My Wife in the Snow CaveMy Wife in the Snow Cave

Alexandra Daddario

At the time of this story, my wife, Laura, and I lived in Tacoma , Washington , and we both enjoyed hiking in the Cascade Mountains . Laura’s hobby is wildlife photography, and we often took overnight hikes at higher elevations, so we would be in the mountains at sunrise to take photos of wildlife not normally seen during the day. We understd the dangers in the mountains, and always took the necessary survival equipment, just in case of an emergency. Fierce storms can develop in a matter of hours, even if the forecast calls for clear weather.Laura was thirty-two years old and I was thirty-five, and we had two children in elementary school. We were both in pretty good shape and worked out several days each week, and we tried to keep fit for the mountain hikes which could be very strenuous due to the terrain and elevation. Laura is a beautiful brunette at five feet and six inches tall and weighing one hundred and thirty pounds.She keeps her hair cut shoulder-length and has very firm D-cup breasts that sway and jiggle seductively when she wears her tight, poly hiking shirts, and her ass is firm and rounded perfectly. I am six feet tall and weigh one hundred and ninety pounds, and not too bad looking myself.We had a pretty good sex life at the time and usually fucked four times a week. However, I have a small cock, and our sex always involves me sucking her pussy to orgasm after I ejaculate in her. One thing that was a little unusual about our sexual relationship was that I liked to read cuckold porn stories. Unlike most wives, Laura would sometimes read them with me, and then we would fantasize about her being fucked by different men when we had sex.She really enjoyed the fantasy of having a big-cocked white or black man fucking her and then imagining watching me and taunting me when I sucked his cock and sucked his cum out of her pussy. That was all just a fantasy, and we never seriously considered bringing another man into our bed.I worked with a guy named Ted who is my age, and his wife Lee Anne is just a year younger than Laura. Our families are good friends and we often entertained one another at our homes, and they sometimes joined us on our overnight hikes. Ted is very athletic and kind of a macho guy, at six feet and three inches tall and two hundred and twenty pounds, and Lee Anne is a little overweight, but still very pretty. She also has D-cup breasts, so it’s always enjoyable to watch Laura’s and Lee Anne’ breasts bouncing around when we were together, especially in the summer at the pool at their house. Ted has a bit of a reputation at work for being a ladies man, but I was never personally aware of him being with another almanbahis woman.It was late fall and we were planning one more hike before the end of the season; hoping to miss any big storms. There was one big storm in the forecast for this weekend, but it looked to be heading south of our hiking area. Initially, Ted and Lee Anne were both going with us, but at the last minute, one of their children came down with the flu, and Lee Anne had to stay home with him.She told Ted to go ahead with us on the hike and have a great time, and little did she know just how much fun he would have. We left home on Saturday morning, and the plan was to arrive at the trailhead and hit the trail by 10:00 am. That was going to be a strenuous hike of about five miles and an elevation gain of four thousand feet, and we hoped to arrive at our camp site before dark.Our hike was going very well, and we were nearing our camp site just a little before dark, with the only problem being that the winds had been steadily increasing in strength as we gained elevation. There was only one way to access our site, and we had to pass through a very rough section of rocks where the trail all but disappears. We finally made it to the camp site and were starting to set up the tent, when a small avalanche was started by the winds, and our rocky path home was blocked.We were very concerned that our path was blocked, and we were happy that we brought the emergency locater beacon with us, although we didn’t see any need to activate it just yet. I turned on the emergency radio to get a read on the weather situation, and was horrified to learn that the major storm that we thought was going south of us had turned and was heading our way. The weather service was predicting extremely strong winds, heavy snow, and temperatures dropping to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit at our elevation.We discussed our situation and decided that the tent would not be either strong or warm enough to ride out the storm, and even if we activated the beacon, no one would be able to search for us until the storm passed, which they estimated would be in less than twenty-four hours. We had brought two shovels, in addition to our sleeping bags, cooking equipment and food, so we started looking for a good location to dig a snow cave. We found a big snow drift of well-compacted snow next to a huge boulder that was facing away from the wind. We started digging there.Ted and I worked feverishly to dig our snow cave and make snow bricks to seal the opening, and we ended up with a very comfortable shelter that was about nine feet deep, six feet wide, and high enough for Laura to stand up in, although almanbahis yeni giriş Ted and I had to stoop over a little. That would be big enough to allow us to lay down a tarp and pad, and then put our sleeping combined bags on top, and still have enough room to set up our small burner for cooking. Ted and I had both brought double-wide sleeping bags, so we zipped them together to form one big bag for the three of us.With the temperatures falling to minus forty degrees, we were planning on combining our body heat by stripping down to just our underwear in the big sleeping bag. Fortunately we are all friends, and we all knew that survival was more important than a little modesty. And besides, we would just be using a small candle for light, to conserve our fuel for cooking and melting snow, so it would be pretty hard to see much anyway.With our shelter made, we cooked our dinner, and enjoyed a nice meal and some hot chocolate. But we heard the wind howling outside, and felt that the temperature was dropping rapidly. We were starting to get chilled and decided that it was time to get undressed and get into the sleeping bag, and we left just the candle burning to provide a little light.Ted turned his back to Laura and me as we all got undressed, except for our underwear, and it was decided that Laura would be in the middle between Ted and me, since Ted felt weird about sleeping next to me for some reason. Maybe it was just that he is an alpha-male type guy, and didn’t want any bodily contact with a man. Looking back, I guess I should have known what could happen with that sleeping arrangement, but at the time it didn’t seem that unusual to me. I was more concerned about our survival at the time.These sleeping bags were made for very cold temperatures, and with our combined body heat, it was very comfortable in there. Laura was in the middle, laying on her right side, and I was facing her on my left side. Ted was on the other side of Laura, but since it was so dark, I couldn’t see which way he was facing. We all chatted for a little while about our situation and what we would do in the morning, but the strenuous hike and the altitude soon took its toll, and we went to sleep.I’m not sure how long I had been sleeping, but I was awakened by some slight movement, and I was also beginning to smell the fragrance of Laura’s sweet pussy. I reached over and cupped her lovely breasts in my hands, and I just loved the feel of them, even though she still had her bra on.When she didn’t say anything about me playing with her tits, I unsnapped the front of the bra and released those exquisite globes. I started sucking and licking her almanbahis giriş heavy breasts, and although she was starting to moan, I thought that she was still asleep, and I assumed that Ted was as well. I was getting more aroused by the minute, and I couldn’t resist the aroma of her pussy.I twisted around in the sleeping bag to put myself in a sideways sixty-nine position with Laura. When I moved my head closer to her pussy, I noticed that her legs were bent slightly towards me, and her thighs were parted. I moved closer to her and placed my head on her right thigh and leaned forward to get a taste of those sweet puffy lips that were covered with her neatly-trimmed, dark pubic hair. Just then it dawned on me that she was no longer wearing her underwear, but I was too anxious to suck her pussy to think about why her panties were missing.Her pussy was very wet and as I began to feast on her juices, and I noticed a little different taste. I sucked her cunt enough to know what she tastes like, and although I tasted something different, I became more eager to suck her and put the new taste out of my mind. I reached up with my left arm and pulled her left leg down towards me, and it was then lying across my back. That opened her up for greater access to her pussy, and I continued to suck her.Laura was really beginning to moan then, and that just spurred me on in trying to give her an orgasm with my mouth. As I continued sucking her, I felt a hard, wet object start to slide over my forehead and face, headed for Laura’s pussy, and I realized that Ted was trying to fuck her.I asked, “What the hell is going on here? What is Ted doing with his bare cock covered in your juices?”Before I could say any more, Laura reached down and held my head in place on her pussy and said, “It’s okay, baby. This is what we’ve fantasized about. Please just let it happen.”I was shocked that was happening. Our bedroom fantasies were one thing, but I never expected Laura to act on them, even though we had in the past fantasized about Ted fucking her. I started to lift my head and protest further, but Laura continued to hold my mouth on her pussy, and I decided to just give in to her wishes. Laura must have also decided to give me a little incentive to let it happen, because she pushed my underwear down and started sucking my cock, which is something she rarely does.It was pitch black in that sleeping bag, and I couldn’t see a thing that was going on, so, I pushed the night-light button on my watch, and since our eyes were so accustomed to the dark, that little bit of light from the watch lit up the area very well. I saw and felt Ted’s very large cock as it slid past my face and pushed into Laura’s willing pussy. I’m guessing that Ted’s cock is at least eight inches long and very thick, maybe a little less thick than a beer can. It made my little dick look like a finger by comparison.

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