Getting What You Wish For Ch. 04Getting What You Wish For Ch. 04

After our last adventure, I decided that I wanted more out of our group relationship; it wasn’t enough to be able to get only a partial erection. I wanted to be able to get as hard as I used to be when my dear departed wife and I had sex. Having come to that realization, I went to see my doctor. I asked him about Viagra and after some questions, he gave me some free samples to try. He suggested that since I could still achieve orgasm, that I should try half a pill and see how it went.

As soon as I got home, I popped half a pill and dug out an old porn video that I had hidden away. Putting the video in the machine, I stripped down and started the experiment. I quickly became excited by the scenes on screen, but despite my continued stroking, I was still only getting an incomplete erection. I was becoming more and more disappointed until after a half hour a so, I discovered that I was slowly getting harder. Within minutes, I was delighted to be holding a full blown hard on. I was back and couldn’t wait to share it with someone, anyone. I slowly masturbated, wanting to make it last. I went as long as I could, finally exploding all over my stomach and thighs. I looked at the mess and then thought, “What the heck” and began scooping it up with my fingers and bringing it to my mouth. I ate all of it then went to the bathroom and wiped myself down with a washcloth. While I waited for my cock to deflate, I sat back down and continued to watch the video. To my complete surprise, I found that after watching it for another half hour or so, I was still hard. I had been getting turned again and starting playing with my new toy. Wonder of wonders, I came again and followed the same procedure as before. This time my swollen member lost its rigidity and I turned off the video and got dressed. I looked forward with much anticipation to Jane’s next visit.

The next day was a Saturday and about mid-morning I heard the doorbell ring. Upon opening it I found my daughter, Lucy, standing on the porch.

“Hi daddy,” She said. “Can I come in for a few minutes?”

“Sure, baby, come on in. What do you have on your mind?”

“We need to talk about what happened the other day. I feel really weird and need to know if you still love me.” She said, nearly crying.

“Of course I love you; nothing could ever make me stop.”

I took her in my arms, hugged her and led her into the living room where we sat down on the couch.

“I am a little stunned by the other day as well and I’m not sure what I want to do about it.” I began. “I’m ashamed to admit that just thinking about it gets me excited. I know that’s wrong, but I don’t want to lie to you about anything. How do you feel?”

“Oh Daddy, I’m so confused.” She wailed. “I have been Jane’s sex slave for years, but I never thought that you would find out, much less, Cami Halısı have sex with me.”

“It’s okay honey; we can just forget about it and pretend that it never happened.”

“Is that what you want?” She asked tearfully. “You don’t think that I’m as pretty as Jane?”

“Whoa, baby,” I responded, “you are every bit as attractive as she is.”

“Really, daddy, you think that I’m as sexy as she is?” Her breasts are bigger and she has longer legs.”

“Well, honey, her breasts are a little bigger, but yours are perfect, they don’t sag at all and your nipples are beautiful.” I said, thinking that this was a very strange conversation to be having with my own daughter.

“Did you like sucking on them as much as on hers?”

“Even more,” I said, thinking that it was true. I had enjoyed the illicit thrill of licking Lucy’s tits much more than Jane’s.

“Daddy, will you suck them now?” She said looking at the floor.

“I don’t know, it’s not right; we shouldn’t be doing it.” I muttered.

“Please,” she said, reaching down and pulling her top up and off. “Touch me.”

I stared helplessly at her chest in all its glory. I couldn’t resist and knowing that it was wrong, I began to fondle them. I could feel her nipples harden as I ran my hands over them. With a moan, she lay back on the couch and began to squirm. I leaned forward and brought my lips to her delicious orbs and started licking and sucking them. After a few minutes she ran her hands down her body and struggled out or her shorts, revealing that she had no panties on. I slowly moved my head down her chest past her ribcage and navel till I reached the top of her vagina. I stopped to enjoy the fragrance, but she squealed for me to get on with it. My tongue entered her crotch and found her clit where I decided to spend some time licking and sucking. I sucked it into my mouth and rolled it around.

“Oh my god, you are wonderful,” she screamed. “Don’t stop!”

I couldn’t have if I wanted too. I was lost in lust and wanted to taste every inch of her. I placed my hands under her firm butt cheeks and lifted slightly, allowing access to her anus, which I promptly thrust my tongue into. Back and forth between her asshole and her cunt, I licked and sucked until she was vibrating, begging for more.

“I’m going to cum,” she shouted and I stopped.

“No, please don’t stop, I want to cum” she yelled, grabbing my head and trying to push it back to her crotch.

“Hold on,” I said, “I need to get something.”

I got up and went into the kitchen, where I had left my sexual aids. Swallowing another half pill, I came back to Lucy. Standing next to her, I removed my clothing before sitting back down. I reached out and started playing with her breasts with one hand while fingering her pussy with the Cami Halıları other.

“I want you to eat me,” she wailed. “You have an amazing mouth.”

“I will in a few minutes; I have a surprise for you.” I said.

As I played with her, she put her hands to my nipples; stroking them and pinching until they were like little erect cocks. I have incredibly sensitive nipples and her attention to them and the Viagra soon had me fully erect. I stood up and proudly displayed my re-discovered manhood.

“Daddy, it’s enormous,” she breathed. “Put it in me.”

I took her by the shoulders and turned her around till she was on all fours with her head against the back of the sofa. Stepping behind her I ran my hand between her legs, eliciting a gasp from her. She was soaking wet; I reached forward and put my dripping fingers to her mouth. She sucked each of them in and cleaned them with her tongue till all her tasty juices were gone. While she was enjoying her snack, I placed the head of my shaft against her cunt lips. When she released my hand from her oral ministrations, I drove into her until I bottomed out. My balls were hitting her butt cheek and I could feel her heat on every inch of my pecker. She let out a huge groan and nearly collapsed; only my arms kept her up. I gradually pulled out until just the head was in then began thrusting in and out, holding her up as I did. She quickly recovered and began moving with me, pushing back with each forward movement that I made. I have never been as turned on that as at that moment. I wanted to totally dominate her and fill her tight little pussy with my seed. I started moving faster and faster and she kept time. Then, in a moment of clarity, I had a thought.

“You are on the pill, aren’t you?” I asked.

“No, daddy, you shouldn’t cum in me.” She said. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, put it in my ass.”

“What, are you sure?” I said.

“Yes, I love it there; it’s almost as good as in my pussy. Do it, please, I want you to cum in me.”

I pulled out of her cunt and placed the head against her little puckered butt hole. It looked way to tiny to take me, but I started pushing.

“Go slow and as I relax it will get easier.” My little girl said.

I pushed some more and it began to disappear. I could feel her anus muscles relaxing as I moved in further. Within minutes, I could feel her pushing back against my pressure and then I felt it pop past her sphincter. I was in. It went very easy after that and I was able to get the entire shaft embedded in her ass. I pulled it back and started in again.

“Do it, fuck me.” She cried. “Fuck me hard.”

I took her at her word and rode her as hard as I could. It was like riding a bronco; she went “nuts” and couldn’t seem to get enough.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” She kept saying. “I love it!”

I screwed her until I couldn’t hold it any longer; then; I thrust in as far as I could go and ejaculated deep in her ass. It was the best orgasm that I’d ever had. I could feel her milking me with her inner muscles and the sensation was wonderful. When I had no more to give, I pulled out and sat down beside her. She rolled over and snuggled up against me.

“Daddy, you are the best! I want you to fuck me any time that you want .” She murmured.

We just sat and held each other; I was near exhaustion and was enjoying the afterglow.

“Look, daddy, it’s still hard.” Lucy observed.

I knew that it would take a while for the effects of the Viagra to wear off and just acknowledged her observation.

“It’s beautiful.” She said, reaching out and taking it in her hand.

To my surprise, it felt great. I didn’t think that I would be interested in sex anytime soon, but I was wrong. My body began to react to her fondling and I was soon moaning softly. I lay back and closed my eyes thinking that I wanted her to never stop. I hoped that she would keep it up and at some point I would cum again. I wanted it desperately. Just as I was beginning to feel the buildup in my testicles, something changed. I felt a warm, moist softness envelop my cock; it started moving up and down driving me further into orgasmic lust. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Lucy going down on me. She would take the whole shaft all the way in then pull back out and doing it again. She looked like an angel with her eyes closed and my cock moving in and out of her perfect lips. The sight drove me over the edge.

“Lucy, I’m coming!” I cried and pushed my hips up toward her face.

When I yelled, Lucy deep throated me and held it there. I came instantly and she pulled back enough that she could swallow. She drained me and then looking up into my eyes she licked her lips.

“I would have saved you some, but I decided that

I wanted all of it.” She purred. “When can we do it again?”

I thought momentarily; this wasn’t right. Then, I knew that I didn’t have the strength to stop and didn’t want to. I wanted to have sex with my beautiful daughter and her friends.

“Anytime that you want to and as often as you want.” I exulted. “Just make it as often as you can.

“Daddy, I have an idea; why don’t I move back in? It would save me a lot of money and then, we could do “it” all the time.”

“What about your lease? I asked.

“I don’t have one, I’m on month to month and I don’t have any furniture or stuff; its all included.”

I thought about it and decided that I mght as well resign mself to the fact that I wanted to continue having sex with her.

Ok, sounds good; when do you want to move in?

“Tomorrow, I’m off and I can pack up tonight.” She squealed.

After a little more discussion, it was agreed that she would move in with me the next day. We made out some more and she left to start packing for the move. I can hardly wait.

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