The Couch, Morning Sun And A Chance To ReconnectThe Couch, Morning Sun And A Chance To Reconnect


Laying there in the darkness of the morning dawn you are breathing so peacefully. The night has dragged on for hours and I can’t sleep.  I can’t believe it’s our two-year anniversary today and you are here with me. It was a year ago when you decided that you wanted to move on, that we didn’t work together. But now you are here. Improbably as it may be, we have found a way to stay in each other’s lives.I swear you are looking into my soul, but I know your eyes are shut because I can’t stop looking at your flawless skin and natural beauty.  Curse the gods for lighting my skin on fire every time I see your face. I thought I was done and over you. I thought the memories in my head were echoes of a time that drifted away on shattered nights of stupid fights and fears born from insecurity.  I thought that I could handle this, but I am a fool.  An idiot! I was arrogant to believe I could hold the flame of your heart and not be scorched by the desire to taste you.  My skin is electric and my mind is wide awake.  I want to sleep just to make this night go faster, but I don’t want to lose a moment of time.  So I sit here staring; remembering our first night together online; remembering the first time I saw your face and heard your voice;  remembering the first time I made you bursa escort cum and you moaned my name.  Gone are the wasted nights of disappointment and anger.  So stupid and childish to have wasted those minutes with you.  Gone are the fear and insecurities that kept me from saying I love you.  Those feelings were replaced by the desire to scream it from the mountaintops. The sun is now up and the day is moving too fast.  Soon you will be stirring and I will fight the urge to take you; hold you; kiss you.  God, you are a vision in the morning light.  Your caramel skin is flawless and smooth. You start to stir. My desire is slowly building as my cock grows against my leg.  I instinctively reach down to touch it as I have done every day since I met you. Looking at you, inches away, all I can think is that I want is to taste you as I have before.  “Good morning,” you say as you stretch out unaware you have been running a marathon in my mind all night. “How did you sleep?” I smile, looking for any sign that I can move closer.”Good. What time is it?””It’s 9 am. You slept in.”   You sit up against the back of the couch and look out the window to the morning sun. A quick stretch and a smile let me know you are awake.  I move next to you sliding my arms around you in a tender bursa escort bayan embrace.  You instinctively lay your head against my chest as you used to and we gaze out the window. My right arm reaches around your waist, holding you in place.  My right-hand starts to slowly caress your arm, up and down as my fingers lightly trace a figure 8 on your skin. You roll your head to the left nuzzling gently into me. I lean forward and bury my nose into your hair.  I breathe you in deeply as my cock twitches in my boxer briefs.  I want you and it’s taking everything not to throw you down and have my way with you.  I always loved when we let ourselves live in the moment. Seconds feel like hours in this position as I fight the devil and angel in my mind.   To take you or not is the only question that I can think of and it’s getting harder to quiet the devil.  You adjust a little, nuzzling into my neck as my arms slowly pull you back, holding you against me.  All of a sudden I am keenly aware that I can feel the curve of your breast against my arm. With each stroke, I am getting more intentional about feeling your perfect breasts.  You nuzzle closer giving me a green light to keep going.I lean in and kiss your neck.  That always drives you wild and I know it’s escort bursa your weak spot.  My mouth alternates between light kisses and gentle sucks.  My cock is straining against my shorts ready to burst and I am dying to feel your hand grab me.  You let out a soft moan as you press your chest against my arm, letting me feel your hard nipples.  My right hand has moved from lightly tracing you to massaging your breasts.  FUCK! They are perfect. You are perfect, and I have missed you so much.  My left hand now slides down your belly as you open your legs, letting it find your perfectly smooth inner thigh.  Warm from the heat of your pussy.  I can’t take it as I move over to find your clit through your little shorts.  I press hard into you as you moan and push your head back against my shoulder.I start sucking your neck and breathing in your ear. “Fuck, I have missed you my little slut” “Mmmmmm,” you say in a breathless, wanting voice. “I know. I have missed you too.”I am rubbing your clit.  My hips practically fucking the air, desperate for you to touch me. “Grab my dick, Sarah,” I say.”Chris!” you moan, as your hand feels my hard cock through my shorts. I can’t take it and pull them down enough to free my hard dick. Your hand finds it and squeezes.  I want to explode as precum flows like a river. Within seconds the sound of your hand sliding up and down on my dick is louder than our breath.  I moan, “Fuck babe!” regaining a little composure. “That feels amazing. God, you are my perfect little slut.”

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