The CabinThe Cabin


It was a hot summer day when Lori and I headed for the beach just down from my cabin in the woods. We were there for a week of being alone with each other.

We had met a couple months ago at a seminar about proto-type electronics. She was there to learn how to sell prototyping and I was there to teach how to sell. We met at a private class I was teaching. After talking for some time, we went for coffee. We had been dating ever since and thought that this week would be good for both of us.

This was our first day here and it was time for the beach. Since the area was deserted, and the beach was not visible to anyone, it was perfect for nude sunbathing. Of course, we had on our suits as we headed for the beach. When we got there we spread a blanket on the sand and Lori stood and took of her bikini.

Such beautiful breasts. They were a beautiful set if I ever saw them. As she streached her arms up to the sun, I could she how rounded, and firm they were. And when she took off the bikini bottom, she was glistening, and wet.

“Seems like the sun excites you.”

“Yes it does. Very much. But then so do you.”

“Thank you.”

We lay down on the blanket and started to kiss. Our lips continued the passion we had felt last night, exploring each other’s mouths. Our hands touched here and there. Making each other hard and wet. Then we relaxed, since we had all week, and went to sleep in the sand.

It must have been a couple of hours before we woke. I felt restricted and tried to get up but found my hands tied above my head, and my feet tied together. I glanced over to Lori and saw that she was tied in a similar fashion.

“You okay?”

“Yes, but what the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know.” And I didn’t. I was as confused as I had ever been. People don’t know about my cabin as it is in an out of the way area, even if only 2 miles from the nearest town.

Then as I was thinking about our predicament, out of the woods came the most beautiful woman I had seen in a long time. Lori is beautiful, but this woman was outstanding. Maybe it was because out here in the woods she was wearing thigh high black leather boots, very short latex shorts, a latex bra, and latex gloves that went up to her shoulders. She had platinum hair that cascaded around and over her shoulders.

She had a heart shaped face that was, I guess, sweet looking. She did not look like she belonged in that outfit.

Behind here walked a very good-looking man. Tall, and blond. 6’2″ tall, muscular, and when she stopped walking, he stopped about 3 feet behind her. I got the idea she was in control.

She walked over to Lori and told her, “If you are good, you will have a good time. If you are not good, well, you will see.” Then she walked over to me and straddled my body. The shorts she had on clung to her body leaving nothing and everything to the imagination. “It doesn’t matter if you are good or not. You will do as you are told. You may enjoy what happens and you may not. It is up to you.”

She motioned with her head and the guy with her grabbed me by the arms, brought me to my feet and shoved me toward the cabin. As I was walking, I saw the woman helping Lori to her feet and making her walk toward the cabin.

When we got there we were shown inside and told to sit in straight back wooden chairs in front of the fireplace. My hands were retied behind my back and my feet were tied to the chair legs. Lori was tied in the same manner. Our two captors walked in a circle around us. Then they stood directly in front of both Lori and I.

“You will address me as Mistress Jeanne. etiler escort This is my slave David. He obeys me fully. Although he is my slave, you will follow his every order as if you are his slave. If you don’t, you will suffer the consequences. Is that understood?”

I was getting madder than hell. “What the hell is this shit? Who the fuck do you think you are? You can’t do this to us.”

“I already have. There is no one around here for at least 2 miles. And I can do as I please. Listen to me. If you behave and don’t resist too much, you will be fine. No permanent damage will be done to you. An you might even have a good time. I know I will.” She had a look of sexual lust in her eyes that fascinated me. I couldn’t look away. She knew it too.

I glanced over at Lori to see that she was looking at the big blonde guy. He was looking at her also. It seems that we were trapped no matter what we wanted.

“What are you going to do with us? What?”

“We are going to have our way with you. So sit there and enjoy yourself.”

She walked towards Lori, stopped in front of her and caressed her cheek. At first Lori pulled away, but gradually she started to respond to the touch. Then Mistress Jeanne took David’s hand and put it in place of hers. He caressed her as well, and Lori moved her cheek into the palm of his hand. When she realized how she was reacting, she pulled away and looked at me. I have to

admit that watching her like that was getting to me a little. I don’t know why, it just did.

Soon he moved his hand down to her the top of her breasts. Lightly touching that beautiful skin. And, as I was watching, Lori, a very sensual woman, started to moan. Her nipples were standing up through the material of her bikini top. Then David undid the top at the back of her neck and dropped it to the floor. His other hand immediately started to pinch her nipples. She was really moaning at this. Her mouth opened and her breathing came harder.

Mistress Jeanne came over to stand in front of me and started to caress my cheek. Her hand was warm and smelled of Lori. She kept touching me. Running first one hand then the other over my face. Then she moved behind me so I could not see her. Then all of a sudden, a mask was put over my face. All light was gone. I couldn’t see a thing. But I really didn’t mind as long as Mistress Jeanne was caressing my face. Her hands rubbed me harder and firmer.

I could hear Lori really moaning. She must have been getting more of her body caressed since I was blindfolded. Then I heard her gasp in surprise. “Gary” she giggled. “What?” I was really confused.

“I think you are enjoying yourself too much.” She was actually giggling. “What’ the deal? What’s going on here?”

I was torn between feeling hot, as Mistress Jeanne’s hand slid down the front of me to my penis and started to touch me there. Started to grab and fondle me. Lori was still giggling, but I was getting hotter and hotter. I sure wish I knew what was going on, but was really starting not to care. The heat on my cock was getting to be almost unbearable. And her hands sure knew how to jack a guy off.

Then I heard Mistress Jeanne ask Lori if she thought they should take the mask off me now or wait until it didn’t matter. Lori said she thought they should wait. The blood was rushing in my head so hard that I just barely heard her.

Then, while I still felt her hands on my cock, I felt her hands on my face again. I sort of knew that there was more than one person caressing me, and I guess I kind of knew that halkalı escort one was Mistress Jeanne and one was sure to be David but I was too far gone, too hot to care which was which. Until I felt another pair of hands touch my mouth.

Just then I heard Lori sort of give a gasp and say, “Oh, you don’t have to do that do you?”

Then Mistress Jeanne said, “Watch him Lori. I am making him like it.”

I couldn’t figure out what she meant until I felt something touch my lips. It was flesh, hard yet soft, and wet. I knew it had to be a cock. Slowly he forced my mouth open with his cock. It was large and barely fit in my mouth. As it slid through my lips I realized I was in their power. I had lost all control. That cock and those hands were making me insane with

desire and lust. Involuntarily I started to suck that cock. Knowing that I had no power to decide if I wanted to do this or not made me hotter.

Then I heard Lori gasp, “Does he really like it?” Mistress Jeanne answered “Probably not, but he is too turned on to care. Too turned on to stop.”

That cock started pumping faster. Going all the way in my mouth. Almost suffocating me. I was totally engrossed by it. I couldn’t get away, and didn’t want to. The hand at my cock was moving faster and faster. I heard Lori say, “Let me help.”

Then a pair of hands left and I heard Lori’s chair slide back as she stood up. When her hands touched my face, I knew it was Lori. She put her mouth near my ear, and said, “don’t worry, I am here and I love you no matter what you have to do. This is nothing. Enjoy it. It’s turning me on seeing that cock in your mouth. Can I hold it in my hand while you suck on it? Can I jack him off until he cums in your mouth?”

With those words and the feel of her hand on his cock, the guy started to cum. And I couldn’t get away. The cum spurted and filled my mouth. And Lori’s hand’s held my mouth closed so I had to take it all. Then she started to caress my neck to make me swallow it all. I was almost so exhausted I could hardly move.

“There, that wasn’t so bad was it?” I could barely hear Mistress Jeanne as she asked me. “Now tie her up again.” And Lori gasped, “Why, I did what you wanted?”

Then my mask came off. I could see them tying her spread eagle to the floor. Her hands tied to the spit of the fireplace, and her feet tied to the couch. “Hey, what is this? Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because we want to. You didn’t think that after your boyfriend sucked a little cock that it was over did you?”

Mistress Jeanne walked over and straddled Lori. Then she crouched down and put her pussy right above Lori’s mouth. “When I take these shorts off you will lick and suck my pussy and make me cum.” Then she stood up. I looked around and saw that there were now 4 men, and 2 women in the cabin. Mistress Jeanne, and David, another woman and 3 more men. All were naked. By the look of David’s cock, it was him that came in my mouth. He was leaning against the wall, and his cock was flaccid.

The other men were all well built. One had brown hair, about 6 feet tall with a cock about 7 inches long and looked to be Spanish. Another had brown hair, was 5’9″ tall, had a cock about 8 inches long and look to be Irish. The third was black, about 5’6′ tall, slightly built, almost a feminine shape with a 10 inch cock. The woman was 5’8″ tall, red headed, with a build right out of Penthouse. Her breasts were full, round, and stood straight out like those of a 20-year-old.

Mistress Jeanne stood up and told Debbie, the innovia escort other girl, to put her pussy on Lori’s mouth and make her suck her clit. Debbie moved over and lowered herself to Lori’s mouth. Mistress Jeanne grabbed a cat o nine tails and slapped it across Lori’s thighs and said, “You had better be good, or you will get more of this.”

Lori had told me before that she had had sex with another woman and had enjoyed it a little but still preferred men. So this was not a big deal for her I figured. In fact I could see her smiling as she set about her task. And Debbie started to moan almost at once. Lori had quite a skill at sucking pussy. Debbie was rolling her head and moaning like she would cum any second. And Lori was moaning and writhing underneath her.

I could hear Debbie as she started to cum. Her body started to spasm. Her head went back and she almost howled.

Mistress Jeanne walked over to Lori and took her shorts off and crouched down to Lori’s lips. “Lick my pussy you little tramp. Make Mistress Jeanne cum.” Lori set about her task, and at the same time all the guys moved in and started to caress her.

They were touching her all over. One had her left breast, one her right breast, two were kissing her feet and caressing her legs and David was fucking her. She was covered with men and Mistress Jeanne and really turned on. Her body was shaking as she sucked on her Mistress. And Mistress Jeanne was moaning like she would cum any minute.

“Lick me, lick me. Make me cum. Now.” And Mistress Jeanne came in an explosion that almost rocked the building, and fell off Lori and rolled to the side.

Then the men took over. Moving all over her body. Kissing and caressing all the while that David was shoving his cock in and out of her pussy. Lori was going crazy with all this attention. Moaning louder and louder. “I’m cumming, gawd, I’m cumming. Oooooooooooooo. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oooooooooo. And as the last spasm racked her body, all 5 guys stood up and grabbed their cocks, stroked themselves and came all over her.

Cum was landing all over her face, breasts, and pussy. It was a fantastic sight. She was shiny with cum. Mistress Jeanne walked over to me, told the guys to make me ready, and they lifted me out of the chair I was in. They grabbed me by the arms and moved me over to where Lori was tied to the floor. Mistress Jeanne put her hand in my hair and forced my face down to Lori’s pussy.

“You are now going to lick your girl friend clean. And I am going to make sure.” And she did. She moved my head down closer to her pussy and forced my face to touch her. When I didn’t open my mouth, Mistress Jeanne hit me with the cat o nine tails. That hurt.

I figured that the lesser of two evils was to lick up all the cum on Lori’s body. Which I did

immediately. They moved me back and forth over her body. Up and down. By this time, Lori was moaning again. Then they moved me up to Lori’s lips. They were cum covered and shiny. And as she looked at me, she opened her mouth to reveal a mouth full of cum. Mistress Jeanne lightly pushed my head down to kiss Lori. And we kissed hard. My cock was stiff again. And David grabbed my cock and slid it into Lori’s pussy.

We started to fuck. Slowly at first, then faster. Her hips thrust up to meet me. My hips pushed harder and faster. We were so engrossed that we never noticed when they cut the ropes that tied us. We just continued making love. Both of us covered in cum.

When we finished, we fell asleep right on the floor. And when we awoke, we were alone. We untied the ropes and moved to the shower. As we were soaping each other’s bodies, we started to laugh. The absurdity of what had happened had just hit us. Then we started to get hot again.

While we were kissing and touching, we decided that it might be fun to try something like this as a planned event next time. We went to bed smiling and talking about the party we were going to have.

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