Angel EyesAngel Eyes


He enters a tavern, pup, bar, whatever the fuck it is, he just needs a drink. He’s used to flying solo, but feels almost naked without his wing man, even if it’s just to shoot the breeze. It’s almost a tradition at this point. Business has sent them to opposite sides of the country simultaneously. Fine, they’re be time for celebration later. Right now, he needed a drink before the long haul to his next destination.

It’s dark, musty. What a bar should be. There’s smoke in the air; thank God there’s no smoking laws here like they have in California or New York. Pussies. Standing at the bar, he orders his man drink; 151 with coke; the haul is gonna be that long; and lights a cig of his own. Sitting on an empty stool waiting for his liq, his head randomly finds its way facing towards the corner as being guided by some unknown force. That’s when he notices her.

Plump. Dark hair emphasizing her pale skin, making it paler, making her stand out. Decked out in grey joggers; very unusual. Sandled feet crossed ‘innocently’ at the ankle. Glass up to her lips, though not sipping; inhaling its aroma. Even wearing glasses. Average looking; yet something more. Her eyes burning through those lenses. Deep, dark. The eyes of someone who knows what they want. Staring at what they want. She smiles.

His looks for his breath but for a moment, the slight gasp snapping him out of this sudden trance. Those eyes. Such confidence; yet in someone so young. Probably a ten year difference. Maybe more. He’s encountered many auras in his travels, but none so radiant, so focused. So bright red. Those eyes betray the common glasses they try to hind behind; contradicts the innocent face they rest upon.

She’s done this before. He knows it. Judging by the inactivity and lack of interest by the rest of the men in the bar, with each of them; multiple times. And now her gaze has snared this out-of-towner. ‘I’m game’, he thinks to himself. And as if reading his mind, her smile brightens, radiant ivory showing as if baring fangs. Her aura intensifies lighting all around her in passionate flame.

Snapping Escort Bayan Gaziantep out of it, he realizes his drink has been sitting idle behind him for an unknown duration. A while judging by the ice watered down to empty shells of their former selves. The moment has this weathered trooper suddenly flushed. ‘Take it with me or guzzle it down?’ Hesitation. ‘Fuck it’ he downs the glass in a series of massive gulps, confident that she wouldn’t mind the slight sent of alcohol. They are in a bar.

Finishing his drink, he notices she’s on the move. But not towards him, though her piercing gaze remained on him. Now standing, he fully realizes what he sees. Average nothing. Maybe at first. This… woman, is incredibly endowed. Breast and buttocks threaten to shred her joggers. They sway and swing advertising that nothing binds them underneath. Almost appearing like something one would wear to bed. Like someone straight from a slumber party. Her face appears ‘that’ young, but her eyes say so much different. She glides effortlessly caressing nearby table tops with her finger tips. Gaze still on him.

He knows her game, glancing around he fails to notice a back area, not even a freaking pool table. She’s staking her claim. He follows. Face to face, he towers nearly a full foot over her forcing her to look straight up at him. Still making that girlish full grin; with sinful eyes and fangs of ivory. She slides right her arm underneath his left and ushers him into the restroom.

Countless posters of rock bands adorn the walls. Scribbles of all sorts; names and numbers; can be seen everywhere floor to ceiling. Probably her resume. Again, she makes the first move. Almost pouncing, she stretches both arms around his neck pulling herself up to meet his lips. Struggling with her flip flops, her toes leave the floor. He instinctively wraps his around her mass balancing her. Her tongue meeting his. Her fangs on his lips. Next on his neck. Then on his chest.

Those fangs find their way down to his cock. Appearing as if without motion or action, her hands find their way down his dark jeans and wrapping them around his already engorged, rock hard, warm dick. Already, in her mouth as if it was born there. Between slurps and sucks she breathes out a ‘wow’ struggling to swallow the whole log. First time her gag reflexes are truly tested. Her tongue riding along his pulsating veins. He’s completely at her mercy. The echoing sounds of his cock being gulped is vulgar. He instantly goes into a face fucking frenzy. She struggles to maintain her balance on the balls of her feet, while reaching down to please herself over her jogger; a massive wet spot growing. She has too, this dick to just too good.

Clothing torn off. Very quickly, he tries to absorb what stands before him. Her ivory skin illuminated everything. Again, a strong contrast against his dark flesh. Wiccan symbols adorned her temple. Both hearts race. Fixing her disheveled hair from her face, she notices her glasses are still on. She motions to remove them until he stops her in mid action.

“No, leave them on” he says.

They go at it again. This time with far more energy. Naked forms bounce around until both back into a stall. Instinctively, she reaches up and grabs hold of the stall frames as he begins to lift her body. His lips meet her neck. One side then the other. The feeling is intoxicating. Higher she goes. His lips meet her breasts. Having his tongue dance along her nipples is seducing. Same as before. One breast then the other. Even higher she goes. She know where this is going.

In unison, both work to keep her off the ground; approaching cloud nine is more like it. She wrestles her legs up over his shoulders. Her bush; or total lack of it; is now staring him right in the face. Immediately he dive in. His roaming tongue finding her jewel and is mercilessly lapped. She lets out a sudden gasp.

“Oh God, his tongue is pierced” she thinks.

His tongue is incredibly wide and is now entering her. Her juices immediately rushes down his bare chest. Fingers find their way inside. She holds tighter onto the stall to compensate for him moving his hand.

Even more fingers enter her plump passage as her arms begin to tire; which turns her on even more.

“Oh God” she screams.

His tongue never left her jewel and now there’s two fingers attacking her spot. No, not two, three. Four. Passion juice glides down his arm. Pouring now, the splats on the floor echo in the restroom. The sound drives him. Forcing himself inside, she’s now being totally fisted. Her tits bounce with each thrust. Screaming now, she has lost all control. She is now at his mercy. She cannot bare to lose her grip or she falls fully onto his powerful arm. All five fingers attacking her spot, she gushes. He laps up every last drop.

Weakening, she looses her grip. He compensates and props her bare back up against the cold wall. He straddles the toilet as her muff completely rests on his face. He licks vitality back into her. Her drips splashes into the toilet. Completely breathless, she’s ready.

Down he eases her; onto his rod. She couldn’t believe… At first she thought she was being fisted again. Bouncing on his his cock, she spirals into orgasm. Her fifth. Reaching for the stalls again, she leans back to get a better look at his grunting face. Eyes are fixed. Giving each other messages of what’s next. Her titties dance. Each thrust shaking screws loose. They are gonna tear the place down.

She remains holding on while he swings around her and now pounds her from behind. He grabs her hair. She screams again. Such a big cock. Throbbing. Pulsating. Almost tearing her in two. Her plump passage is ravaged. She continues to drip onto the floor. Approaching climax again, she looses her grip. He catches her; on his rod. Impaled. Both cum in an symphony of grunting chorus.

She slides off his member. Her toes finally meet tile. Catching her breath, she turns to look at him again. He adjusts her glasses on her angelic face. Both realise the audience collected at the restroom door. Multiple men with mouths hug agape. Without missing a beat…

“Sorry guys, this one is coming home with me tonight” she lets out, grabs him by his still engorged log, steps over their discarded clothes and wobble passed the men out the door.

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