The MassageThe Massage


The meeting was scheduled at last. I had been waiting for some time and thought that you was just pulling my leg when you said you wanted to see me. I was nervous to say the least, as this would be my first time giving a message out side the work place.

You meet me at the door and asked me to come in you was nervous too. “Come in and take your coat off, here I’ll take it.”

“Thanks” I replied.

“Sooo, how do we do this?” you asked, smiling at me, a light seemed to sparkle behind your eyes. Maybe this will come to more that just a massage I think.

“You need to get comfortable, go into the bedroom and remove as much clothing as you are willing to part with and lie down on the bed, we can use some towels to cover your bottom and top when I need you to roll over to work on the front of your body, using massage oil I will need access to as much skin as possible to give the most benefit to you.” “I’ll just set up in here and you call me when your set”. You smile at me and walk into your room. After about 5 minutes you call and I come into your room your lying face down on your bed with a towel over yourself but as far as I can tell you are nude under there. I smile, “OK here I am”, I bring with me a bowl of warm water into which I place the oil to warm.

“I’m a little nervous lying here like this”, you say, blushing.

“Nothing to be nervous about, if you feel uncomfortable in anything I do just let me know and I’ll respect Adana Escort your boundary’s.”

“Thanks” you say with a sigh, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“There’s a first time for anything, your my first also.”

I start on your arms slowly working out the kinks running my hands over your skin gently then firmly then I start on your shoulders moving the towel for the first time to the small of your back. You gasp as I start to rub your shoulders seems like you were more nervous than you thought.

Damn that feels good you think as I move lower. I remove the towel and concentrate on making you feel good. You start to move against my hands as the pleasure builds, your becoming aroused, and you worry that I will get upset by this.

I can tell by your movements that this is becoming more that just a routine session and I don’t mind in fact even though I didn’t plan it just touching your body has gotten me going and I am as hard as possible in my pants.

I move to your legs so you don’t notice my problem just yet and start to work on your feet slowly moving up your leg toward your butt as my fingers get closer you squirm trying to get me to go higher but I stop and move to the other leg and repeat the process.

You groan in frustration as I move from your legs to your lower back and start to slip my hands under the towel to work on your buttocks, I have told you before that I like how you Adana Escort Bayan look and that your butt turns me on so I linger there caressing.

Your definitely aroused now as I can smell your sex, I fight the urge to readjust my self but It is becoming more difficult by the minute.

My hands work the lower portion and I brush your sex gently, you raise up to make more contact groaning out loud.

I stop and look up at you meeting your eyes wordlessly asking you if you want this. You smile and nod your head.

I ask you to roll over and remove the towel and see you for the first time, you take my breath away.

I lean over and gently blow on your clit that has hardened for me. Running my fingers lightly up your thigh I linger just around your clit not quite touching it then moving on up your body.

I get more oil and start to rub your belly kissing where my hands have been, you shiver and I ask you if your cold.

“No not really” you say and pull my head to your chest putting your nipple into my mouth.

I nibble and lick then suck, moving from one to the other then up to your neck and your lips. We kiss and my hand returns to your sex.

I rub your lips with my middle finger slowly working deeper, not quite entering you. You reach down and press my hand into you and I finally make contact with your clit, you hiss and arch your back as waves of pleasure surge through your body.

I Escort Adana get up and move down to the foot of the bed spreading your thighs gently kissing my way up, I just have to taste you, and I cannot wait any longer. Slowly I run my tongue up your lips to your clit where I flick it several times before going down to enter you with both my tongue and fingers.

I am rewarded with another cum as you grab my head to keep me in place but I have no intentions of moving just yet. I start to suck on your clit and it gets bigger in my mouth as you writhe on the bed in another orgasm.

Up until this time I have been fully clothed and you reach for me and start to undress me. Off goes my shirt, then my pants, shoes and socks.

You can now see what you have been doing to me as my 7″ throbs for your pleasure. You push me down on the bed and explore my body much as I did yours.

You kiss my cock then with a sigh you say that that will have to wait for another time. I say that there is a condom in my belt pouch and you get it and put it on me slowly rolling it down.

You climb over me and lower your self on to my cock feeling it fill you up.

Feeling the twitches as you rest at the root. Slowly you start moving gathering speed until you cum again.

I roll us over trying not to disengage to where you are on the bottom I raise you legs until they are on my shoulders and start to thrust in and out it feels like it is going deeper now and you ask me to go faster. I don’t know how long I can last, but you feel so good, you start to cum again and that puts me over the edge and we cum together.

Your eyes are closed as I get off you and you sigh at the emptiness but you are content for the moment…

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