyes were continually drawn back and forth between her cleavage, still dripping water, and nipples hardened by the temperature difference between the cool water and warm air. Blood rushed once more between his legs. Her hand moved from cupping his crotch to lightly gripping his shaft through the fabric.

His eyes were drawn briefly back to her face as he noticed her hungry smile become far more feral. Most of her fingers released him as she tested his width with her thumb and finger. Her gaze became even more intense as she returned to gripping him fully.

Realizing she was mesmerized he allowed himself to wander down her body slowly. From the breasts her body narrowed slightly into her not-too-skinny waist. Her smooth skin flowed back out into full hips. From here his eyes were drawn inward along the string of the bikini. The two sides flowed smoothly together into a strip of lace only an inch and a half wide at the top. The fabric traveled a few inches, narrowing slowly, until it was only half an inch wide where it sank between her legs. Through the lace he could see the faint form of her lips, separating slightly as they reached the unseen depths between her legs. He knew only the slightest shift in her position would allow him to view her clit through the damp fabric.

Blood pulsed into his organ at the vision. Her hand gripped it more firmly in instinctive response. She leaned towards it, her need taking control of her body. The shift in weight did not allow him to see more, having the opposite effect. The weight removed from his hands allowed him to lean towards her, inching his head towards her breast. Quickly she realized the necessity of reigning in her primal side and shifted her balance once more to prevent his movement.

He finally locked eyes with her. Need was pouring from those eyes. She was as desperate to consume him, envelope him, as he was to have her. She quickly broke the connection, whipping her head to look at his lust once more. A smirk raised one side of his mouth. She did not realize that she was no longer in control, despite his physical restraint. He looked between her legs and was rewarded with a glimpse of her clitoris, swollen with sensation and need. His tongue licked dry lips in a subconscious gesture.

She began to slowly raise and lower her hand, dragging his wet underwear and remaining loose skin over nerves already super-sensitized by the marijuana. He shuddered in pleasure as he looked back to her face. Her lips had pulled back revealing teeth clenched in concentration against her own instinct. She maintained a torturously slow pace.

It was time for him to get what he wanted. He tried shifting his legs. Instantly her leg shot out and covered his keeping them still. His shoulders and chest twitched. She leaned over, never taking her gaze from her ministrations. Her supple breast pressed against his chest sending fresh warmth throughout his body.

He was now fully hard as, he had rarely been before and never with another. She realized only the fabric would move under her hand and removed the obstruction. His shaft stood straight, glistening from the water in the moonlight. She gasped as his full size was finally revealed. He could no longer see her face but she was practically radiating primal need. He bridged his head and neck.

As he intended she interpreted this as an instinctive attempt to shift away from or into the terminally slow message. She shifted once more, removing her hands only briefly in order to straddle him to immobilize his body.

His mouth reached out and sucked her tender lust in. She realized her miscalculation too late as her body shook at the sudden shock of pleasure racing through it. She doubled over forward as her unexpected muscles reacted to the new sensation, her hand flying from his and onto his hip while the other merely gripped his manhood tight. The new position shifted her hips backwards Grup Escort and down, onto his waiting mouth. Relieved from her grip his hands found her hips and pulled her closer. Her body shook as she moaned.

She tried to regain control by messaging him quicker and harder. They were fighting a friendly war of control by using the other’s pleasure against them. With her muscles still responding wildly to his mouth pulling at her covered need her ability to stimulate him was greatly reduced. A look was all she needed to see her own actions were too spastic to regain the advantage. She realized she was losing a moment before one of his hands deftly slipped her panties aside.

As he sucked her slowly in he allowed his teeth to drag across the top of her clit. He held it in and began to press and flick his tongue across, over and around her most sensitive nerves.

Desperate to gain at least a partial victory she released her hand. Her lips slid around the tip then down to cover its entire head. She relinquished herself to her squirming muscles causing her mouth to lift and drop minutely stimulating only the most sensitive ridge surrounding the head. His rhythm faltered slightly as a moan finally escaped his lips.

He could feel the conflict bringing them closer together as they brought each other closer to climax. They were attempting to spur the other to greater passion as much as they were attempting to torment each other. One hand slid around her wonderful hips and across her soft butt until it reached between her legs. He slid two fingers quickly in, searching out the most tender spot deep within. Her responding moan was muted only by her own actions. The vibration of her voice sent a shudder as great through his body in response. She hummed tunelessly, having immediately figured out how to up the ante. A finger, from the hand holding back her clothing, slid forward and began to trace a spiral inward around her rear sphincter.

Her mouth flew open and her head pulled back as she tried to inhale. Pure ecstatic sensation had driven the breath from her lungs. Her body shook. Slight asphyxiation mixed with pure endorphins flooding her very blood with an inferno. Her hips were betraying her and pushing against him, adding pressure to his mouth, adding power to his fingers. Her womb felt ready to explode.

He knew he had little time left when he switched to his last effort. Fire raged through his body and he had felt the tip she lightly kissed and prodded building to eruption. That was why he risked her displeasure by reaching for frequently taboo areas. Feeling her response he knew he had her. The finger messaging her muscles began to gently penetrate her rectum. She let out a squeal. She was trying to keep quiet in order to avoid the detection of their nearby friends. Her tender cream was flowing freely over his mouth and onto his beard and cheeks.

The inferno consumed her as she felt her loins release to him. She refused to allow him a complete victory. Her head plunged down even as her first scream was ripped from an overwhelmed body. She used his hard form to mute her voice, pressing her lips as far down as she could, contacting his base and pushing even farther. She was forced to press all of her weight against his hips in order to keep him from bucking deeper. Her own hips dropped backwards pressing his head against the rock. He was now completely immobile. Sensation was a tidal force, tugging at her soul, pulling her away from consciousness. Her weight pressed his lips tighter around her.

Her head bobbed up and down desperately. The world was shrinking. Every breath was lost to a scream sent pulsing straight into his groin. Now she could only feel her lust in his mouth and his in hers, the rest was numb with the power of the continuous orgasm. She had lost track of most of his manhood when she felt the tip twitching in the back of her mouth. She smiled and threw her head as far forward as she could. That far back she was able to allow him to erupt straight down her throat, avoiding the gag reflex by overshooting it. He inhaled at the fury of his own force, bringing her harshly into his mouth. She was pushed over the edge. She managed to struggle against the blackness long enough to suck him deeper, drawing out the deepest held seed. His head flew back, his eyes losing focus. The deepest pleasure she had ever known consumed her as she passed out.

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