The Teacher’s Daughter Ch. 04The Teacher’s Daughter Ch. 04


As always, this is a work of fiction and the characters are imaginary, existing only within the confines of the story and my imagination. It is intended for the enjoyment of my audience and should not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the author’s permission. A special thank you to my proofreader for his patient work.


From Chapter 3:

I got up and looked at the two ladies. They were completely spent. Knowing there was no way I could help Margaret to her own room, I got her up and half walked her and half carried her to Jackie’s bed. I toweled her dry from the perspiration of all the activity and left the towel pressed against her pleasure place. I returned and found Jackie asleep on the sofa. I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around me. I also carried her to the bed, and ministered to her body with a towel. Then I wiped myself down, turned the lights off and climbed back into bed with my lovely ladies. I cuddled them both in silence until I also drifted off to sleep.

Breakfast and a Shower

I awoke the next morning alone in bed. I knew I went to bed with two sexy bodies but they were gone now. I slid out of bed and put some shorts on to go find out why they had left me alone in bed on a Saturday when we all could have stayed in bed. As I left the bedroom, I heard voices from the kitchen and headed there.

As I entered the kitchen, the two ladies were sitting at the small table with coffee and croissant pastries. Margaret was again wearing another long housedress, although this time she had not bothered to close up the neck line so there was just a hint of her small breasts showing. The house dress concealed the wonderful mature figure I knew her to have. Her dark hair was brushed to a silky shine, and her face, even without makeup, was fair with flushed cheeks. She would have been an extremely beautiful woman in most settings, but with Jackie next to her, she was slightly the lesser.

Jackie sat next to her mom in a tube top that barely contained her breasts, and some very short silk shorts. At only a couple inches above five feet, she was small but wonderfully curvy. Because she was sitting to the side, I could view her from her dainty little feet, up her slender calves and firm, muscular thighs. The shorts teased at showing the sides of her hips and I already knew the fantastic, tightly muscled ass behind them. Her years of swimming provided her with a narrow waist and a fairly flat belly that was exposed between the tube top and the shorts.

Now what the tube top contained was something that nature had blessed her with beyond what should have been proportional to her body. Her plentiful tits seemed massive attached to her small frame, and there were definitely much more than a handful. Supported by the chest muscles she developed while swimming, they projected more than would be otherwise normal as well. When she moved, they bounced and jiggled with fluid lusciousness that would make most heterosexual men drool. What’s was even more special is that she took very good care to make sure they were always properly contained and supported, so there was no sign of sagging under the weight now, and she wanted to hold that off as long as possible.

Margaret was telling her daughter that she was so sorry that she had intruded into our relationship, arguing somewhat irrationally, that it would ruin us and harm Jackie’s psyche. This was a fundamentally silly argument because Jackie had in fact initiated the sexual contact and invited me to join them. If anything, Margaret was a victim; our victim. She was also my high school fantasy and someone that I cared for deeply. I guess it was time to enter into the issue.

I walked up to Margaret and put my finger on her lips to silence her. Then, bending over, I kissed her with a deep, soulful kiss. I pressed my lips to hers as I entered her mouth with my tongue. My hand slid to her breast, which I cupped gently. I held the kiss as long as I could, telling her without words that it was okay and there was both love and lust for her.

“Thank you, honey,” Jackie said as I broke the kiss to take a breath. I took both of Margaret’s hands in mine and looked her in the eyes.

“I have always wanted you, even in high school,” I started. “But back then you were married and I was too young, too immature. Jackie apparently fell in love with me way back then but I never knew it for what it was. Now I love her, but that does not take away from my desire for you or how much I care for you. Last night was truly the best of both worlds for me, and it does not have to end just because someone’s rules say that it is wrong. We are all adults now and we can do what we want in our own lives.” I looked at Jackie for agreement.

“Yes mom,” she nodded. She touched my back as she went on. “I think we are creating a life together and, I guess, we want you to be a part of it as long as you want. What I experienced last night was so much love that I don’t want it to end too soon.” Margaret was crying at this and could istanbul escort only nod her agreement. I was choking up too so I quickly broke the mood to avoid showing too much emotion right then.

“Okay then,” I said humorously. “I need something to eat, and then I really need to take a shower.”

“There are more croissants on the counter and jam in the fridge,” Jackie pointed.

“After that,” Margaret offered. “I should tell you the upstairs shower is much larger that downstairs.” That stopped my movement towards the food.

“How much bigger?” I asked with a grin.

“I think we could all fit,” was her response. I ate two croissant slathered with jam very quickly (I would need the energy), then we all headed up the stairs.

In the bathroom was a beautifully appointed tile shower enclosure that was indeed big enough for three, with a large rain-type showerhead in the ceiling and removable shower wand hanging on the wall.

Jackie and I were quick to strip our clothes and get in the shower, starting the water and enjoying how it flowed over our skin. Margaret was not quite as bold, as it would be the first time to expose herself to us in full light. Jackie and I had showered together before so I knew to start by shampooing all the long blonde hair that I loved to play with anyway. By the time Margaret actually stripped off her clothes and joined us, I was standing behind Jackie facing the door as I lathered her hair with shampoo. I was rubbing my loins against her behind and she told me to stop and get the hair done, then leaned her head back to enjoy the soapy scalp massage. When her mother opened the door to the shower and I saw her naked body before me, I was shocked at how good she looked and my hands paused in my massaging motion.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. Jackie brought her hands up to wipe her eyes of the shampoo, then opened them to check out the sight as well. Her eyes went wide at the sight of her mother’s naked body in full light.

“Wow, Mom!” she exclaimed as well. “Look at you!” Despite the fact she was about 50, Margaret’s body was in very good shape. Her life as an actress required her to be able to dance and she did dance at a studio as often as possible between teaching, directing, and acting, and the work showed. Although there were crow’s feet in her eyes when she smiled, and her hair had touched of gray, she was still a fine looking woman.

The skin over her body was smooth and clear, covering a body that had just the right ratio of body fat for her age and figure. Her breasts were on the small side, but because of that and never having natural children, remained pert and firm atop her shapely chest, with no signs of droop or flattening. Her abdomen was not completely flat, but did have a slight bulge of maturity that was not distasteful and to some would even be an enticing sign of fertility. The thighs were thick and muscular while her ass still hung high, although it looked soft rather that muscular-firm.

I had managed to keep my cock somewhat flaccid despite being next to Jackie’s naked body but seeing Margaret’s luscious body as well caused it my member to thicken and grow stiff once more. Jackie felt it shift against her butt and she reached down to wrap her hand around it, squeezing it to encourage its growth.

“Judging from Doug’s reaction,” Jackie quipped. “I think he thinks you look good. I know I do.”

Margaret smiled in return. “I guess by sharing the shower we will be conserving water…or at least that can be our excuse.”

As Margaret closed the shower door behind her, Jackie stepped forward and embraced her mother, immediately getting her soaked. Margaret returned the hug and allowed her daughter to pull her under the streaming water. Margaret had argued with her husband that such a massive shower was overdone but now was thrilled at the opportunity it provided.

Jackie and I rinsed her hair out, then we both turned out attention to her mother, with Jackie soaping her body while I shampooed her hair. It was an opportunity for me to admire just how sexy each of these ladies was, in very different ways. The one thing that united them was both carried those subtle hints of fertility that truly drive a man’s sexuality. Margaret’s ripe belly and wide hips show her to be properly equipped to carry a child in her womb and on her hip after birth. Jackie’s full breasts confirm her able to nourish a baby as needed. In all, they were both sexy, beautiful creatures, and with the added thrill of mother-daughter incest, I was eager to touch them both and have additional sexual experiences with them.

I suspected that Jackie also was eager to explore this new sexuality with her mother. Although she had explored sex with other women before, it was more a right of passage in the all-girls school environment than any real passion. But her sexual experience with her loving mom, coming on the heels of finally experiencing sex with a man she had loved and desired for some time, left her satisfied yet with a strong desire istanbul escort bayan for more.

With our help, Margaret finished rinsing her hair and pulled it back out of her eyes. She turned and looked at both of us and I could see a struggle in her eyes. She loved her daughter so much and wanted to share more orgasms like they had given each other last night. At the same time, there I was with a thick, hard cock, something she had had not been exposed to since her husband died. She looked down at my shaft, as I stood next to her daughter, my erect penis pointing up and leaning towards her, slick and shiny with the water flowing over us. There was a realization in her mind that she hadn’t experienced a cock of any kind in too many years! After the grieving she had displaced the emptiness with the teaching and acting until it was easier to not date. It was the passionate sex that Jackie and I were having regularly that brought about the increase in her sexual frustration.

“Touch me,” she said, putting off the decision about what to do next. “Both of you touch me.” I stepped forward and had Margaret turn her back to me so that I could reach around and cup her breasts. My former teacher let out a long sigh and relaxed against me. It apparently had been a long time since a strong set of hands cupped her small breasts and this first gentle touch sent shivers of pleasure through her body.

Jackie took some of the shower gel and poured it on her mother’s chest, where my hands spread it over her chest and allowing my hands to move smoothly over her skin. Jackie put the bottle down and moved close, exploring our bodies with her hands. Sometimes she was massaging mom’s breasts with me, and then she would move down and be rubbing her palm over dark pubic mound below. At one point, she reached between me and her mother to add some soap to my cock before laying it in the crack of her mother’s ass.

“You are beautiful, Margaret,” I told her, although the name was still awkward to me. After years of calling her Mrs. Matheson it was only now getting easier to call her by her first name. “I have always thought so.”

“He’s right, mom,” Jackie added. “Are you okay with all this?”

“I’m adjusting to it,” Margaret cooed in response. “It’s pretty amazing and this requires some mental adjustment…OH!” I had just lowered my hand to her belly and pressed forward with my hips, and she was feeling my thick penis resting in the crack of her soft ass. I pulled more, grinding my cock shaft deep into her ass crack.

“Oh, Doug,” Margaret moaned. “That feels good.” She pushed back against me, wiggling her butt to ensure I was nestled properly. Just then she felt soft feminine fingers touching her front, caressing her through the thick mat of pubic hair above her pussy.

“That’s real thick mom,” Jackie said with amazement. Her own patch seemed softer and less dense. “Have you ever thought about shaving it?” Her mother was breathless as she tried to focus on a reply.

“Maybe…sometimes. But I never had…the guts…to really do it.”

“Maybe we should help each other shave our pussies someday,” Jackie said mischievously. “I’m sure lover boy here would like to have us walking around the house naked with our pussies smooth and exposed.” I just grinned my response.

Margaret moaned as her daughter’s hand caressed her clit and labia lightly. I wanted to kiss her so I lowered my head and brought my hand up to twist her face towards me. Margaret’s mouth was slightly open when our lips met and I probed her mouth with my tongue. She entwined her own tongue with mine. As we pressed our faces together, she gradually turned fully towards me with her body pressed against my front and rigid cock pressing on her upper belly, so big was the difference in our height.

Jackie told me later how beautiful she thought it was so see the two people she loved so much, her mother and her boyfriend, kissing like lovers. She had given herself freely to both of them in love and now it was obvious that the link was complete. A powerful warmth grew within her, separate from the burning sexual desire, and she was glad she was in the shower where they would not see the tears in her eyes.

While I was kissing Jackie’s mother, I felt one of her hands work its way between our bodies and wrap around my penis. She said later that it felt so big in her hand that she had trouble believing that last night I had stuffed the whole thing inside her vagina. At the same time, she wanted it again.

“I want this,” she whispered into my face. Then she turned to her daughter and said “I want you too. But I want this time to be more comfortable than last night. Let’s get out of here and take it to a bed.” We finally turned the water off and all stepped out to begin toweling each other off. There was much touching and caressing as we dried each other off, with sufficient ‘accidents’ to maintain our level of sexual excitement. I was directed to go into Margaret’s bedroom and lay on the bed while the two escort istanbul women dried their hair. As I lay on the bed and my hard-on subsided, I dozed off to the sound of the blow dryer in the bathroom.

The Threesome continues

I opened my eyes as they walked naked into the bedroom together. Jackie looked admiringly at her mother, and said, “You look so sexy, Mom. You still have a great figure.” She moved to face her Mom and put her hands on Margaret’s breasts. Standing at the foot of the bed in front of me, she gently caressed the breasts and squeezed them. “You are still so firm, Mom. I love the feel of your breasts.” She bent her head and kissed each of the nipples in turn, and they became hard from the attention they were getting.

Margaret moaned softly in response and pulled her daughter’s face against her breasts. My cock was fully erect now as I lay there on the bed. Jackie straightened up, and turned to face me, taking in my hard cock awaiting the ladies. She leaned down on the bed and kissed me fully on the mouth. I took one free hand and cupped the full breast hanging from her chest, evoking a moan from her throat. She pulled back to break the kiss and said, “I love the way you squeeze and touch me, honey. I will get her started but I want you to be with Mom this time. I want to watch you please her the way you please me.”

She lifted up and went back to her mom and led her up to the side of the bed. Jackie kissed her mother lightly on the lips, and then slowly put her arms around her neck as the kissing became more intense and Margaret opened her mouth. I sat up and watched as the mother and daughter embraced each other, their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Jackie was pressing her body against her mother’s and gently guiding her towards the edge of the bed. Margaret’s legs hit the edge of the bed and buckled so she fell back, Jackie falling with her to land on top of her mother’s body, still kissing. My cock jerked at the erotic sight of my former teacher and her daughter locked in a sapphic clinch. Jackie pressed her pelvis against her mother and Margaret’s legs spread to oblige her daughter’s desires. I watched amazed as Jackie arched her back so her bush made contact with her mother’s pubic mound; Margaret let out a deep moan as Jackie’s body mashed her aroused clitoris. She clasped her daughter’s body tightly against her own and jerked her hips up to return the pressure. After a few minutes of serious moaning, Jackie finally broke the kiss, and rolled off her mother.

“How did you like that, Mom?”

“It was lovely, darling, “she said with a sigh. “Is that all you are going to do?”

“Not at all,” Jackie replied. “You know only a woman can kiss another woman properly. It’s the same with eating pussy.” Without another word, Jackie slid back off her mother to kneel on the carpet and spread her mother’s legs.

“Good Lord, Jackie. Are you going to suck…OH!” Margaret exclaimed, her words interrupted by the first contact of her daughter’s mouth to her loins.

I shifted so I could see better as Jackie moved away from that first, teasing kiss on her mother’s clit to gently part the folds of her pussy with her fingers. Margaret was already wet with desire and was obviously quite aroused. Jackie gently rubbed her mother’s clitoris with her index finger, and inserted the middle finger into the opening. I watched as my girlfriend’s finger slid into her Mom’s pussy as far as it would go, and then she turned her hand palm up. I had done this before myself, where you then hook the finger up and gently rub it on the upper pussy wall. If your fingers are sensitive enough, you can feel a spot on that front inner wall of the pussy which is a little bumpy. If you can rub on this spot, you can trigger an orgasm so incredible that some women nearly pass out.

I watched as Jackie pushed her middle finger deep in Margaret’s pussy and felt around. Suddenly, Margaret stiffened and screamed as Jackie found the right spot and rubbed hard. Margaret thrust down desperately, impaling herself on the intruding finger and almost falling off the bed in a sudden arching spasm as the powerful orgasm descended into a vortex of extreme pleasure. She fought to catch her breath and her taut breasts heaved on her chest with each shaking inhalation. Then she collapsed back onto the bed, her body limp.

When Margaret had recovered, she moved up and kissed her. They kissed tenderly for a few moments, then broke the kiss and gave her a wide smile.

“It’s Doug’s turn, Mom,” she said softly. “He’s such a tender lover and he’s the only one who hasn’t had an orgasm yet. I want him make love to you, Mom.”

Margaret nodded. “Jackie, you have no idea how much I have missed a hard cock between my legs. Thank you for sharing him.”

“It is my pleasure,” Jackie said. “Besides, he has always wanted you.” Margaret looked at me surprised and I just nodded and grinned. Jackie helped Margaret to lie down on the bed and shift around to provide me with enough room to move. I crawled over and knelt between his teacher’s legs, pausing to check out her aroused pussy. The pubic hair was soaked in the fragrant oozing from her pussy and I inhaled the stimulating perfume of her aroused womanhood. My cock was already awfully hard and I couldn’t wait to feel her pussy engulf my shaft.

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