Husband Made SlaveHusband Made Slave


The woman; Ruth, Mariah, Monique and Lisa, had been have been friends for many years, since high school. Each was 32 years old and each had been married for 6 years. They had been meeting weekly for over 4 years at a small Diner for lunch. The four women chatted for several minutes when Ruth asked, “Lisa, you are looking so contented and happy, what’s your secret?”

The others looked at Lisa and Mariah added, “She’s right. You look great. Come on, give.”

Lisa smiled and said, “Well, thank you.”

Monique said, “Now come on. Tell us”

Lisa laughed and said. “Ok, ok. I’ll tell you.” Then she said, “I’ve wanted to tell you all but I wanted to make sure it worked.”

Ruth asked, “What worked?”

Lisa giggled and said, “I’ll tell you.” She paused, and then continued, “I was at a small store a couple of months ago. I had stopped to use a restroom and was just looking. I picked up an almanac and was looking through it. There were the usual ads; buy winning lotto numbers or fortune telling or help with health issues. Then I saw it. The ad said, “Want a better husband? We can help.” I read the ad twice, and then bought the almanac.”

Mariah said, “You bought it? Why?”

“I was curious. Listen, the ad said when the payment was received; a link to their website would be sent to you.”

Monique said, “How much?”

“It was only 49 dollars.”


“Well, I took a chance. I knew it was probably a waste of money but maybe it would work.”

Ruth said, “I thought you were happy with Kevin?”

“Oh I am but he could use some improvements.” She continued, “I paid the money and the link was sent to me. It works simply to plant a hypnotic suggestion. When implanted and you use the “control words,” the subject is made very submissive and will obey all orders.”

There was stunned silence, and then Ruth said, “You’re kidding? Did you use it?”

“Yes I did. You just go to the link, you can choose the control words, it works in the back ground and the subject does Short links not know it is happening.”

“Did it work?”

Lisa got a huge smile on her face and said, “Yes it does.”

“Hold on. You’re saying that when you say the control word that Kevin becomes a submissive.”

“Yes. And he doesn’t remember anything afterwards.”

“What are your control words?”

Lisa looked at each of her friends then said, “To put him under I say “Sissy boy,” to release him I say, “Stud muffin.” And it works. When he is under, he is completely submissive. Our sex life is fantastic now. He eats my pussy and is so attentive to my needs. And he last longer now. It is great.”

More silence. Then Ruth asked, “Do you still have the link?”

“No, it is only for one use. That is how it is designed.”

“To bad.”

The group soon broke up with each woman returning to work. When Ruth got back to her desk she continued to think about what Lisa had told them and thought, “Could it be true?”

Then she thought, “I wonder if it works over the phone? And if anyone can use the control words?” After more thought, she said, “Let’s find out.”

She called Kevin on his office phone and when he answered, Ruth said, “Sissy boy.”

There was silence, and then Kevin said, “What do you desire?”

“Who are you?”

“I am Sissy boy.”

“In five minutes, be outside your office building.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Ruth and Kevin happened to work close by. Ruth met Kevin outside his office and said, “Hello Sissy Slave.”

“Hello Mistress.”

“Follow me.”

Ruth led him to a restaurant. As they walked, Ruth thought to herself, “Damn, it worked.”

Once inside the restaurant, Ruth led him to the Ladles Room. When they were in the restroom, Ruth locked the door, lifted her dress and said, “Eat my pussy Sissy Slave.”

Kevin got to his knees before Ruth and soon brought her to two orgasms. “Damn, you are good. Clean your face then return to your office.” Short link

Ruth watched him walk into his office and after a few minutes, she called him on his office phone and said “Stud muffin.”

Kevin said, “Hello. Hello.”

Smiling, Ruth hung up. Ruth went back to her office and called Lisa, “Hi Lisa.”

“Hi Ruth. We just saw each other, what’s up?”

“Can we meet right now? Meet back at the restaurant?”

“Now? I guess so. See you in 15.”


Ruth and Lisa met again at the same restaurant. Ruth got right to the point and told Lisa want she had done. She finished with, “You’re my best friend Lisa. I’m sorry.”

Lisa had listened in silence and when Ruth had finished, she sat for a minute and then said, “Oh Ruth. It’s my fault.” Then she smiled and said, “But I’m glad it was you.”

“You forgive me.”

“Yes babe, I do. So it works on the phone and with anyone.”

“Yes it does.” Then Ruth asked, “Could I have the ad? I would like to try it on Mike.”

“Are you sure?”


Lisa smiled and said, “Well. I made three copies.” And handed her one and then said, “But we will share our men, correct?”

Now it was Ruth who was silent, then she agreed, smiling, “Haven’t we always shared?”

That evening, Ruth made her purchase and the next evening she had used it on her husband Mike, with great results. The next evening, Lisa, Kevin, Ruth and Mike were having dinner at Lisa and Kevin’s house. After a nice dinner, as they were sitting in the living room, Lisa and Ruth looked at each other, nodded and each turned to her husband and said the control word and each husband went under. The two submissive husbands waited for orders. Lisa and Ruth sat for a moment. Then each got their pussies eaten, by both men, and then Lisa said, “Want do have more fun?”


“Let’s have them suck each other.”

Ruth laughed and said, “I wish I had thought of that.”

So the two men were ordered to get into a 69 and suck each other’s cock. Both Lisa and Ruth took photos and video of the act. Afterwards the men were told to clean up. When both were dressed again, each wife said the control word and each husband was released.

At the next lunch with the girls, Ruth confessed what she had done and that she also had bought the link. Then Lisa told about the evening cock sucking. Mariah and Monique were speechless. After a few minutes, Mariah said, “I’m so jealous.”

Lisa then said, “I have a copy of the ad for each of you, if you want.”

Both Mariah and Monique looked at each other for a moment. Then both said, “Yes”

Lisa smiled and handed a copy to each of her friends. Both Mariah and Monique, when they got back to their offices, bought the product. Each received the link the next day and each used the link that evening. The next day, on a 4 way call, both Mariah and Monique said it worked perfectly. The four friends agreed not to use each other’s husband without permission.

They made plans to have a dinner party that Friday evening. This time, the get together was held at Ruth and Mike’s home. After dinner, each wife spoke her control word and all four husbands were under. Then the husbands put on a sex show for the wives. They first got on the floor and into a male daisy chain and sucked each other off.

Then Lisa handed a present to each of her friends. Laughter rang out and each lady put on the gift. Soon, the four women each were wearing a strap-on harness. The four husbands than were ordered to suck on their wife’s dildo and then each was pegged by his wife.

Later, each husband was made to eat pussy. Every 15 minutes, the men switched so that each man ate each woman’s pussy. It was a great evening with each woman enjoying multiple orgasms. After the men had cleaned themselves and redressed, they were released.

So the four husbands; Mike, Donny, Michael and Kevin began Pussy Slaves to their wives; Ruth, Mariah, Monique and Lisa, and did not know it. This went on for many years and the husbands never knew the truth. The four girlfriends stayed true to each other.

So next time you see an almanac all you husbands, don’t let your wife see it, or you could be next.

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