Too Much, Too Soon, Too FastToo Much, Too Soon, Too Fast


Grandpa had always turned to Grandma for direction. Not once had I seen the older man order his own food without looking to his wife for approval. I didn’t understand it at first. My mom and dad were the opposite with mom taking the backseat in power roles to my father. It made me think she took after her dad.

Still, it took me by surprise when I stayed with them the summer after graduation. Grandma caught me going through the chest at the bottom of my bed. I’d always been curious about it but growing up there’d always been a large iron padlock hanging off of it, so I never got to look inside. That summer though? The padlock was gone.

In that moment, I thought maybe it had to do with my 18th birthday having passed the week before I left home to stay at my grandparents’ house, or maybe they just forgot to lock the chest. That thought soon passed.

I opened the chest and let out a quick gasp. Whips, handcuffs, leather bras, crotchless panties long boots and photos lay in the various insets. Each layer got a little darker. On the bottom were these large metal hooks with smooth rounded balls at the part that would pierce into something meant to hang.

The audible shuffle of feet coming down the hall made me put everything back into the big burgundy chest, but one photo slipped from its tray and landed on the floor. I couldn’t do anything to prevent my grandma from seeing it as she opened the door. My face felt hot and she smiled, one eyebrow arched, and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Well, haven’t you just been the naughtiest girl,” she scolded. “Greg!” she called out, turning her mouth and head without taking his eyes off me, “You forgot to lock the treasure chest!”

There was a scuffle and a crash as hurried steps sounded and my grandfather leaned into the doorway, “Oh no,” he sighed as he looked at the photo on the ground.


Grandma held her hand up to shush me as my grandfather got on his knees, “I am so sorry, hunny,” he tearfully pleaded.

Grandma just smiled and stepped toward me before opening the trunk. I didn’t move. She pulled the insets out and retrieved one of the hooks from the bottom of the chest. The T handle at the long end spread her fingers evenly between her ring and middle finger. Her head tilted and she tapped it against her open palm on the other hand. “Pants down.”

My jaw dropped as my grandfather didn’t hesitate even with me standing right there. He lowered his pants. Grandma lifted her eyebrow and he glanced at me before looking back at my grandmother before his trembling hands grasped the tight white briefs he wore and pulled them down as well.

“Abby,” Grandma said as she walked over to my grandfather, looking over her shoulder at me once she was beside him, the hook in her hand remained behind grandpa. “Be a dear and come help Nana.”

My feet shuffled forward, but I was afraid to stand on the back side of my grandfather. Grandma’s hand was moving so awkwardly. “Get grandma that glass bottle on the dresser,” she nodded toward a tray full of what appeared to be perfumes, oils, and gels in ornate glass jars and bottles.


“The one with a blue heart stopper.”

It was an icy blue glass that was half full of a viscous liquid. I brought it back to her and held it out but she shook her head, “No, I think I want you to do it. Grab your ankles, Papa.”

My grandfather bent over, his firm, round ass cheeks spread on their own a bit and my grandmother smiled, “Abby, sweetheart, drip some of that on his crack.”

She pulled the stopper and I tipped the bottle. My grandfather tensed as the cold liquid hit his lower back then his ass cheek, and finally the crack. He moaned and I stopped pouring.

Grandma began to swirl the ball of the hook through the liquid, pushing it against him then swirling back up to get more fluid on the metal. Then she curved her wrist and made a pulling motion. The ball slipped into my grandfather’s ass in a quick move and his dick hardened in an instant. My jaw dropped as I lifted my eyes to my grandma.

She was Nana. The sweet woman who tended my wounds growing up and let me sneak candy when mom and dad were being mean. She’d done the same with my older brother. She was a gentle person with warm hands and the tightest, truest hugs. She was also a fitness buff and while she wasn’t as tight and toned as she had been in her youth, at 54 she still held a strong physique and didn’t look anywhere near her age. Most people assumed she was my mother when we were together.

I had a similar drive to maintain a particular level of tone I found attractive. I didn’t have well-defined abs or anything of the like, my body was on the slender yet athletic side.

He was Papa. His body was more muscular than my grandmother’s, years of dedicated work following a workout regimen grandma had designed for him and adjusted with his age and ability level. He didn’t have a single gray hair and his blue eyes looked lined with eyeliner, but it was only his thick, long, black eyelashes. He Didim Escort was often mistaken for my dad for the same reasons as my grandma. They both defied the laws of aging.

Yet, Grandpa also turned to his wife for every decision and I never thought anything of it. I thought it was just how they were. They loved each other and were so in tune, she simply knew what he wanted without him having to say a word. But, as I looked at my grandma pushing and pulling the metal hook in and out of my grandfather’s ass, I realized there was so much more to it.

Clear liquid dripped from my grandfather’s dick and I wasn’t sure if it was excess lube or something else. My grandmother had a big smile on her face as grandpa moaned and lifted himself onto the tips of his toes with her more forceful pulls.

“Abby!” My grandma nearly shouted, pulling me out of my stupor.


“I asked if you’ve ever had sex before,” she repeated, an upturned corner of her lip made her seem sinister.


Thick white goo shot out of grandpa’s dick and onto the floor. Grandma held the hook still while it was still inside of him, “Stand up,” she commanded with a gentle pull.

My grandfather let go of his ankles and stood back up, his cheeks and chest turned pink, his eyes unable to lift to my own. Grandma grabbed his jaw and turned his head. His eyebrows dipped in the center and a shimmer coated his eyes as he watched me biting my lower lip. My own cheeks were as flushed as his.

Grandma smiled as she kissed his cheek then looked at me, “Your mom sent me one of your stories, Abigail.”

The red of my cheeks turned crimson and sweat beaded at my temples. My hands twisted around each other and my feet shifted.

Grandma smiled bigger, “Do you only want them to be stories, sweetheart?”

My heart raced and I looked away. I’d had some thoughts I couldn’t get out of my head after my birthday. Grandma and grandpa had been at my birthday party and I’d noticed grandpa staring at me as I swam in my bikini. Grandma was leaning over him and whispering to him, her eyes were on me, too. I thought it was in my head, so I started writing about it and I wrote about where else I thought it could go after the party was over.

“Abby?” Grandma moved over to me and put her hand beneath my jaw, “Your mom had similar thoughts, you know? She wanted to watch but not participate. Is that something you’d like as well?”

My eyes filled with tears and Nana hugged me, “Oh, honey, it’s okay. I’m sorry if that was too much too fast.”

That wasn’t the problem at all. My clit throbbed and my thong soaked through. My stories were all about Nana and Papa using me for their pleasure. Though in my stories, Papa had a secret dark and commanding streak in him that I realized wasn’t there naturally. Nana’s hand patted my back and stroked my hair to soothe me.

“Please?” I whispered as I pressed my cheek against her shoulder.

She pulled out of the hug and looked at me, “Please, what?”

I unhooked the closure at the top of the side zipper in my skirt and slid the zipper down, letting the fabric fall down my thighs and puddle at my feet. Grandma smiled as she leaned back and looked me over.

A small patch of dark brown hair was visible beneath the quickly soaking-through white cotton thong and my T-shirt puckered and pulled where my nipples pushed against the fabric. Grandma slid her hand under it and pulled it over my head to find me without a bra.

She sighed, cupping her hand beneath my breast and dragging her thumb across my nipple. Her eyes lifted back to mine and she began to unfasten the buttons going down her own shirt, “Papa,” she said without breaking eye contact with me, “today is an aerobic day isn’t it?”


Her shirt fell beside my skirt, “Abby, I think you should work on your legs today.”

I nodded, my ankles crossed each other and my thighs pressed together while Nana took her pants off, showing off a thick brown bush between her thighs. She unfastened her bra and I moaned as her large breasts dropped from the cups.

Nana looked at Papa, “Leave your pants and underwear here,” she commanded.

He stepped out of the fabric then followed me and Nana down the hall, then down the basement steps. The light flickered on. Mirrors lined one wall and various exercise machines sat on carpets along the otherwise cement floor.

There was no hesitation as Nana looked at Papa, “Lay on your back on the bench,” she directed, motioning to a cushioned metal bench with an empty bar sitting in two J-hooks on either side of the seat.

Papa lay on his back, with his head beneath the bar. She pulled her panties off then slid mine down my legs. Nana groaned as thick clear strings of fluid pulled away with my underwear. I stepped out of them and she tossed them aside and led me over to the bench.

She stood over Papa’s chest and directed me to stand on the opposite side of the bar, my legs spread directly above his head. I kept my legs closed and Didim Escort Bayan stood to one side. Nana wagged my finger at me, “I read that story and you weren’t a shy girl in it,” she scolded.

I whimpered but spread my legs, putting my grandfather’s head between my knees as I stood over him. My lip was still caught in my teeth and Nana used her thumb to pull it free, “We’re going to start with squats.”

She demonstrated, going down until her pussy pressed against Papa’s chest. Butt lifted, knees bent, thighs taut. “Now you,” her smile was obvious.

I stopped short of a full squat, my pussy mere inches above my grandfather’s face. Nana wagged her finger again, “Naughty girl, do it proper so we can get Papa’s heart rate up.”

I finished the squat and it put my clit right against my grandfather’s lower lip, causing me to gasp as Papa moaned.

I stood back up and Grandma lowered herself again. I followed, again rubbing my clit across my grandfather’s lower lip as I held the pose for a second then stood back up. A string of my lubrication stretched between me and my grandfather and Nana licked her lip before moving back down into her squat then watched me follow suit.

Ten squats made my grandfather’s lips glisten with me.

We paused for a minute then Nana smiled, “Three second hold this time.”

Papa’s dick twitched behind Nana as my pussy stayed touching his lip for the full three seconds. He didn’t try to lick me, which surprised me. Each lift found his lips shinier than before. Ten 3-second squats later and my clit ached.

Nana looked at the device on Papa’s wrist and smiled, “Abby, put your hands on the bar and do a full squat until I tell you to lift.”

Papa’s lips parted as I squatted down, letting me lower a little further. I had no doubt my pussy was dripping into his open mouth. Nana climbed off of his chest and came around behind me. Her hands were on my hips and she rocked me against his open mouth, “Lift your tongue to her, Papa.”

My hands tightened on the bar as my Grandfather’s tongue lifted to me. “That’s it.”

I moaned and my grandmother moved my hips, my grandfather’s tongue didn’t move, it stayed perfectly still as my clit slipped forward and backward, side to side with Nana’s guidance. “Do you feel the burn in your thighs, yet, Abby?”

I shook my head and Nana pulled me down a little more, “Then you aren’t low enough, really get in there sweetheart.”

From where we were, I could see the device on Papa’s wrist. The flashing heart indicated 140. As Nana moved me and I moaned, he flicked his tongue a little and his heart rate shot up to 170 along with a twitch of his dick. My nipples were so firm they hurt, but my head tipped back and I lowered myself a little more and Papa pushed his tongue further out as Nana swirled my hips to get my clit licked all over by him.

His dick twitched. His heart rate hit 172 and the device began a soft beep every so often, then Grandma lifted my hips away. Thick strands of saliva and pussy fluid pulled between us and Papa groaned as he took a few deep breaths. Nana’s hand moved over my hip and her fingers spread to either side of my clit.

“Oh, that’s firm, you liked that, huh?” her fingers rubbed and slid across the tip of my clit.

My legs trembled and Papa’s cock twitched.

“Papa,” Nana said with a softness to her voice, “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

My legs trembled and I leaned against the bar as Nana lowered me back down. The tip of his tongue penetrated me and Nana kept touching and rubbing my clit until my legs gave out and the only thing keeping me from completely dropping all of my weight onto Papa was my trembling hands on the empty weight bar.

Papa’s dick dripped clear fluid and Nana lifted my trembling hips away. My stomach and thighs contracted as my pussy clenched. Nana’s finger slid in me and she moaned, “Oh, that’s lovely.”

She guided me around until I was straddling Papa’s dark red dick. Nana faced me away from him and lifted my chin to her. “It’s going to hurt him not to cum quick, is that okay?”

My hips rocked and I nodded. I wasn’t even on him yet, but the need was there. She lined her husband up with my pussy and shouted at Papa, “Not until I say.”

I leaned forward as she lowered me to him. I’d heard horror stories of virginity loss hurting, but even with his thick dick, I was so wet that he slid in with the slightest pinch. Papa’s hands went to the bar above his chest as he groaned.

Nana knelt between his spread legs and I leaned forward with my hands on his knees. She looked up at me, the slightest smile on her face, and nodded, “Up and down as hard as you’d like.”

The glint of metal beneath Papa’s balls twinkled here and there as I leaned my hands on the bench between his knees. He still had the hook and ball in his ass. My hips lifted and lowers, my body rocked and Papa groaned, lifted and dropped the bar back in its support and Nana tapped and rubbed my clit.

“You aren’t going Escort Didim to hurt him if you want to go harder,” Nana urged.

Papa groaned and shivered beneath me, “God, I need to fucking cum, now,” his words were a deep growl I’d never heard from him before.

Nana smiled and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling it until Papa could reach it himself. I stopped bouncing as he pulled me back over his chest, his hands in my hair, and my legs splayed over the sides of the bench. He planted his feet on the floor and began to thrust hard and fast up into me as Grandma matched his rhythm on my clit.

I screamed and twitched as fluid shot from me and poured down over Papa’s dick, “Harder,” Nana commanded.

He had one hand on my mound and the other grasped my neck, holding me firmly in place as his hips thrust. My body tensed and trembled as his dick forcefully hit the front of my vaginal wall in repeated quick thrusts. His hand tightened on my throat and Nana smiled, “Okay.”

With my knees on either side of his hips, he put his feet on the bench and pushed himself up as his hand pushed my pussy down. His breath was forceful and rapid in my hair near my ear and I felt the release of pressure inside of me as he came deep inside of me.

The device on his wrist beeped rapidly and he grunted then laughed, “190,” he panted as he caressed my body.

Nana smiled and knelt beside us, “Right, you aren’t as young as you used to be. I suppose I let that go a little further than it should’ve. Deep breaths and gentle strokes of her should calm you.”

My eyes were on the ceiling as my grandfather groped my breast and flicked his fingertip back and forth across my nipple, “Yeah, I think I hurt myself, too,” Papa said as he sighed.

Papa’s legs fell back to the side of the bench and Nana spread my legs a little, “Oh, dear, you ended up making her bleed a little.”

They spoke around me, as though I weren’t real, or wasn’t even there. Nana pulled Papa’s dick out of me and laughed as his cum spilled out and onto the bench beneath us, “Wow,” Nana said as she wiped a warm cloth across my reddened and bleeding entrance, “I don’t think you came that much even with Dottie watching you with that blond friend of hers from college.”

“The ball kept pushing against my prostate. I was having a hard time holding out.”

With my pussy and the bench cleaned up, Nana pulled me up to sit between Papa’s legs. I blinked, my shoulders rounded forward and I tried to take some steady, deep breaths. Papa sat up and rubbed my back.

Nana came over behind him. He knelt on the bench and leaned forward as she pulled the hook from his ass, causing him to sigh and lay his forehead against my leg in relief.

Papa sat back down and turned my face toward him, “You’re being awfully quiet, sweetie, you okay?”

I nodded.

Nana nodded her head to me as she looked at him, “I’m going to go give the pizza place a call. Do you still like the veggie pizza?”

I nodded.

Nana headed up and Papa stroked my arms and pulled me to his chest in a hug, “Was it too much?”

I shook my head.

Papa chuckled then pressed his lips to my neck, making me shiver. “Then say something so I know you’re okay?”

“Holy fuck.”

Papa nodded, “Took the words right out of my mouth. It didn’t hurt too much, then?”

“It hurt a little, but everything else seemed to cancel that out?”

“Good. We want to have fun, not hurt you. I’m sorry I let myself get carried away at the end there. I haven’t had someone feel that good since Nana and I first met.”

“Does Nana always direct things like that?” My eyes locked onto his and his lips curled into a smile.

“Usually. Sometimes she needs a break and I make the rules,” he pushed my hair out of my face and lay the backs of his fingers along my cheek. “Your stories had me being a big bully, you know?”

My cheeks flushed and I moved to look away from him, but he kept his grip on my jaw, “There’s having control and giving control. Then there’s abuse. Those are all different things, you know that right? What you wrote was without consent. I’ll never be that way with you.”

My lips pursed before I responded, “What if I want you to be?”

He smiled then chuckled as he shook his head, “It’s one thing for you to want your dirty old Papa to sneak into your room at night to enjoy your body. It’s another if I drug you to do it. I will do the former, but the latter will never happen, either by me or Nana.”

“I-” my words died off unspoken.

He kissed my cheek, then the corner of my lips then parted my lips with his tongue in a delicate and intimate kiss as my hand inadvertently lay on his flaccid cock. He moaned and I jumped, pulling out of the kiss with a wet smack.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

“It’s okay, sweetie. It’s a little sore now, it’ll be okay in a few hours.”

His hand caressed down my neck and he cupped the lower swell of my breast in his palm, “What made you want your Papa for your first time, anyway? You could get any boy you wanted.”

My cheeks flushed and I glanced away before answering, “I don’t know.”

The monitor on his wrist was still hovering in the low 100 range for a heart rate and I ran my fingertip along the edge of it, “Shouldn’t it be lower by now?”

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