Subject: Garrett’s Summer with Grandpa 6 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill GARRETT’S SUMMER WITH GRANDPA Chapter 6 To Garrett’s delight, he wasn’t the only one interested in sex in the days which followed. Matt found a new lease of life and managed to cum twice a day. This was usually in the morning when both he and Garrett woke up with an erection and then in the late afternoon or in the evening depending on their other activities. They worked in the garden, went to the beach and chatted about many things. Garrett also met a few other people in the village. Charlie phoned on the Monday morning and Matt confided in him that he was now having sex with his grandson. “Yes, Charlie. He loves it and I do too. I haven’t had this much regular sex since you and I worked together,” Matt said. “Do you take turns fucking each other?” asked Charlie. “No, he doesn’t fuck me! He says he’s a total bottom.” Charlie laughed. “Nice to know. It’s still hard to believe such a cutie is attracted to old men like us. He was definitely flirting with me on the boat.” “Well, he has me now and he doesn’t need anyone else,” said Matt. “Changing the subject, would you and Frank like to come for dinner on Friday? You can stay overnight.” “We’d love to,” replied Charlie. “Frank is very keen to meet this sexy youngster. He was annoyed with me for not taking photos of Garrett on the boat.” “I can ask Garrett to send you a couple of photos if you like,” said Matt. “Oh, please do,” responded Charlie. He laughed and added, “They might put Frank in the mood for sex with me.” “Too much information!” said Matt. “Let me write down your email address and I’ll speak to Garrett. We’re going into town to buy fish for the new pond so we will have internet access then.” Matt went to look for Garrett after he ended his phone call and found him looking at photos of mature naked men on his laptop. “Who are they?” he asked. “Porn stars. That is Jake Cruise…Clint Taylor…Paul Barbaro…and Allen Silver.” Garrett pointed at the men on the screen. “I think you’re hotter than any of them.” Matt laughed. “I think I’m fatter than all of them.” “Maybe but you’re my type of man,” smiled Garrett. “Would you pose naked for me so that I can add you to my collection?” “I don’t think so,” smiled Matt. “On the subject of photos, could you email a couple of the photos I took of you to Charlie? He and Frank are coming for dinner on Friday but Frank is very keen to see what you look like.’ Garrett grinned. “That must be because Charlie told him I was sexy. I could pose for some sexier photos if you like…maybe even some nude ones.” Matt smiled and shook his head. “A couple of the photos we took on the beach for your mum will be fine. You are showing off enough of your sexy body in those.” “Spoilsport.” Garrett grinned but agreed to select some photos for Charlie. He prepared the email ready to send later and then got dressed for the trip into town. He didn’t tell his grandfather that his erection was obvious in one of the three photos he was sending to Charlie. They visited the supermarket and then stopped for a coffee at a place where Garrett could access the internet. He sent the email to Charlie and was delighted to find an email from his mother as well as a few from school friends in London. He replied to the emails and downloaded a few stories from Nifty to read later. Then they headed off to buy fish. “What kind of fish will we buy? Koi carp?” Garrett asked. “I think koi carp are expensive,” said Matt. “Since I’m a beginner at keeping fish, I think we should stick to goldfish. They are easy to look after and they are hardy enough to survive a British winter.” Garrett helped choose six goldfish after the assistant in the shop confirmed that their pond was more than large enough for that many. Garrett held the container with the fish in his lap on the drive home and later helped transfer them into the pond. Then he sat by the side of the pond watching the fish while his grandfather prepared lunch. They were relaxing together after lunch when Matt remarked, “Three hours. I think that’s a record.” “What is three hours?” asked Garrett. “It’s just over three hours since you mentioned anything related to sex,” replied Matt. “Are you feeling ill?” Garrett laughed. “I don’t think about sex all the time.” “Just most of the time,” smiled Matt. “I suppose şişli travesti I was the same as a teenager, although I was a bit older when I started.” “Things were different in the olden days. No internet and no easy access to porn,” said Garrett. “Did you have television when you were young?” “Cheeky monkey! Of course we had television,” said Matt. “I remember there being only two channels when I was young and there was no colour. However by the time I left school we had BBC2 and many programmes in colour. Very different from now.” “Very different attitudes to sex too,” Garrett suggested. “Indeed!” said Matt. “You probably know that sex between men was illegal in England until 1967 but did you know it remained illegal in the merchant navy as well as in the armed forces?” “No! Does that mean you were breaking the law when you had sex with Charlie?” asked Garrett. “It does – on two counts. It was also illegal because we were under twenty-one,” replied Matt. “But even for gay men living and working in towns and cities, things were tough. Even though sex was no longer against the law, there was a lot of discrimination against gays in those early days. Most men kept their sexuality a secret in case they got beaten up or lost their job.” “That’s terrible,” said Garrett. “I’m glad I don’t have to hide who I am.” “Yes, things have definitely improved in the last thirty years or so,” said Matt. Garrett broke into a smile. “Fancy going up to the bedroom and breaking the law with me? I’m under the legal age.” “Don’t remind me!” said Matt. “No, let’s go for a walk. We need some exercise.” They enjoyed their walk, stopping once to chat to Aunt Betty. Garrett was surprised to see an older teenager emerge from the shop and nudged his grandfather. “Who is that?” “That is Simon. He will be visiting his grandparents,” replied Matt. “He and his parents live in Plymouth.” The boys looked at each other and nodded as they passed. “I think he’s nineteen,” Matt concluded. “Too young for me,” responded Garrett. That made Matt laugh. When they reached the harbour, they stopped to watch a small fishing boat come in and tie up. The younger one of the pair onboard started offloading boxes of fish while the older bearded guy called out, “Alright?” “Yeah, you?” Matt called back. “Yeah. This will be your grandson. I heard he was staying with you for a bit,” the man responded. “That’s right, Tom. This is Garrett,” said Matt. “Pleased to meet you, sir.” Garrett smiled and gave Tom a wave. “What a charmer! Nice to meet you, son,” smiled Tom. “Would you like to jump down and see a real fishing boat?” “I’d love to,” said Garrett. He turned to Matt who nodded his approval and then climbed down into the boat. “What have you caught today?” he asked Tom. “Mostly mackerel, whiting and dogfish,” replied Tom. He turned to shout up at Matt, “Fancy a bit of fish for your tea?” “I’ll buy a couple of whiting off you,” said Matt. Garrett stuck his head into the cabin. “I didn’t realise you had so much electronic equipment.” “Got to maximise the catch to make a good living these days,” said Tom. “This stuff helps.” “Fancy a job on the boat? My nephew there…” Tom nodded towards the other man. “…never says much and it would be good to have a bit more company.” Garrett smiled and shook his head. “I’m only here for a few more weeks and I don’t think I’d be much help…especially if the sea became rough.” “Pity. Well, come and help me select a couple of fish for old Matt,” said Tom. “I heard that…and I’d remind you that you’re only six years younger than me,” Matt called out. They were soon on the way home with the fish. “I like Tom,” said Garrett. “I think he likes me too. Did you notice he called me “my handsome” when he said goodbye?” Matt smiled. “That’s a common saying in these parts. Some people say `my lover’ but both are just terms of endearment like when he called you `son’ earlier. It doesn’t mean he fancies you.” Garrett looked a bit sad on hearing that and Matt added, “He’s a happily married man but I’m sure he thinks you are cute”.” Garrett smiled and said, “I like his big white beard. It’s bushier than Charlie’s.” Matt laughed. “I’m glad we met him today. I didn’t know what to cook for dinner.” *** As Matt climbed into bed beside him that evening, Garrett asked, “Can I try something new tonight?” “I think that would be okay. What did you have in mind? Matt replied. “Well…I love it when you lick and push your tongue into my bum. I was wondering whether I could do that for you,” replied Garrett. “Hmm, I’m a bit hairy down there and it might not be as pleasant beylikdüzü travesti for you,” said Matt. Garrett smiled. “I like the fact that you’re hairy and it doesn’t stop me sucking and licking your balls. I don’t see why hair in your bum crack should put me off. I love the feeling of being licked there and I want to give you the same pleasure.” “If you’re sure, I’d love it,” said Matt. “It has been very many years since anyone rimmed me.” Garrett smiled, gave his grandfather a kiss and said, “Turn over for me.” Matt turned onto his front and spread his legs to allow easy access. Garrett moved between the legs and then caressed the thighs before bending down to kiss each buttock. Garrett then parted the buttocks to see what he had only felt with his fingers before – his grandfather’s arse crack with a little hair near the base of his spine and a lot more hair around his arsehole. It all looked clean but Garrett moved closer and sniffed. The only smell was from the shower gel so Garrett stuck his tongue out and tentatively licked at the entrance. It didn’t really taste of anything but it was the gasp from his grandfather that made him repeat the action. Matt moaned softly. Garrett smiled to himself and began to lick with real purpose, soaking the area and bringing little noises of appreciation from his grandfather. “That feels amazing, Garrett. You’re really turning me on,” said Matt. “Good,” Garrett said. Then he decided it was time to push the tip of his tongue into the hole. He loved having his hole tongue-fucked and it soon became apparent that his grandfather did too. “Oh, fuck. You’re driving me crazy, Garrett,” Matt said after a few moans. “I’d forgotten how good that felt.” That encouraged Garrett to carry on for some minutes. When Garrett sat up, he asked, “Was that okay?” Matt turned his head and smiled. “It was wonderful. Thank you.” “Do you want me to use my fingers?” Garrett asked. “No. I don’t want any more anal action,” replied Matt. “Well, unless you want to try fucking me.” “Oh, no! I don’t want to do that,” Garrett quickly answered. “I can’t imagine ever wanting to fuck someone. I only want be fucked…in both holes. Can I suck your cock now?” “Of course, you can.” Matt smiled and turned over onto his back. “You’re leaking a lot tonight,” Garrett said when he saw the state of his grandfather’s cock. “That’s because of your tongue!” Garrett grinned. “I’ll use my tongue there any time you like if I get to suck your juicy cock afterwards.” He bent down to lick up every drop of pre-cum that he could find and then started sucking the cock. Matt was soon moaning again. After a few minutes he said, “I could easily cum in your mouth.” Garrett came off the cock and said, “I was hoping you would fuck me but you can cum in my mouth if you would prefer.” “As you rimmed me, I’ll give you want you want,” responded Matt. “You know I love fucking you.” “Okay,” said Garrett. Then he smiled. “No! I know what we should do! How about you fuck me and then, when you’re about to cum, you pull out and shoot your spunk into my mouth? I think that would be hot.” “It would,” smiled Matt. “I have seen that in videos,” Garrett explained. “I might have guessed. Now lie face down and let me get that tight little hole of yours ready for fucking,” said Matt. Within minutes Garrett was being tongue-fucked and begging for something bigger. Matt took the KY jelly and prepared Garrett using his fingers. He started with one finger and after a short while added a second. The finger-fucking caused Garrett to leak more pre-cum. Soon Garrett couldn’t wait any longer. “I’m ready, Grandpa. Please give me your cock now.” “Turn over then,” said Matt. “I want to see your face properly while I’m fucking you.” Garrett quickly turned onto his back and raised his butt to allow his grandfather to push a pillow underneath it. He watched as Matt greased up his cock and then pulled his legs back to allow access. “I’m all yours, Grandpa,” he said with a smile. Matt edged closer on his knees and placed his cockhead on the entrance to Garrett’s hole. Then, with a nod to Garrett, he applied pressure. Garrett pushed back and, after a few moments, gasped when the cock penetrated him. Although he had been fucked several times now, there was always a flash of pain at the time of entry. “Don’t stop!” he told his grandfather. “The rest will go in easily.” Matt noted that Garrett hadn’t lost his erection but he paused for a few moments before driving his cock deeper. He saw Garrett wince once or twice but soon all 20 cm (8 inches) were inside the hot love tunnel. “You’ve istanbul travesti taken it all now. How does it feel?” Garrett smiled and started playing with his cock. “It feels great, Grandpa.” Matt started moving with short, slow thrusts. Garrett gave short gasps but didn’t stop smiling. Matt gradually took longer and strokes. Garrett was wanking now and pushing back to meet the thrusts. “I love this, Grandpa. It’s the best feeling in the world.” “I’m enjoying it too,” smiled Matt. He didn’t tell the boy but he had assumed his days for sex with others was over. Garrett’s arrival had changed everything. Garrett started to whimper as he felt himself get close to the edge. He didn’t want to cum this quickly so he let go of his cock and concentrated on pleasing his grandfather. He smiled at him and blew kisses. Then he got the idea to squeeze the cock with his arse muscles. It seemed to work because Matt gasped and then smiled back at him. “You’re a very sexy boy,” he said. “I think I’m going to cum soon.” “Me too,” said Garrett. He started wanking again but he wasn’t experienced enough to time his orgasm to coincide with Matt’s. Within a couple of minutes, he cried out, “I’m cumming!” and then started to spunk off. Jet after jet of thin boy-cream splattered over his chest. “What a beautiful sight,” said Matt. He had slowed down a little while Garrett was shooting off but, as soon as the flow of cum ended, Matt started to pound hard and fast. “Oh yes, Grandpa. Fuck me hard but don’t forget to feed me your cum.” Garrett continued to wank even though he was no longer producing cum. “Yes, yes, I’m going to give you a big mouthful,” said Matt. Then he grunted, sent his first eruption into the tight young arse and pulled out. Garrett lifted his head and opened his mouth but Matt’s second eruption fell on the boy’s chest. However the cock was just outside the open mouth when Matt fired off the rest of his load and the man watched as his thick cum landed on Garrett’s tongue and filled the mouth. Matt sat back with a smile on his face. “I hope that is enough for you.” Garrett closed his mouth and moved his tongue around, savouring the taste. He then started to swallow in small amounts until it had all gone. “Delicious!” he said with a smile. “Please let me suck your cock now and get any remaining drops.” Matt knelt in front of Garrett and allowed him to suck his cock clean. He then used his fingers to transfer the cum on the boy’s chest into his mouth. “Okay, you’ve eaten two loads of cum now – yours and mine. Satisfied?” “For now,” smiled Garrett. “I shall want more tomorrow.” Matt laughed and pulled Garrett to him for a kiss. Then they spooned together and drifted off to sleep. *** Matt spent part of Thursday afternoon deciding what to cook for his guests. “I need to do something a bit special,” he told Garrett. He finally decided on Beef Wellington for the main course and, since he had plenty of homegrown strawberries, a strawberry cheesecake with homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert. “Some sort of fish starter might be good. I think I’ll visit Tom and see if he’s got anything special.” “I’ll come with you,” said Garrett. They found Tom down by the harbour helping his nephew to load boxes of fish onto the back of his truck. “Alright, Tom?” Matt said. “Yeah, you?” responded Tom. The man then smiled at Garrett. “Alright, Garrett?” “Yeah, I’m alright,” smiled Garrett. “We’ve got friends coming for dinner tomorrow and I wondered if you might have something nice for a starter,” explained Matt. “How about some red mullet?” Tom suggested. “Grilled with some tarragon and pancetta, they should be very tasty.” “Perfect!” Matt said. “I need enough for four. What sort of wine would you recommend with them?” Tom laughed, knowing that Matt was teasing him. “I’d just stick to cider.” Matt paid for the fish and they chatted for a bit before heading home. “Pity Tom isn’t like us. I’d love to see what he’s hiding inside his baggy trousers,” said Garrett. “Hey, be careful!” Matt quickly looked around. “You shouldn’t say things like that when we’re out in public. You never know who might hear.” “Sorry, I didn’t think. We hardly ever meet other people when we’re out here,” said Garrett. “Okay,” said Matt. “I know you could probably get away with saying things like that out in London but people here tend to keep their thoughts to themselves. Especially when it comes to a topic like sex.” “Most people in London don’t care who hears their conversations,” said Garrett. “They talk about all kinds of things on their phones on the bus and on the Tube.” Matt shook his head. “I don’t understand that. Anyway we’ll go into the supermarket in town tomorrow and get the rest of the stuff we need to entertain Charlie and Frank.” Garrett smiled to himself. He had his own ideas about how to entertain them. To be continued

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