Brother Sister Fantasies Played OutBrother Sister Fantasies Played Out


I’d unlocked the cottage and started to unpack the groceries that Mum and Dad had arranged to be delivered and also the things I had been told to pick up when my 22-year-old, younger sister arrived. She had a load of groceries as well. Mum is very organised like that, so as well as the things she had got the rental agency to supply, she had instructed me and Chrissy what she wanted us to bring as extras, mostly fresh stuff like milk, fruit and veg and meat.

Like most modern families ours had gone through a mini-diaspora and we were now scattered all over England, mum and dad were still in Manchester, I was in London and Chrissy had stayed near Newcastle after finishing university. We also had another much older brother, Allan who is in Australia.

As we hadn’t seen a lot of each other as a family, which really upset mum as we have always been close-knit, she had arranged for a five-day mini break at what appeared at first sighting to be a lovely cottage down in Cornwall.

As Chrissy came into the room in her usual hurricane manner, I went over to her, gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek, saying, “Hi Chrissy, long time no see.” As I stepped away from her I admired her figure before venturing, “You’re looking good, as always, very sexy,” and she was.

Chrissy stands five feet seven inches in bare feet, with a trim and athletic figure, not skinny, but toned and fit at 34B-22-32, with long chestnut hair, hazel eyes, a small button nose, full luscious lips that even without makeup are always red and inevitably spread in a huge grin. So, all in all, a very nice sister to have, especially when combined with her fun and bubbly personality.

“Hi Matt, and thanks for the compliment, smooth and tasteful as ever,” she teased me, “not looking bad yourself, for an old man. Mum and dad not here yet?”

“No, just us two at the moment, best get things organised, you know what mum’s like. I don’t think they can be far away. And less of the old man, you cheeky little brat.” Chrissy and I have always got on, being much closer in age than me and Allan. We always tease each other and I have always called her “brat” and she started calling me “old man” when I was fifteen to her twelve.

We’ve got most of the things tidied away when my phone rings, answering it I see it’s mum, “Hi mum, ringing to tell us to get a brew on are you,” I greet her. There’s a short silence before mum answers, shock instantly recognisable in her voice, “No.” I can tell she’s upset so say, “Hang on, let me put you on speaker so Chrissy can hear.

“Matt, Chrissy, there’s been a bit of an accident. Now don’t interrupt,” she shouts stopping both me and Chrissie’s questions in our tracks, “it’s ok, were not hurt, but the car is and your dads a bit shook up. We can’t get down there tonight and maybe not tomorrow.”

“What happened? Are you sure you’re both ok?” come from us to mum.

“Yes we’re fine, a car skidded in front of us and a couple of others ploughed into that, your dad managed to avoid most of the pile-up but ended up going into the Armco. Dad’s fine, just a bit shaken, and a few bruises, same with me, but the car’s a total wreck, that’s why we won’t be down today.”

“Mum, we’ll come up to you,” Chrissy blurts out, followed by a quick agreement from me.

“NO. Stay there, have some time together, catch up with each other, it’s been ages since you two have been together, the cottage is paid for, have some fun. Me and dad will join you in a day or two when we have a car sorted.” With that mum hung up, always practical and not to be argued with.

I could see the shock on Chrissies face as she looked at me as I said, “Looks like just us two for now then brat.” I had to call her brat to break her out of her shock. After a while she nodded and said, “What are we going to do?” practical and resilient like mum, that is why I love her so much.

“A walk along the shore, get some air, and into the village to get our bearings, then we cook a meal. It’s ages since we’ve cooked together, it will be fun.” A brief smile crosses her face as she says, “OK, but what are we cooking?”

“Decide as we walk, maybe some sea-food if there’s anything fresh in the village,” I say. Mum has always insisted that all three of her kids have had good domestic skills to prepare us to live on our own, and both me and Chrissy are very good cooks, at times competing with the other to see who could cook better, I’m sure it was a ruse by mum to get out of cooking for us, but remembering the mess we used to make in the kitchen I doubt it.

After our walk which we took arm in arm Chrissy snuggling up to me for comfort, a feeling I had to admit made me happy and more than a little bit aroused, we got back to the cottage, had a shower and got down to cooking.

Chrissy had on a loose fitting dress, mid-thigh and low cut, hair loosely tied up at the back. I’d slipped into shorts and a T-shirt. We put some good sixties and seventies rock on the stereo as we cooked and chatted. Another thing mum and dad bahçeşehir escort introduced us to was music in all its forms.

Our conversation was casual and relaxed as we prepared the meal sharing a bottle of wine as we cooked, we then opened and finished another with the food. After the meal, we moved into the sitting area from the kitchen and continued talking, but this time getting more in-depth and personal, delving into each other’s lives. But totally relaxed and at ease in each others company, sharing every intimacy.

We were on a sofa together, Chrissy again snuggling close to me, she looked great especially as her skirt had ridden high on her legs and I was getting a great view of them, and also had the chance to get a peek down her top. I knew I shouldn’t be looking at my sister like that, but I had always had a bit of a thing for her but had kept it hidden. I’m not sure if Chrissy felt the same, but she did have a habit of getting close to me whenever she could.

By this time we were on our third bottle of wine and conversation had got even more personal and intimate when Chrissy asked me, “Matt, what fantasies do you have?”

“You mean apart from winning the lottery?” I joked.

“Yes, idiot, you know, what sexual fantasies, any dark and secret desires I should know of, or keep away from?”

“No, not telling, fantasies are that, and for the person, they belong to, not for sharing.”

“You must have some from your answer, go on tell me, and I’ll tell you mine and it’s so far out there it will blow your mind, you’ll never guess it.”

“Chrissy, mine is much more out there than yours is, I’m not telling you.”

Now Chrissy and I have never had any secrets and confided in each other about our early love lives and frustrations, we’ve comforted each other at the end of affairs, all through our teens.

“Ok, then I’ll go first if you’re scared. Rape.”


“Rape, that’s my fantasy, being raped,” Chrissy blurts out, now I’m shocked.

“That’s disgusting, terrible, how can you fantasise about being raped,” I nearly shout at her, shocked beyond belief.

“Matt, hear me out, not a full on violent rape by a stranger or a date rape where I’m drunk or drugged, well not quite, but being taken, fucked, without real consent, being forced against my will, but with someone I know. Someone who doesn’t hurt me, not hit me, but forces me to have sex with him. Someone really close to me, who forces me, takes me as his own, for his pleasure more than mine. I think a few women have ideas like that. A few of my friends do.”

“Chrissy, that is even wilder than what I dream about.”

“Now your turn.”


“Tell, tell, tell, tell,” Chrissy taunted me.


“Tell, tell, tell, scaredy cat, tell, tell, tell.”

Knowing I would get no respite until she had an answer I caved in, “OK. But this is between just us two, and you are not to judge, you started this, agree?”


I took a big breath of air before saying, “Incest.”


“Incest I have a fantasy about incest, having sex with a family member.”

“I know what incest is. God, you fancy mum.”


“Not dad, urgh, that I couldn’t take.”

“No not dad and not Allan, I’m not gay.”

“Well if it’s not Allan or dad, or mum, that only leaves…that only leaves me.” Then a shocked silence as Chrissy my little sister realises that I have fantasies about having sex with her.

As the dawning spreads over her face I nod slowly at her, to my surprise she doesn’t pull away from me if anything she pushed closer to me. “Oh! Wow, that’s a shock, I didn’t expect…I didn’t expect anything like that, maybe a threesome or something like that but…Wow, that’s shocked me. I’m not sure if mine is that far out there now. How long?”

“Since you were about fifteen, possibly a little earlier. Now, let’s stop this, I’m sorry I told you that, but I was honest and you did ask.”

Another silence develops between us filled only by the music, but Chrissy is still sitting next to me leaning into me even more and I’m sure her breathing has got shorter and harder.

That was the end of our conversation as we both realised that we had gone too far, revealed secret desires that should have stayed that, secret.

I wake in the middle of the night, troubled at what has been running through my dreams. Then I make a decision, I get out of bed, creep down the corridor and enter Chrissy’s bedroom.

She is asleep the bedclothes thrown back, it looks like she has been having a troubled sleep just as I have. With trembling hands I reach out and in one swift and combined motion I push one hand on Chrissy pinning her down on the bed and with the other grab the neck of her nightdress and pull on it, ripping it from her body. She is naked underneath and as I switch on the bedside light so I can look at her better, see her naked body better, Chrissy comes awake with a start.

“Looks like two istanbul escort fantasies are going to be lived out,” I say in a soft but harsh voice, as I continue to ogle her body and just run my spare hand over it. Feeling the warmth and softness of her skin, she flinches and tries to pull away.

Recognition and then fear wash over her face and settle in her eyes as she understands what is about to happen. Chrissy tries to fight me off, but I am heavier and stronger than she is so manage to keep her pinned to the bed as I feast my eyes on her beautiful body, taking in the sight of her firm boobs that are crowned by small dark nipples, as they lay flattened on her chest. Then lower to the soft curve of her waist and hips to her fully shaven sex, with a full dark labia.

Chrissy is fighting me all the time, and is just about to scream when I give her a little slap and say, “Nobody can hear you.”

I climb on top of her to pin her down and then sink my mouth onto her boobs and suck on them, going from one to the other, time and time again, sucking them into my mouth, playing with her nipples, which eventually begin to stiffen.

Chrissy is by now begging me to stop, “Matt, please no, please Matt, don’t do this. Matt, it’s not right.”

“But it is rape,” I reply, “you wanted it.”

My little sister is hammering her hands into my chest as I continue to sit on her and stare down at her face, and into her tear-filled eyes as she realises that I am not going to stop. She is going to be raped, and by her brother.

I move slightly down her body and force a hand between her legs and onto her pussy, at first caressing it, then pushing a single finger along her slit, feeling the softness of her inner lips, she is not dry but not wet either.

I push first one finger into her, quickly followed by two more and start to finger fuck her and hard, her pussy clamps onto my fingers.

Chrissy screams out in anger and disgust at what is happening to her, “Stop you fucking bastard, just fucking stop it now. Matt STOP.”

“No way sis, now you can have it one of two ways, fight me and it will hurt, or relax and give in, enjoy it.”


“OK, I’m easy either way,” I reply, I’m not, I didn’t want it to be like this for my first time with Chrissy, I wanted to make love to her, but if this was the only way I could get to have her, I would, and she had also admitted that she had fantasies about being raped by someone she knew, well who could she know more than her brother.

The full reality of her situation seemed to sink in then and the fact that she couldn’t overpower me, and she seemed to relax, her body went slack and she just lay on the bed, her legs opening slightly. Then I shocked her even more because instead of covering her with my body and entering her, I moved up her until a was sat on the top of her chest, rock hard and twitching dick, right in front of her face.

Eyes opening wide with even greater shock, her lips clamped tight as I pushed it towards her mouth, rubbing it against her closed lips.

“Open wide, and don’t bite,” I told her as I pinched her nose, making her breath through her mouth, as it came open, in slid my dick, right to the entrance of her throat. “Suck it, and suck it good,” I instructed her.

Eyes closing in fear Chrissy began to work her mouth up and down my cock, keeping her lips locked tight around my shaft as she did so. God this was good, I knew I wouldn’t last very long in her mouth. Chrissy seemed to relax into the fellatio as she became accustomed to her fate. Slurping up and down on me, getting me deeper and deeper, slight mewling noises coming from her as she did so. I knew she liked sucking cock as she told me how she used to drive her boyfriends wild when she did.

Then I stopped her and pulled my dick from her mouth with a loud plop, “That’s enough for now. Thought if you could get me off with your mouth I wouldn’t fuck you didn’t you. Sorry, fuck first, then you get a mouthful of cum to swallow, and I know you like that, you’ve told me so many a time.”

Chrissy knew I’d worked out what she was trying to do.

I pulled her arms above her head and tied them to the bedframe-thank goodness for old fashioned brass beds, got up from the bed and knelt between Chrissy’s legs. Taking her soft and pliant thighs in my hands, hard fingers biting into her tender flesh I pushed them wide and looked down in delight at her tight little pussy. Lowering my head slowly, letting her realised what was to come next I pushed my tongue out and licked her from top to bottom and back again, long slow licks, tongue delving deep into her. She tasted sweet, her lips velvet soft, opening before me as I worked my tongue up and down her time and time again.

Chrissy had started to move her hips, at first trying to stop me but now seemingly more in time to my licking of her, I knew she liked oral sex as that is one of the secrets we had shared as kids when discussing our sex lives or lack escort bahçeşehir of them.

I sensed she was more willing, more able to accommodate what was going to happen, I didn’t want her dry and to hurt her, I just wanted to fuck her. She seemed lubricated enough to take my cock now.

I stopped pleasing her with my mouth moved my body so it was above hers, got my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed right in, in one continuous movement until I was as deep in her as I could get, balls flattened against her arse.

But as I pushed into her I sensed something different, she was tight of course, but then I felt a barrier blocking my way, then a tearing sensation allowed me to push fully into her. Fuck she was a virgin, that couldn’t be right she had told me all about her sex life, what she had done with other guys.

Chrissie’s head was rolling from side to side on the bed as I entered her, “No, please, don’t do this, please Matt, don’t…please…don’t…don’t…Matt, I’m a virgin…Fuck.” The last a high pitched scream as I penetrated her.

As much as I wanted to I couldn’t bring myself to fuck her hard, not now, I didn’t want to hurt her, more than I would do. Yes, I wanted her but I wanted to make love to her.

The feel of her tight pussy opening as I pushed into her and then folding around my cock to hold it was like heaven to me, I held in like that for a minute just to revel in the soft hot feeling. Now it’s time to fuck!!

I started a steady rhythm of fucking, not too fast but not slow, and I was pushing into her hard making sure my cock was buried deep into my sisters pussy every time I pushed in and then pulling back so my head was only just inside her, then back in hard on every thrust. I could feel her pussy clinging onto my cock with every movement, hot, tight and just a little bit wet.

Chrissy was moaning, saying “No, no, no,” time after time as I continued to fuck her, generally, she lay still, but occasionally she responded and pushed back against me, her body was taking over.

I leant forward so I could look at her closely and could see tears running down her cheeks and her eyes had gone blank. Was she enjoying this, did she really want to be raped, well too late now, that was happening.

I bent forward as if to kiss her and Chrissy tried to headbutt me, but I was too quick for her and pulled away, “That’s not nice, I thought you wanted this, now relax and enjoy,” I said to her. Chrissy just kept shaking her head from side to side.

I bent my head to the side and kissed her neck, nuzzling it, occasionally nipping it with my teeth, nibbling her ear and blowing softly in it, something I know Chrissy likes as she had told me that a long time ago.

I was enjoying having sex with my sister, even though she was unresponsive, it would have been better if she had participated more. I knew I wanted to cum so increased the rhythm and force of my fucking her and at last Chrissy responded, pushing her hips up at me in perfect time to my own increasingly frantic thrusts. Her legs drew up back and up and she wrapped them around my waist pulling me into her and locking me in place. Forcing myself to hold back I fucked her like this for a few more minutes. Her pussy had started to clench on me even more as if she and it could sense my impending orgasm and were trying to take me there as quickly as they could.

I pushed my body off Chrissy but continued to play with her firm tits, squeezing and groping them with my hands, feeling her nipples now hard as little rocks, pushing into the palms of my hands. A low keening sound was coming from Chrissy as I continued to pound into her faster and faster. Driving my rock hard cock deep into her virgin pussy.

I arched my back as I felt my orgasm start building in my balls and then erupting in a hot spurt of thick creamy hot cum firing from me, coating and filling Chrissie’s cunt.

Her eyes shot wide open as she stared at me and shouted, “Fuck, you’ve cum in me.” I didn’t respond just kept cumming and cumming, flooding her with even more of my cum, my gift to her.

I fell forward on her for a second to recover but to my surprise realised that her pussy was still twitching and clamping on me, I lifted up slightly and started to suck on her tits and she clamped even harder on my softening dick. I quickly pulled out of her and got my face between her legs and started to lick her out, conscious of my cum inside her, this was the first time I had ever eaten a woman out directly after cumming in her.

As well as eating my sister I exposed her tiny clit and rubbed it for all I was worth, then sucked it into my mouth. Result!!

Chrissy came harder than any woman I had known, bucking her hips so hard and fast that she threw me off her at the same time screaming, “I’m not supposed to cum, I’m not supposed to. I can’t enjoy it. No.”

By this time encouraged by Chrissie’s response and a natural wanting to continue having sex with my beautiful sister I become semi-rigid again so moved up her body again and pushed my cock against her lips, this time she didn’t resist but took my cock greedily into her hot and welcoming mouth.

The fear and revulsion in her eyes had changed now, not into lust but into something more accepting and willing.

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