Subject: The Long Weekend with Dad – Pt 3 The Long Weekend � Part3 Gay, Incest, Adult, Youth, Father, Son If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, then don’t forget to donate! It’s easy, just follow the link fty/donate.html * * * * We arrived at the restaurant and asked for Mike, just like Rick had told us to do. A good-looking man came out from behind the bar and introduced himself, “I’m Mike. What can I do you for?” I answered, “Rick sent us. Told us to ask for you and to order two `Off the Menu Specials’.” Mike said, “Any friend of Rick’s is a friend of mine. Would you like to sit inside or out?” Dad answered, “Out, I think. Thanks.” Mike gave Dad a long look up and down, showed us to a table then sat down next to him. He told the waiter what we wanted and then asked, “So how do you two handsome men know Rick?” Dad spoke up, “I’m John and this is my son, Dave. We just met him this morning, actually. He sold us these swimsuits.” Mike looked at Dad’s lap and you could almost see the drool dripping from the corners of his mouth. I found it funny and chuckled behind my hand. The waiter brought our drinks. “These come with the specials,” Mike informed us. They were some strange blue concoction in a tall, fluted glass. Each one had a blue parrot swizzle stick in it. “They’re called Blue Parrots. Where are you staying?” “We’re staying at The Sands,” Dad answered. “Nice to meet you both,” Mike said as he shook Dad’s hand. “That’s close, so you probably walked?” “Yes?” I sort of asked and answered at the same time while the two of them just stared into each other’s eyes. “Then you should be fine,” he added with a wink. The waiter set what looked to be a soda down in front of Mike. I took a sip of mine and it was a little strong, but Dad looked to be handling his just fine. That made Mike smile as he continued to admire my dad. We made small talk while we waited for our food. As it turned out, Rick and Mike had dated many years before but had decided they were better off as friends. While Mike talked to both of us, it was clear he only had eyes for Dad. I thought it was an interesting but didn’t push it. I mean Dad was married after all. It was Mike that brought up my dad’s marital status. “So I see by the ring, you’re married, John,” Mike pointed out. “Actually, I’m recently separated,” Dad offered. My mouth dropped open and Dad noticed. “Sorry to blurt it out like that, son. Betty is staying with her sister indefinitely.” Mike remained silent as I asked for clarification. “Your mom and stepmom both figured out my heart wasn’t in our relationships.” Mike started to stand, saying he should leave us alone to talk, but Dad patted his leg and asked him to stay. “I guess I’m not as straight as I always thought I was.” Then he looked at Mike and I saw an unspoken message pass between them. Before we could continue, our food arrived. The waiter had brought something for Mike to eat as well. “Okay, Dad, I’m listening.” “Well, I guess I’ve always known, deep down inside, I just didn’t want to admit it.” I could see Mike place his hand on my dad’s as if to offer him comfort. I knew then that instead of passing judgment, I should be doing the same thing. I got up and pulled Dad up as well, then gave him a big hug. He hugged me back and I swear we both almost cried. Then we let go of each other and went back to our meals. When we looked at Mike, he was the one in tears. Dad patted his hand. When Mike could speak, he said, “You two are amazing, you know that?! I only wish my own dad had been like you, John.” “I’ve made plenty of mistakes, Mike, believe me. I just hope to do better by my sons from now on.” “Sons?” Mike asked. “Yeah. This is my youngest. I have another one in college. His name is Teddy.” “Is he as sexy as you two?” He asked me with a wink. I chuckled and answered. “He sure is.” Dad gave me şişli travesti a look so I elaborated. “Teddy and I used to fool around when we were teens.” This time it was Dad’s jaw that dropped. “What? We were horny teenagers!” Mike laughed and eventually Dad did too. We finished our meal and as we were getting ready to leave, Mike informed us that the meal was on him. “Just be sure to tip the waiter. He’s a college student too.” Mike and I hugged then he and Dad hugged. It lasted longer than ours had, but I could tell the two of them were into each other. Mike slipped a card into Dad’s swimsuit then whispered something in his ear. We waved as we walked away and once Mike was back inside the restaurant, I asked Dad what Mike had said to him. “He told me to give him a call the next time I was in town.” “Are you going to?” I asked. “Most definitely!” I laughed at his enthusiastic response and he chuckled too. After lunch, we did a little more shopping, then walked along the beach for a while and finally picked a spot where we could lay out for a bit. After about a half an hour we picked up and left for the condo. We still had to get ready for our special visitor and Dad still had to make dinner, but we decided to take naps in order to be ready for a hopefully wild evening of sex with Rick. When I awoke, I could hear the shower running. Rather that join him, and end up having sex, I decided to watch some TV until he got out. The water stopped a short time after and I got up to take my turn. Dad emerged from the shower stall glistening. My cock stood at attention immediately. “No time for that, young man. Get in there and keep your hands off your dick!” I blushed and gave him a kiss on the cheek as I slipped past him, my hand casually brushing up against his own swollen, monster cock. “Cheeky devil,” he remarked as he took his towel from the rack and began to dry himself. I took a quick, somewhat cold, shower. Just enough to get myself ready for the evening. When I was clean and dry, I went out into the kitchen. Dad was busy making the sauce that he would pour over the spaghetti later. He was still naked so I pulled out the apron I bought him this afternoon, put it over his head and tied it in the back. “I still don’t see why I have to wear this thing.” “Because it’ll protect your equipment and I think it might scare Rick if he sees you naked as soon as he walks in the door!” I answered. “Fine. What are you going to wear?” He asked. “My boxer-briefs, I don’t want to scare him either.” “Because of you, he’s seen both of us naked already.” “True, but that was different. I was trying to get us a discount. We have to get through dinner before we pounce on him.” “Okay, I can accept that.” He went back to his sauce and I went back into the bedroom to put on a clean pair of underwear. I made the garlic bread then waited for our guest to arrive. At 7:29, there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it and sure enough, Rick was standing there with a bottle of red wine. “You made it,” I remarked with a genuine smile, “welcome!” He stepped in and I hugged him. He was warm, smelled like spiced pears and felt good to hold. “Thanks, Dave. I’ve been looking forward to it all day!” He said with an equally genuine smile. That made my smile even bigger. He handed me the wine and I took it over to the counter to uncork it and pour three glasses. Rick followed me into the kitchen and I caught him checking out Dad’s ass. Dad must have felt Rick’s eyes on him, so he turned around and stepped toward Rick. “Welcome!” He stated as he took Rick in his arms. Rick practically melted in his arms too. There was a story there, I was sure. “I hope you’re hungry. I’m sure I’ve made too much as usual.” Rick chuckled and replied, “I am, thanks.” It almost sounded as though he was talking about more than food, but beylikdüzü travesti that would be the treat coming later instead of dessert. Dad pulled away and went back to put in the noodles. “In case you were wondering, Dad is having a nude week.” “Oh,” was all Rick said in reply. “That one,” he pointed at me with the wooden spoon, “made me wear this apron though.” “Stop your complaining,” I insisted. Then I looked at Rick and added, “You’re free to get as comfortable as you want, Rick. No pressure.” He looked at my boxer-briefs then pulled his polo shirt over his head and tossed it on the couch, followed by his slacks and boat shoes. I beamed at him and he beamed back. He had a hairy chest which I loved and a flat, hairy stomach. The most important parts were still covered by a thin layer of cotton but I was sure we’d get to see the goods after dinner. I took a minute to pop the bread in the oven then made small talk with our guest. “So you said you owned the shop with someone else?” “My younger brother, yes.” At that point Dad had to add a few choice words of his own, “I just found out this afternoon that Dave and his brother, Teddy, are closer than I had previously thought.” I laughed and clarified as I took the bread out of the oven. “What my dad means is that he just found out, at lunch today with Mike, that Teddy and I occasionally fool around. And I just found out that my dad and my step-mom are separated.” “It sounds like lunch was a very informative meal. Did you enjoy the food?” Rick asked. Dad answered before I could, “Yes! And we enjoyed Mike’s company as well.” He dished out the spaghetti and we took the plates, the bread and our glasses filled with the fragrant wine to the table. “Why don’t you sit in between us, Rick? You are our guest after all.” Rick Smiled and sat down. Dad and I joined him, then Dad untied and slipped the apron up and over his head. “This looks delicious, guys,” Rick commented. “Dad knows how to make two things. We had the other for breakfast this morning.” “You be quiet, Brat.” I chuckled and Rick joined me. “So it must be interesting owning and running a business with your brother,” I said trying to change the subject. “I don’t think I could do it.” “Well, my Dad owns the business technically, 50% anyway, but he’s retired and has left the day-to-day operations to my brother and me. We each own 25%.” “How do you get along with your brother, if I may ask?” “We get along great. I wish we were closer like when we were kids, but my dad and I aren’t close at all. Not since I came out to him anyway.” “I’m sorry to hear that,” Dad said as he placed a comforting hand on top of Rick’s. “I am too, Rick,” I added. “What are you going to do? At least he didn’t disown me.” “True, but still unfortunate,” Dad commented. Once we had finished eating, Dad and I cleaned up while Rick loaded the dishwasher. Then we moved to the couch, placing Rick in between us again. Dad asked, “What would you like to experience this evening, Rick? What fantasy can we help you fulfill?” He thought about it long and hard then answered, “My fantasy is to be closer to my brother and father.” Dad winked at me and said, “Dave and I can make that happen, Rick. If you’ll let us. Will you let us?” “Yes!” he answered enthusiastically. Since Dad was already nude, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to join him, so I stood, pulled my briefs down and kicked them aside. Dad rose from the couch and stood in front of Rick too. Then we waited and we didn’t have to wait too long. He reached up and took both our cocks in his hands. He started to stroke them and we watched while his underwear tented. We pulled him up so that I could help him out of his briefs. And there it was, a beautiful, uncut boner just waiting to be sucked. I got down on my knees and took it in my mouth. I could istanbul travesti hear Dad kissing Rick because it was rather loud, but that just made it hotter. I felt Dad’s hand on my shoulder so I stopped. Dad knelt down and took over sucking Rick’s cock so I stood and started sucking on Rick’s nipples. I was waiting for a sign that he wanted more and he gave it. “I need to get fucked!” he screamed. Dad and I both stopped what we were doing and straightened up. It was Dad’s show so I let him direct me. “Rick, Dave is your brother. You’re going to fuck your brother. Dave, go around the other side of the couch.” I did as instructed. Dad grabbed the towel off the couch and threw it to me. “Place this over the edge of the couch to protect it, then bend over and get ready for your big brother to take you from behind.” I did both. Then he said to Rick, “Now you’re going to get behind your brother, suit up and push your cock all the way into your brother. Then wait for further instructions from me, your dad.” Rick nodded and did as he was told. Rick slicked up my hole then pushed inside and waited. I was beyond turned on at this point. “Ah fuck,” was all I could say as he beached me. Then Dad spoke again. “Now I’m going to suit up and push inside my oldest son.” I looked back at them and watched as Dad rolled on a condom then pushed inside Rick’s hole. “Ah fuck,” Rick said as Dad breached his hole. Once Dad was inside Rick he spoke again, “Now it’s up to you, Rick. You both get to fuck your brother and get fucked by your father at the same time.” That’s when I felt Rick grab my hips and start to move back and forth, fucking and getting fucked at the same time. “Fuck your brother, Rick, fuck him hard.” Rick started to pound my ass, his hips slapping against my ass cheeks. I’d always loved that sound. “You like that, Troy? You like the way I’m pounding your ass with my big cock?” I answered, “Yes, Rick, yes. I fucking love the way your cock feels in my ass.” I wanted more than anything to jack my cock but I was waiting for Dad to tell me when. “Don’t forget to tell your dad when you’re close, Rick. Your brother needs to know when he can touch his cock.” “Yes, Dad, I will.” He kept slamming his cock into my ass until he finally announced. “I’m close, Dad, Troy.” “Start jacking your cock, Troy.” I took my cock in hand and raced to catch up with Rick, my hand flying over the head and shaft. It didn’t take me long though. Just as Rick yelled out, “Ah fuck… I’m coming!” my cock exploded, shoot my cum all over the towel in front of me. Then I heard Dad yell, “Ah fuck… me too!” Rick bent over me and gave me a hug from behind. Then I felt Dad’s hands on my torso too. Dad must have recovered first because he said, “I’ll get us some towels.” Rick pulled out and helped me stand up. Dad gave us each a towel, we cleaned up, then he hugged both of us to him. “How do feel, Rick? Did we do okay?” Rick replied, “It was great. I feel great. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you both so much for doing what you did for me. I’ll never forget it.” He kissed me and then Dad. “You two are the best.” He went around the couch, picked up his underwear and started to put them on. “Would you like to take a shower?” “Thanks, but no. I have to open up the store in the morning. But thanks for everything, the dinner, the company and well, the sex of course.” “It was our pleasure, Rick. We loved having you… in more ways than one.” We all chuckled at that. He put on the rest of his clothes while we stood the watching. He hugged Dad and then I walked him to the door. We kissed and hugged and he whispered in my ear, “I don’t suppose you’ll be coming back anytime soon, will you?” “I don’t think so, no.” “Well, the next time you’re in town, call me?” “I will. We kissed one more time, then I let him go.” Dad said, “Well, I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted! That’s the most sex I’ve had in a long, long time. I’m going to bed.” “Ditto, Dad. I’ll join you.” We went into the bathroom, got ready for bed, then passed out in each other’s arms. (to be continued in Part 4)

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