Another Ski Weekend Ch. 02Another Ski Weekend Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – Saturday

Kate was the first one to get up on Saturday morning, and she set out to go through her standard hostess routine. She made coffee, emptied the dishwasher, and pulled out some basic stuff for breakfast. She knew Ross and Will weren’t going to be awake for hours, but she expected Brigit to get up soon. That might give her the opportunity to talk over what she had been thinking about.

Sure enough, the coffee hadn’t even finished brewing before Brigit came downstairs in her white robe and said “well, good morning, how are you feeling today? Maybe a bit sore?”

Kate retorted “You should know. How much did you see?”

“Once again, pretty much everything. After last night, I can now say from experience that your husband has a nice, tight butt, and he sure seems to know how to make it move in the right ways.”

Kate got quiet and Brigit wondered if she had overstepped her bounds. “Hey, I didn’t mean anything by that, and I’m sorry if I was being an unwelcome voyeur. Will you forgive me?”

Kate reassured her that everything was fine between them. “In fact, when I whispered in Ross’ ear that I thought you were standing upstairs watching us, he got so excited that he came almost immediately. Could you tell that? You couldn’t hear us, could you?”

“Well, I couldn’t hear what you whispering to each other, but I sure could hear you before that when you were obviously having your own multiple orgasms. And Ross tried to be quiet when he was coming, but that wasn’t really effective.”

“Once again, you should talk. We stopped our lovemaking when we heard you screaming. I counted three orgasms, was that about right?” was Kate’s comeback.

“Yeah, I kinda lost count. But to be honest, I think I would have liked even more. I think that’s why I got up after Will fell asleep. Sex always enervates me, so I guess I just needed more entertainment. Do you ever get like that?” asked Brigit.

“Always. Ross usually falls asleep right away, and I go downstairs and watch TV for two more hours. Why is it that men and women are so different? Why is this Mars-Venus thing so apparent in some ways?”

As they sipped their coffees, they talked about a million other things, but not the one issue that they both really wanted to discuss. It wasn’t until that afternoon, as they drove into town for errands that Brigit broached the subject again.

In between, the two couples spent the main part of the day cross-country skiing for hours. Ross carried a backpack with bottles of water, a baguette, gouda cheese, salami, apple slices, and a bottle of good Cotes-du-Rhone. They stopped for a picnic lunch at a clearing overlooking the lake. They had been there before, and it was nicely furnished with big cut logs that could be used as seats and a table. It was a beautiful sunny day – cold, but no wind – ideal for an afternoon outdoors in northern Michigan.

When they got back to the house, Ross immediately removed the top to the hot tub. He went back inside, grabbed a beer, took off his clothes in the master bedroom and climbed into the tub. It didn’t take Will long to follow suit.

As the boys were relaxing outside, Kate asked Brigit “should we join them? The hot tub is always great after skiing. In fact, I think the original hot tub was designed specifically for apres-ski relaxation.”

Brigit agreed, and went upstairs to grab her towel. When she got back downstairs, she went into the master bedroom and stripped in full view of the guys, carefully laying her clothes on a chair. When Kate came out of the bathroom wrapped only in her towel, Brigit asked her “are you ready for some bright daylight nudity? Do you think they’ll appreciate it?”

Kate laughed out loud, pointing to the gaping faces of the guys as they sat in the hot tub watching Brigit’s show. “I think your answer is right there. Let’s go give them some close-ups.”

The naked women hurried out the door and into the cold air. Ever the gentleman, Ross stood up and offered his hand to Kate, who took it and steadied herself as she got into the tub, quickly crouching down below the bubbling water. Likewise, Will helped Brigit in and the four were soon oohing and ahhing as they used the jets to massage sore muscles. Kate told her standard joke that there were three settings for the jets: low, medium and “who-needs-a-man.”

Like the night before, the water was hot enough that occasionally each person found it necessary to sit up out of the water to cool off a bit. Will even got out of the tub and rolled quickly in the snow, but he couldn’t talk anybody else into it. The women were obviously comfortable being naked in the sunlight and smiled as they watched the guys look them over. Kate kept sitting up just enough to bring her nipples above the water line for their viewing pleasure.

As Brigit took her turn on the edge of the tub, basking in the sunlight, Ross said “you know, the women in our circle of friends have done very well for themselves – I especially mean physically. You all have taken good care of yourselves, Bayan Escort Gaziantep you’re all in very good shape, and you all look great. You all look like you’re ten years younger than you are, and you’ve all got bodies of twenty-something models. If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t be able to tell that either of you had any children. In fact, each one of you could be used as the definition of ‘MILF’, and I would like to thank you for all your time and effort.”

Will agreed, noting that of their circle of friends, his two favorite MILFs were here today. The girls laughed, but he made it a point to say that he wasn’t joking.

After those compliments, both women made it a point to show off by sitting up out of the water as much as they could, given the cold air. But finally, they declared that they had had enough, and they climbed out of the tub to go back inside.

It’s hard to be graceful and ladylike stepping out of a hot tub, but they didn’t seem to care what and how much was visible from behind. From his seat closest to the door, Ross was treated to a particularly close view of Brigit’s rear end and he moved across the tub to keep watching as they went inside. Both men enjoyed seeing the women towel dry, especially since they didn’t seem to make any effort to hide from view or finish quickly. Kate even wrapped her towel around just her waist rather than her entire body, leaving her breasts exposed as she moved about the room gathering her clothes. Brigit took her time drying herself and dressed very slowly, making a point to face the door, occasionally glancing to see who was watching.

But the show was soon concluded and the men were left alone. It was Will who first broke the silence and asked Ross “what would your reaction be if your wife suggested swapping spouses for an evening. Would feel comfortable if you knew that Kate was upstairs having sex with another guy?”

Ross responded “Well, I’d have no problem with it if I was having sex with his wife, especially if that woman was as attractive as your wife, just as an example. Why, do you think there’s a possibility that they might actually be planning a swap this evening? Honestly, I’d jump at the chance. What do you think?”

“Ross, you’re probably my best friend in the whole world, and I would share anything with you, including my wife. My decision is even easier to make given the fact that your wife is drop-dead gorgeous and because I have secretly lusted after her for years. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way.”

Ross laughed. “How can I take it the wrong way when we’re discussing sleeping with each other’s wife? And to boot, I have also secretly lusted after your wife for years too. Well, maybe not so secretly. Anyway, let’s talk to our respective wives and see if we can arrange something.” Will smiled and nodded in agreement, already picturing himself fucking Kate.

Before the men even got out of the hot tub, the women declared that they were driving into town to do some quick shopping. Not that the closest town offered any special must-have deals; it was really just an excuse to get out so they could talk alone with each other.

As she drove her car out of the driveway, Brigit asked “so have you thought about what we talked about after the hot tub last night?”

Kate hesitated. “You mean what it would be like to be with another man? Yeah, the idea has been running through my mind all day and Ijust need to convince myself that it’s for me. Sure, I’d like to have sex with another guy, but how would I feel afterwards? I’m afraid that there would just be awkward silence. And could I do that at the price of knowing that my husband is fucking somebody else at the same time?”

“Is that what kept you from finishing Will’s blow job last night?”

Kate blushed visibly, and said “I’m sorry about that. I went too far, didn’t I?”

“No, you probably didn’t go far enough,” Brigit replied. “He and I actually talked about it last night. He loved having his cock in your mouth, even if it was only for a few seconds. He even told me that afterwards, and asked if there was any way we could go even further this evening. So without giving him all the details of our conversation, I just told him I would work on it. Now back to my original point, what would have been the down side of you giving him a BJ? I’d be glad to reciprocate and suck off Ross. How would that sit with you? Would you hate me if you knew I did that? And taking the concept a bit further, what’s the difference if he comes in your mouth or if he comes in your pussy? If I know I get reciprocal treatment, and I know Will’s coming home with me at the end of the weekend, I’d take you up on it.”

Kate thought about it for a second and kept coming back to the mental image of standing face to face with Will and having his upturned cock inside her. She was sure they’d be a perfect fit and she was getting wet just thinking about it. The idea really appealed to her, but she really needed to get over her inhibitions, and she said so to Brigit. Kate went into detail about how twelve years of Catholic schooling can leave some pretty deep guilt and hang-ups.

“Look, you need to relax and break the rules once in a while. I think you’d really enjoy it, and I’m not just saying that so I can sleep with your husband. You’re definitely one of my best friends, and if there was anybody I’d trust fucking my husband, it’s probably you. I wouldn’t feel threatened or jealous in any way, and I hope you wouldn’t either. And to be perfectly honest, the idea of having your husband’s cock inside me and riding him hard makes me wet just thinking about it.”

Kate thought about it for a moment and asked “well, what would happen afterwards? Would we just wake up in the morning with the other guy?”

“No,” Brigit interjected, “last night we saw what usually happens. They’ll fall asleep, and you and I can meet back downstairs and compare notes. Afterwards, we’ll go back to our respective rooms and wake up with our own husbands. And we’ll promise to each other, and make the guys agree, that what happens at the lake house, stays at the lake house.”

That prospect appealed to Kate and for the first time, she began to seriously consider the swap.

Kate asked “do we talk about this between all of us, or do you and I just make it happen? Because I’m about 99.44% sure that Ross will go along with it. He’s always really liked you, in a ‘friend’ kind of way, and you can tell by the way he has looked at you this weekend that he’d love to get you in the sack too. I’m just worried that he’ll look at me differently knowing that I had sex with Will.”

“C’mon Kate, Ross is an open-minded kind of guy. He’ll look at it exactly like you would – you’d appreciate him giving you the opportunity to live out a fantasy. How much would you like to actually do something like this, with his full support? He’ll think the same way. I know that’s how Will and I would look at it. I mean, how much does this opportunity mean to you? How much would you enjoy it?”

Kate was quick to respond “oh, a lot, an awful lot. Truthfully, I’ve had a hard time getting the shape of Will’s cock out of my mind. You know me, my experience is rather limited. I only had a vague idea that penises could be shaped that differently. And the thought of trying it on for size really appeals to me. In fact, I can feel myself getting hot right now, just talking about it. I’d love to get away with this, and I guess that’s what the situation is to me, trying to ‘get away with’ having sex with another man. I know I’d enjoy it immensely. And what about the future? Is this what we’re going to do every time you and Will come up north? Can we promise this is a once-in-a-lifetime event? Or at least if everybody promises to give each other veto power over any future occurrences, I’d probably go along with it. Just this once. Unless I really want to do it again.”

Brigit now knew that the idea had been firmly planted in Kate’s mind and gave her a minute to come to grips with her decision. Finally, Brigit broke the silence, “I think we should try it. And I agree with you – right now, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Just keep thinking of how desirable Will finds you, and I can assure you, when he made his comment today about his top two MILFs, he has you at the top of the list, not me. He adores you. And I promise you, he’ll satisfy you in every way. Just relax and let him do all the work. He’s a control freak, and he likes it better that way anyway.” She paused before adding “any tips for making Ross happy?”

Kate laughed out loud. “He’ll be so excited with you that I’m betting that he’ll come almost immediately, you just watch. But to his credit, he’s really, and I mean REALLY, good with his tongue. It’s like his tongue is prehensile, and it’s long and strong, and fast too. It’s like he’s got a vibrator in his mouth, and he loves to use it. Just be prepared to come a jillion times.”

When Brigit and Kate got back to the house, the boys were watching the end of the Michigan basketball game. Ross and Will were ecstatic that the Wolverines were about to beat archrival Ohio State, so the women were sure their men be in a good mood tonight.

Dinner reservations were scheduled for 8pm, and they left the house almost two hours early to give them time to walk through Charlevoix, a trendy little town not too far out of the way to dinner. It was still cold, but with no wind, and window shopping for an hour sounded appealing to them all. Kate admired a sweater in the front display of one store, but refused to let Ross go inside and buy it for her. Brigit bought some candles, and Ross bought some ski wax.

Dinner was at a world class, destination restaurant with a fantastic wine cellar surprising for being located in a podunk little town in northern Michigan. Seating was limited, but their reservations had been made over a month in advance. Ross’ brother was a regular at the restaurant, and he had given them suggestions as to what to order for both food and beverage. Kate was surprised at the cost of the recommended bottle of wine, but after tasting it, agreed that it was better than anything they had back at the lake house.

Being a gourmet cook herself, Brigit quizzed the waiter, asking about the ingredients in the various dishes on the menu, where everything was grown and purchased and how fresh the fish was. The waiter was in no hurry, and did an admirable job answering all her questions. This was not the first dinner together during which the chef came out of the kitchen and stopped by their table to talk with Brigit. The chef quickly gathered that the waiter was right – this lady knew her stuff, and he invited her into the kitchen for a quick tour. Ross, Will and Kate declined to accompany her and simply stayed put and ordered a second bottle of wine.

When she returned, Brigit concurred with the suggestions from Ross’ brother, and she supervised the ordering process. When the food was delivered to the table, she had to have a bite of everything, pronouncing this incredible, that needs a bit more cilantro, or those were perfectly cooked. Nobody had room for dessert, although Ross insisted on having an Irish coffee.

They got back to the house just before 11pm, it had been a long, strenuous day, but nobody was yawning. Ross rekindled the fire while the ladies disappeared for a minute. Before they returned, he had it blazing, and the room was getting toasty again.

Kate and Brigit walked in together and stood by the fire, looking at Ross and Will. Brigit broke the silence by saying “We women have an announcement. We think we should do something different tonight. Really different. A once-in-a-lifetime thing that Kate and I have talked over, and I think you both have an inkling of what’s coming. I suggest that we indulge ourselves in a little fantasy, and I think you guys will be willing to go along. There are only a few rules. One – it can’t be expected to happen ever again, and there will never be any pressure on any of us to do this again. Two – nobody can ever mention it to any of our friends or relatives, especially our relatives. Three – it can’t be allowed to negatively affect any of the relationships between us four, especially between spouses. Will and Ross, if you agree, we’ll tell you what we want to do.”

Will knew what was going to happen, and quickly assented. Ross still didn’t believe it, but he agreed, hoping it was what he thought it was.

Kate got up, took Will’s hand, and led him upstairs to his bedroom. Brigit sat down on the sofa next to Ross, put his hand on his leg, stroked his thigh and asked him “is this what you were hoping it was?”

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately, trying to maintain composure, but his pent up desire was already showing through. As his hands slid under her blouse, his tongue began probing her lips, and she thrilled at his touch. Her clothes were off in an instant, and his hands were everywhere. She pulled his shirt over his head, unbuckled his belt and his pants slid down. She quickly admired how his tight blue briefs were bulging with anticipation. He was hard already, and she was so excited that she found herself literally dripping between her thighs. He quickly pulled off his underwear, and she grabbed his hard cock. He pressed her naked body against his, kissing her deeply, just like the night before. But tonight, they knew they didn’t have to stop.

He picked her up and carried her into the master bedroom, kissing her passionately all the way. He set her down on the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing his way down her neck, all over her breasts, sucking on her nipples, licking his way down to her navel, and finally probing with his tongue into her pubic hair. She was so excited that she threw her legs wide open, feeling his tongue slide in and out of her sweet, wet cunt. His tongue flicked expertly across her clitoris, quickly driving her to ecstasy and her first of many orgasms. She shuddered as the waves of pleasure rolled over her body and she squealed with excitement. Ross slowed his pace, allowing her to catch her breath, but soon, he was fucking her again with his tongue, sliding it in and out of her cunt, rubbing her clit with every move. She came again. And again. And again. It was like one long orgasm, every time she would think she was settling down, he would change the angle, depth of penetration or motion of his tongue so that it stimulated her in a new and different way.

Finally, he rolled over on his back and invited her to get on top of him. As she mounted him, he took his hard cock and slid it into her, causing them both to shudder with delight as they thrust their hips together, pumping themselves into ecstasy. Between gasps, Ross said “Oh my God, I’ve wanted to do this for years.” Brigit was coming again and could only groan in response.

She was starting to get exhausted, so she sat up and started to play with Ross’ nipples, rolling her fingertips around them lightly, stimulating them the same way she liked to have her nipples touched. That was all it took, and he came inside her, thrusting so hard he almost came out of her. But she kept rocking in unison with him and pumped him until he could take no more stimulation and begged her to stop.

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