Jake and Noel Ch. 02: The CeremonyJake and Noel Ch. 02: The Ceremony


Noel waited, laying on her bed. She felt slightly nervous. She really liked Jake but she wanted this relationship to be about control. She hadn’t been looking for a boyfriend but now she wasn’t so sure. During the last session she felt as if she had lost control. Either by being too soft or by letting him leave, she wasn’t sure.

It was for this reason alone that she was nervous as seven o’clock approached. With only 5 minutes left she had changed once more and was now wearing a dark purple corset which covered her breasts. She was ashamed that she had already shown her pussy to him so she wanted to make him wait for the rest. However now she had a short plaid skirt on with a matching purple thong underneath. The skirt didn’t match but she figured he wouldn’t care.

There it was again. Noel reminded herself not to care what her new slave thought.

At that moment there was a soft knock at the door. Noel looked at the cheap alarm clock on her nightstand. 6:56. She got up and confident that it must be Jake said “Come in.” In walked Jake. He was still wearing the same gym shorts and t-shirt as before. “Hi.” Said Jake with a sheepish smile.

“First of all you are early. I told you to be here at seven. What the FUCK time is it?!” yelled Noel.

Jake quickly looked at the cheap alarm clock.

“Six fifty-seven.” Jake replied

“Who are you talking to because it can’t be me.” Noel retorted

“Goddess. I’m sorry my Goddess.”

“Second I’m sure you can see I changed. Why the hell haven’t you? Am I not worthy for you to be dressed up a little?”

“Yes my Goddess I’m sorry” Jake almost sounded fearful now and Noel felt herself grow aroused at the control.

“What happened to my perfect obedient slave? Are you not ready? Did you not listen to all of my instructions?”

“I’m rea..”

“Then why are you disrespecting me by remaining clothed?”

Jake began moving as fast as he could almost tearing the clothes from his body. It was slightly chilly in the room but Jake had an almost full erection. Noel locked eyes with it as it moved around while her property disrobed in front of her. She knew she was wet now but mentally checked herself. She would be pleased plenty and it was going to be a long night for Jake.

She silently handed him the luggage lock. Jake hesitated for only a moment before he realized he was to lock his clothes away in the suitcase again. When Jake handed her back the key she smiled at him. She then took a nice trench coat from her closet. She threw it on and winked at him.

“I have many plans for you tonight but added to that now is the lengthy punishments you will suffer for your insolence, disrespect, and disobedience you’ve shown me in the past three minutes. Now stand here facing my door with your hands up behind your head. Remain silent. I will be back in a little while. If you move at all you will not orgasm for a week. This I promise you.”

Jake did as commanded and stood in front of the door. Noel gave him a good firm smack on the ass. She then wrapped her hand around his hard cock. She loved the length but he also had impressive width. At least an inch and a half.

Then, Noel turned and walked out the door but not before propping the door completely open leaving Jake naked and entirely exposed. She pointed at a spot no more than a foot behind the threshold and instructed her slut to stand there.

Jake was mortified but did as he was told. Then to his horror Noel left. Noel walked down the hallway. She knew the likelihood of Jake being seen was slim. Her room was at the end of the hallway. But she smiled as she walked to her Resident Assistants room. She knocked on the door.

“Hello xslot can I help you?” Said the RA.

“Hi I’m Noel. I live in 17.”

“Hey I’m Gabby. That’s a beautiful coat.” said Gabby.

Gabby was an extremely attractive blonde, skinny with glasses. She was a junior and despite her looks, her incredible smarts and loner demeanor usually scared people off. She could be incredibly nice but almost never went out. Noel thought she remembered in orientation, hearing she was a computer science major.

“Thank you. So I found this luggage key. I’m just afraid it may belong to someone so I thought I’d give it to you.” Said Noel.

“Oh great. Not a problem I’ll put out an email.” Gabby replied. There was an awkward pause. Gabby was not good at chit chat.

“Would you like to come in Noel?”

Noel thought of her lack of clothing underneath her coat but then thought of her slaves further lack of clothing.”

“Sure for a few moments”

Back at the room Jake was shaking. First off he was scared to death someone would come down the hall. Another dorm was right across from him. If the occupant looked out the peephole they would defiantly see him. He thought maybe it was empty but then he heard the tv turn on inside and his stomach gave way. His dick began to soften a little. Second it was cold. Did Noel intend to come back in a few moments? What if she was gone for hours? He thought he heard her talking a few minutes ago but now he wasn’t so sure.

In Gabby’s room, Noel discovered that she was a comp sci major and that she built her own computer. Noel talked about how she wanted to do the same but wasn’t sure where to start. When Gabby told her to take off her coat Noel stood up and said she actually had to meet someone. On her way out she saw a black book on a table. It had a circular emblem on it the she knew she had seen before. They said good bye and Noel walked back down the hallway. As she approached the door she thought she heard a scramble of feet against the hard carpeted floor of the old dorm room.

Jake, inside, not knowing how long she had been gone had turned around to check the clock. She had been gone over 10 minutes. Then he heard footsteps outside. He ran back to his post. The footsteps had stopped. Had he imagined them? Then he heard a soft voice from around the door frame.

“I know you moved. You simply don’t respect me. Or perhaps you don’t realize that you are a piece of property.”

Noel was leaning against the wall just outside.

“You’re mine now and now I suppose I will have to prove it to you.”

She walked in and went to her dresser. She took out the same purple case as before. She produced the same but plug.

“Walk out into the hallway, bend over and insert this.” Noel said evenly and calmly.

“Goddess I can’t. I could get kicked out of school.” Jake said now scared

“Soon you will sign over all of your rights. But before that ceremony can begin you must still be punished. This is half punishment half a proof that you, in mind have committed yourself to me. You can do this. Or you can sit in my room for the next three days with zero contact to your penis.”

Jake didn’t care about not cumming. But he knew she was right. Whatever this ceremony may be, it didn’t matter. He belonged to her. He took the but plug. “Thank you Goddess.” Her walked slowly into the hall. His heart was pounding. The hall was deserted. “Face the window.” Said the brown haired Goddess from within. His ass was pointed down the hallway as he bent over and used his left hand to spread his cheeks while his right inserted the plug. It was tight and not lubed . It took him 3 seconds to shove it in. Suddenly xslot Giriş he heard a door close behind him. He stood up and looked over his shoulder. At the far end he saw a tall blonde walk away from him and around the corner. Had she seen?

He walked inside the room. Noel had snuck a peek to see who had closed the door. “AH. That was Gabby my RA. She has the luggage key to your clothes. I told her it isn’t mine and that it must be lost. There are no other copies to that key.” Noel giggled. “Now you can’t leave even if you needed to.” Jake thought about being mad for a moment but he was incredibly turned on at this idea.

Noel had removed her jacket once more and now sat on the cedar chest at the end of her bed. She had closed and locked the door. She slipped off her shoes and handed Jake her foot oil. She then handed him a long document. “You will oil my feet. As you worship them you will read aloud this contract. This ceremony will official make you my sexual slave and property. This is your last chance to back out.”

Jake knew that even if he grabbed a towel and ran for it, he wouldn’t want to. He was transfixed by this women. It was no longer a name to him. She was truly his Goddess.

He picked up the oil and began to rub her feet and work in the tingling oil as deeply and lovingly as he could. To his side on the floor lay the contract. He began to read aloud.

“This is an official binding contract between Noel Harris and Jake Portney. The person known as Jake will now be a piece of physical property of Noel. She and she alone owns his body. She may do with it as she pleases at anytime and in any manner so long as the following regulations are met.

1. No permanent physical damage may befall Jake due to actions by Noel.

2. Noel may not interfere with the advancement of Jakes academic career.

3. Upon the utterance of the word GOLF Jake must be released from custody and given 6 hours of freedom.

Any violation of these regulations will render this contract void.

Jake must adhere to the following rules or be subject to punishment.

1. Jake must appear before Noel in a timely manner when summoned.

2. In privacy Jake will never be clothed, never use his mistresses name, and never disobey an order.

3. In public Jake will never acknowledge this relationship to anyone unless Noel does first.

4. Every morning Jake will clean Noel’s feet and then massage them with oil unless instructed not to or if some other order or condition should prohibit such action.

5. Every night Jake will contact Noel to ask permission to sleep wherever it is he may be unless it be with her.

6. Any intimate interaction between Jake and another woman will be reported to Noel and MAY render this contract void.

7. Noel is Jakes Goddess and will be addressed as such.

8. Jake may not ejaculate unless in the presence of Noel and only then with her permission.

9. Jake may use the word GOLF as a safe word and may leave upon using it.

10. Jake is never to be released from this contract fully unless with approval from Noel and another witness

This contract will take full effect this night upon the show of dominance from Noel and will be ratified by a third party witness when they observe a second show of dominance at a later date.”

As Jake read he had transitioned to Noel’s second foot. He could feel Noel tensing up as she became aroused but was also keenly aware that she was paying very close attention to his every word.

“Stand up slave.” The Goddess said.

Jake stood. Noel handed him a pen. “Sign”

Jake did not hesitate as he signed the contract on xslot Güncel Giriş her desk. He signed away his every right and privilege. He knew it was worded so that he may not leave her service. And he would have it no other way. He had no idea what a show of dominance was or who this third party was but he did not care. He had always dreamt of being in a relationship like this but had never thought it would happen let alone this quickly!

Noel was delighted even though she didn’t let it show. She had only done this twice before in high school with another boy but it had ended badly and was short lived. Jake on the other hand seemed different. He seemed more mature and Noel felt that this may actually be more like the countless fantasies that she had masturbated to back in her small home town so far away.

When he was done signing Noel looked at him. “Now we will make it official. Bend over and grab the edge of the desk.” Jake did so and behind him he could hear the tinkling of metal buckles. “For this first time you will not be restrained in any way, you will not be gagged nor blindfolded. This is a sign that you willingly accept me as your owner, superior, and Goddess.”

“Yes Goddess”

And with that Jake felt a pressure on his asshole. Noel in one swift motion yanked out the plug. He flinched in pain and grabbed the desk hard as a long thick shaft was pressed inside to replace it. However while the plug was short this was larger than his own cock. He felt his goddesses hands on his sides and she pulled. She was wearing a massive strap-on. She pushed in harder and Jake finally yelled out in pain loudly as the dry cock found home and he felt Noel’s warm thighs against his buttocks. He then breathed in sharp as her nails ran down his back.

“I am your property and exist only for your sexual pleasure. Say it”.

“I am your property and exist only for your sexual pleasure.”

She slowly began to fuck him moving in and out. As the black rubber cock filled him he yelled in pain. His voice echoing throughout the small room.

She sped up as she told him to accept his position as a slave and a toy. She now had hold of his hips and was preparing to ram him when he said “You are my one, AHHH, one true Goddess and I will worship you as long as you allow it.”

She was almost taken aback by his acceptance and humility. She reached up and ran her hand through his hair. Then she grabbed his hip once more and thrust the 8 inch cock all the way in in one swift motion. Jake screamed in pain.

Noel they took a steady pace and began to fuck him in earnest. Jake had some experience in anal play but had never been pegged. The pain was tremendous but more than that was the humility he felt. For a brief second he felt ashamed but then it passed. He thought of this beautiful women that was quite literally asserting her dominance over him. She now owned him. And even if this all ended tonight they would both know forever that this had occurred. He now forever in some small way belonged to this person. And for that he had never been more aroused and never more attracted to someone in his whole life.

The pegging continued for what seemed like an hour. Noel would slow and speed up she would scratch his back and reach under and grab his scrotum and squeeze gently. She was so incredibly turned on by his acceptance of his position she wasn’t sure she would be able to last the night. But she knew for controls sake she would have to. Her previous sub had never let her play with his anus. Jake on the other hand, she wasn’t sure if he even had limits. This frightened her but truth be told she was excited all the same.

Noel backed off and removed the strap-on. “Now we can begin.” She said with a small giggle.

Jake looked exhausted. He was told he could rest on the bed for a moment.

Jake thought about all that had just occurred and considered himself the luckiest guy alive.

End chapter.

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