This is a story of fiction and is not intended to reflect any factual basis upon the characters mentioned.

This story is hopefully enjoyed by those who like a more romantic tale. I hope I’ve done justice to those this story reflects. F/F.



A test. A test from The future king of France, Charles VII. She was to travel to a small village and slay a monster that was reportedly killing the villagers there. Her claims of saintly visions would be tested if this eighteen year old peasant girl should succeed. If she failed, then a brief glimmer of hope in defeating the English would be snuffed and a momentary distraction removed.

Joan was provided with some old armor and a dull sword for her mission. Many scoffed that this illiterate child, a girl no less, could be the salvation that France needed in it’s floundering campaign to rout the English from French soil.

Joan traveled alone to the village of Les Brousseau on an old war horse. Joan spoke to the keeper of the small inn upon her arrival. Her claims of being sent to rid the village of the monster of the night was met with skepticism and quiet ridicule.

The innkeeper decided to humor this child, in her old and rusted armor. He told her the monster came at night, and had recently killed the local tax collector.

He also confided that the village saw this creature of the night as more of a protector of the village. The victims were the sick and dying. The tax collector was not liked and was harsh in his methods of collection. The man perished after the children of a family had died after being driven from their home for not being able to pay.

Joan considered what the innkeeper told her. She found others in the village would not speak to her of what ever, or who ever it was that moved in the night. She was uncertain if it was fear of the monster, or of her removing a creature looked upon as more a savior. Villages and cities were only now beginning to recover from the curse of the plague that had killed so many.

The innkeeper provided Joan a room, as she carried papers from the Royal court.

Joan was out that night in search of this monster. Moving quietly among the few alleys and woods of the village. Joan was fearful, but held to her faith that she had been selected after visions of saints had visited her.

Joan felt a breeze upon her neck as she walked among the trees, though noticed no movement of the leaves. Turning quickly, she saw but a dark blur moving away further into the woods. Joan attempted to follow, but soon realized there was no further movement ahead of her.

Joan returned to the inn as the sun began to rise. After a brief meal she went to her room. After kneeling and saying her prayers and giving thanks, she slept.

Joan returned to her hunt again that night. While moving between homes, she heard soft voices from around the corner. Moving silently to the end of the home, she peeked around the corner and beheld a person dressed in black, kneeling with an old woman, who’s head lay upon her lap. A cowl covered the head of the dark form. Joan could hear the old woman softly speaking, coughing intermittently.

“Thank you for answering my prayers and coming to me. The pain is so unbearable and I know that I can no longer help my family and am only a burden to them.”

“You have never been a burden Patrice. Your family loves you. And knowing how much you have given to them and others, this is the least that I can do.”

“I am fearful though. I don’t know what God’s will would be for me when we meet.”

“Do not worry, you have had a life of loving and caring for those around you. No god will find fault with you.”

“Thank you my lady. You have been a saint and protector of my family and village. I only wish there was something I could do to end the sadness I see in your eyes.”

“Shhh, Patrice. My fate shall be what it is. Are you ready for your next journey?”

“Yes my lady. But, will it hurt?”

“No my dearest, it will be like closing your eyes to sleep, no more cares, no more pain.”

“Thank you.”

Joan watched as the cowl bent to the women. Joan heard a soft sound from the old woman and then, a contented sigh. The cowled figure stayed bent over the women’s body, which had ceased all movement.

Joan’s sword, previously held in the ready position, had dropped in front of her. She knew she had just witnessed the end of the woman’s life, though done by some fashion that appeared to have brought only relief.

This could not be the murdering creature she had been told to find and kill, could it?

Joan was stilled by her thoughts when she heard a woman’s voice. The sound so sweet, that she looked up in surprise to see a beautiful face framed within the cowl.

“If you are here to slay me, I would think it better that you have your sword up.”

Joan moved from the corner towards the woman. As she approached she noticed rich black hair framing the woman’s face and falling to the swell of her breasts, hidden under her cloak. The woman’s eyes izmit rus escort were almond shaped, dark brows above brown eyes, the depths of which Joan felt here self captivated by. Joan’s eyes moved to the woman’s full red lips.

Joan felt a heat rush through her body. A yearning to move into this woman’s arms. To be close. To be kissed.

“If you wish to strike me down child, I will not resist. My time has been long. Perhaps it’s time for me to make my leave.”

“I was sent to kill a monster. I see no monster here my lady,” Joan stated quietly.

The woman tilted her head slightly as she looked upon this young woman, barely removed from being a girl. She felt the goodness of Joan as she stood fearlessly before her.

She was surprised to also feel a yearning to be near this young girl. With her brownish hair cascading from under the helmet she wore. Her blue eyes, long, thin nose and pale lips. She could not recall a time she wished to be near someone and hold them tightly to her.

“Tell me child, what is your name?”

“Joan D’Arc, my lady.” “And if I may be so bold as to ask yours?’

Joan watched as a brief sadness descended upon the brown eyes of the woman.

“I have had many names, but for you, I will give you my true name, Cosmina.”

The women stood, simply staring into each other’s eyes. Joan again saw sadness descend and flicker across those brown jewels.

“With your leave then Joan, I leave you.”

As the woman turned to leave, Joan felt a pull she had never known before. “Will I see you again Cosmina?”

The woman paused, turning to Joan with a raised eye brow.” Do you wish to see me again?”

“Yes. Yes I do.” Joan replied softly. A slight smile came to the woman’s face.

“Then you shall. I shall be at the ruins in the forest tomorrow night. Ask Pierre, the innkeeper. He will provide you with directions.” And with that, the woman was gone, so quickly that Joan looked around, but saw no sight of where she had disappeared to.

Joan returned to the inn. Deep in thought of these strange feelings she was having towards Cosmina.

Joan learned of the ruins from Pierre. A questioning look from him, though still he provided her the information.

Joan returned to her room and sunk to her knees in prayer.

“Lord? Is this a test you have placed in my path? Have I been mesmerized in some way by this woman?”

Joan could not bring herself to believe that Cosmina had some how clouded her mind. She had no experience with needs of her body. She had had no lovers in her life as no man had ever been of an attraction to her. Yet she felt a yearning that coursed thorough her body, centering on the junction between her legs.

Joan stayed upon her knees in prayer and thought until exhaustion forced her to her bed. For the first time she dared to sleep unclothed. The rough blanket scraped across her hard nipples, sending shivers of excitement through her body.

She would not allow herself to touch the wetness that she noticed in her nether region. She knew such things were forbidden by her church.

Joan knew that she would be in the ruins that night, for she could not bear the thought of not seeing Cosmina again.

Joan awoke in the late afternoon. Pierre was very generous in providing her with a dinner. A look of contemplation upon his face. She noted none of the other diners would speak to her, instead speaking with each other quietly. She felt the looks that she was receiving from the other diners, but when she would turn their way, eyes were quickly diverted.

Joan felt the need to hurry to be with Cosmina again. She questioned this desire, but was powerless to stop herself as she hurried from the inn before the sun set.

Joan was able too find the ruins from the directions provided. They appeared to have been an old castle, now partially crumbled and buried in the woods.

As darkness enfolded her, she began to question her choice to be at such an isolated location. The movements in the woods around her and the howling of a wolf set her nerves on end.

Joan felt her breath leave her body as a voice sounded behind her.

“Thank you for coming Joan D’Arc.” A quiet voice said.

Joan turned to see Cosmmina standing behind her, still wrapped in her long black cloak. Cosmina’s hood was down now and Joan could see her full rich hair cascading down across her shoulders.

“I could no more avoid this then my need to breath,” Joan said.

“I’m sure you have many questions for me child. And for some reason, for you I am willing to answer them.”

Joan again felt herself lost in the rich brown eyes of Cosmina.

“Have you enchanted me? Is this why I feel so drawn to be with you, to be near you?” Joan whispered out.

A small laugh came from Cosmina. “No child, for if I have enchanted you, then I have also enchanted myself.”

Joan smiled back at Cosmina as she moved to her. Joan stopped in front of Cosmina. Inches separating them. Joan felt the need to touch this woman. TO izmit escort see if she was actually real, or some trick that God was playing upon her.

With a trembling hand, she reached up and softly stroked Cosmina’s cheek. She felt her warmth and the smooth, unflawed skin under her fingers. Cosmina’s hand moved to cover Joan’s hand. Pressing her warm caress against her skin as she tilted her head firmer against it’s pressure.

With a sigh, Cosmina moved from Joan’s touch while still holding her hand. Come Joan, let us find a more private place to speak.

Joan entwined her fingers with Cosmina, allowing herself to be led along a path she had not noticed through the rubble of the decaying castle.

Cosmina led Joan to a portion of the castle that was undisturbed. A fire burned in the large fireplace, providing a warm sanctuary from the cool night air.

A bear skin rug was laid out before the fire and Joan moved with Cosmina to sit upon it.

“I don’t understand any of this my lady.” “I feel such need to see you, to be with you, to touch you.” Joan’s head dropped to her chest as she felt tears fill her eyes.

“Shhh my child. For I feel the same towards you. I have traveled to many places for a very long time. But you are the first I have ever felt the need to want to be with.”

Cosmina moved her hand to Joan’s chin and gently lifted until their eyes once again met. She wiped away the tears that had spilled upon Joan’s cheeks, a gentle smile upon her face.

Joan felt herself once again become lost in those eyes. She felt as if she could look forever into their depths, seeing only warmth and what she did not recognize as love.

Cosmina moved slowly towards Joan until their lips were but inches apart.

“May I kiss you?” Cosmina whispered.

“Yes, yes please.” Joan answered back just as softly. The warmth she had felt the night before moving through her body tenfold over what she had felt the night before.

Joan felt as if she could not draw in enough air for her body to survive. Her lips opening slightly, as if to draw more air into her lungs.

Cosmina closed the small distance between them. Her lips moving against the soft, slightly opened lips of Joan.

Joan moaned as the heat flared within her. Moving her hand through Cosmina’s hair, she pulled those lips harder against her own.

Cosmina felt lost in her feelings of lust. Wrapping her arms around Joan, she pulled her tighter to her body. Her leg, as if having a mind of it’s own, moved between Joan’s legs, pressing against her center.

Joan felt the pressure of Cosmina’s leg. Spiraling her desire higher. She began grinding herself, feeling the slickness leaking from her spreading to coat her thighs. Joan’s mind became a blinding flash of white as a rush of sensations exploded within her body.

Joan clung tightly to Cosmina as her body surged harder and harder against the thigh pushed against her. Her head dropped back as a scream of bliss was torn from her throat.

Blackness quickly descended upon Joan as Cosmina caressed her slack body to her.

Joan awoke to find herself laying upon the rug. The soft fur, pleasant upon her skin. Joan could only smile as she felt Cosmina’s arms around her. Her body pressed tightly against Cosmina.

Joan began to regain her senses as she continued to smile into Cosmina’s eyes.

“What happened?” Joan asked.

“You have experienced le petit mort, my love.” Cosmina replied.

“My love.” Joan liked that. She found that she also felt an undying love for this woman. Joan cared nothing of her religious teachings at this moment. She could only think of how great her love for Cosmina was. Surely god would not deny such a feeling of joy and peace she felt while Cosmina held her.

“Do you trust me Joan?”

“Yes! Yes, I trust you with my heart, my body, my soul.”

If possible, Joan saw even greater love flow into Cosmina’s eyes as she looked upon her.

Cosmina reached to the hem of the peasant blouse Joan wore, and slowly lifted it up her body. Joan held her breath, her face flushing red as she would be exposed naked for the first time since being a baby in her mother’s arms.

Joan surprised herself as she willingly lifted her body to allow Cosmina to remove her blouse. As she lay back down, she felt the softness of the rug against her naked back. But all she could think of was the look of wonder and hunger that were in Cosmina’s eyes.

Cosmina stared down upon the fragile beauty before her. Joan’s small pale breasts, topped with hard, pointed nipples before her. She watched as Joan’s chest rose and fell with her rapid breath. She could hear the pounding of Joan’s blood as it coursed through her body.

Cosmina’s hand moved slowly up Joan’s bare stomach. Savoring the smoothness and warmth she felt. Her hand encircled Joan’s breast. Her fingers moving to lightly pinch the erect nub that sat atop it.

Joan’s back arched at the sensation of Cosmina’s touch. Her body again became flush with the heat she associated with being near kocaeli escort Cosmina.

A moan came unbidden from Joan’s lips as Cosmina leaned forwards, and placed her lips around that turgid point. Joan felt she would burst into flames as she felt Cosmina’s tongue encircling her nipple.

Joan offered no resistance as Cosmina’s fingers lifted her skirt to her hips. A louder moan escaped her lips as Cosmina’s hands moved through her wetness. Her hips rose to push more of those delicate fingers within her as Cosmina’s hand rubbed her very essence.

Cosmina rubbed her thumb over the hard nub that lay atop her soaking wet cleft.

Joan again felt the rush of her body, as again there was an explosion within her head and through out her body. Her body arched as she cried out. Shaking and frantic for this blessed feeling to continue.

Soon, she felt as if she were returning. Cosmina laid atop her, moving to once again press her lips against Joan’s.

Joan’s body could withstand no more and she found herself sliding into a contented sleep.

Joan awoke to the sounds of birds chirping. Light was filtering in through the open windows above her. She was disappointed to find herself alone. No sign of where Cosmina had gone.

“Cosmina?” Cosmina?” But no answer was forth coming.

Joan donned her blouse and arranged her skirt as she rose. Joan found her way back to the forest, taking one last hopeful look back, hoping to see Cosmina there. Such was not to be and Joan followed the trail through the woods, back to the village.

Joan noticed the surreptitious glances she received from those villagers that were about as she walked. Again, none would meet her eyes, but she noted many with a smile upon their face.

Joan entered the inn to be greeted by Pierre.

“I was not sure we would be seeing you again miss.” “We were unsure if perhaps you had met with an accident, or become lost.”

Joan smiled towards Pierre. “No, I was not lost. I believe I have been found.”

Pierre’s eyes widened as he looked upon Joan. She was uncertain of his thoughts as he then became flustered.

“I am sorry miss, but you can no longer stay here.”

“But why?” Joan asked in confusion.

“You belong to her now. The woman of the night. We enjoy her protection here, but I cannot risk having her presence drawn to my inn by you.”

“Where will I go?”

“I believe you know the answer to that. Your eyes shine with a new light that was not there when you left last evening.”

Joan knew what the man was saying. She did not understand his fear, but she knew she belonged at the castle with Cosmina.

Joan returned to her room and quickly collected her sparse belongings. She found her old horse and together they returned to the trail that led to the ruined castle.

Joan was able to find a suitable place to leave her horse near the castle. She found the path back to the room she had been with Cosmina during the night. She laid back down upon the fur rug, longing to once again be in Cosmina’s arms before closing her eyes to sleep.

Joan awoke to the feeling of a hand softly stroking her face. A smile came to her face as she opened her eyes to see Cosmina lying beside her, their bodies pressed together.

Joan pulled Cosmina’s face to her. Pressing their lips together hoping to fill this unquenchable hunger she felt to touch Cosmina with her entire body.

Joan broke the kiss, moving her head back to look again into the depths of Cosmina’s eyes. Again she felt lost in the golden colors she now saw there.

“You’ve returned to me my love.”

“I don’t ever want to be far from you Cosmina.” “I love you, I can feel it in my heart, in my very being.”

A sadness again appeared in Cosmina’s eyes as she turned away.

Joan was confused and lightly pulled Cosmina back to face her.

“What is wrong my love?” “Have I done something to hurt you?”

“No my sweetness. I am not all that I appear.”

“What do you mean? Do you not want to be with me.?”

A tear slowly descended down Joan’s cheek, wondering what she had done to harm this woman she loved so. She did not understand what Cosmina was saying.

“I am a creature of the night my beloved. I fear that should you know all of me, you will flee the horror that is my life. I know that would break me, for my heart has never been moved as you have moved me.”

Joan rose up and gripped Cosmina’s shoulders.

“Please, tell me! There is nothing that you can say that would be so awful that I will not love you.”

A sad smile came to Cosmina’s lips. She bent forwards and placed a light kiss upon Joan’s.

“I will tell you my story then. Then you may choose if your feelings are still the same towards me.”

Joan moved behind Cosmina and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her back against her chest.

“Please tell me what brings such sadness to you. Though in my heart, I do not believe there is anything you can say that would turn me against you.”

Cosmina settled against Joan as she felt Joan’s lips kiss her tenderly upon her neck.

Many years ago, I lived in a small village in the mountains far from here. I had a husband and child at the time. Cosmina felt Joan stiffen at the mention of her being a married woman.

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