An Unexpected LoveAn Unexpected Love


This is my first story ever, i don’t know much about story writing, forgive me.


Neil started his day like he normally would, toilet, breakfast, school. Neil is now 18, his parents died in a car crash 3 months ago. His father, Ryan Goldsteen, was an investment banker and had invested very wisely, allowing Neil to never worry about money, ever. This didn’t stop Neil from wanting an education; he felt the need to live up to his father’s expectations.

Neil is a handsome young man, he is 6 foot, and is of medium build with large muscular arms. He is currently in his last year of high school at Pineview public high school. Neil decided to go to Pineview as his father had gone there as a child also, his father regularly donate money to the school, and in the memory of his father, Neil did this also. His donations allowed the school to remain open and for all the teachers to appreciate his presence at the school.

Neil was an exemplar student, on time, kind, funny, sweet and happy. However this changed 3 months ago, the death of his parents had a delayed effect on Neil, he was no longer the kind person he used to be, he became sad and brittle. This side of Neil showed itself on many occasions in class, he would be kicked out on numerous occasions for back talking and being generally disrespectful.

On a sunny Friday, during lunch time, Neil felt he had enough of the school day and was heading towards his father’s Audi R8, his father seemed to love the car as a son, Neil ensured that he did so as well, cleaning it and servicing it himself just like his father had taught him when he was young. The school idiot and bully came behind Neil and spat

“Leaving to see your mother Neil? Oh wait… She’s dead!”

Neil’s anger exploded, he removed the socket wrench in his bag, George began to run away, however Neil caught up and began to pound away at George. Neil didn’t stop, George was constantly abusing Neil, Neil let all the other taunts pass by, this time George had gone too far. It took 5 people to pull Neil away from George, the result was a trip to the ICU for George and 2 months rehabilitation, Neil was given punishment in the form of detention and community service, he was granted leniency because of grief. Due to his violent assault on George, Neil had to move classes that had George in them; this meant he would be moved into Ms Hart’s history class.

Neil didn’t mind Ms Hart, he knew that she was good looking and recently divorced, she told people that she was 28, she was really 32 with long dark hair, full chest and healthy toned body as she would run nearly every day to stay in shape. Kate Hart was nothing short of drop dead gorgeous, as part of Neil’s punishment he was assigned a teacher to which he must speak to everyday after school for a minimum of 2 hours, this was recommended by the judge in order to help Neil cope with the loss of his family and his exploding anger.

Neil didn’t need any guidance or anyone to talk to, he knew what he had done and when all the students filed out of Ms Hart’s class he sat down near the back and waited for her to begin the conversation.

“Neil, I have been appointed to talk to you about…”

Neil cut her off with a sharp comment

“I don’t need to talk to anyone about what happened, I beat George to an inch of his life with a wrench because he mocked the memory of my mother, someone who I loved deeply, who I miss with each passing second, I don’t think you would understand any of the pain I’m going through.”

With that he got up and began to leave.

Kate was not happy with his attitude and told him to take a seat or she would call the judge and he would be thrown in jail. Neil didn’t want a record, he reluctantly sat and stared his teacher in the eyes and she began to talk about anger and loss.

“Neil, listen, I know what you are feeling, the anger, I caught my husband with another woman in our marital bed, he didn’t try to conceal her from me. He simply got up and forced divorce papers in my face, he didn’t show any regret or remorse” Said an unhappy Kate as she reflected all the memories of her failed marriage.

Neil gave his sympathy to his teacher, he genuinely felt sorry for her. Her husband had taken everything from her, she was living with a friend and her teaching job barely covered her half of the rent, she had to sell her car and most of her possessions including her old family jewellery. Tears started to well up in Kate’s eyes as wounds resurfaced, Neil became distressed and hugged her.

“Listen Ms Hart, if you can open up like that to me, I will use the same effort in each of our sessions, I promise” said Neil and he ran his fingers through Kate’s hair while she hugged him.

Kate had felt she won a victory with Neil, he promised to open up, which is something which would not be easy for Neil. Kate was not lying about her situation, she sold most of her things including her car, and in order to get home she walked Ankara escort 4km and caught 3 buses. Neil saw this as an opportunity to get to know his teacher better; he was very interested in her situation and wanted to help her.

Neil “accidently” drove past Ms Hart on her 4km walk to the bus stop; he stopped his car and got out

“Hey Ms Hart, Need a lift?” asked Neil with a slight smile.

Kate was seriously considering the lift, then she thought how inappropriate it would seem if someone had seen them together in the same car, it may look as if she and him were together.

“No thanks Neil, Thanks for the offer though” Said Kate.

Neil wasn’t going to take no for an answer

“The news said it was going to rain, and you don’t have an umbrella Ms, you’ll get soaked!”

“Its fine, Neil, really” said Kate

Just as Kate said this bus went past, she was late and would either have to walk an additional 5km or wait until 7 for the next bus; Neil saw this and used it to his advantage.

“Oh no! Look, I made you miss your bus, I’m really sorry!” said an apologetic Neil.

Kate was disappointed, she couldn’t walk much farther, she was constantly tired and stressed, Neil saw this and begged her to let him take her home. Kate agreed as she saw that this was her only option, she got into his R8 and they began the journey.

“You know I live really close to you Ms Hart” Lied Neil.

“Really?” asked a confused Kate.

“Yeah, I live about 3 blocks away, in that apartment building they are renovating”

There was in fact a new apartment building, and it just so happened that Neil’s father had invested in it before he died. Only the top floor was completed, the apartments where not leased, and Neil had the intention of selling the apartment complex because he didn’t care much for it.

“How do you live there if they are renovating it?” asked Kate

“Since my dad died I suspended most of his renovation projects, it just so happened that the top floor was finished and I moved in because I like the quiet, and the house reminds me too much of them” replied Neil.

Kate expressed her sympathy yet again for his loss, he thanked her.

“Ms, I don’t really have a problem with picking you up and dropping you off to and from school, would you like me to?” asked a hopeful Neil.

It was obvious, Neil really started to like his teacher, he found her interesting and funny, cute and sexy, and really wanted to help her in her situation, his eyes would wonder her body as he noticed her stocking covered legs and knee length skirt, she usually dressed conservatively as she was used to married life.

She kindly rejected his offer, but noted that he was the only other person other than her roommate that actually cared about her.

They reached her home, and Neil parked outside and allowed Ms Hart to get out.

“See you at school Ms Hart!”

“You can call me Kate, outside and after school Neil.” Answered Kate with delight in her voice.

“Bye Kate” said Neil as he smiled and drove away.

Neil kept his appearance and rounded the corner to the apartment complex; he stopped around the corner and waited. He planned his next move, it would be simple, he would need to move into the apartment on the top floor, this would be easy as he would simply move his room there.

By 3 in the mourning everything was ready and he finished moving most of his stuff over to his new home in his dad’s old jeep truck. Neil decided to sleep in as it was Saturday. He awoke at 11:25 in the morning and decided to have a look around the neighbourhood and familiarise himself with it. He stopped by the local supermarket first and was surprised to see Kate there.

Kate was in a dress that fell just above her knees, she was talking to a man in his 30’s, she looked more distressed with each word out of the man’s mouth, he moved closer to listen.

“You worthless piece of shit, I knew you were still around here, I told you I didn’t ever want to see you!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have anywhere else to go, I’m here with my roommate, really I don’t have anywhere else, if I had enough money I would leave town” responded Kate, looking at the ground.

Just as she finished her sentence, the man lifted his arm as if to hit her, Kate immediately stumbled back and knocked off a few glass bottles to the ground breaking them, the man walked off and Kate had to deal with the store clerk telling her that she would have to buy the 2 bottles of wine that had fallen off.

“Please, it was an accident” said Kate, eyes puffed and looking as if she was going to burst into tears

Neil couldn’t stand to his teacher like that; he ran over and told the clerk that it was his fault.

“Sorry, it was me, I ran past in a hurry trying to get to the register and I accidently bumped the woman into them, I’ll pay for them.”

She mouthed “Thank you” as he walked away to pay.

He waited for Kate outside; she immediately thanked him and told Ankara escort bayan him that she would pay him back for the bottles as soon as she could.

“Don’t worry about it Kate” said a sincere Neil.

“No, I really have to; you saved me quite a bit, ever since the divorce I’ve been on an extremely tight budget, if you hadn’t of done that I may have not been able to buy any of my essentials” said Kate.

“I don’t want your money Kate, I won’t take it, but I tell you what, how about you give me some of your time instead?”

“What do you mean?” asked Kate with a puzzled look.

“Come to dinner with me” asked a hopeful Neil.

“That would be nice, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to be seen in a restaurant with one of my students, also I’m much too old for you Neil.” replied Kate.

Neil realised it would take more encouragement for him to be able to treat her out to dinner.

“Okay, how about my place tonight? I’ll cook.” asked Neil.

“Neil I’m old enough to be your mother”

“You’re not old” answered Neil.

Kate blushed, she felt weird and she felt somehow attracted toward Neil, something she had not felt in a while.

“Okay…” said Kate reluctantly.

“Great! Pick you up at 8”

Neil spent the rest of the day preparing his new apartment and cooking some dishes, deciding on which he would cook for Kate, he decided on a pasta dish as he figured it was light and he could not screw up pasta.

The time was 7.50pm, he didn’t want to be late and he left in his father’s BMW to pick her up. He arrived at 8 on the dot, he rang the bell and Kate buzzed him in. He went to the third floor and knocked, Amanda, Kate’s roommate opened the door and chatted with Neil as Kate was getting ready. Amanda frequently excused herself to check on Kate; Neil heard parts of their conversation.

“No! Wear the purple dress!”

“Use my necklace; it makes your eyes pop”

He figured Amanda took a shine to him and wanted him to like Kate.

Kate came out, slightly blushing, she walked outside with Neil. On the way down Neil admired Kate’s dress, the hem fell just above her knees, her heels looked amazing with her dress, her necklace did indeed make her eyes pop, Neil made sure to complement her eyes.

Neil opened the door to the BMW for her and they were away. 5 Minutes later they arrived at Neil’s apartment, using the back entrance with the elevator that led directly to the top floor of the apartment.

“You have a lovely home Neil” said a shy Kate.

“Thank you, my father was planning on converting this building, but never got a chance to finish I guess” said Neil, smiling at Kate.

Kate was flush, she was aroused, Amanda had made her wear a thong and a bra that didn’t cover much also, she felt sexy but very shy, she felt old and felt guilty for considering having sex with Neil. Neil saw how flush she was and offered her a drink, red wine, this helped ease her up.

Neil prepared the meal as he and Kate talked about school, and what their plans for the future where. Kate and Neil finished dinner and Kate was impressed with his cooking ability.

They sat on the couch and began to finish watching a movie that was on TV, while drinking wine, their 2nd bottle.

“Who was that man at the supermarket?”

“He used to be my husband…” answered Kate.

“Why did he look like he was about to hit you?”

“He was going too, but it was a public place, he was abusive toward me during our marriage, he told me to leave town, but I had nowhere to go and no money” said Kate.

Kate began to cry, she was stressed over the whole situation, Neil didn’t know what to do, so he hugged her, this time more intimately, stroking her hair and planting kisses on her. Kate liked what he was doing and felt safe in his arms, she pulled closer to him. The hug lasted a few minutes, when Neil pulled back, caressed her face with his right hand and brought his lips up to hers, they kissed for a few moments, Kate allowing her jaw to open and give Neil’s tongue access to her own, when the two tongues touched, Kate felt electrified and became weak, her mind shouting no, but her heart begging yes.

She pulled away.

“Neil, no, this is wrong, I’m your teacher.”

Neil could see her conflict, he pulled her back and kissed her again, this time she didn’t object. Kate was nervous; she had not had sex in 2 years. She wasn’t ready for it yet, but she felt like she was melting in between her legs as Neil passionately kissed her along her neck, working his way down to her shoulders, replacing the shoulder straps with kisses, her dress shrunk down to her waist to expose her bra clad breasts, Neil became excited, he unclipped her bra, all the while Kate holding onto him, nervous and unsure of herself, her ex-husband had taken much of her self-confidence.

Neil could see how she was uneasy, he began to complement her, and this made her ease up but not by much. She was damaged by her husband, unloved. Neil Escort Ankara wanted to change this; he laid her down on the couch, pulled her dress off.

“Neil, this is wrong, we shouldn’t have sex and this could complicate things at school”

“No one will know, I can tell how wet you are, you’re on fire” answered Neil

Kate didn’t respond, she just pulled him close and kissed Neil, Neil positioned himself in between her legs, removing her black thong in one fluid motion, she was soaking wet. Kate began to unbutton the buttons on Neil’s jeans and pulling them down, she could only get them to his knees when they both couldn’t take it any longer. Neil plunged into her slowly, she had asked him to be gently with her and he respected this and obeyed.

Neil pushed slowly in as his cock stretched her pussy walls, Kate groaned and moaned as she felt an orgasm nearing, she had not had sex in 2 years and had forgotten what a real cock felt like, all she could do was hold on around Neil’s neck as she was slowly fucked. Kate came on the second stroke, the orgasm rocked her body, Neil was surprised how long it had taken her to come, she lay there satisfied, Neil continued to stroke slowly, gently picking up the pace.

“Kate, do you trust me?” asked Neil.

“Yes” replied Kate without hesitation.

“Hang on tight then”

With that he picked her up and began to slowly fuck her in the air, while taking her to his room. By the time he had reached the door way Kate had cum an additional 2 times. Neil felt like she was ready for a fast pace, he put her against the wall and began to fuck her faster, Kate moaned, groaned and squealed.


Kate had lost count how many times she had cum, she was feeling dizzy and lost track of time, all she could see or feel was Neil and his muscular arms holding her, frozen in the air. Kate fell in and out of consciousness as Neil began to ram her, Neil was reaching his climax, Kate felt his dick swell and gyrate and she asked him with her last bit of strength to cum into her.

“Please…. Do…. It…. Argh”

Neil came and felt Kate’s full body weight crash onto him, she passed out. Neil took her to his bed and lay her down. He used a cloth and cleaned the sweat off her fore head and face, working down to her cunt, wiping some of the cum that was coming out. He thought to himself how unusually tight she was, and the feeling of having her pussy clench his cock as she was cumming, he usually lasted longer than 10 minutes but Kate had rocked his world.

He lay down next to her and took her in his arms, they both slept. Neil awoke first and watched Kate sleeping for a few moments before she woke up, Neil leaned in and kissed her, Kate kissed back. He leaned over and gave Kate a glass of water that he had on the night stand next to the bed, she thanked him and drank it.

“Can you stay the night?” asked Neil.

“Of course, I would really like too” responded a tired Kate.

She had not been loved like that in 2 years, her ex-husband was usually very rough with her, and constantly put her down as he would forcefully ram his cock in and out of her, however she noticed Neil’s to be a bit bigger than her ex-husband.

Neil picked Kate up in his arms, she snuggled forward into his chest, he lay her down on top of him as they sat on the couch, Neil flicked on the TV and put a movie on, they watched 1 movie before Neil felt that she was really wet again, he let his hands roam her body, she closed her eyes and let him explore, one of his hands went to her face and pulled it into his, he kissed her passionately, removed the blanket and moved between her legs, she felt much more comfortable now.

“Neil, can I ask a favour?” asked a shy Kate.

“Of course” replied Neil planting kisses all over her.

“Will you make love to me?” asked Kate, looking down at her feet.

Neil moved in and whispered in her ear “I’d love to”.

Neil kissed her ear, and moved down her cheek and took her tongue into his mouth, she loved the way he would fight her tongue when he kissed her, Kate spread her legs as wide as she could, she felt Neil penetrate her, she was soaking wet again, on the verge of climax as soon as he entered in her.

He made love to his teacher that night all throughout the night; he would slowly penetrate her as she lay ready for him. When they fell asleep, they would usually fall asleep in each other and would awake when one of them would get aroused. Neil enjoyed making love to his teacher as she was puddy in his hands after her first climax, which would come after the first or second stroke inside of her, his lips would not leave her skin while he was inside her.

Kate was in heaven, she loved the way he would always kiss, nibble and lick her as they made love in his bed. Kate would pass out after 2 or 3 orgasms, it was too intense for her and she would moan and yell and scream. Kate would then wake up and they picked up where they left off, Kate was constantly wet due to Neil constantly caressing her throughout the night. They both fell asleep at around 4.30 in the morning after Neil came inside her again.

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