The Revenge of a Son Pt. 01The Revenge of a Son Pt. 01


This is a fictional story and all the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

My stories are a bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story.

My name is Ajay. I am a 22 yr old guy and I am from Hyderabad. I am studying engineering in a college in a city, a few hours away from Hyderabad. I am 6ft 2in tall and have a well-built body as I work out every day. A few years ago, I was a tall and skinny guy but in last few years I worked very hard and gained muscle in the right places. A lot of guys in my class were jealous of my body and girls would go crazy over my body.

After many months, I finally had a vacation and I decided to go home and visit my parents. I haven’t seen them in a long time and I was excited to see them. My parents are poor and do menial jobs for a living. My dad Murali, works as a driver and mom Divya, works as a maid for the same family.

My dad who is around 43 yrs old is a tall person as well, about 6ft, and has a decent body as he does a lot of hard work. Mom on the other side was a little plump but is very fair and beautiful. She had the right curves at the right places. She was 40 yrs old but looked like she was in 30s. She usually wears a saree and looked exactly like Vidya Balan in the Dirty picture movie.

They both worked for a rich Gujrati Patel family in Hyderabad. We used to stay in the servant quarters of the family in the affluent area of Jubilee hills in Hyderabad while the family would stay in the main house which was like a mansion. The family consisted of three people, Gopal, his wife Ashwini, and their daughter Mythri.

Gopal was a typical rich guy who prioritized money over his health. As a result he was a little fat and had a big round belly. He was around 45 yrs old and as far as I know, he had spent most of his youth making money. On the other hand his wife Ashwini maintained her physique well. Looking at them, anyone would guess that she married him for the money.

She was dusky and around 5 ft 2in tall and not the prettiest woman around but she had worked hard on her body to maintain the right curves at the right places. She had big boobs, a flat belly and a round ass. She looked like Kajol and would wear sexy dresses which would enhance her beauty. She would receive a lot of attention from guys for her figure.

Their daughter Mythri was around 20 yrs old and was a big spoiled brat. She was short and dusky but had a very attractive face with brown eyes and curly hair. She had a slim physique but had decent sized tits with a round ass. I am sure she wears push up bras to make her tits appear bigger than they are.

She looks like the actress Sayani gupta. She would often be in her shorts showing off her sexy thighs which would make any guy go crazy for them. She had an attitude problem and was arrogant because they were very rich. She was the princess of the house and everything had to happen as per her wish. She was the reason I was sent away from Hyderabad and admitted in a hostel in another city.

I finally reached home after a long journey. I wanted to surprise my parents and entered the house silently. I walked to the servant quarters and it was locked. As it was afternoon I thought dad must have gone for work and mom must be cooking in the kitchen in the main house. I dint want to go through the main door as I dint want to face Mythri.

I left my bag and walked towards the backdoor which lead directly into the kitchen. As I walked to the backdoor, I passed through the window of the master bedroom in the main house. As I reached the window, I heard some strange noises. It took me a few seconds to realize what they were. A woman moaning loudly and man shouting “yes, yes. I love it.”

I figured that people were having sex in the room. I got curious. I have never seen people have sex in real life. I wanted to peek in. And I was guessing that it must be Gopal and Ashwini since it was their room. I wanted to peek in even more as I lusted after Ashwini’s body. Just the thought of that stiffened up my cock.

I got closer to the window and slowly moved the curtain very little just so that I could barely see. As soon as I peeked in, I got the biggest shock of my life. It wasn’t Ashwini like I guessed but it was my mom Divya who was having wild sex with Gopal. I was furious as soon bahis şirketleri as I saw it but my cock had other ideas. It got harder to the point that it was begging to come out of my jeans.

The initial anger disappeared in a few seconds and I got excited looking at them. I took out my phone and started recording as my mind was coming up with various ideas. While one hand was recording, the other hand let my cock free and started stroking it.

Gopal being the fat lazy bastard he his, was lying on the bed and my mom was riding him like a cowgirl. I never paid attention to my mom’s body as I never looked at her sexually, but when I finally saw her naked in such a position I couldn’t stop admiring her beauty.

She was fair and had a beautiful oval shaped face with a sharp nose and brown eyes and pink lips. She was a little chubby. She had firm mango shaped big boobs with light brown nipples which were erect. Her boobs were jiggling as she was moving her hips up and down over Gopal’s cock.

She closed her eyes and was enjoying every moment of it. I could see it in her face. She put one hand on Gopal’s belly for support while she played with her hair with the other hand. She looked very sexy in that position. Gopal was holding her waist to give her support.

He slowly moved his hand onto her boob and started caressing and cupping it. He then brushed on the nipple and pinched it hard. This clearly aroused her more as she let out a huge moan and bit her lips in excitement. Then he repeated the same with the other boob and she responded with same reaction.

After fucking in that position for a few minutes, she got tired and collapsed on his belly. Gopal got hold of her head and kissed on the lips. Then he rolled her on to the bed and made her go into the doggy position. Her mango shaped boobs were hanging like mangoes from the tree and appeared like they were inviting me to pluck and suck on them.

He then kneeled behind her. I finally got to saw his dick and had a chuckle. It was probably half the size of mine. But then, I got angry at myself as he was fucking my mom even with that dick and I was still a virgin. With one jerk, he pushed his cock into my mom’s pussy. I couldn’t get a clear view of her pussy but was content with what I got to see.

He was stroking hard and my mom’s tits were moving front and back with his every stroke. I felt like catching and squeezing them. After a minute or two he collapsed on my mom with his huge belly and she collapsed on the bed. I feared my mom might get crushed under him. I understood that he climaxed. Then he rolled on to the bed with his cock still oozing out cum.

My mom sat next to him and took his cock into her mouth and licked and sucked it clean swallowing all of his cum. This was another huge shock for me. I never thought that my mom was such hardcore that she was into swallowing cum and all. Looking at my mom do such nasty things I cummed. As my mom was cleaning his cock, Gopal fell asleep.

My mom silently stood up from the bed and took her clothes and walked in to the bathroom. After a couple of minutes, she walked out dressed in the saree. I stopped recording the video, adjusted my jeans and rushed from there. I picked up my bag and went out.

I sat in a park nearby thinking about what just transpired. I couldn’t get over the fact that my mom was fucking that bastard Gopal and I, instead of getting angry about it, got aroused looking at it. Even fantasized about sucking those beautiful tits of her. I was cursing myself for being such a pervert. I knew about incest but that never interested me. I always thought it was wrong.

But after seeing how beautiful my mom and her tits were and how good she was in the bed, I was unable to stop thinking about her. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t take her naked image out of my head. Just the thought of her was stiffening my cock and that was making me very angry. I was in a state of confusion and desperation.

As I was thinking about what to do next and how to react to this situation, one thought lead to another and I realized that probably Mythri was not the only reason I was sent to hostel and there were other reasons too.

Two years ago, I was a simple and studious guy who would mind his own business. I only had one goal of studying well and getting a good job so that I could take good care of my parents and get them out of financial problems. I never bothered about anything else.

Though Mythri was a proud and arrogant bahis firmaları girl, I always thought that it was her childishness and I wanted to protect her from bad influences as her parents were feeding our family. I used to think of her as a sister I dint have.

But all of that changed one day. I got to know that Mythri was dating one guy from her college. I knew that guy was a bad influence and he was using Mythri only for money and to get sexual with her. One day, I tried to warn Mythri about this. I was trying to tell her that he was using her but she was in no mood to listen to me.

As I was speaking to her, she started walking away asking me to fuck off and showing the middle finger. I stayed calm but I wanted Mythri to listen to what I had to say. So I caught her hand and turned her around but to my bad luck she slipped and bumped into me.

Mythri: “How dare you? You fucking bastard. You touched me and tried to hug me. You are dead when my dad finds out about this.”

With that she stormed off into the house without giving me a chance to apologize or explain.

A few minutes later Gopal had walked out of the house. I could see that he was furious. I walked towards him to explain the situation but he dint give me a chance. He started off by slapping me and then thrashed me black and blue. I wondered what Mythri had told him that he got so pissed off.

My mom and dad were just standing there and were mute spectators and were not even trying to stop him or protect me. Mythri was behind Gopal and she was smiling to her hearts content. Ashwini was next to her and was encouraging Gopal to thrash me more. I was in no position to react. After thrashing me for good 10 minutes, he stopped to get breath.

Gopal: “You bastard. How dare you try to kiss my daughter? You are after all my driver’s son. I will kill you if I see you around again. Get out of this house immediately.”

Me: “But Sir, I dint do anything. I was just trying to..”

Gopal: “Shut up and don’t talk. Get out from here first. Murali get your son out of my eyesight.”

As soon as they heard that, my parents rushed towards me and picked me up and took me in to the quarters. They immediately packed my bags and asked me to go to my aunt’s place. No one even gave me a chance to explain my side of the story. I got angry but there was nothing much I could do.

Couple of days later my parents visited me at aunt’s place and told me that they were admitting me in a hostel. I was told that I should be grateful to Gopal because he got me an admission in a good college even though I misbehaved with his daughter. They were praising him that he was a very kind hearted and good person.

Now when I think of it, it dint appear like he did it because he was generous but he did it because he wanted to get rid of me so that he could happily have an affair with my mom. And even my mom willingly let this happen. As soon as I realized that I was made a scapegoat by them, I got very angry at both of them.

I decided to take revenge on both of them. For everything they had done to me. Especially because at the college I was sent to, I was subjected to horrible experiences. It was a boys only college cum hostel. I was tall and handsome but not very strong. As a result, I was raped many times by my seniors.

On my third night in the hostel, I went to bed at around 9 as every day. I was rudely woken up at around 12 in the night. I saw 3 well-built guys around my bed. They lifted me and took me to the common bathroom. I saw my hostel warden standing at the entrance. He gestured them to take me in.

After going in, the three of them held me tight. The warden came close and pulled down my shorts. He chuckled and took my cock into his hands and stroked it. I was repelled by the fact that another man touched my cock. He then let go of his pants. His cock was rock solid. I was made to kneel down and he pushed his cock into my mouth.

I tried my best to free myself but to vain. He started fucking in my mouth. I bit his cock. He yelled in pain and removed his cock and slapped me. He then gestured the guys to get me into doggy position. Then, he pushed his whole cock into my asshole in one jerk. I shouted in agony and cried but he fucked me really hard until he cummed in my asshole.

After he was done, I thought it was over and was trying to come back to senses when another cock was pushed into my asshole. It hurt and I shouted in pain again. It only ended after all four of kaçak bahis siteleri them fucked me. At the end of it, I was completely exhausted and lied there like a dead body. They warned me to keep it a secret and of severe consequences if I told anyone about it.

It was a regular thing from that day and in the first year I went to the college, I had to suck a cock almost every day for the first six months. I was fucked in my asshole at least 3 to 4 times a week. In the first year itself, I ended up sucking and getting fucked by at least 10-15 different cocks. This was the main reason I started working on body and got strong enough to defend myself.

I held Mythri accountable for this and wanted to get my revenge on her. One day, I thought I was going to get my revenge. I and Mythri were all alone at home. She was in her usual loose white t-shirt and khaki shorts at home. She was watching television with her legs resting on the table. Her sexy thighs were very tempting. I felt like going and caress and squeeze them.

I rushed towards her and placed my hands on her thighs, feeling and caressing them. She was shocked and slapped me. I got pissed and lifted her from the couch and took her into the bedroom and threw her on bed. She got afraid and begged me to let her go and asked me to get out.

I went and closed the door and let go of my shorts. My cock stiffened by the touch of her dark and sexy thighs. She gasped looking at the size of my cock and begged me to not do anything. But I was in no mood to listen. I moved closer to her and got hold of her t-shirt and tore it exposing her tits in black bra. I pulled her on to me and kissed on her lips while I unhooked her bra.

Her small but perky boobs came into view. I took them into my hands and squeezed them hard. She was pushing me away and was trying to free herself. After fondling her tits for a minute, I let her go and pulled her shorts and panty down. She placed her hands in front of her pussy to hide it. But I removed her hands and pushed my finger into her pussy.

I finger fucked her for two minutes, while she was fighting me to let her go. Then, I removed my finger and pushed her on to the bed. Tasted her juices and pushed my finger into her mouth, to let her taste as well. Then, I got in to position over her and pushed my cock into her virgin pussy and fucked her hard.

After fucking her for good few minutes, I finally cummed in her pussy and let her go. She was hitting me and crying out of pain. I rolled on to the bed and relaxed. As I was enjoying that glorious moment of raping her, I felt something touch my lips.

I was rudely woken up from my dream by someone pushing their cock into my mouth. It is then I realized that it was all a dream and cursed myself. I ended up sucking that cock while imagining I was fucking Mythri. From that day, I dreamed of fucking and taking my revenge on my Mythri every time I had to suck a cock or get fucked. I would imagine fucking her in various places and scenarios.

But after realizing that my mom herself was the reason for me to get raped and have all those horrible experiences, I decided that everyone including my mom should be punished severely. I decided to start with my mom. I walked home.

I reached home around 7 in the evening. I knocked on the door and mom opened it. She was shocked to see me. Then, she let me in quickly and closed the door behind me.

Divya: “What are you doing here beta? When did you come? You dint inform us.”

Me: “Just now mom. I got vacation. So I thought of surprising you guys as I haven’t seen you guys in a while.”

Divya: “Oh good. How long are you here for?”

Me: “Around 2 weeks. Why mom? Aren’t you happy to see me?”

Divya: “No no Beta. It is nothing like that. I just wanted to know. Come and freshen up. You must be tired from the journey. I will prepare food for you. We will talk while having dinner.”

I went and freshend up. I walked out in my shorts and t-shirt. Mom was wearing a blue saree and a blue blouse. She was sitting on the floor and making roti. Even though she was wearing clothes, my eyes were seeing her naked mango shaped boobs. I went and sat near her.

Me: “So mom where is dad?”

Divya: “He has taken Ashiwini Madam to Kurnool for some event. They have gone today morning only. Will be back in 2-3 days I think.”

Me: “Ok. And How about Gopal and Mythri? They have gone too? I dint see any lights in the main house.”

Divya: “No. Mythri has gone on some trip with her friends and will come back after a week. Gopal sir has gone to a friend’s place for a party and he will be back in the morning I think.”

I felt happy as we were the only two in the house and I could implement my plan.

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