Age of InnocenceAge of Innocence


From the first moment we met I liked you and I got that special vibe off you. But I also picked up that you were fairly innocent and I would have to ease you into your secret desires.

I made a point of stopping by your office everyday for a bit of chat and compliment you on an outfit or your hair. I love your curves and wild hair; it made me know that there was a woman that was passionate. You spoke of your home life and your husband saying that you were happy but that you missed going out with girlfriends and having some fun. I made sure that I mentioned how I went on the weekend with my girlfriends to a local club and that we loved to dance. I was waiting to invite you because I needed to know that you were ready. Finally after coffee together, and lunch and the increase of flirting I knew that you ready to explore the next adventure in your life.

I invited you to go dancing at the club and gave you the address. I suggested that you wear your black pencil skirt, a sexy top and heels. I was hoping that you would wear some beautiful lingerie underneath. I love the feeling of silk panties on a woman.

You get to the club and I wave you over to the table. You look awesome. You are so excited and so distracted to meet everyone that it takes you a while to realize that there are no men at the club. You lean over to ask me and I tell you that it a lesbian club. We enjoy coming here because we can dance and have fun without worry about being hit on all night. You are okay with this and actually feel more relaxed since it will make your husband happier that he don’t have to worry about you being picked up.

I let the other girls take you out on the dance floor after a couple of drinks. I watch you get into the beat of the music and watch you sway to the music. You are dancing between two women and having the time of your life. You are enjoying the feeling of them against you and you are getting a bit turned on. You are thinking that you when you get home your husband is going to get lucky. You come back to the table laughing and sit down beside me. You ask me why I am not dancing and I tell you that I am waiting for the right song. I reach over and run my hand up and down your arm. I gaze in your eyes and ask you if you are having a good time. Your smile tells me the answer.

I tell you how beautiful you look tonight and how your outfit shows off your sexy curves. I reach up and undo your hair from your ponytail and let it fall down your shoulders. I tell you that you need to let your hair down and enjoy what the night might offer. You look a little startled and then relax. You are not really sure what I mean, and even if I am suggesting anything you are sure that I don’t mean it or do I? To be honest you are curious. But not sure what you want. I tell you go dance again. You laugh and head back to the dance floor.

The lights are being turned down in the club and the music is becoming sultry. Women are dancing closer and there is a lot more touching going on. I move towards the dance floor and step in behind you. You are focused on the woman dancing in front of you. My hands move to your hips and I move us to the same rhythm. My hands start to move up and down your rib cage. You are shocked and look back to see me. You relax into my hands. My fingers are now stroking your neck and I lean forward to lightly lick your ear. I hear you gasp. I whisper in your ear – You are so sexy, I am dying to know what you are wearing under your skirt and under your sexy shirt.

You lean back against me as my hands move so I cupping your breasts and I run my thumbs over your nipples feeling them grow hard. I whisper again in your ear – I would love to trace your nipples with my tongue and I would love to taste you, all over…

We keep dancing letting the music flow over us as I run my hands over your body before I turn you around to face me. I head bends down and kiss your lips. My lips press softly against you at first, then I trace your lips with my tongue and Maltepe Escort then kiss you deep. There is little hesitation on your part as your arms snake around my neck as you pull me closer to you. Our tongues entwine as we kiss for long time; I love the sweet taste of you. You are pressing against me and I can feel your breasts rubbing against mine as my hands move down to grab your ass to pull you tight against me. We pull apart as the music ends and stare at each other for awhile.

I tell you that you can go home and chalk this night up to a night of fun or you could stay with me tonight and explore something new. I hand you a key and tell you that it for room 15 upstairs from the club and that I would love to share the night with you. I lean forward and kiss you on the cheek and leave for the room.

You go over the table and finish you drink. You are so turned on and so intrigued. Reaching in your purse you get out your cell phone and call your husband.. You tell him that you are going to stay overnight at my place because you both have been drinking and it is getting so late. He agrees that it is a great idea and tells you that he will see you in the morning. You grab your purse and the key and head upstairs. You are nervous but already wet with excitement. You go up to the room and knock on the door. You hear my voice telling you to come in.

You enter a room decorated in pale pink with candles lit all over the room. I am sitting on the large bed in pale pink silk robe. I smile at you and stand up to greet you. I bend down and give you a light kiss on your lips. I ask you would like a glass of wine. Yes, you tell me. I tell you kick off your shoes and get comfortable. You look around for a place to sit and choose an armchair. I come over to you and hand you a glass of red wine. You take a sip and nervously lick your lips. I can smell your excitement and I can see your nipples are hard. I know that you are ripe and ready to be tasted. Yummy…

I turn on a CD of jazz music and pull you up from the chair. I lean forward and whisper in your ear to relax, we are just going to dance and that we can stop anytime you want. You settle in my arms and you feel safe. I wrap my arms around you and we start to dance. My hands are rubbing all over your back and up and down your arms. I can hear little gasps of pleasure coming from you. I pull back from you and ask you if I can undo your blouse. You nod yes. I slowly undo each button and pull back your blouse to expose your black lace bra. I love how it is cupping your beautiful breasts and how your harden nipples push out the lace. I push your blouse off and let it fall to the floor. I run my thumbs over your nipples and feel your arching up towards me. I pull you tight against me and reach behind you to undo your skirt and let it fall to the floor. I gently pull you forward so you step out your skirt. You stand before me in black lace; a bra, matching panties and black fish net stockings.

I want to devour you but I know that I have to take it slow. I take a deep breath and bend down to kiss you. It starts soft but it deepens. You are responding to me, your tongue entwining with mine and your hands pulling me towards you so we can kiss harder. I break away from your lips to swirl my tongue over your neck; I love hearing you moan. I move over to breast and track your nipples through the lace with my tongue. I can feel you respond as your fingers knot in my hair and you are begging me to suck them. I want to please you as I lower the straps of your bra to expose your delicious nipples. They are hard a little pebbles as I draw between my lips. I reach back to undo your bra and let it fall to the floor. I cup one breast in my hand as I suck on the nipple of the other one and then reverse. I pull back from you to undo my rob and let it fall to the ground. I stand before you naked and I like how you are checking out my body.

I kiss you and tell you to go sit on the edge of the bed. You move Maltepe Escort Bayan and do what I ask. You are mine for the taking. I go and sit behind you on the bed and press my breast against your back. My hands reach around cup your breasts in my hands with my thumbs moving in circles around your nipples. I tell you to move back on the bed with me so I am against the headboard and your are leaning back against me. My leg are outside of yours and I tell you to spread your legs. I can smell your sweet scent. I whisper in your ear; telling you how sexy you are and how much I want you. I tell you to touch yourself, to stroke your pussy through your panties and show me how you liked to be touched. You start moving a bit unsure, and feeling very shy but you are so turned on. Soon you are rubbing yourself , pushing your black panties into your wetness and running your thumb over your clit. Your hips are lifting off the bed, wanting more, wanting to cum. I can hear how wet you are and I love the sound of you moaning as your explode and let your orgasm rock through out your body. I turn your head so I can kiss you and lift your hand that you used to play with yourself and breathe and taste your pussy juices . I lick your finger with my tongue which give you thoughts of my tongue licking your pussy. You blush at those thoughts and I know what you want, what you need.

I tell you to lie down on the bed, I lie down beside you and for several delicious minutes we kiss, our tongues entwining as we taste each other. I move down your body, kissing every inch of you as I take off your stockings and your panties. I bring your wet panties to mouth and suck the juices from them. I push your legs apart and kiss your wet pussy before I push my tongue deep inside of you. You gasp and your hands knot in my hair. I trace the outer lips of your pussy slowly before I move inside of you and drink your juices that are pouring out of you. The tip of my tongues brushes over your clit and I love how you jump and grind yourself into my face.

You are begging to cum again and you will cum again, over and over tonight but not right at this moment. I move up so I am lying beside you and kiss you so you can taste yourself on my lips. I tell you that I need you watch me as I masturbate so I can take the edge off my excitement and keep giving your pleasure. I lie back and my hands move down to my shaved pussy. I am so wet and so close. My clit is sticking straight out and is swollen with desire. I finger fuck my pussy quickly, you move so you can watch my fingers moving in and out of my pussy and my thumb stroking my clit. The room is scented with pussy. delicious…

I cum quickly and feel that I can turn my attention to you again. Watching me has turned you on even more, and you are franticly rubbing yourself. In a low voice I command you to stop. You do watching and waiting for me to tell you what to do next. I tell you stand up and I stand up as I well. I pull your head towards me and kiss you hard and deep. My fingers are knotted in your hair and my tongue fucking your mouth. I can hear you moan and you push yourself against me. I suddenly stop and push you away. Get on the bed, on your hands and knees.

You do it quickly, presenting yourself to me. I love how you look, your pussy slightly pulled open, so pink and so wet. You have trimmed your hair and I think that I must remind you to shave it for me next time. My eyes move to your ass and your rosebud that looks like it needs to be licked and touched. I wonder if your husband ever touches you there or shoves his cock up you.

I bend down and lick the drops of cum that are running down your thighs. You gasp and I hear you whisper yes. I pull your hips back and bury my face into your pussy. My tongue tracing your clit and flickering deep inside of you. My face is covered in your juices. You are moaning and pushing back against me. You are begging me to not stop , for more. My tongue is now sliding up and Escort Maltepe down, from your pussy to your ass. You taste so good. I move to lie beside you on the bed and tell you to straddle my face. You start to move climbing over me and moving up but I stop you and tell you to turn around so you are facing my pussy.

You slowly sit down and feel my tongue continuing to do lick you. You look down and see my legs spread and you can smell my wetness. I stop for the moment and ask you to touch me with your fingers. You are a bit hesitant as reach down. You are amazed on my wetness, the warmth and how soft my pussy feels. You love how it looks bare and how you can see my clit sticking out. Your touch is jerky but soon you touch me how you like to be touch . After a few moments, I ask you if you would bend down and kiss my pussy. You bend down and quickly kiss me. You love how I smell and you are dying to taste. You bend down and kiss me longer this time. You tongue move across your lips to taste my juices. Sweet and much the same as your own. You bend down again and I soon feel your tongue licking me. You brush across my clit and I respond by pushing my hips up towards you and licking your harder. I am licking you and sucking on your clit as you are doing the same to me.

I push a finger deep in you coating it with your juices. I move my tongue up your ass and lick your asshole over and over. My tongue moving inside of you and I love how you are opening up for me. I move my finger coated in your pussy juices to your rosebud and slowly push it in. I am rewarded with your screams of pleasures and you pushing yourself back on my finger allowing it to go deep inside of you. With our faces buried deep inside of each other and me finger fucking your ass we are both getting closer and closer to exploding. Your passion and excitement are helping to go over the edge. My lips capture your clit between them as I suck on you. I can hear you screaming before you dive back into my pussy and your tongue is lapping at my clit. I explode my legs wrapping around your head. You are so close as you sit up driving my finger deep in you and flooding my face with your juices. You ride my tongue as you cum.

I gentle pull my finger out of your ass and give you a moment to recover. You move off me and lie beside me on the bed. Your breasts move as your catch your breath. You turn and look at me. I love the sparkle in your eyes.

How do you feel, I ask you.

Your smile tells me all.

After a few moments of resting I run my fingers across your stomach. You turn to look at me as I role over beside you and you roll over to meet me. Our lips meet in a gentle kiss. My hands move up to cup your breasts and I lightly pinch your nipples. Our kisses deepen as I move to roll on top of you. Our breasts rub together as we kiss over and over. I love the taste of our pussy juices mixed together on our lips and tongues. You are surprised about how fast you are ready to cum again as you moan and spread your legs. I part my legs as well and cross them with yours. We gasp as our wet pussies make contact. We are so soft and so wet as we rub together. Moving slow at first ,then faster as our clits responds.

It feels so good as we move together, slowly building to our mutual orgasms. We explode about the same time. I grab your head in my hands and kiss your hard. I pull back and look into your eyes and say thank you. You smile and whisper thank you back to me. I move off you and lie on my side. I pull you towards me and you curl up beside me with your ass pressed against my front. You drift off to sleep feeling my hand move up and down your arm.

You wake up in the morning snuggled up in the quilt. You sit up quickly and see that I am gone. Your clothes are folded up neatly on the chair and you see a note on the pillow beside you.

Please take your time this morning. Dial 4 for the kitchen and order some coffee and breakfast. Enjoy a bath. Thank you for a wonderful night and I promise we will talk soon.

You hugs your knees to your chest. You ask yourself how you feel – wonderful, amazing and very satisfied. Suddenly you hear your cell phone ring, you jump out of the bed and find your purse and pull out your phone. It is your husband. You smile and wonder how much you will tell him.

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