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A new romance has inspired me to write short stories, I have never done this before so any pointers and positive criticisms are welcome. I hope you enjoy.

Welcome home……….

You have been waiting, dressed in a sexy lacy teddy and suspenders, all hidden by a dress, your hair put in pig tails because you know I love that. I walk in the door; the look in your eyes betrays your desire. You push me hard against the closed door, kissing me hard, passionately. Your hands are clawing at my shirt and trousers. Lifting my shirt over my head, you kiss my mouth hard, and then start to move down my neck, chest and stomach; your hands have undone my trousers. You have released me; now you are on your knees now, in a worship position.

With a sly smile you begin to lick my hardening cock and assail my balls. Firm yet softly you take one ball at a time in your mouth, sucking them in. your tongue caressing me continuously, slowly you start to lick up my shaft, from base to tip and back down again. You’re enjoying this. I’m moaning softly, enjoying your touch, highly aroused. You once again lick up my cock, reaching the head, playfully you kiss and lick me, allowing your lips to surround the head of my cock but never allowing it in. I am wild with desire now, my eyes burning, you see this, looking at me you see I am going crazy, I want my cock in your mouth, and you look back at me, eyes smiling. You are in control; you know it and you love it.

Leaning back you undo the zip from your dress and slip it down your body revealing Ordu Escort to me your secret attire. Looking amazing in red and black lacy undergarments; slowly you slip off the teddy and unclip your bra, revealing to me your perfect breasts and nipples erect with arousal. I just want to grab you and take you now. I reach for you but you won’t allow me. You return to me, straight to the tip of my cock. Wet kisses and firm licks drive me insane, I want my cock inside your mouth, you continue the teasing; sliding your tongue up and down my length, savouring every inch. When you reach the tip again you allow me to slip into your mouth just slightly. Teasing me around my head with playful lips and tongue, you sense now is the time, with your lips around me you begin to slowly move up and down my now rigid cock. Every stroke taking more and more of my length, this feels amazing. You hear me softly groan and a “fuck” mutters from my lips.

After all the build-up and teasing, you know it won’t take long; increasing the intensity and pace you apply just the right suction and pressure that drives me wild. My knees are weakening, my body racked with pleasure. You sense this and slow down your ministrations; you want this to last. Once again your tongue bathes my length and pleasures my balls. You are amazing.

Again you take me in your warm wet mouth, this is the home stretch now, you have been waiting for this all day, and are going to make sure you get the prize. Applying firm yet soft suction to me you increase Ordu Escort Bayan the pace, you can feel my cock twitching in your mouth. This gives you much satisfaction.

I can feel it coming, you can sense me nearing climax, maintaining your attack on me, you sense the moment is imminent, with a load groan “oh fuck Marian” escapes my lips, you feel my cock expand and pulse in your mouth, delivering hot salty cum. You continue to suck on me, draining me. Making sure you savour every drop. I am weakened at the knees, heart pounding. As I soften you make your way back up my body. Gently kissing me, allowing me to enjoy the euphoria.

I want you now, bad. I lead you across the room to the lounge, forcefully pushing you back. No messing around this time. I tear your knickers away from your hips, slip them over your feet and throw them.

Immediately my mouth meets your pussy, growling and humming I engorge myself, kissing hard, my tongue probing deeply. You are so wet, my cheeks and chin are soon coated in your juices. Probing with my tongue I feel your pussy clamping me, first one then two fingers find themselves inside you. You shudder and moan loudly as I reach the spot. That place that is sacred, that drives you insane. I apply the pressure with one finger and stroke with the other. My tongue maintaining a steady rhythm on your engorged clit; it doesn’t take long and your whole body flexes in orgasm, your pussy clamping my fingers.

I climb myself up to your mouth, kissing hard; you can Escort Ordu taste yourself on my lips. I knead and pinch your nipples and breasts. With one smooth movement I am inside you, entirely. For a time I remain motionless, enjoying the feel of you. Slowly I start to move in and out, flexing my hard cock on every inward stroke to invigorate your g-spot. The tension is high, I withdraw, and then slowly insert just the head of my cock, teasing, again and again and again I just enter, sometimes an inch sometimes more, teasing, playing, and enjoying the sensations. You want me wholly, fully inside again. I relinquish to your desire. Gradually the tempo increases, I can feel your pelvic bone against me, telling me I am deep as I can go. The feeling is amazing, we’re speaking through minds and touch right now. I feel your breath on my neck, your heart beating against mine. The energy is immense, harder and faster I continue; your pussy feels so wet, warm and inviting. Like home. Intensifying in pleasure we are nearing finality. Our sweat is mixing together, our kisses harder to get between breaths; more and more intense is the feeling, building, growing, intensifying. I feel your body convulsing as you enter another orgasm, your pussy clamping on me so hard I struggle to move within you, this sets me right off. My body goes rigid as you feel my cock expanding inside you with the pressure; I empty myself for a second time within the hour. Together we climax, drowning in endorphins, high with ecstasy. This is magical.

Lazing into you my head against your chest I hearing your heart pounding, we both feel ecstatic, satisfied.

I’m thinking; how lucky am I to have such a glorious, sexy, beautiful, amazing woman in my arms. As I soften, still inside you, I want to stay like this forever.

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