A Surprising First Pt. 06A Surprising First Pt. 06


After I posted Chapter 5 of my story I realized that the category I listed for Chapters 4 and 5, Lesbian Sex, were wrong. They should have been Toys and Masturbation. I meant to get to the lesbian sex in each one but as the characters and story developed they turned into separate chapters. I apologize for any confusion or misconception caused by my error.

Today begins the lesbian portion of this story, which will eventually conclude with full out, bisexual, anything goes group sex. I hope you’ll stick around for it.


On Sunday afternoon Lori pulled into Dee’s driveway. She looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. This was going to be a big day/week. If all went according to plan, Dee and Lori would soon be lovers and Dee would be prepared for a sex life of which she probably never dreamed. Lori was going to introduce her to the joys of lesbian love and anal intercourse initially then, when their husbands returned, to swapping, group sex and double penetration. Lori’s desire was to make Dee and Steve her and David’s lifetime lovers. She had fantasized about all of them fucking each other – even the guys. But she wasn’t sure she could pull it off.

If things didn’t go according to plan Lori was aware that she could lose her best friend forever. But she believed Dee had enough feeling and desire for her that it could be done.

She got her two small bags and headed toward the door. She didn’t bring man clothes. She didn’t plan on wearing many if all went well. In one bag was a couple of outfits that could be worn for lounging and one dead on sexy outfit in case they went out. And her current attire wasn’t bad either.

Lori rang the bell and waited. It took about 30 seconds for Dee to open the door. Dee smiled.

“Hey you. Come in. Let me take one of those,” Dee said to her best friend.

“Hey Babe. Thanks,” Lori replied, handing her the bag of clothes.

In the second bag was a collection of Lori’s favorite sex toys. She didn’t want Dee knowing about them just yet.

Dee closed the door and turned around as Lori removed her coat. Dee’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw what Lori was wearing. She had on a black mini skirt so short it barely covered anything, a black lace bra and a sheer white blouse. She complimented the outfit with three inch spike heels. Dee thought she looked like a street-walker.

“That’s quite an outfit. You looking to raise some money?” Dee asked.

“You like it?” Lori asked, laughing. “I decided that I wanted to dress like a sexy slut just for fun. It’s just us girls and I wanted to feel sexy. Am I sexy?”

“I don’t think there is a straight guy alive who wouldn’t be looking at you if you were in public. Of course, their thoughts might not be pure,” Dee responded.

“But I don’t want their thoughts to be pure,” Lori said. “I want them to look at me and say ‘Damn – I’d like to fuck her – right here, right now.”

Dee was a little shocked by her friend’s use of the F word but she couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m pretty sure that’s what they’d be thinking,” she said. “Even Steve would be thinking it. He wouldn’t say it but he’d be thinking it.”

“You think so?” Lori asked. “Do you really think Steve would want to go to bed with me?” she asked with a fake shy look on her face. She was definitely interested in Dee’s answer.

“I think the way you’re dressed he couldn’t help but want to. You look like an orgasm waiting to happen.”

“You say the kindest things,” Lori said, and laughed again. She stepped up to Dee and hugged her, planting a light kiss on her lips.

“Now – let’s see about you. You need to go change, girlfriend. Put on something sexy and join me in the kitchen for a glass of wine.”

Dee looked down at herself. She was wearing sweats. She meant to be comfortable today. But Lori looked so hot that Dee was inspired to at least match her.

“I’ll be right back,” she said. “I’ll put this bag in the spare bedroom. Want me to take the other one as I go?”

“That’s OK,” Lori said. “I may need something from it. I’ll keep it out here for now.”

“Suit yourself. The wine is open and on the counter. Right back.” Dee headed to the bedroom.

Lori set her goodie bag by the couch, took off her shoes and went into the kitchen. She poured two full glasses of the dark red wine Dee had opened and tasted hers. It was heavenly. She wondered if she could get Dee to drink more than usual as it could help her with her plans.

Dee had no clue what to put on but was determined to be at least as slutty as Lori. She looked in her dresser and found a pair of tiny blue-jean shorts, Daisy Dukes as they’re called, that fit her ass perfectly and left little to the imagination. She took off her underwear just to make herself feel a little dirty, and pulled on the shorts. The crotch of the shorts rubbed lightly on her labia as she stepped back up to the dresser. She wasn’t sure if that was good or bad but she decided to go with it anyway.

Dee looked in her t-shirt drawer and found the perfect thing – a cropped white t-shirt that Anadolu Yakası Escort would barely cover the bottom of her breasts. She often wore it when she was working out on the treadmill and Steve had often complimented her on how sexy it was. He had once even taken her on the floor of the exercise room saying the top was driving him crazy.

Dee decided to do one more thing to make herself slutty and sexy and desirable. She removed her bra before putting on the t-shirt.

She looked at herself in the full length mirror. She looked pretty hot if she did say so herself. She raised her arms above her head and the lower halves of her breasts were visible. She turned around and looked at her ass – the ass that Lori often complimented her on. It looked pretty incredible.

Satisfied, Dee found a pair of blue spiked heels and put them on before heading out to the kitchen. When she rounded the corner Lori saw her and spit her wine back in her glass.

“Damn, girl! You look hot as hell! Turn around and let me see that gorgeous ass of yours!” Lori exclaimed.

Dee turned slowly and bent over a little, teasing her friend. Her top hung down and if Lori had been in front of her she would have had a great view of her breasts.

Lori walked forward and put her hand on Dee’s ass, jerking it away and blowing on it.

“That’s the hottest ass I’ve ever seen,” she said as Dee stood up and turned around. “Damn, I wish I could have it.”

“Sorry, it’s the only one I have,” Dee said, smiling – not knowing that when Lori said she’d like to have it she meant she wanted to fuck it.

“Well, it’s one sweet ass,” Lori said, handing Dee a glass of wine. “So… what do we drink to?”

“To our week alone without our men,” Dee said, raising her glass. “Here’s to some girl fun.”

“Here, here,” Lori responded, clinking glasses with Dee and taking a long drink. Dee did the same.

“I hope you have more wine,” Lori said. “This is great!”

“Oh, I do,” Dee assured her. I bought three bottles just for today.”

“That’s great news,” Lori replied. Silently she thought “If Dee drinks more than two glasses of wine she’ll do whatever I want her to do…” She smiled.

“Let’s go in the living room,” Lori suggested. “We can talk about what we’re going to do this week.”

“Good idea,” Dee said, grabbing the wine bottle.

“You first,” Lori said. “I want another look at that ass,” she teased.

“You wish,” Dee said, laughing, as she walked forward holding the bottle behind her.

“Bitch,” Lori said.

“Perv,” Dee responded. They both laughed as they entered the living room. As Dee bent over to set the bottle and her glass on the coffee table Lori smacked her on the ass.

“That’ll teach you,” she said.

“Ow! You witch,” Dee shouted as she stood up and turned around. Without thinking she reached out and lightly pinched Lori’s left breast. “Take that!” she said, triumphantly.

“Oh yeah?” Lori said. She quickly reached out and tweaked Dee’s right nipple, which was already hard. “Ha!”

Dee grabbed an arm and pulled Lori toward her. She stepped aside and slapped Lori’s ass, which looked damn good in that tiny skirt. “We’re even,” she said.

Lori rubbed her ass sand conceded. “OK, OK. No more. Otherwise I’ll have to pull your shirt up,” reaching out and doing just that. The shirt now rested on top of Dee’s breasts and her breasts looked yummy.

Without pulling her shirt down, Dee reached over and pulled Lori’s skirt up to her waist. What she beheld caught her by surprise. Lori had nothing on underneath her skirt and her pubis and vaginal area was cleanly shaven. It was perhaps the prettiest thing she had ever seen and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from it.

“Y..You’re not wearing panties,” Dee observed.

“I rarely do unless it’s necessary,” Lori responded. “I enjoy the air and the freedom.

Dee continued to look at Lori’s nether parts as Lori feasted her eyes on her friend’s pert breasts. Dee’s nipples were rock hard now but Lori was pretty sure Dee had no idea.

“You’re staring, love,” Lori said softly. Suddenly Dee realized it was true. She blinked, shook her head and took a step back.

“I… I was just surprised, that’s all. I never expected you to be naked under your skirt. It’s cold outside.”

“It’s OK,” Lori assured her as she slowly pulled her skirt back down. It was the first time you’ve ever seen my pussy. Is it the first time you’ve seen one shaved?

“The first time in real life,” Dee said. “I’ve seen it in some of David’s porn movies but never in real life. It’s really beautiful without hair, isn’t it?”

“It is,” said Lori. “You should try it if you haven’t already. It feels wonderful when you’re having sex.”

“Really?” Dee asked. “Why?”

“Because there is no hair to be pulled by mistake,” Lori explained. Because when you’re being eaten you can feel everything more clearly and strongly. And because when you get really wet the entire area gets slippery. Nothing like it.”

Dee was feeling warmth in her groin. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan She was getting turned on.

“How could I be getting turned on just from seeing Lori’s shaved pussy?” she thought, then answered her own question. “Because it’s beautiful and sexy and I want to see it again.”

“Can I see it again, Lori? I don’t mean to sound weird or anything but I really just want to look at it again. Can I?”

“Of course you can, Babe,” Lori said. She pulled her skirt up again and sat on the edge of the couch. “Come close. Take a good look. It won’t bite.”

Dee moved closer to Lori and bent over. She noted how Lori’s outer lips wrapped around her inner lips. Without hair she could see everything clearly. She had looked at herself in a mirror but this was better. She noticed something else… Lori was very wet.

Dee stood up suddenly. “Thank you. I just wanted to see it. It’s pretty amazing.”

“They’re all pretty amazing, Dee. You should touch one and taste one sometime. They’re even more amazing when you do that.”

“You’ve done that?” Dee asked incredulously.

“I have. Many times,” Lori said. “My first time was in college with my roommate. She was bisexual and seduced me one night after a party. I was pretty drunk but not drunk enough to not remember how wonderful she made me feel. We became part-time lovers after that. I’ve been bisexual ever since.”

“Really? I’ve wondered at times what it might be like but never thought seriously about it, Dee said. Isn’t it weird to be with a woman?”

“Not really, Lori replied. The very first time could be if you think about it. But once your body gets turned on and that woman is making you feel good it’s all about the pleasure. And then it doesn’t matter who is giving it to you.”

“I don’t know if I could do it,” Dee said honestly.

“Well, no one is asking you to,” Lori reassured Dee. “You’ll know if and when you ever want to try it.”

“I suppose,” Dee said softly. Strangely, she was still thinking of Lori’s beautiful, shaved pussy. She wanted to see it again but didn’t dare ask.

“Hey,” Lori said. “Pour us some more wine while I put a movie in. It’s supposed to be a chick flick with some decent sex scenes in it.”

“Uh.. OK,” Dee said, not sure where Lori was headed with this.

Lori dug in her bag and found the DVD. The case wasn’t marked – it was an ametuer production made by some friends of her that she’s swung with years ago. They kept in touch and now and then Lori would get some sex videos from them. This one was particularly hot. It was an MFF threesome with lots of girl on girl action. Just the thing to get Dee thinking in the right direction.

Dee thought as she poured them both more wine. “Lori is sexy as hell and my best friend. Could I possibly have sex with her? I’m turned on like crazy right now. Apparently, as wet as she is, she’s turned on as well. Is it possible I could let go and actually touch her, or let her touch me? I just don’t know…”

Lori was getting more hopeful by the minute. Dee had looked at her pussy twice; the second time she had asked. She had obviously seen the wetness that was now running between her legs. She was mesmerized until she caught herself. Was it possible that Dee was getting interested in exploring? She would know shortly. If this DVD didn’t cause it to happen it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Lori sat back on the couch next to Dee and pushed “Play.” Lori’s friend Bob was sitting on the couch in a living room watching TV. He was in his 40s and good looking. He was having a conversation with a woman off camera about an upcoming vacation. They were talking about going to the beach and he told her she could finally wear that new bikini she bought.

Suddenly the woman entered the scene from the left. It was Lori’s old friend Pat. She was wearing a skirt and blouse, nothing extraordinary, and she positioned herself in front of the man. Pat was a beauty with large breasts (fake) and a nice, curvy ass. She had blonde hair and a great smile. And she was great in bed, Lori knew.

“Oh, you want to see this old body in a bikini?” she asked Bob.

“Hell, Baby – I’d put your body up against anyone’s. Your body is hot as hell. Maybe we should go to a nude beach. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about tan lines.”

“Hmmmm,” said Pat. “I like the way you think. Of course, I’m sure it would be difficult for you to be around all those naked women…” she teased.

“Of course it would,” Bob replied. “I only have eyes for you.”

“That’s because I’m the only woman here right now,” Pat said. “And since I am, I’m the only one who can suck your dick right now,” she continued, dropping to her knees.

“I like the way you think too,” Bob said as Pat pulled out his already hardening cock.

For the third time today Dee was shocked. She couldn’t believe Lori had brought over a homemade porn video. And she couldn’t believe they were now watching it. But she couldn’t tear her eyes away, particularly when Pat began stroking and sucking Bob’s 8 inch Escort Anadolu Yakası cock.

Lori noticed Dee staring at the TV. “It’s big, isn’t it?” she asked.

“It’s bigger than Steves by at least an inch,” Dee responded.

“Same for David,” Lori said. “David’s is perfect for me but that thing felt great inside me the few times I had it.”

“You’ve had that cock in you? You know these people?” Dee asked?

“Oh yeah. I’ve had it. These people are old friends of mine that I used to swing with before I met David and moved here. I’ve had them both.”

The shocks continued…

“You knew this was a porn flick and not a chick flick,” Dee said. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“I don’t know,” Lori replied. “Are you feeling seduced?”

“I’m feeling horny, that’s for sure,” Dee said matter-of-factly. “I wish Steve was home right now.”

“You don’t need Steve. Just go with whatever you feel,” Lori told her.

Dee looked over at Lori and was surprised to see Lori’s left hand under her skirt. She couldn’t see what was going on exactly but she knew Lori was stroking her clit. She stared once again.

Lori looked from the TV to Dee’s face. “Sorry. Can’t help it. Hope you don’t mind but I’m horny as hell and I need some relief.”

Dee didn’t say anything – just watched for a few minutes.

“You should do the same thing. Nothing wrong with rubbing one out in front of a friend if that friend is OK with it. Are you OK with it? Lori asked.

“I think so,” Dee responded. I’ve just never done anything like this before.”

“Pretend I’m not here if that helps. Just watch the screen, open up your imagination, and play with your clit. You might be amazed at what happens.”

Dee finally tore her eyes away from Lori’s skirt and looked at the TV. Pat was sucking away on Bob’s hard shaft now. Bob was trying to remove Pat’s blouse to get at her tits. Suddenly there was a sound off camera and both of them looked up.

“Tracy,” Pat said. “I didn’t expect you for another hour.”

A woman’s voice answered from off camera. “Obviously,” she said. “Looks like you weren’t expecting anyone.”

Bob looked from Pat to Tracy, then back, with a bewildered look on his face.

“Well don’t just stand there,” Pat said. “Get out of those clothes and get over here.”

The camera panned out and from the left side a tall woman with brunette hair and a great figure entered the scene. Her ass was nearly perfect (though not a great as Dee’s) and her hair hung past her shoulders. A side view offered a glimpse of her B cup breasts. She walked over and knelt down next to Pat. The two women kissed deeply, their tongues obviously meeting and caressing each other.

Bob watched the two women with his mouth open. Pat was still holding his rigid cock and as the girls broke their kiss, she offered it to Tracy.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Tracy said with a smile. She leaned down and allowed Pat to feed it to her.

“Bob – you know Tracy,” Pat said. “You just don’t know her that well… yet.”

“Very pleased to see you again, Tracy. And all of you at that. Your mouth feels like heaven,” Bob replied.

As Tracy was bobbing up and down on Bob’s cock Pat began exploring her body. She rubbed Tracy’s tits then moved her hand down the crack of her ass to her warm, wet, vagina and pushed two fingers into her.

Dee’s right hand unwittingly unbuttoned her shorts and slid inside. Her fingers made contact with her clit and she felt an electric charge go through her. She glanced over at Lori and saw that Lori’s skirt was up around her waist again and Lori was fingering her clit ferociously. And Lori was looking at her while she did it.

“That’s it, Dee. Rub that clit. Don’t be afraid. Pleasuring yourself is good. Doing it together will be better. Do you like what you see?”

“Y… Yes, I do. It’s incredibly hot watching you play with yourself.”

“I like watching you too,” Lori confided. “But I’d like it more if you lost the shorts. In fact, we should both be naked.”

Dee didn’t say anything as she watched Lori stop masturbating and pull her blouse over her head. The lace bra came next and Dee was looking at her friend’s beautiful breasts. She felt another bolt of electricity go through her.

Since her skirt was well out of the way Lori didn’t remove it. Her hand found its way back to her clit and she began rubbing it again. She was looking at Dee.

“Your turn, Babe,” Lori said to her. “Let me see those beautiful tits.”

Dee couldn’t believe what Lori was saying to her. And she couldn’t believe her best friend was naked and masturbating right next to her. But the most difficult thing to believe was that she was here next to Lori with her hand in her own shorts rubbing her clit in front of her.

Dee stopped for a minute and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her small, pert, A cup breasts were perfect, as were her aureoles and nipples. It was all Lori could do not to stop what she was doing and attack them with her mouth. “Give it time,” she told herself silently.

Dee looked at Lori, looked at the TV, then raised her hips and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. She kicked them aside and began rubbing her clit again, putting her fingers inside her pussy for some moisture. Lori was looking closely at Dee’s gorgeous, neatly trimmed pussy. She couldn’t wait to taste it. That would happen today, she was sure.

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