English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes. Do not judge very harshly.

This story is a fantasy. It has nothing to do with reality.

The characters are all over 18 years old.

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This time it happened at night, when I was already asleep. My stepbrother was spending the night at my place. It started like a dream. He got into bed with me, crawling under the covers. His hand went under my shirt and started stroking my breasts, slowly going lower and lower. His hand slowly began to slip into my panties, and his fingers began to enter my vagina. He began to massage it, going deeper and deeper with his middle finger… After playing with my hands, my brother took the blanket off me, took off my panties, and spread my legs. Taking his tool, he entered me, introducing his miner into my cave. My brother slowly began to fuck me. It made me start to wake up. Seeing this, my brother said: “I thought I was going Magosa Escort to fuck a sleeping beauty.” I spread my legs wide for him and wrapped my arms around him. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper into me, his moans of pleasure growing stronger and clearer, his kisses accompanied by the words: “that feels good”. A few minutes and his seed erupted into me, at its peak his cock almost went all the way into me. I cried out.

– Mmmm, sweetie! – Gianni said, kissing my breasts. I took his hot cock in my hand, hot, big, lumpy, cum-covered cock… I stroked it, remembering how much joy it brought me. Gianni lay down on his side, grabbed me and started kissing me. He started to scrub my tits hard, as if he was seeing and holding them for the first time.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had sex with.”

“Because I always spread your legs?”

“No, it’s not just that. You’re my sister, I love you. I can’t get enough of you, I can’t get enough of you, I can’t get enough of you, I can’t get enough of you just once…”

“If you want and can, take me again, in the ass.”

“Now, just a minute… Kıbrıs Escort And I’ll take… …my love sis… from behind,” he said, putting me on all fours and fitting me from behind. He leaned over and started kissing my ass, running his tongue down the middle. Wetting my cock with saliva, he gently entered my ass. Taking a firm grip on my hips, he began to fuck me. I started moaning.

“Careful, it hurts a little…”

“Just be patient, it’s not the first time you’ve been fucked in the ass…”

He stood still for a few moments, giving my distended ass time to get used to his size. His big, hard cock was pleasantly filling me.

“How many lovers have you had? 50? 60?”

“Do you think I’m such a whore?”

“Well, at least I’m a slut for sure!”

His cock came in and out, I could hear it slapping against my ass. My scrotum hit my clit, making me feel good. Heat was spreading from the stretched sphincter. The cock moved faster and faster. It was hitting nerve endings that I didn’t even know existed. Suddenly, an invisible dam collapsed, and a wave of orgasm rolled Lefkoşa Escort through me from my stretched asshole to my throat, causing me to scream in pleasure.

“AAAAAaaA!!!! I’M CUMMmiiING!!!!!”

He froze in anticipation while I, like a partridge on a ramrod, thrashed in ecstasy, wearing my asshole on his dick.

– How many men have you been fucked by, anyway? – my brother asked, in the process of moving his cock from my anus to my vagina.

“Ah… Does it matter to you?”

“Yes. How many?”

“At least 30 for sure…”

My brother worked his cock harder and harder.

“And you sucked all of them?”

“Oh… Yeah, almost all of them. Not so fast, sunshine!”

He started to fuck me more and more actively, or rather to fuck me, having heard my words.

“Who did you… did you give birth to your daughter… Diana? Do you know who… her father?!”

“Yes, I do! You are!!! Aah! Aah!”

“Bitch! Then get it again!”

He pulled his cock out and turned me around, laying me down on the bed. He was on top of me again, working me like a jackhammer again. His moans and screams were deafening. His cum was once again inside me. It filled my vagina, my uterus, rushed to the ripe and waiting egg to create new life. He lay down next to me, breathing heavily… Before I fell asleep, I heard him say: “I love you!” – and mentally sadly, I sent him back, “Only when you fuck me.”

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