Earth, Wind and Fire Ch. 02Earth, Wind and Fire Ch. 02


There are times I wish I was as confident as Alice. I watch the way she acts when she is naked, and it fills me with longing. A longing that one day I hope to have that much confidence in my own nudity.

Alice has been helping, when we first began chatting I was a shy creature, but I guess she saw something in me that I hadn’t. Slowly she began to peel away the layers of insecurity that I had surrounded myself with and I found myself getting more and more adventurous.

I suppose my fantasy really began when Alice sent me some links to a website selling fetish leather garments. There was one image that burned in to my mind. A pretty girl wearing a leather slave harness, all black straps, steel rings and studs. It looked uncomfortable as hell, but at the same time very erotic. I had a good idea back then that I would end up buying it. The thought of being forced to dress in it with everything I normally hid on show, filled me with excitement and lust.

It may sound odd, but I shared a lot with Alice before we even met, we had started emailing because of a mutual friend and formed a bond over many different things. Of course, when the chat got down to sexual fantasies things blossomed. Then of course she pitched up out of the blue at a Pride event in my local town, and things started to get a little more serious. I mean, my town isn’t large, and I don’t think they were ready for the leather clad, vivacious monster that Alice is, riding in to town on a massive chrome Harley Davidson. While everyone was sat on the green, eating sandwiches, she was strutting around in a tiny leather bikini, thigh length boots and tattoos.

If nothing else, it did my street credibility the world of good.

Things stepped up another gear the following year when she arrived with Diana in tow. You have never seen such an odd couple. Alice tall, platinum blonde hair, long on one side shaven on the other, Diana short, conservative shoulder length auburn hair, geeky glasses and so slim a good gust of wind would have blown her away. She reminded me of the skinny Thelma out of Scooby-Do. It was only when I got to talk to Diana, I realised that behind the black rimmed glasses burned a sharp intelligence and a passion for some serious kink.

Things sort of took off from there. We met up as often as our lives would allow, enjoying each other’s company and indulging in elements of our fun sides.

There was of course that one evening we had a group chat online. It was Diana’s idea that when we couldn’t be together, we could stay in touch via chat rooms. I think she calls it Discuss or something. One slightly tipsy evening, the subject of our ultimate fantasies came up. Alice started off by saying she would like to be nude while she had Diana and me over for dinner. Which I thought was a little tame for her, but I have learned to take nothing for granted when it comes to Alice. Diana stunned me totally. Her fantasy to be locked in chastity gear and tormented, but not allowed to climax was far more adventurous than I thought she would be. Then it come down to me. The thing is I was a little more drunk than I thought, so I started to type out my fantasy of being forced to wear the leather harness. It was only when I realised what I was doing I deleted it and I made up a story about wanting to be watched in a voyeuristic way. As the evening drew on the conversation vanished in to a haze of wine, and I forgot all about it.

It came as a shock when we fulfilled Diana’s fantasy, no pun intended, and I was a little envious of her lack of inhibitions. Sadly, I am a slave to my inhibitions and I am not sure just how much I would have to drink to get me to be that outgoing. However, one thing I do like to do is wear my leather harness under my normal clothing. I can feel incredibly sexy that way without revealing too much. I started wearing it around the house, then when I got braver out to the shops, and one seriously uncomfortable day I wore it to work. I found it a great thrill knowing I was wearing it, while those I was around were oblivious. With this in mind, when I got a call off Alice asking if I could go around there one weekend and help with her garden redesign, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a little driving in my kinky underwear. After all, I could easily take it off when I got there.

Driving that distance in what is basically a leather crotch rope, is more than a little distracting. Thankfully, there is a buckle that adjusts the length of it, so I loosened it off a little before getting fully dressed. That is one thing about this design, you really need another set of hands, as you can’t really reach the buckles once it is on. You have to leave a little slack to wriggle it off. Then again, I suppose that is the idea, I mean you don’t want your trussed-up slave escaping, do you?

When I arrived at Alice’s, I am a little surprised to see Diana there as well, sat in the shade in a floaty white summer dress trying not to get burnt by the summer sun. Surprised and delighted that is, as I do enjoy spending time with both. Diana gives me a hug as she şişli escort informs me that she has come over to install some software or something. I am a technophobe, so it is all jargon to me. I settle for giving her a hug back and a soft peck on the cheek.

Alice of course is working out. She is wearing short, tight, lycra shorts, under which she can’t have any underwear on, and a plain sports bra. I eye her lean trim figure enviously as she lands several punches and kicks on to a bag that is hanging on a metal frame on her patio. I feel over dressed in my baggy t-shirt, khaki shorts and work boots. Then as I move, the leather rubs against my clit a little and I am glad of my slightly baggy wear.

Alice embraces me tightly and I feel the perspiration on her skin. I wipe a few beads of sweat from her brow, while what I really want to do, is lick it off her body until she is clean. I feel heat rise in me and I have to force myself to try and act normally. Alice tells me to store my bag in the guest room before we discuss what needs to be done. Agreeing, I make my way upstairs to remove my leather garb before starting work.

I drop my small case off and strip my normal clothes to remove the harness. I catch sight of myself in the mirror. I don’t have the trim athletic figure of Alice, but I am not flabby either. I would use the term curvy. I do however have much bigger boobs than either of the other two, which I like, as they are my best assets. I spend a little time loving how the black leather of the harness squashes them together pushing them up a little, before it disappears down between my legs. I feel a sudden flush of heat to my loins and on the spur of the moment I pull on my bath robe to go to the bathroom. I figure a few more moments wearing it won’t be a bad thing.

The feeling of walking around Alice’s house with the leather rubbing against my skin and only wearing a thin cotton bathrobe over it, is very arousing and before I return to the bedroom, I decide to have a peek out of the window of Alice’s room. I know it overlooks the patio and I want to watch her working out a little more as she doe put on a great show. Sadly, Alice is now longer outside, and the punch bag is just swinging lazily.

With a half sigh I return to the guestroom. I frown a little, I was sure I hadn’t pulled the door shut when I left it, but the door is now closed. My first thought is the breeze has blown it closed. My fingers take hold of the handle and turn it, but the door remains shut. I feel my heart beating loudly in my chest as I fill with heat again. The door was stuck, or locked, or something. I would have to go and find Alice to get her to open it. Now I am very conscious of the fact that the only clothing I have is a cotton bathrobe and the harness that felt like it had tightened up suddenly.

I make my way down the stairs praying they are in the house and not down in the garden. I peer in to every room, my heart plummeting with every negative result. A flash of white catches my eye, and I look out of the kitchen window. I spot Diana down by the summer house, a white wide brimmed hat covering her lovely reddish-brown hair. I swear and pull the robe tightly around me, knowing I have to walk down to them. At least I kept the robe on I muse, as I step outside. The concrete of the patio is warm under my feet and it feels pleasant to walk bare foot, even more so when the stone turns to grass. There is something very natural about the feel of grass on bare feet.

I have only been out in Alice’s garden a few times, and I am impressed by how it has been laid out. Trees grow in strategic places to afford maximum privacy, and the entirety of the bottom third is screened by tall bamboo plants. It is behind this wall of green I find Diana and Alice, sitting outside the wooden summerhouse that doubles as Alice’s bondage play den.

Diana grins widely as I peer around the bamboo, one hand at the waist of my robe, the other just above my boobs.

“I said she would brave it.” Diana says giggling like a cross between a schoolgirl and a maniac.

“Odd choice of gardening wear Jan.” Alice jokes as she applies sunblock to her long legs.

“Ha-ha.” I reply. “The bedroom door is stuck or something. I went to the bathroom and couldn’t get in to get dressed.”

“Stuck or something…” Alice repeats thoughtfully. “Question is, why did you get undresses to go to the bathroom?”

I feel my cheeks flush red. I know at this point that Alice and Diana know more about my predicament then they are admitting.

Diana jumps up and wraps her arms around me. “It’s okay Jan, we know what you’re wearing.”

My legs go weak as I realise my secret is uncovered. “How?” I manage to ask.

“Erm… you told us about your fantasy.” Dania says blushing nearly as much as I am. “You typed it out, then half deleted it, but left the important bits. Like the harness.”

Alice stands and hugs both Dania and me, placing a kiss on both our heads. “When we hugged you earlier we could feel it below your clothing.” She tells me. “We wondered if you çapa escort wanted to act out your fantasy. I didn’t think you would be strong enough yet, but Di thought you just needed some encouragement. So, she sneaked upstairs and locked your door.”

I felt a feeling of shame wash over me. Embarrassed by what my closest friends had discovered, but at the same time I felt a little tingle of excitement, knowing I now had no choice in what I was wearing. I flush once more, only this time it is more from arousal than shame.

“Can we see it?” Diana asked eagerly.

It is hard to believe that a year or so ago she was a timid little mouse of a thing and had only just begun to experiment with sex toys. But she did have access to the internet, and once the door had been opened to what excited her, she had spent a lot of time reading and researching everything she could get her hands on. Which was a lot.

“Only if you want to.” Alice instructs giving Diana a frown. “Remember Di, this is Janet’s body, and not ours to demand.”

Immediately Diana’s eyes drop. “Sorry Jan. I got carried away.” Then she looked up at me, those deep brown eyes looking like a spaniel that had been shouted to for wanting to play ball. My heart melted under the gaze of those eyes. They get me every time.

I glance around slightly nervously, although I have no need, the bamboo screen I advised Alice to plant provides a very private area. Mainly so she can sunbath without the risk of tan lines. My hands tremble as I slowly undo the belt of my robe. My heart is hammering in my chest and I force myself to remember that both of these women have seen me without any clothes before. But this feels so different. Much more submissive.

I open the front of the robe and reveal myself, steeling myself against the giggles that I am sure will follow.

“Oh Janet. You look beautiful.” Diana says her face reflecting nothing but sincerity. “I love how it holds your breasts.”

Small delicate fingers reach out and touch the skin of my boob, caressing them softly.

I look from Diana to Alice, seeking her approval. To my amazement she has tears in her eyes.

“I always knew you had it in you to be daring.” Alice tells me. “I’m so proud of you.”

Years of me telling myself that I wasn’t able to bare my body because it wasn’t as amazing as Alice’s or the models I see in pictures, were washed away by their tenderness. A feeling of love for my friends filled my heart, making me realise that the only thing that had held me back was myself.

I take a deep breath and let the robe fall to the floor.

A million different sensations hit me all at once. Every bit of my skin that wasn’t covered, which was most of it, reacted to the air brushing lightly over me. The sun felt warm on parts of me that had never seen the sun. And above all I felt my nipples harden and heat flush my loins as the feeling of being exposed made me feel aroused and excited.

“Duckling in to swan.” Alice murmured, as she wiped a tear away from her cheek.

“I think you are so brave.” Diana tells me, admiration on her face. “It took me a lot to get dressed up, and I was covered, and it was dark. You are out here in the sun, and I am a little envious.”

That comment hit me quite hard, I had considered Diana to be brave, doing what she did, but the realisation that she was indeed totally covered, and technically couldn’t be uncovered even if she wanted to be, made me feel a lot stronger.

I did a little twirl for them, glancing back over my shoulder cheekily as I did so.

“My little bird is taking her first flight.” Alice beamed happily. “Shall we go back to the house? I think Janet deserves her clothes back now.”

I flushed red again at Alice’s words. Mainly because I was proud of myself for shedding another layer of insecurity. I bent down and picked up my robe then paused and passed it to Alice.

I felt a massive thud in my chest as my heart beat loudly. Alice and Diana just gaped at me, not believing I had passed my only item of clothing over to them.

“It would be a shame for it to end here and now.” I whispered, my throat dry.

I thought Diana was going to burst with excitement as she clapped her hands together. Then Alice’s hand touched her shoulder, bringing her down.

“Slowly.” She advised. “Janet, we need to cover off some ground rules first. Like how far you want us to go, what are your expectations and when do you want it to end?”

I steady myself as my head is spinning from what I am asking. “I want to be kept like this for the remainder of the day. You can ask me to do anything within reason. No going off the property or to the front of the house.”

Alice looked to Diana, who nodded in compliance.

“Be gentle.” Alice advised then sat back down on the lounger.

I was being put directly in to the hands of Diana who would treat me as her submissive for the rest of the day. This sparked a new wave of feelings inside me. I don’t know why but I had a good idea how far Alice would go, and for mecidiyeköy escort all her size and strength, she was really a gentle soul. Diana on the other hand seemed extremely excited to be in charge.

I glance to Alice, seeking reassurance.

“I will be watching closely.” She promised. “Diana is very sensible, and I promise you, extremely talented at gentle teasing.”

I relax a little and let Diana led me in to the summerhouse. The flooring is cool under my bare feet, and a new set of sensations flood my system.

She leaves me in the middle of the dual-purpose building as she rummages through Alice’s toy box. “Pink or black?” Diana askes holding up two vibrators. The pink one is a curved stem with a butterfly like head, similar to my own favourite toy.


My favourite too.” Diana tells me. I feel her fingers tugging at the buckle in the middle of my back, and the crotch straps go slack. She reappears smothering the stem in lubricant.

“Say Ahhh.” She grins as she gently slips the stem inside me. I raise myself up on my toes as the stem brushes against my G-Spot.

“Ahhh.” I moan.

Diana looks up and winks at me. “Told you so.”

I remember how she placed herself in my hands very willingly and I can’t help but grin back, growing more confident with her abilities. Besides Alice wouldn’t let Di take the lead if she thought her too inexperienced.

She pats the little butterfly that now covers my clit, the small nub pressing tightly against my own, and returns to the toy cupboard.

“Is a tail going too far??” She asks holding up a black butt plug, with a two-foot-long horses tail attached. I have seen pictures of Alice wearing it and I had marvelled at how madly sexy it look on her.

“Yes.” I agree before I have a second chance to think.

Diana nearly falls over as she spins around to check it was me that had said that.

I smile sheepishly. “In for a penny, in for a pound.”

Now it is Diana who seems uneasy, and I am a little shocked at how I seem to have taken control of the situation so easily. Alice has told us many times, that in truth the submissive has more control than the dominant, but I hadn’t really got the concept until now.

I feel an odd sensation as Diana squeezes a possibly over generous amount of lubrication inside me followed by the gentle pressure of the plug going in. I let out a slight moan again as it fills my rear.

“Okay, going to fasten you up now.” Diana tells me. “Just say if it is too tight.”

The strap clinches around my loins pressing the vibe tight in to my slit and forcing the plug a little deeper inside. The feeling is highly intense, then it slackens off a little and the feeling of deep penetration slips away.

“It can go tighter.” I tell her, feeling a lot braver than I knew I was. “I would like to not be able to undo it.”

“Don’t move.” Diana instructs. “Alice, can I borrow you muscle?”

Again, I realise something, even though Diana has a very wild mind, she still lacks physical strength and size compared to Alice and I. It amazes me how she plucked up the courage to let us dominate her so harshly. I feel new levels of respect for Di.

A pair of lips press against my neck. “Say when.” They whisper.

The strap immediately tightens up threatening to cut me in half, then slowly slackens off. When it gets to a bearable level I Yell out “When.”

Alice fastens the buckle, and I immediately reach around behind me. Not matter what I do I can’t get to the buckle and the feeling of being trapped in my fantasy outfit fills me with warmth and excitement.

“What do you think?” Diana asks, but directs the question toward Alice.

“How do you feel Jan?” Alice askes, letting her eyes rove all over my body.

“Amazing.” Is the only answer that comes to my mind.

“Can you manage a collar?” She asks. “I think it would finish the look perfectly.”

A mental picture of the two of them leading me around the garden at the end of a chain flashes through my head like a bullet. I nod affirmative, my smile barely concealed.

Alice fastens a sturdy leather collar around my neck, checking it is loose and not going to strangle me. When she is happy with the fit, she clips a chain from the collar to the steel ring in the middle of my back, and repeats the process to the ring at the front.

“Try and bend.” She instructs.

As I lean forwards the chain tightens up and pulls the crotch strap tighter and I let out a little yelp.

“See how that works Di.” Alice points out. “Now Jan is the subject of her own torment. The more she bends, the more uncomfortable she gets.”

Diana nods, a serious expression on her face as if she is being instructed on something completely different than how to bind a submissive. Alice presses a remote in to her hands and winks.

“System check.” Diana says, in an echo of the words I used when I tested the electrodes she had worn. A pleasant vibration tickled my G-spot making me shudder, followed by a more intense vibration against my clit. I immediately bend forward a little. Of course, that tightens up the strap and intensifies the vibration. Spots begin to dance in front of my eyes as I rapidly approach climax, then the sensation vanishes, and I can breathe again.

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