A Red Letter Day Ch. 02A Red Letter Day Ch. 02

Bruce And

It wasn’t long before I had gone the whole way. I wanted to wait, but Andrew was older, persistent and very persuasive, And when it happened…WOW what an experience.

He was living with his father, after his mother had run off with her manager at the local bank. I was living with a suspicious mother and father and a very devious brother who I had already introduced to the joys of oral sex. He was sniffing around his little sister for a little more, too but I was not going to let him get away with that!

I succumbed to the inevitable with my boyfriend Andrew however. i went to see my doctor who put me on the pill. All we needed to do was find some time when his Dad was out and we could enjoy what Andrew referred to as “The Full Monty”.

Andrew knew I was a virgin, but I wasn’t sure about him. My coy questions were met with evasion. Strange!

Anyway, we eventually got to bed when his Dad was enjoying a night round the local barmaids flat, and we made love with urgency…his tongue was electric on my ear lobes (where he always starts), down to my oh so sensitive nipples…all around my breasts down my arms…all over my belly (especially licking inside my belly button), then slowly down over my pubic mound…kissing, pecking…then down over my legs…which always open as if by magic…inviting his hot tongue inside my little honey pot…but no…he insisted on teasing me by slowly licking me down my legs, at the back of my knees, down my calves and then slowly back up the inside of my thighs. So, by the time he’s reached my pussy, it is like a dormant volcano, erupting for the first time in hundreds of years.

The first magic touch is his tongue running down my lips…flicking across them one way then the other. Up and down he goes, making me groan in pleasure and growing in anticipation. Then he stops, and a light breeze on my wetness cools me, making me go weak at the knees.

His breath on my oozing pussy is then followed by his first penetration…his tongue licks down between my lips, and he slowly tastes my juice, and slowly slips kolej escort his cool tongue deeper and deeper inside my wetness…

He I so deep inside me I can feel his nose press against the flesh of my pussy, he slowly starts to withdraw, drawing his tongue against my sensitive clitoris…first contact is enough to start me cumming, with a gloriously blossoming orgasm which seems to start deep in my belly and move, though every nerve in my body to the extremities of my toes, fingers and face…with an aftershock as he starts to work on my clit with his erect tongue and I reach a new crescendo. It may have be ten minutes, may have been an hour, time seems to have stopped as I writhe around, unable to see as my eyes are watering, my body covered with a sheen of perspiration as I moan in pleasure.

Suddenly he rises, and I can see his face through a fog of passion, shining with my juices. He is naked from the belt up. I don’t know how. I don’t care. I reach forward madly undoing the leather belt on his jeans…then the large stud button and finally pull down his zip…his finger has replaced his tongue as he finger fucks me, slowly making me start to cum again, as he rolls the pad of his index finger hard against my sensitive clit.

I push down his jeans and boxers in one go…and his thick erect cock springs out, pointing at me. I enclose it in my hand and I start to rub him…feeling the heat of his cock…making my orgasm feel stronger.

He raises himself and he is free of his clothes…again, I’m not sure how…but now he is over me and his hands are raising my legs…and I realise that he is really going to fuck me for the first ever time. I feel afraid. Will it hurt? (unlikely given the amount of “play” I have enjoyed), Will I get pregnant? (unlikely given the pill I was on), what will his cock feel like inside me?

I didn’t have too long to wait…he kneels between my legs and he positions his cock at the entrance to my wet, hot pussy and in one, smooth movement pierces me…in seconds he is fully inside me kurtuluş escort and I can feel him deep and full pushing apart the sides of my virgin cunt. It is glorious. I love him inside me. We feel like one.

Then he slowly retracts and again pushes himself deep inside me…I feel his cock rubbing against my clit creating deep tremors or pleasure inside me. He starts to fuck me. Yea, I am being fucked! His rhythm increases as does the force of his penetrations. I can feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his cock as he fills me. I again orgasm, and cry out, digging my nails into his back. I open myself wider, my legs entwined around his back, as he fucks me harder and harder.

As my orgasm rises and falls I hear him start to moan and his thrusts become sharper, harder. He then slows and I feel his sperm spurt inside me, as he enters me harshly. Three, four five further thrusts and my pussy fills with his creamy emission.

He collapses on me and I hold him tight. We are both covered in a sheen of perspiration and I kiss his shoulder tasting his salty skin. We lie in a coital embrace for what seems like ages, until he rises and we are parted.

I am leaking! His cum fills my pussy and is dripping down my ass and onto the bed. He pulls me into an embrace and we kiss.

“How’s it feel to be an ex-virgin?” he smiles. Wordlessly, we kiss and I feel whole.

“It felt like nothing else on earth…” I said, as I lowered my head to his wet cock “…and I want you to do it again”

Saturday morning arrived and I had certainly lost my virginity.

Andrew reluctantly left our warm bed, soiled with the combined bodily juices from our marathon love making. He showered, getting ready for his weekend job which helped to supplement the cost of his studies.

He left me to doze, but I couldn’t sleep and I needed a drink. I made my way downstairs to the kitchen – hunting for tea and sugar. It was a bright, sunny day and I walked around the house naked, feeling alive and alert – still tingling from our love-making.

I maltepe escort waited patiently for the kettle to boil and spooned a few white crystals of sugar into my mug, ready and waiting with a tea bag. The kettle clicked as the water finally boiled and I started to carefully pour steaming hot water into my cup.

I nearly dropped the kettle.

There he was. My boyfriend’s father. Large as life. Looking at my very naked, very pink body. Looking and smiling. Eying me up and down. And up and down.

He said nothing. I went very red. My face flushed. I tried to say something but the words wouldn’t come out. I thought about making a dash for it, but he was in my way.

Finally I managed to say “I think I should put some clothes on”. I made my way towards the door but he put his arm out and stopped me.

He spoke for the first time, still with a twinkling smile. “Don’t on my account. You look quite gorgeous as you are. I didn’t know we kept naked girls in the kitchen”.

He actually looked quite dishy. And he sounded quite dishy too. Sort of George Clooney. He had his hand on my naked belly. I quite liked it. I looked at him closely. And he looked at me. I thought carefully about my answer.

“Well Andrew seems to like having this naked girl in his kitchen. Don’t you?”

It was OK as an answer. Not great, but I was happy with it. I was also conscious that instead of going to put some clothes on, I was flirting with my boyfriend’s father.

He didn’t answer my question. His hand moved to the small of my back and he pulled me close. He kissed me. Deeply and passionately. I was unable to resist as our tongues met. His hands explored my body…my breasts, my bum, and then between my legs. I was incredibly horny. I could feel his blood fill his cock as we kissed. My hands went to his face and I pulled him deeply towards me.

He carried me to his bed and we spent two glorious hours in it. I rode him, he rode me. He took me from behind, and he took me standing up, my legs round his waist, his hands under my ass, pumping his rod deep inside me until I could stand no more.

We lay, exhausted, until we both made the small shower cubicle and we washed each other and I knelt and took him in my mouth and made him cum again in my mouth.

I never got my tea. But he did make me feel very warm inside.

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