Any Guy’s Favorite MealAny Guy’s Favorite Meal

Big Tits

It was 7 o’clock on the dot, and Angie was at her boyfriend Dean’s door in the sexiest clothes she could find, with a bag of groceries in her left hand and knocking on the door with her right. Angie had told Dean that tonight she was going to fix him a good dinner just as soon as they had wild sex as many times as they could stand. As Dean opened the door, the grin on Angie’s face fell. He had the look again.

“Heeeey, babe,” he said in the voice that always accompanied the look. “I’m sooo sorry, something came up, they need me at work right now.”

It was the look that Angie dreaded. The look was what told Angie that Dean was screwing another nameless girl on the side, and either too stupid to try hard enough to hide it from her or too smug to care. She knew she was the stupid one for staying with him, but denial had won her over time and time again in the past.

Dean leaned in to kiss Angie’s face as he simultaneously let her in the apartment and let himself out.

“I’ll be home around ten,” he said. “Stay here and we’ll have the rest of the night.”

She said nothing, and her face was that of a defeated Olympian, but Dean didn’t bother to take notice, and waved at her without turning around, letting the door slam.

Angie sank down on Dean’s ratty couch and faced the TV, playing SportsCenter, without actually watching it.

Why do you put up with it? she asked herself. You knew you could do better.

She suddenly was overcome with anger, both at her lying bastard boyfriend and at her own weak actions. She kicked the coffee table and the remote fell noisily to the ground.

Suddenly Bryan, Dean’s 18 year-old brother and roommate, appeared in the hallway, alerted by the sound of the remote banging on the wood floor. His hair and body were wet, and a towel was all that covered below his belly button.

“Oh, hey Angie,” he said, tousling his dark brown hair. “Dean just went to see some—he went—”

“It’s OK, escort bayan Bryan, I know where he went,” Angie sighed. “I guess my days of playing dumb have gone on long enough.”

            “I’m sorry, Ang,” Bryan said. “You’re a great person and you deserve better.”

Bryan looked down at his feet, feeling sorry for his asshole brother’s girlfriend and guilty for not saying anything about it to her earlier. Angie recognized the remorse in his body language and felt warm. She also couldn’t help but notice how good Bryan’s body looked clad in nothing but a white towel, which happened to complement his package pretty well, too. She had always thought he was cute—he had a lot of physical similarities to Dean, except his face was softer, more boyish; comparable to his personality.

Bryan noticed Angie checking him out and felt both self-conscious and flattered. She let her eyes wander all over his body as she played with her own long, wavy brown hair, the way she did whenever she was getting ready for sex with Dean. True, Angie was 24 and also his brother’s girlfriend, but what the hell? If he’s not going to mistreat her and leave her open for me, then why not? he asked himself.

Angie stood up and walked towards Bryan, completely aware of her intentions to touch the body of her boyfriend’s fresh-out-of-high-school younger brother. She bit her lower lip and placed a hand on Bryan’s well-defined chest. Bryan shivered from the combination of the now-cold drops of water on his body and Angie’s soft, warm hand. His nipples stood erect and he could feel something else was starting to, too.

Angie bent down slightly and licked Bryan’s abs, and Bryan gently ran his fingers through Angie’s thick brown hair. It was silky soft.

Angie’s breasts, which Bryan guessed had to be at least a C-cup, were already busting out in her tiny, neon pink top, with a visible lacy black-bra holding them back behind the top. dikmen escort Her short frilly white skirt barely covered her round ass, and, standing back from Bryan a little, she slid it off to show she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She then took off the top, and Bryan helped undo her bra as Angie slipped the towel down from around Bryan’s waist.

Her tits came bouncing out of the restrictive bra, and Bryan stooped to kiss and suck on them. Angie moaned and she played with Bryan’s now rock-hard cock as he continued to devour her breasts. Angie pulled her chest away from Bryan’s mouth and dropped gently to her knees, taking Bryan’s thick, 7 inch cock in her mouth, sucking slowly at first and then increasing the pace until Bryan was moaning loudly.

Bryan could feel the cum rising up his shaft, but didn’t want it to be over. He pulled himself together, put his hands on Angie’s face and she stood up to face him. He took her soft, tiny hand and led her into the hall, and then into his room. Bryan quickly knocked a few issues of Maxim, his only sexual outlet for the past few months, off the bed and fell backward onto the comforter, bringing Angie with him. Just then, the track on repeat on his computer, Van Hunt’s “Seconds of Pleasure,” segued in once again, and Bryan almost laughed aloud how perfect the song was for the mood.

Angie sat on Bryan’s dick and pushed her palms into Bryan’s chest. She moved almost rhythmically on his cock, and moaned softly as she slowly pushed herself up and down on his rod. Bryan reached up to play with her tits, and gently squeezed them each time she moved back down on his dick.

After a few minutes, Bryan rolled Angie onto her back and got on top of her. He pushed in and out of her slowly and let his chest rub against Angie’s perfectly round tits.

“Oh, Bryan,” Angie moaned. “Oh, fuck me good, Bryan.”

Bryan took this as a cue to speed up, ankara otele gelen escort and grunted with each thrust inside of her tight pussy. His precum was sloshing around with her juices, and the warmness once again made Bryan shiver slightly.

“Oh, God, Bryan,” Angie screamed. “Fuck me harder!”

Bryan’s grunts got louder as he pushed in and out of her, faster and faster.

“Yeah, I’m gonna fuck you good!” he said.

Angie placed her hands on Bryan’s ass and closed her eyes as he rammed her harder and harder, never hurting, but just feeling more and more intense.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Bryan was letting out his own moans as he continued to dick Angie and watch her face twist in ecstasy.

“I’m almost there, I’m almost there,” she gasped. “Let’s cum together, come on, Bryan, make me cum!”

Bryan felt like he was going to blow, but tried his best to hold on longer so that he could let his cum explode inside her the same time she got off.

“Oh, yeah, I’m there! I’m there! Oh, God, I’m cumming, Bryan, oh, God, yes, yes, yes!”

Bryan’s cum shot deep into Angie’s pussy, shooting from his pulsing cock in long, continuous streams. The orgasm continued for what felt like minutes, and Bryan’s eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned loudly and gasped.

Bryan flopped over on his back, laying next to Angie, his chest heaving and out of breath. He was exhausted and just lay there for a few moments. Finally he turned his head to look at Angie, who was staring at the ceiling, moaning, and gently playing with her nipples.

“Bryyyyan,” she moaned, and Bryan had never felt more like a man in his whole life.

Angie continued to lie there, also tired out. She had forgotten what it felt like to get it from a guy as young as Bryan, eager to go and go hard. It took at least three rounds with Dean to get her this tired. Finally, Angie scooped up her clothes and half-heartedly put them back on. She looked disheveled, but in a sexy way, Bryan thought. He put on a pair of boxers and followed Angie out into the hall and back into the kitchen.

“Angie—” he started to say, but she cut him off.

“Shhh,” she said, kissing him before he could say anymore. “I’ll fix you a good dinner. You’ll need a full stomach for round two.”

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