A Conversion Ch. 02A Conversion Ch. 02


I never dreamed this would ever happen to me.

Karen and Darcie are two of the sexiest women I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on, let alone lying in bed with. I don’t know how I kept up with them one at a time, much less both of them together! It must be something about all my furs. The effect is astounding. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

Mind you, I’ve been a fur fanatic for almost twenty years. I’ve been in and out of a lot of furry relationships and I’ve seen the effect fur has on a woman when I rub it on her naked body for the first time. It is nothing short of astounding! I still remember the first woman I furred. Her reaction was so intense it actually frightened me for a moment!

Okay, folks. Go get a pencil. Write this down: Fur is the most effective leg spreader ever created by God! Bar none!

When you get a woman’s attention and let her put her hands on some fur — the real stuff, not that synthetic “Fun Fur” crap you buy at the mall — it’s like you cast a magic spell over her. If you can’t get her into your bed after that, you are doing something seriously wrong!

Don’t give me any of that “Animal Rights” garbage, either! There’s nothing wrong with taking animals for their fur. Just get your special lady in bed with a nice, soft mink or fox fur. I don’t care how “Anti” she is. She’ll succumb! That’s how I got acquainted with these two beauties lying in bed with me, right now. Both of them were anti-fur protesters before they met me. I took them home with me, one at a time, and snared them in my fur den. Now, they are my fur slaves. I’ve had nearly three weeks of continuous fur fucking between the two of them.

First, it was Karen. I met her in a bar just after I had a scuffle with her lesbian mistress. I took her clothes off and put her into my fur bed. It was dynamite! Up until that night, I had never even heard of a woman having a spontaneous orgasm from fur stimulation alone. She had at least three that night! I don’t know, exactly. I wasn’t in any state to remember. She fucked me so hard, so many times that night, I can hardly remember.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next day, Karen weaseled her other lesbian girlfriend into coming to see me. I don’t know what kind of story Karen told Darcie but, whatever it was, she had absolutely no idea what was going to happen to her until I got her into my den. I gave her the same treatment I gave her girlfriend. The reaction was just as spectacular, if not more. She kept me in the saddle for over an hour! I don’t know how that happened. It must be something about fur but the moment she put her arms around me and the soft feeling of fur surrounded us it was all over for me. We were caught up in a fur frenzy that lasted most of the night.

Every single night since then, they have been taking turns coming to my place, fucking me silly then hopping out of bed in the morning and running off. They claimed they had to go to class but I had my suspicions. I knew it had something to do with that girlfriend of theirs, Heather. They both call her “Mistress”. I decided that I was going to have to get to the bottom of it.

Okay. So, last week — Friday — I came home from work a little earlier than usual. I put in extra hours at the office every night that week. I earned the extra time off. I walked inside and heard a noise coming from my bedroom. It took me a few moments but I recognized the sound. It was moaning. It was a girl’s moaning! Quietly, I sneaked upstairs. I looked into my room and saw all my furs piled on top of the bed. The pile undulated slowly, up and down, with the unmistakable, sensual rhythm of hot, steamy fur sex!

A moment later, I heard Darcie make a noise like she was about to have an orgasm. Then I heard Karen. Both of them were in my bed! They were fucking like a pair of minks. I pulled down the chinchilla comforter to reveal their luscious bodies, writhing in fur, locked in “69” position, both of them gasping for breath between orgasms! My cock instantly sprang to attention. Then, I did what any red-blooded American male would do in a situation like this. I watched the lesbians fuck!

I could tell these girls knew how to push each other’s buttons. They slowly, deliberately licked and sucked each other’s twat as if they knew exactly how to give each other an instant orgasm at any moment. They rubbed fur all every inch of each other, using it to bring themselves to the edge of nirvana but always holding back that last little, infinitesimal touch that would give them their orgasmic relief.

They must have kept at it for fifteen minutes before they even came up for air. They pretended like they didn’t notice me. I almost thought it was true until Karen broke her tongue lock on Darcie’s crotch long enough to look up at me and say, “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to take your clothes off and join us?”

I probably set a world record getting naked. I hopped into bed with them, pulled the comforter over the top and snuggled in. When that fur slid over my skin and the musky sex izle darkness enveloped the three of us, I knew something was going to happen, the likes of which, I had never experienced before.

I had barely settled in to the fur when I felt Darcie’s mouth on my dick. She didn’t waste any time teasing me. She just sucked all eight inches of my manhood into her mouth, all at once. I sighed involuntarily as she slid her lips up and down my shaft. I relaxed and laid back into the fur pile. I spread my legs, allowing Darcie full access. Her tongue swirled me ’round and ’round. Two hands full of fur circled my groin, pushing me deeper and deeper into a state of fur induced relaxation. I was just beginning to anticipate the pleasure of cumming in her mouth when two sets of sharp fingernails scraped my inner thighs, sending shock waves of pain through my body. I screamed and instinctively tried to pull free but it was too late. Her arms were already locked around my waist. She bared her teeth and bit down with just enough pressure to let me know that she was in charge. I fought the urge to struggle. The next thing I knew, her lips and her tongue and her fingernails were giving my dick the most exquisite experience of my life.

I didn’t even have time to acclimate before I smelled Karen’s scent in my face. I had just taken my first appreciative whiff of her pussy when I felt her grab two hands full of my hair and force my head deep into her crotch. Karen’s soft, creamy thighs locked themselves around my head. Her pussy was already wet and her labia were already fully engorged. My face sank right in and her soft, fragrant lips surrounded my mouth and nose. I nuzzled and licked as she wiggled her hips around my head. She squeezed me harder and pulled me tighter into her crotch. I could hardly breathe. All I could hear was Karen’s giggle as I gasped for air. I was just about out of oxygen when she loosened her grip enough for me to suck in a lung full.

Finally, Karen and Darcie completed the “Daisy Chain”. They began to slowly work their magic on me. I felt fur around my waist, rubbing me slowly in time to Darcie’s expert cock sucking. It was clear that she was a master at pleasuring both the female and the male anatomy. She slowly sucked me all the way into her mouth then she tightened her lips around my shaft, pulling out until only the head remained in her lips. Then with a flick of her tongue she quickly gobbled me up again. An enormous shock wave of pleasure raced upwards, through my body. I licked at Karen’s pussy in response. The wave moved through Karen, then through to Darcie. The circle was completed. A second later, it started all over again. This time, as the pleasure built within the circle of our bodies, we began to lick and suck each other a little bit harder, a little bit faster and with a little bit more intensity than before. The pleasure wave traveled around and around the ring, gaining momentum as it went. My head was spinning. My entire body vibrated with pleasurable sensations. I grunted and groaned as my mind receded into a furry cloud of sensual desire. I hardly knew which way was up!

The next thing I knew Darcie’s fingernails dug into my balls! I cried out in pain. The spasm was channeled directly into Karen’s pussy, pushing her over the brink into an orgasmic frenzy. That sent the signal to Darcie, causing her to cum. But when my turn came, all I got was another stab in the nut sack. The pain shot up my spine and stiffened my entire body. I knew that, if I wanted pleasure again, I’d have to endure. Just when I thought I couldn’t take a second more, Darcie’s mouth took over again, immersing me in pleasure but leaving me to dread the next impending stab of pain.

It wasn’t until the third or fourth round that I realized what they were doing to me. Darcie’s mouth and Karen’s scent slowly worked me up to the edge of ecstasy. A jolt of pain dragged me back. If tried to struggle free Darcie’s claw like fingernails dug even harder into my backside and into my crotch. Karen’s legs gripped tighter and tighter around my neck, cutting off my air supply. They had me in a death grip, balancing on the razor’s edge between ultimate pleasure and pain. I was practically paralyzed. I don’t know how long it took — at least fifteen minutes — for me to completely submit to their will. Slowly, over a period of time, I learned to relax my body until I was at their mercy.

I endured almost an hour of them taking turns torturing my dick and forcing me to eat pussy. I had to figure out a way to escape. Once it dawned on me, the concept was simple. The twitching of my dick was giving me away. Every time she felt my dick start to twitch Darcie knew I was about to cum. That was when the pain came to bring me back to square one. As long as I remained completely still, as long as I didn’t allow my dick to move, I got pleasure. Fur surrounded me and flesh stimulated me. The pleasure took me higher and higher until I was ready to explode. I was able to keep myself still long enough to enjoy what felt like an eternity, of pre-orgasmic fransız porno bliss!

Then, all at once, my dam broke. I screamed in release! I came into Darcie’s mouth so unexpectedly she almost choked on my spunk! The next thing I knew, furry hands were jacking me off and tickling my balls while Darcie’s hungry mouth swallowed my pride. It felt good! Really good! I didn’t want it to stop. They kept on going until the pleasure turned to pain. The muscles at the back of my scrotum were so sore that each pulse made twinges shoot through my entire groin.

Finally, I was able to struggle my head free from Karen’s grip long enough to beg for mercy. I think she may have been at the end of her rope, too. It wasn’t long before the three of us collapsed. My limp dick was released from its pleasure prison. My tongue was discharged from its task. I was a free man again, disappointed that it was all over. I wanted more!

I got furred, slowly and gently, by the girls for the rest of the evening. I returned the favor, gently rubbing fox and mink over the two beauties at my side. Their bodies moved in waves as my fur slid up to their breasts then back down between their legs. We basked in a world of furry pleasure until we fell asleep.

In the morning when we woke up, Karen let me get on top of her and just fuck. We did it the old fashioned way. Darcie rubbed fur on my back while we did it. I took my good old, sweet time too. I just put it in and slowly stroked until Karen’s pussy sucked the cream right out of me. I know Karen came too. I felt her love muscle contract around me. My balls still hurt but it was delicious!

It was 7:30 A.M. Right about that time, every morning, the girls would get out of bed and rush off to class. They claimed it was a class they couldn’t miss. I was always disappointed when they left. But, every night, they came back to my fur bed again. I was always glad to see them.

Karen and Darcie started to get out of bed and get dressed.

“Hey! Wait a minute. Where are you girls going in such a rush?”

Darcie looked at me and said, “But, we have class. We can’t be late.”

“Bullshit! It’s Saturday! There aren’t any classes on Saturday!”

“But, we have to get back!” pleaded Karen. I knew something was fishy.

“Back to who?” I asked suspiciously. “Your friend, Heather? The one who wears the army jacket and the short hair?”

There was silence. The look on their faces told me it was Heather. They didn’t have to say a word. I was beginning to figure out what was going on.

“Do you want to be treated like her slave?”

“Well, at first, it was fun.” said Darcie.

“But, now” Karen added, “Mistress is taking it too far.” “She even tells us what to wear!” she complained.

“Remember the day I met you at the ‘Cornerstone’?”

I nodded.

“Do you think I wanted to wear that mini skirt out in the cold?”

“I thought you looked cold.”

“Freezing!” she shivered. Her expression changed to a seductive smile. “Then you came along and warmed me up.”

I pulled her down and sat her on the bed next to me. I put my arm around her and rubbed her with a little fur. She closed her eyes and leaned against my shoulder.

“Why do you stay with her? Why don’t you leave?”

“She has the lease to our apartment. She keeps all the money. If we left her, we’d be living in the street!”

I thought for a minute.

“Not necessarily. This is a big apartment. I could use some company.”

A look of dawning comprehension came over them.

I couldn’t believe what I said! I was asking those two hotties to move in with me! I was mainly concerned with helping out my new “fur friends” but I would be lying if I said the thought of all that live-in pussy didn’t cross my mind once or twice.

“If you girls agree to help out with the housekeeping and pay your share of the bills you can live here as long as you want.”

“Won’t your landlord complain?” Darcie asked.

“I am the landlord!” I boomed. “I own this building and two more just like it!”

I was flanked by two beautiful naked women, one sitting on either side of me, perched on the edge of my fur bed. I felt some fox fur wrap around me from the left and mink attacked me from the right. Darcie pushed me back onto the bed and began furring my stomach and my thighs with the fox. Karen’s mink covered hands took control of my penis.

“He’s good looking. He’s rich. And he knows how to please a woman!” Darcie announced.

“Fucks like a champ, this one!” Karen answered.

Darcie jumped on top of me and took me for one more lap around the track before we hit the shower. We got cleaned up and headed downstairs to make some breakfast.

“But, what about our clothes and all our stuff?” asked Darcie as we descended the stairs of my split level apartment. “Karen, don’t you get a discount from the store you work in?”

She nodded.

I piped up, “After breakfast, I’ll take you girls out shopping.”

I could tell they teen porno were both happy. So was I. I just bagged two hot looking girlfriends!

We finished breakfast then headed back upstairs to get dressed. It took about twice as long as normal because every minute or so, one of us would stage a surprise “fur attack” on one of the others when no one was looking.

I hurried up and got dressed first. I sneaked downstairs to use the phone in privacy. I dialed and waited for the answer.

“Hello? Ron Hedges, please…”

There was a pause while my call was placed on hold.

“Ron! It’s ‘Fur Man’. How y’doin, today?…….” “Can I get an appointment, some time around two?…..” “No? You busy today?…..” “Yeah, I can come in that late…..” “That ought to be your last appointment of the day, huh?…” “No shit? Business is that good? You must be rollin’ in it!…..” “That’s good!… Hey! Listen, I gotta’ go. Some friends are waiting for me…..” “Okay, I’ll be there at 5:30. See you then….” “Bye-bye!”

I hung up the phone and turned around. Karen and Darcie were standing right behind me.

“Who was that?” Darcie asked.

“Oh, just a friend.” I demurred. “You two ready to go?”

I put on my new lambskin and mink jacket. I put the fur on the inside. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I just wanted the fur for myself. The three of us zipped up our coats and headed out the door. I hailed a cab and put my two beauties in the back with me, one on each side. They had their hands buried in the fur lining of my jacket almost the whole time. What a wise investment it turned out to be!

We rolled up to our destination and got out. All the best shops on Newbury Street were our playground that day, especially our last stop: The furrier! I didn’t tell the girls, though. I wanted it to be a surprise.

We spent the day shopping for clothes. I let them drag me through all the shops. I bought each of them several outfits. Some were trendy. Some were classic. I hadn’t pegged either one of them for being “Fashion Bugs” but they both seemed to get a charge out of buying new clothes. I was happy to see them enjoying themselves. Karen even bought herself another short mini skirt.

“Won’t you get cold wearing that in this weather? I asked.

“Not if I have you to keep me warm!” she said with a sly grin.

We took a break to get something to eat then continued on. I stopped by Brooks Brothers and bought myself a new shirt and tie. Then we headed down the street toward the feature attraction of the day: Miller Brothers Furs!

We turned the corner and rang the bell on the front door. It buzzed open. We went inside. The girls didn’t even notice where we were until they were well into the middle of the room. A collective gasp went up when they realized they were standing in a fur shop! The room was just oozing fur from every corner! They stood in awed silence while I walked up to the reception desk.

“Mr. Hedges will be with you in just a minute.” the clerk said. “He’s just finishing up with his last customer.”

She took our coats and hung them neatly on the coat rack behind the desk. She picked up our packages and stood them in a row underneath.

We arrived a few minutes early for our appointment so I didn’t mind the wait. The girls looked like a couple of kids in a candy store, standing there just looking at all the fur. They were chomping at the bit.

“Go ahead.” I said to the girls. “Go pick one out.” I motioned toward the display area.

They took off like I just fired a starter’s pistol into the air. They went up and down the racks, oohing and aahing over every fur. It was about twenty minutes before Mr. Hedges was free. I could tell by the look on his face that the sale hadn’t gone well.

“Fur Man!” he exclaimed.

“That old lady stiffed you, Ron?” I asked.

“Haven’t had a sale all day!” he answered with a weary tone.

“Well, your day is about to get a hell of a lot better!”

I motioned to the girls. They came over and I introduced them.

“Ron Hedges, these are my friends, Karen and Darcie.” “Karen. Darcie. Meet Mr. Ron Hedges. He’s been my fur broker for more than fifteen years, now.”

“Pleased to meet you!” he said as he greeted each one. I could tell that he was noticing their looks. He gave me that “eye” guys give each other when they meet a hot woman for the first time. I nodded back, imperceptibly, as if to say, “Yup! I’m fucking them, too!” I bet girls have their own set of invisible signals, too, but I wouldn’t know. I’m a guy!

“So… You here for a fitting?”

I nodded. We ushered the women to the back of the store to the fitting area.

“Shall I start a card file for each of them?” he asked.

He didn’t even wait for an answer. He just pulled out a new, blank index card for each of them.

Karen was first. Mr. Hedges stood her up on the podium and started taking measurements. I knew what she was going to do, the second she stepped up. She sidled right up to him and began working her magic. Every time Ron tried to get the tape around her, she would positioned herself, ever so subtly, so he had to rub up against her in a seductive way. Darcie and I watched from across the room as Karen seduced the furrier, right there in the middle of the store.

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