Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Part 1 Zachary All Grown Up By JJ Please donate to Nifty to keep this site free. Comments always accepted send them to ail} Chapter 1 I have watched Zach grow from the age of 5 to where he is at now being 15. The skinny blonde haired boy with the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen is turning in quite a young man. He came to live with his grandparents when his Mom had passed 10 years ago. His Dad is also here, but travels a lot with his job. I have lived on this street for the past 30 years my wife and I raised our son and daughter here. Now it is just me my wife passing about 8 years ago and my children with families of their own in other parts of Connecticut. Zach lives across the street from me. From the time he came here there was a special bond between us. My wife loved him like one of her own and it was like he had 2 Italian grandmothers that took care of his every need. He couldn’t wait for me to get home from work so he could help me ankara escort in the garden. Or I would help him with baseball and my wife and I taught him how to play bocce. My kids were grown and gone but I still opened the pool every summer primarily for Zach, we enjoyed it too but mainly I did it for him. When my wife passed he was sad and he would come over and just sit with me, many times on my lap. I gave him one of her apron smocks that she always wore and had big pockets that always had something for him in them whether it was a cookie or a mini car. He cried like a baby, and made me cry. Now my little man is 15 and does wrestling and track. He has filled out considerably. He is a looker and from I can see in his wet swimming trunks is developing fine. Today when I came home from work he was weeding in the garden which is another thing I keep up mainly for him. But I can sense there is something wrong he is pulling the weeds out like crazy. So jokingly I ask what did escort ankara they do to deserve the way he was ripping them up. He looked up at me and I thought he was going to start crying. I said enough go wash grab us both a water and come back and tell me what is going on. He came back and said his Dad wants him to quit wrestling. I asked why, won’t you be staring on the JV squad. He said his Dad said wrestling is for gays. I was shocked I thought Dan (his Dad) couldn’t be that ignorant or obtuse. He asked if I would talk to him, and I asked what about your Grandparents? He said they did and he told them he would think about it.I replied I’m a stranger not family and to give it time But then he started to shake and said the real reason was his Dad had caught him looking at porn and jerking off. I chuckled and said every guy on earth does it and if they say they don’t they are lying. He smiled but said it was gay porn and his father freaked and said no wrestling. Then he ankara escort bayan started shaking again and started to bawl. My heart broke and I stood up and pulled him in my arms and said it will be alright. I said it doesn’t mean you are gay a lot of boys experiment or are curious. He said no he knew from the time he was 10. He has been in love with someone for all that time and fantasized constantly about him. So of course I ask who a school or team mate and mention a couple of friend’s names. He says No it is you Jared. With that he plants a kiss on my lips. It was a good deep kiss and I’m thinking where did this little shit learn how to kiss. When he started to tongue me I stepped back and said Whoa slow down kiddo. I’m flattered but I have never been with a guy for one thing and secondly I’m 41 years older than you. I’m older than your Dad. He points at my boner and said that doesn’t lie. All of sudden this kid has grown a set of balls. I’m 6′ 186lbs hairy dark-eyed dark haired Italian, honestly the complete opposite of this fair haired little stud. Then he tells me I was the first person he ever kissed and that he wants me to be his first. Part 2 will be completed soon. Please donate to Nifty.

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