Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 63Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 63


Coming out of a dream about the desert, Jodie woke up to the sound of a zipper from across the room. After blinking for a few seconds she finally made out the source of the noise: Alexis White, who was now standing next to the bed with a suitcase in her hand. “Good, you’re up,” said Miss White. “We’re going on a road trip. Get your stuff together, we leave in an hour.”

Rubbing her eyes, still groggy and dreamy, Jodie asked, “Huh?”

Miss White fixed her with an icy stare and said, “Did I stutter?”

After napping for a half-hour or so, Miss White had woken up feeling restless. She’d put on a robe and wandered the empty halls of ABD House, dismayed at how quiet and lonely it was, feeling like a character in The Shining. Suddenly it struck her that there was no reason to hang around; what she and Jodie needed was to get out and go somewhere, anywhere. Having made up her mind, she swung into action, cleaning out her car and getting together what she’d need for a road trip.

The look in Miss White’s eyes was serious, so Jodie hopped to it. “Is it OK if I take a shower?” she asked, and Miss White nodded. Once she was clean it didn’t take long for her to get her meager belongings together, and they were on the road five minutes ahead of Miss White’s deadline.

“So where are we going?” asked Jodie as they pulled onto the highway.

Miss White pointed ahead. “That way.”

* * *

Jenny woke up just as the plane was beginning its descent, her mood much improved. Upon arrival she enthusiastically hugged and kissed her mother; as usual, she was less effusive Ankara escort with her rather reserved father. But she was happy to see both of them and they her.

From the airport they went immediately to a barbecue restaurant for dinner. Both Jenny and her parents were amazed by how much she put away — the food at ABD was good, but it was nothing like this. And though she was not consciously aware of it, her recent experiences had sharpened all of her appetites.

When they got back home Jenny went immediately to bed, pleading exhaustion. And she was indeed tired, but more pleasantly drowsy than worn out. After brushing her teeth she changed into pajamas and slid under the covers, enjoying the warm coziness of the familiar bed, which had a certain novelty now that she’d been away so long.

Gazing out the window, Jenny saw that it was a clear evening full of stars. She thought about what a different person she was now compared to the last time she’d been in this bed. From there she thought of ABD, and of Kristin, and of Miss White, and April; finally she found her hand slipping down into her pajama bottoms, and rubbed herself to a sweet little orgasm before falling asleep.

* * *

It was already getting dark by the time Miss White and Jodie hit the road, and the weather was foul — rainy and windy with occasional bursts of hail. Nonetheless they drove for several hours, heading mostly west but somewhat south.

Miss White did all the driving. Jodie didn’t have a license and Miss White wouldn’t have trusted anyone else behind the wheel in these conditions anyway. She Ankara escort bayan much preferred being a driver to being a passenger.

Finally Miss White decided it was time to stop for the night and pulled into the next hotel they passed, a rundown-looking place with only a few cars in the parking lot. The rain chose that moment to become especially intense, and Miss White and Jodie were both drenched by the time they made it to the lobby.

But it was nice and warm inside and the hotel, though far from new, was woody and not without charm. And even better, there was a cute girl behind the desk who smiled at them as they entered.

“Hi,” said the clerk as Miss White and Jodie tried to shake the water out of their hair. “Nice day, huh?” She was about the same age as Jodie and appeared to be at least half-Asian — Miss White guessed Filipina. She had huge, beautiful brown eyes and her impressive mane of dark brown hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her nametag said “Dina.”

“Yeah,” said Miss White, pulling off her coat to let the warm air in. “Just another day in paradise.” Though she was pretty sure the hotel was nearly empty, she went through the formality of asking, “Is there room for us at the inn?”

“For sure,” said Dina. “One room or two?”


“OK,” said Dina. “Two twin beds?”

Miss White looked back at her blankly, genuinely nonplussed. Then she remembered that she was not at Alpha Beta Delta anymore, and not in their liberal college town; things were different out here in the world. But she and Jodie were both adults, and what they Escort Ankara did together was none of anyone’s business.

“One bed,” said Miss White matter-of-factly. “A king if possible.”

“Oh,” answered Dina, and went silent for a while as she typed away at her keyboard. Miss White studied her reaction closely — she was surprised, clearly, maybe even shocked, but also intrigued — and filed the information away for future reference; at the moment she had other things on her mind.

Once they got into their room Miss White told Jodie to fill the bathtub with hot water while she worked on getting something to eat. Fortunately there was one pizza place that would deliver to the hotel; after placing an order Miss White stripped off her clothes and climbed into the tub, inviting Jodie to join her. It was an old-fashioned clawfoot tub that had plenty of room for the both of them.

They had been luxuriating in the tub for 45 minutes or so when there was a knock on the door. Miss White climbed out of the tub, quickly wrapped a towel around herself, and went to answer.

When she opened the door a short, chubby blond boy in a baseball cap was standing there holding a pizza. He looked wet and miserable but brightened up upon seeing the beautiful, half-naked woman, and brightened even more when Miss White tipped him ten dollars on top of the twenty for the pizza. He had a big smile on his face when she closed the door, and probably a few ideas too; she hoped he enjoyed them. Anyone who was out delivering pizzas in these miserable conditions needed all the help he could get.

Miss White climbed back into the tub and the two of them went after the pizza with abandon, downing one gooey, cheesy slice after another. When the pie was gone they drained the tub, dried off, and considered their next order of business.

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