Babbette’s Boobies Ch. 03Babbette’s Boobies Ch. 03


The Family:

Bill Branch was born September 18, 1963 6’1″ 185 pounds Black hair blue eyes he is a corporate office manager and married Bonnie November 20, 1984 settling down in Kansas City.

Bonnie Branch was born October 3, 1963 5’7″ 140 pounds 38-26-40 Blonde hair and Green eyes she is a dentist’s secretary but considers her first job caring for her husband and their three kids.

Bobby Branch was born August 9, 1985 6’2′ 195 pounds Black hair and blue eyes he is Bill and Bonnie’s oldest child about to enter his third year of college where he is on the swim team and is admired by girls as being one of the true hunks around campus.

Babbette Branch was born June 25, 1986 5’5″ 135 pounds 44-26-42 Blonde hair and green eyes the middle Branch child entering her second year of college has looks that stop everyone guys and girls alike in their tracks.

Bambi Branch was born April 14, 1987 5’6″ 125 pounds 38-24-36 Black hair and green eyes the baby of the family who just graduated high school and was looking forward to college life but not the studying.

Brenda Cooper was born February 9, 1978 5’3″ 115 pounds 36-24-38 red hair and brown eyes Bill’s business partner and thinks other people are made for only one thing – for her to give lots and lots of oral sex to.

Brad Cooper was born December 28, 1977 5’11” 185 pounds Brown hair and blue eyes Brenda’s oversexed husband who cannot get enough of her fellatio.

Benjamin Washington born 02/23/1987 5’11” 175 pounds with green eyes and black hair is Brenda’s much younger brother who has had very little sexual experience due to his overwhelming shyness.

Our Story Concludes:

Life for Ben Washington had been confusing, depressing and exciting the past five years. It all started with the death of his parents in a car wreck. After their death his sister, Brenda, took over as his guardian. His role in the family became confused when she got married when he was 15 years old. He was proud to give her away at the wedding but always felt like a third wheel in his own house after that.

Brenda’s husband was a very nice guy but Ben always felt like he was in the way of normal marital activities. So, when he got the opportunity to go away for college he pounced on it. Besides, he hoped to find a loose woman to help him lose his virginity. He soon found that there were plenty of loose women but none of them would make the first move and he was just too damn shy to even say hello much less ask one of them out.

Finally, a friend had fixed him up on two dates in the spring which were nothing much to write home about although he made out a little with both of them he was still a virgin. Overall, though, he was enjoying the college experience. His visits home seemed to be much nicer as by then his sister and husband had gotten the chance to be alone for the first time since they got married.

Brenda made each of the monthly visits special for Ben and always seemed to find something special to do with her baby brother. Ben thought trips to movies, amusement parks, or camping were great but what happened over Spring Break topped all of that. When he got home Brenda informed him that Brad, her husband, was out of town for the next five days and they would be on their own.

While Brad did not travel much on his job this time alone was really frustrating for Brenda as she believed herself to be a nymphomaniac. Not only did she need sex with Brad daily but fucked her business partner regularly and sucked cock every chance she got. When there was no cock around to suck she had discovered the sweet taste of pussy through her partner’s wife.

The first night that Ben was home Brenda took him out to a nice Mexican restaurant and they discussed their plans for the week. They did not really come up with any good ideas so they decided to sleep on it and maybe something fun would come to mind overnight. Part of the problem was that they both could not help but notice just how attractive the other one had become.

Ben was all muscles and had a wonderful smile that just lit up a room when he entered. And how could he help but not notice his sister’s luscious curves and beautiful hair and her long legs were straight out of a fashion magazine. They both just sat there talking and eating trying to ignore the sexual tension between them. When they got back home Ben suggested they relax by watching a movie and munch out on chips and spicy salsa dip.

About halfway through the movie Ben complained that his stomach hurt so Brenda, being the good sister, ran and got him some antacid. It seemed to have no effect as after a while longer he complained of sharp stabbing pains in the pit of his stomach. Brenda suggested that Ben lay down on the floor and she would rub his belly and try and soothe his pain. Figuring he had nothing to lose; besides he could think of worse things than having his pretty sister’s hands caressing his tummy.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt, Sis; shit this really hurts,” he complained. pornhub

As she watched her lanky brother get onto the floor she scolded him, “You know you can’t eat that much spicy stuff!”

“Oh Sis don’t lecture me I’m enough fucking pain.” Brenda just nodded her head and smiled as she laid down beside him on the floor. Quickly Benjamin noticed that he couldn’t see the television while on his back so he rolled onto his side so he could see Sharon Stone better. Brenda said nothing as she knew exactly why her brother had done this and moved in behind him with her head directly behind his and her feet at his knees. Reaching around him she began rubbing small circles on his belly. Soon she lifted up his shirt so she could directly rub away his pain. Needless to say Ben quickly forgot about the pain and Sharon Stone as his cock came to life and full hardness. Brenda was getting lost in the feeling of her brother’s soft skin nearly forgetting that this was her brother as her circles got bigger and bigger. After about five minutes it happened; her hand bumped against the bulge in his trousers. The first time they both tried to ignore it as an accidental touch. But, Brenda was having trouble maintaining her composure as she felt a tingle in her cunt. She thought about running away to her room and jacking off but decided that her brother needed her and she would just have to be good. But, less than a minute later she brushed that wonderful bulge again and quickly retreated. Rubbing another circle she hit it once again and before she knew what she was doing her hand had stopped and was just resting on her brother’s cock. Neither of them said a word as her hand seemed to be frozen right there. She felt the rod under her hand pulsate slightly which turned her on. No longer thinking Brenda grabbed the hard on and gave it a squeeze which caused the boy to exhale deeply. Lust had consumed Brenda as she unzipped her brother’s pants and pulled the rigid pole out of his underwear and softly began stroking it. Ben rolled onto his back forgetting all about the TB and looked up into his sister’s sweet eyes. For her part, Brenda couldn’t believe what a perfect cock her brother had. It was nice and long and thick; she was no judge of measurements but knew it would more than satisfy her pussy. The head of his circumcised prick was soft and spongy and would feel so nice entering her twat preparing the way for the rest of his smooth hard rod that seemed to pulsate with each little caress that she gave it. She just had to suck this beautiful cock as it was so massively wonderful. But, she had to make sure her brother was really into it and not just letting her have fun first. With her free hand Brenda unbuttoned her blouse and taking her hand off the gorgeous rod only for a second flung her blouse across the room behind them. Resuming the attentions to Ben’s cock she leaned over her brother’s face with her boob filled bra just inches from his face and asked, “Would you like to suck my titties?”

“Oh fuck yes,” he answered shocking her at how fast he had his hands on her tits sucking her boobs through the silky material of the bra. In a matter of seconds Brenda was moaning softly at her brother’s efforts and she began giving him a serious hand job.

“If you can take off my bra you can have the actual titties,” she teased. Ben was in no mood for teasing and reached behind her and unfastened the confining garment which his sister quickly helped him remove. Her areolas were the size of quarters and a beautiful shade of brown topped by a large stiff nipple all of which was mounted on the firmest and yet sexiest titties he had ever seen.

“Oh my fucking God you have huge tits!” He sucked first one and then the other into his mouth marveling at the wonderful taste of her skin. His tongue circled each of the glorious nipples as he went from one to the other rapidly. Brenda thought she might cum from his suckling of her boobs as she moaned out loud. One of his hands was now feeling up her ass so she knew he was ready for the full treatment.

“You are a fantastic tit kisser Ben; Oh God! But, wouldn’t you like me to suck that monster cock of yours?” She gave his rigid member an extra hard stroke causing her younger sibling to let out a grunt.

“Oh shit yes, Sis suck my prick suck it all the way into your sexy mouth.” Ben was more turned on than ever before but worried about the blow job Brenda had asked to give him. He had a girl at campus give him a blow job a few weeks back and she didn’t know what she was doing as she scraped his cock with her teeth and didn’t even suck long enough for him to cum.

That was the most he had done with any girl and it didn’t turn out to be very rewarding. But, he was so turned on by Brenda he figured that she would give him a proper blow job so he eagerly agreed and from the first lick of her tongue on his pee hole he knew he would soon be in sexual heaven. She swirled the tip of her tongue around the crown of his hard shaft as she lightly porno 92 caressed his balls with her hand.

It was clear to her that Brad wasn’t sure about what to do so being the helpful sister she swung her body around so she was laying on top of him. Suddenly he found her crotch covered by her black skirt in his face and he got a whiff of the smell of her womanhood. He reached around her butt and began fondling the cheeks as her mouth slid down on his cock. She had her legs together as she popped his erection out of her mouth momentarily cooing, “You can pull off my skirt if you want; it just yanks straight off.”

Finding the hem he gave a tug and marveled to himself at the wonders of elastic as the skirt came right off. He loved the feeling of her thigh high nylons but the sight of her white cotton briefs with a wet spot in the heart of the crotch blew him away. Brenda was going to town on his cock; literally fucking him with her mouth.

With each suck her vacuum action seemed to drive him more and more crazy. Soon he found his face buried in her underwear. As his hands caressed her panties and nylons he gingerly began kissing the center of her panties and sucking the wet spot. He just had to find out what eating pussy was like so asked, “Oh sweet heaven, can I take off these panties and kiss you down here between your legs.”

“Help yourself, that is what I have been waiting for little brother,” she encouraged. None too gently he ripped her panties down her legs revealing her shaved cunt. Her legs melted apart as he slowly began kissing the soft smooth skin around her twat. Brenda was anxiously waiting until he reached her inner folds as her deep throating of his cock went to a fevered pitch she adjusted her crotch nearly covering her brother’s mouth.

Oh sis, it is so beautiful and it smells so sweet, too.”

“Oh shut the fuck up and kiss, suck and eat the fucker out while you use those damn hands to play with my God damn ass; come on eat me kid!” She wiggled her crotch across his face; catching the side of his nose with her protruding cunt lips as she did. That was all it took as he grabbed her big ass and began savagely licking and sucking all over her entire crotch.

He had no idea of what he was doing but it must have been good enough as he could hear Brenda moaning from around his prick and she kept getting juicier and juicier. After a couple of minutes Ben explored his mates ass crack gently running his fingers deep into the deep crevice until he found her puckering hole.

He rubbed hard around the opening and instantly found Brenda pushing the hole against his finger. Taking the hint he pushed his finger in slightly. Brenda kept pushing against his finger until he found himself finger fucking her bowels as he continued his oral assault on her honey pot.

As Brenda pushed his pants off of his legs both lovers could feel their own orgasms rising up from their inner beings. The experienced cock sucker could feel the unmistakable twitching in Ben’s cock and knew she was about to get her reward. This fact caused her to explode in her first orgasm. The flood of cum from his sister’s pussy totally caught Ben off guard as it covered his face in sweet honey.

Quickly he tried to eat it all up as he didn’t want to miss a drop. As he scooped at her twat trying to catch her juices he came with a mighty orgasm filling Brenda’s gullet with a gigantic load of his spunk. Swallowing hard Brenda caught all of his sticky delight not letting a drop escape. Reluctantly she forced herself to stop sucking the magnificent cock in her mouth as she also wanted it inside of her horny cunt.

Getting up on her elbows, grinding her cunny in Ben’s face she asked, “Hey Pussy Eater don’t you want to fuck my hot cunt?”

“Really, you mean it? Oh fuck yes, Sis, I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather fuck my first time.” The words were out before Ben realized that he had just admitted to being a virgin. He was scared at what Brenda’s reaction might be but he shouldn’t have been as all this did was excite the older sibling even more.

“Oh fuck yes; you couldn’t stop me now if you fucking wanted to, oh fuck yes I want to take your fucking cherry!” Deftly Brenda swung around and planted one hell of a kiss on Ben’s lips before using her tongue to lick off the cunt juices running down the sides of his face. As he gave her titties a couple of hard squeezes he couldn’t believe the look of pure lust in his sister’s eyes.

Laying flat on her back she pulled her brother on top of her. Reaching between them she caught a hold of Ben’s prick and flicked its tip against her swollen clit. The boy closed his eyes in pure ecstasy anticipating what was to come. He didn’t have to wait long as his sister placed his erection at the entrance to her pussy and using her other hand pushed on his rump causing him to enter her as he exclaimed, “Oh my fucking god, Brenda!”

“Oh yes, Ben, you feel wonderful inside of me; now, pound that big fucking cock qiqitv porno into my damn pussy!” She made sure she had a tight hold of him as she didn’t want him to inadvertently pull all of the way out wrapping her legs and arms around him. Ben couldn’t believe how tight his sister’s cunt felt around his manhood or how great it felt when she squeezed the muscles of her twat against his prick.

In a matter of seconds Ben was aggressively pounding in and out of her sexy cunny; Thrust after thrust. His cock felt so good that Brenda couldn’t help herself and was soon slamming her hips up to meet each of his strokes. Sweat was now pouring from both of them and teeth clinched as their passion drove one another crazy. Brenda found herself moaning like a porn star as she yelled out, “I am fucking cumming; give me your spunk!”

Oh shit, yes, Brenda” he roared as a large load of his sticky white jism invaded her fuck tunnel. As Ben fell off of her Brenda picked up the TV remote switching off Sharon Stone and clasped his hand pulling him up and motioned for him to follow her to her room. Needless to say he didn’t sleep in his own bed at all during spring break.

Brenda taught him all of the sexy ways to please a girl and in return got to suck his cock whenever she wanted. After just three or four days Ben was a very exceptional lover thanks to his own sister. The only bad thing in the mix was that they both knew that when Ben came home for Summer Break that she would be mostly off limits to him as Brad would be around all of the time.

Sadly Ben went back to school and Brenda returned to her normal sex life with her husband and Bill and Bonnie Branch. She was happy with them but still was always in the mood for more. She loved going over to the Branch’s house for dinner as she loved looking at their three grown kids and lusting after them. So, when Bonnie had arranged for her to have sex with each of them that May it was a dream come true.

Ben got a little bolder at school and actually had asked a couple of girls out and had some fun but was still lusting after his sister. Little did he know that as he was studying hard for his finals that May evening his sister was fucking everyone in the Branch household as well as her own husband.

He would have been jealous had he known that as he was licking whipped cream off his spoon from the Strawberry Shortcake he was eating at that exact moment his sister had a can have cream shoved into Bobby Branch’s asshole and was filling it up. Somehow, he made it through the week and hurried back home on Friday.

His sister greeted him with a great big bear hug and a long lingering sensual kiss as he walked through the door. Then she told him that the Branch’s had invited them over the next day for a barbeque and to do some swimming. Ben was disappointed as he wanted to have some quiet time with Brenda and Brad; especially Brenda. That evening passed routinely with no sign of the plan Brenda and Bonnie were cooking up to get Ben to join in the family fun fuck club.

Everyone slept in late the next morning as they caught up from lack of sleep caused by work and school.

When they were eating breakfast Brenda asked Ben if it would be ok if they dropped him off early at the Branch’s as she and her husband had some shopping they just had to get done. The idea didn’t thrill him a lot but it had been awhile since he had seen Bobby and his sisters. He agreed as it would give him a chance to catch up on their lives.

So, as Bonnie and Brenda had previously arranged they dropped Ben off at the stroke of noon. Mrs. Branch greeted him at the door hiding practically nothing. His eyes locked on her breasts as all she had on was a skimpy bikini. He almost fell over when she walked in front of him guiding him into the house as both of her butt cheeks were hanging out proudly from the suit’s thong bottom. She purred, “Ben, the kids are out back swimming; you can go in to the restroom to change and meet them out there.”

He found himself completely tongue tied as he carried the plastic sack with his suit into the bathroom. It was bad enough that his sister had been flaunting herself in front of him but now his friend’s mother was dressed hotter than she had been in any fantasies he had ever had of her. He thought about jerking off right then and there but resisted as he didn’t want his hosts to wonder where he was.

As the horny boy came out of the restroom he saw Bambi approaching from down the hall. Right on cue she ran full speed toward him excitedly. To Ben’s surprise she was wearing the same swimsuit as her mother was. Acting the part of a giggly school girl she hugged him tight pressing her boobs and crotch hard against him and squealing, “Oh Ben, it is wonderful to see you; you just have to come out to the pool and see Babbette. We have all missed you so much, besides I need you to rub some lotion on me.

Giving him one last grind of her pelvis she pecked him on the lips. Shocked Ben didn’t know quite what to do but gingerly returned the hug putting his hand on the bra strap of her suit. There was nothing to do but follow her ass outside. When they reached the pool deck the only other person there was Babbette swimming laps so he asked, “Bambi where are Bobby and your parents?”

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