It Happened in Mexico Ch. 02It Happened in Mexico Ch. 02


Kelly was frantic with worry when he had not heard from Angel the first few days. He had called everyone they knew, family, friends, hospitals, and police. Then he received Joaquin’s call.

“No police, no anyone,” Joaquin had warned, “$20,000 in one hundred dollar unmarked bills by Friday, or Angel’s dead!”

Kelly maxed out his credit cards and got the money together. He then took their .38 police special and drove toward Rosarito, Mexico just north of Ensenada.

He parked the car on the U.S. side of the border and left their duplicate passports and identifications with some money and clothes in the car; from there he hired a car in Tijuana and drove to the location he was given in Rosarito. Before he went into the hotel, he carefully hid the money for the ransom.

He entered the sleazy hotel about noon. As soon as he arrived, he was searched by two men, who took his gun and before he could resist, injected him with a drug.

Everything went black for Kelly and each time he came to, he received a repeat injection. Several days later, he found himself, like Angel, tied, naked, spread-eagle to a bed. He was in pain.

All the hair was shaved off his body and two large fake breasts were glued to his chest. Two women were applying make-up to his face and a wig to his head. He was too weak to resist as they dressed him in panties, bra, garter-belt, stockings and high-heels.

The helped him over to a mirror. Kelly was still groggy from the drugs but was conscience enough to see the reflection of his feminized self. He tried to speak, but the words would not form in his mouth.

The two women sat him in a chair and tied his hands behind his back and left. About an hour later Joaquin entered the room.

Joaquin laughed at Kelly and said, “Hello my little sissy-bitch, aren’t you pretty. All dressed up with nowhere to go. Wait until my Angel sees you, all dolled up. She will laugh her ass off at the sight of xslot her sissy man!”

Kelly was still dazed and confused and kept trying to make sense of Joaquin’s words. “My Angel, Joaquin had said,” Kelly thought to himself, “she wasn’t his, she was my Angel and why would she laugh at me?” Kelly couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Joaquin continued. “You were a naughty boy to bring your gun, daddy will have to punish you for that later, and where did you hide the money? Oh well, plenty of time for that. Just to set things straight, I have a little video for you to watch, just an update on your wife to let you know where we all stand.”

With that Joaquin clicked a remote and a picture of Angel appeared on the TV screen.

At first, Kelly didn’t recognize her. She looked like a cheap whore with her make-up, new hairdo, tattoos and piercings.

She was sitting naked on Joaquin’s lap. He was also naked and she had her arms around him. She was giving him kisses and rubbing her hands all over his body.

She then stopped and looked directly at the camera and said, “Hello Kelly, as you can see, things have changed. I belong to Joaquin now. I am his bitch and I live to do his bidding. He owns me body and soul!”

With that Angel fell to her knees in front of Joaquin, took his large cock in her hands and begged, “Please master, please let me suck your cock, I need it bad. Fuck my pussy and ass and make me cum as only you know how!”

Joaquin smiled down at her and asked, “What about your husband, don’t you want him?”

“No,” Angel replied, “he is a worthless piece of shit. He has a little dick and can’t make it hard. I need your big cock pounding inside me. Please fuck me, please!”

Kelly’s eyes began to fill with tears as he witnessed his wife’s betrayal. At first he thought she might be hypnotized or drugged, but she s looked and sounded perfectly normal. What had he done to her, why was she acting xslot Giriş this way?

He watched as she sucked his cock to full hardness, and then turned her back on him, spreading her ass-cheeks and begged, “Fuck my ass master!”

This hurt Kelly even more because she had never allowed him to fuck her ass.

Joaquin rammed his cock into her ass balls deep. He continued his assault on her and the smack, smack, smack echoed as their bodies met.

Tears poured down Kelly’s cheeks as he heard Angel’s sounds of pleasure and the moans greater than he had ever elicited from her. Then a strange thing happened.

Angel looked right on camera with a knowing look and said, “More, please, I want more please!”

Kelly suddenly understood. “More please,” was a special phrase they used. It was a safe word they had agreed on to use when either one of them wanted to stop what they were doing.

It was her signal to him that this was all bullshit. Kelly felt relief. He realized now that she was pretending and that this was just a show Joaquin was putting on to try to demoralize him and destroy their love.

Just then Joaquin entered the room and said, “See bitch, she doesn’t give a shit about you anymore, she’s mine, how does that make you feel, faggot?”

Kelly decided to play along with the charade until he could find a way of getting them both out of this situation.

“I feel awful,” Kelly replied. “I can’t believe she has left me for you, please, please give her back!”

Joaquin laughed at the pitiful, begging husband and said, “Too late asshole, she’s mine, just as you will be mine also. Now get this straight. I am going to turn you into a little cocksucking faggot, we are going to make a video of you sucking my cock and begging me, in a little girly voice, to fuck your ass. I want to show Angel, what a wimpy little faggot you really are. She will never see you as a man again!”

“And if I refuse?” xslot Güncel Giriş Kelly inquired.

“Then I will kill you both! Do I make myself clear?” Joaquin replied.

Kelly realized now he had no choice. He knew if he did not co-operate, Joaquin would not hesitate to murder them. “Yes, master.” Kelly shamefully responded.

“Very good,” gloated Joaquin, “now let’s get this show on the road!” With that, he set up a camcorder on a tripod and aimed it at the bed. He then instructed Kelly on what he was to say and do.

Kelly played along; acting like a little submissive slave, saying the words and acting the part he had been assigned, as the camcorder recorded the scene.

Kelly crawled over to Joaquin, who was now sitting on the bed, naked and begged in a high voice, with a lisp, “Please Master Joaquin, I need you to fuck my ass, please fuck me!”

Joaquin replied, “Fuck you in the ass, why would you ask me to do that?”

“Because I am a sissy faggot and need to feel your beautiful cock in my ass, Master!” Kelly answered.

“What about your wife, Angel?” Joaquin inquired.

“I don’t care about her anymore,” Kelly lied, “she is your whore; I just want your cock!”

Joaquin laughed at the pitiful picture of the broken, sissy at his feet. He knew Angel would be disgusted with her husband when she saw the video. “Ok bitch, why don’t you start by sucking my cock and making it nice and hard!” Joaquin commanded.

Kelly immediately took his master’s cock in his mouth and began sucking. He hated it but kept playing along to save his wife.

After Joaquin’s cock was good and hard, he instructed Kelly to face the camcorder, bend over and spread his ass-cheeks, he then plunged he throbbing cock straight into Kelly’s virgin asshole and started fucking him furiously.

The pain was terrible but Kelly kept his cool and looked straight into the camera and said, “Oh yes, master, give me more, I want more please!” Hoping Angel would get the message.

Joaquin continued his assault on Kelly’s ass until he finally came and left Kelly in a heap on the floor. He then grabbed the camcorder and walked out of the room.

(To be continued)

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