Becoming Anne Ch. 06Becoming Anne Ch. 06


Katrin hadn’t lied when she said she was going to take Anne in every room of the house. As the sky darkened and evening fell, Anne found herself walking naked through the house, seeing it in a completely different way to how she had when she had been Michelle. She’d had sex and orgasmed more in that one day than she’d ever managed in a week before but she still felt good, the afterglow of so many climaxes still permeating her body, her stretched muscles feeling like they did after a good workout, adding to the glow.

As she passed each room, she remembered how Katrin had taken there. In the bathroom, she’d pushed Anne up against the wall of the shower as the water poured down over them, roughly spearing Anne with her fingers while Katrin’s mouth traversed her breasts, mixing kisses, licks and tiny bites. As she’d begun to climax, Katrin had deliberately turned the dial of the shower, turning the water ice cold, the shock of it sharpening her orgasm to a delicate point of anguish and ecstacy.

In the spare room, she’d walked with a male swagger, her cock hanging between her legs as she called Anne ‘slut’, spanking and slapping her as she taught her to deep throat it, then beg for it as she knelt on the bed. Downstairs in the main room she’d been the complete opposite, soft and feminine as they rolled on the soft carpeted floor, letting Anne explore her body as Katrin kissed and teased her, making love for what felt like hours. In the study, she’d worn a wicked smile as she wore one of John’s shirts and sat in his chair, beckoning Anne to come straddle her lap, the shirt riding up to reveal the strapon that filled her so deliciously.

She’d teased Anne with the prospect of taking her to the garden, going for a naked walk out there before declaring it too cold, instead taking her indoors, burying her head between Anne’s legs as she sprawled over her car in the garage, then opening her legs wide for Katrin’s fingers in the utility room next to it, her body stretching to balance as she perched on the edge of a table.

Every room she walked through had those memories burned into it now, ones that would last even after the scents of their day’s exploration had faded and gone. Anne stood in the kitchen now, Ataşehir Escort her hand running over the surface of the kitchen table, feeling the still damp part of it she’d ground herself against as Katrin’s fingers had brought her to the first climax of the day. She remembered Michelle choosing that table, thinking of it’s size and practicality for the room, never considering how it would perfectly fit her as she sprawled across it. As she walked to the fridge, she lifted her fingers to her nose, breathing in the scent. Michelle would never have done anything like this, but Michelle was buried deep within her, Anne not even able to hear her voice protesting as she gave herself to Katrin in so many different ways.

She took wine and water from the fridge, picking up a couple of glasses, then heading upstairs to the bedroom where was Katrin was waiting to finish the day in the one room she hadn’t taken Anne in that day. Anne wondered what she would do there as she pushed the door open.

Katrin was lying on her side, waiting for Anne. Her hair was swept back, falling over her shoulders and down her back, her body naked except for the harness she wore around her hips. As Anne poured them glasses of wine, she noticed it was different to the one she’d taken earlier, the cock shorter and more rounded.

“Lie with me.” Katrin said, stroking the covers. Anne lay facing her, both of them sipping their wine, the room slowly darkening as the last of the daylight fled.

“You were wonderful today, Anne. You gave me everything I wanted, and I think you’re almost completely mine now, aren’t you?”

“I’m yours, Miss.” Anne said, trying to ignore the ‘almost’, trying not to wonder what it might mean. “Completely yours.”

“Not completely.” Katrin said. “You’ve given me your mouth, your breasts, your pussy, you’ve stretched and turned your body every way I’ve wanted it to…but there’s one part I’ve been saving for last. The part you’ve never given anyone, that even Michelle wouldn’t give to her husband.”

As Katrin talked, her hand reached out to Anne, stroking down her side until it rested on her hip, the tips of her fingers pressing against the soft flesh of her rear. Ataşehir Escort Bayan Anne could feel Michelle rising within her again, memories of the times John had asked for that and the rows it had caused flashing unbidden through her mind.

“Will you give it to me, Anne? Are you mine?”

Anne’s hand moved up, touching the strip of fabric that was tied around her neck, remembering the day before, how she’d knelt before Katrin, then how she’d felt today whenever Katrin’s fingers had strayed between her cheeks.

“Totally and completely, Miss.”

Katrin smiled and the grip of her hand became tighter. “Good. I never thought otherwise.”

Michelle faded within her as she moved, placing her wine on the table by the bed then letting Katrin position her face down on the bed with her legs spread apart. Anne was aware of the woman she used to be protesting, exclaiming that she’d never done this, never wanted to do this, but now that made her feel good, knowing she’d kept this part of her for Katrin. She could give it to Katrin as she had to no other to show just how much this beautiful young woman meant to her.

Katrin knelt between her outstretched legs, and Anne could hear the sound as she squeezed something from a bottle onto her hand and then slowly ran it up and down the short cock that hung between her legs. Anne gripped the bedcovers between her hands as she felt her move closer to her, moaning as she felt Katrin’s fingers between her cheeks, slowly rubbing in the lube. She felt them pressing at her, then gasped as they slipped inside, easily pushing past the tightness. Two of them slid inside her, and she could feel each of them in there, slowly moving and twisting.

Katrin said nothing, merely leaning forward to kiss Anne’s back, her hair falling softly over it as her fingers kept up their gentle movement. Anne breathed deeply, relaxing herself as she felt them move deeper, her tight walls yielding. Soon, she felt herself moving with Katrin, hips rocking gently back and forth. That drew a soft purr from Katrin and a pause in the kisses as she repositioned herself, then the delight of Katrin’s other hand sliding between her legs, stroking her wet lips Escort Ataşehir and carefully teasing her clit.

It was another new sensation for her to experience and Anne gave herself to it, just as she had with everything else Katrin had shown her since her arrival. Her mind was almost blank of conscious thought, occupied merely with the sensations Katrin’s touches were giving for her. For a moment, she felt sadness as the fingers began to withdraw from her and the kissing stopped, but then she felt Katrin moving around behind her, her other hand still expertly massaging her sex and she knew what was coming.

Instinctively, she let herself relax as her legs moved apart more. She could feel Katrin’s hand spreading her cheeks, then pressure at her rear, spreading and opening her like nothing else had ever done before. She bit down, trying to focus on the fingers that were now stroking her clit, but for a moment the shock threatened to overwhelm and dominate her every thought.

Then she felt something new, a warm rush inside her as Katrin thrust forward, filling and stretching her. The pain transformed into a rush of warmth and pleasure, and Anne found herself marching Katrin’s slow rocking motions, letting it go deeper inside her. Soon her gasps had become deep moans as that pleasure filled her entire body.

“Surrender, my darling.” Katrin’s voice came through the fog of pleasure. “Give me your climax.”

She couldn’t resist, couldn’t deny anything to Katrin. Anne felt her body moving more, thrusting herself onto Katrin and her fingers, her back arching as the waves of pleasure broke within her, sending her into ecstacy. She could feel nothing but pleasure, nothing but Katrin as she climaxed over and over, each one taking her to a peak higher than the last.

Finally, she felt Katrin pull out from her, and she collapsed onto the bed, spent and exhausted. The younger woman kissed her all over and covered her with a sheet, then disappeared from the bed for a moment, returning completely naked, to enfold Anne in her embrace, softly kissing her neck as their bodies nestled together.

“Sleep, my wonderful Anne.” Katrin whispered. Anne needed no encouragement, her exhausted body letting go as she slipped away, unable to resist sleep but unable to resist something else as well. Deep in her mind, a voice she recognised was whispering too, and as she fell into sleep she realised it was Michelle, asking something Anne knew she had no answer to.

What would happen to her when Katrin’s week was over?

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