Almost CaughtAlmost Caught


I have been into self Bondage for quite a few years and enjoy trying new things this is a true story of how I almost got caught trying a new idea.

I started picking up different things for use in self bondage many are very expensive and as I have to account for my money at home I have made most of them myself.

I have made an item called a humbler which I use as often as I can. I should explain I can only indulge in my playing when I can be sure I am going to be alone for some period as I get quite involved at times.

A few weeks ago I got an idea and the chance came to try it out. I have a shop behind my house which holds all of my toys out of sight. As I said I made a device called a humbler which goes across behind your legs with your balls trapped between the two pieces and in my case I have used wodden dowell rods.

Into one of the beams brossing the ceiling I screwed a regular cup hook. I have also found that one of the biggest problems is staying tied for awhile usually you can get loose at any time and that ruins the whole thing as I like to enjoy the sensation till I can’t stand it.

The best thing I have found is stero speaker wire the plastic coating when knotted and pulled tight behond you is impossible to untie you have to cut it.

On this particular Saturday all the others in the house were going to visit my daughter in college a few hours away so I felt confident that I wouldn’t be interupted, Boy was I wrong.

I gave them a few minutes to get on the road and then went to the shop and started to get out the things I needed for my session.

First I put a serrated knife into the vise on my shop bench the vise is about 4 1/2 feet off the floor which helped in my plan. Next I used some of the sams speaker wire and looped it over the hook on the beam. at the end I tied a heavy wrench, at the other end is a couple nipple clips with sharp teeth which I like they bite in nice Kartal Yabancı Escort and tight and when pulled get tighter.

I have a eight inch vibrating dildo I lubed and slid into my ass turned on high and used a cord wrapped around my cock which by this time was hard as a rock and I let it hang for the moment.

Next came the humbler which is two dowell rods they are tied at one end but can be pulled apart on an angle so that you can get your balls between them. Once into it you pull the rods together and tie them at the other end. It isn’t too much pain until you try and stand then you get to see what real pain is like.

I now tied the cord from around my cock too my balls which were aching (this also helped hold the didlo in) by now as I moved around getting the other things hooked to me. Too get a good start I pulled the wire down from the ceiling and attached the clips to my nipples.

They always make my nipples feel like they are on fire when I first apply them they eventually ache and hurt more than ever when pulled. As I was bent over when I put them on they were already pulling good and I had tied the wire so that the wrench could not reach the floor.

Now for the real test I had made a loop of wire for my wrist and made them to slip at the end so they could be pulled tight. I put might right hand through and pulled it tight I could tell that there was no way I would be able to untie it from behind.

The idea was that to get loose I would have to reach my hands up high enough behind me to cut the wire on the knife in the vise. The real problem was going to be that you had to lift your arms up to reach the vise to do this I must lower the top half of my body.

Another thing about the wire is that once it pulls through the cup hook it is about impossible to pull back and through. To get any slack I had to stand which is impossible for long as my balls were tight into Kartal Yeni Escort the humbler.

I thought for a moment before I put my hand through the other loop of wire then said what the hell I had been thinking about this for weeks and wasn’t going to back out now I had to reach really far around to get my hand through the wire but finally managed I was sweating now from the effort. Once my hand was through I pulled and turned my wrist until it was good and tight.

I was into it now like it or not and was going to have to reach the knife before anyone made it home but I thought I had plenty of time. Boy was I wrong. I had been sqirmming for a few minutes and was really enjoyin the pain and the perdicament I was in when I heard the car.

I couldn’t figure why they would be home already but I tried to be quiet and listen. Then I heard only one car door open and close which made me wonder if it was them or someone else. The only thing worse than geting caught by my family would be by soomeone else.

I had a friend I’ll call bob who came by now and then usually to borrow a tool or some thing like that I hoped that was not the case. I could hear the knocking from the shop as I tried to keep dead still which was hard considering that pain I was in.

Then I heard the footsteps comming back (too the car I hoped) but no they came towards the shop instead. Whoever it was tried the door but I had it securley hooked from inside. It was Bob I heard him say I wonder where he is he said his family was away and his car is here.

He went back and tried the house again and then mumbling to himself finally left. I was realy sweating now knowing Bob if he had cought me he would have used it against me he was that kind of guy.

Now I was left to enjoy my time nearly an hour had passed and I figured I had better try and see how hard it was going to be to get loose. As soon Kartal Masaj Salonu as I tried to lift my arms up I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The nipple clips were already pulling hard and I knew they would not slip but bite more, then I made the mistake of leaning up to take off the slack for a minute and the humbler kicked in. not only did my balls ache but the around my cock tightened my cock was already purple from lack of blood flow.

I tied to lean down again and the clips bit harder. by now precum had dripped a few drops on the floor I would have cum if it weren’t for the cord stoppig me. Also the didlo was hummiing away keeping me on edge.

To me this is great tied and can’t get loose I love it. I kept at it for nearly another half hour before I cam close to the knife by now my nipples hurt like hell and my balls ached. There was a little blood around one of my nipples from the pulling.

Finally I made up my mind I was going to have to lean over and raise my arms to get to the knife or I would be here forever. Damn did it hurt and then I had to move my arms back and forth to cut the wire which pulled the wire and made my balls ache even more. After another ten minutes I finally got it cut and pulled the wire getting slack.

I almost hated taking off the nipple clips as it is very painful when they have been on for a long time. I untied the cord from my balls next and loosed it from my cock then took off the clips at the same time between the pain and the buildup the cum flew out of my cock and I groaned out loud.

Eventually I got the humbler off and pulled the didlo from my ass I had to sit there for a few minutes my legs were so weak. I got dressed in case anyone else came by then put all my stuff away for anothe day.

As I sat in my recliner in the livin room I inspected my right nipple which had bleed some but it looked ok they were both red as hell. I would have to be careful and keep a shirt on till they were back to normal.

The only thing I wasn’t sure of was if being tied so tight and so little chance of escape or the comming close to being caught was more exciting. All I can say is I can’t wait to try it again.

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