The life of Ted Pine Ch. 01The life of Ted Pine Ch. 01


Ch. 1: The last will.

I had just clocked out from my serving shift at the restaurant when I received the shocking news. My Grandfather, Kenneth Pine, had passed while I was at work. According to the text message my sister sent me, his lung cancer finally took him. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen my grandfather. He was a bit of a loner to the family. He never talked about what he did in his youth, or even where he lived. The fact that we knew when he passed was what shocked me more than his passing.

My mind goes back to the few memories I had of him. All of the memories focused around every 5th Christmas or so. Come to think of it exactly every 5th Christmas. This year was supposed to be another visit if I remembered right. On my way to my old clunker of a car, I make the call to my father, who I haven’t spoken to since grandpa’s last visit where there was a big argument. The phone rings and rings with no answer. I’m not surprised by this at all considering the level of disgust my father has for me.

After 3 tries I give in to the notion that Daniel Pine, my “loving” father, is probably past out drunk or dead in a ditch somewhere. My parents divorced about 3 months after the big blow up. The main issue is that in the bouts of arguing with my grandfather and me, my father had admitted to abusing my mother, Martha, as well as cheating on her and rapping my pour sweet innocent sister, Liz, or how I referred to her “Izzy”.

It just about killed me to find out about the rape and the abuse. I had my suspicions of the infidelity but could never prove it to my mother. Unknown to us, grandpa had hired a private investigator to discover the truth after his previous visit and had all the documents and photos to show for it. Since I couldn’t reach my piece of shit father, I called Izzy to see what’s going on.

“Hey Bubba” my sister answered the phone as I unlocked the door to my apartment. Setting my apron and keys on the side table by the door I respond with a somber and exhausted, “Hey”. I make my way to my sofa after grabbing a glass of ice from the kitchen. “So, what’s going on? Do we know anything about the funeral? Has anyone got in touch with Daniel?” I ask as I pour myself a small shot of Horse soldier bourbon my grandpa sent me for my 21st birthday. In the past 4 years, I’ve barely made a dent in the bottle, saving it for special occasions. This seemed like an appropriate way to honor my late grandpa.

“Well according to the attorney grandpa sent Daniel a letter a few weeks ago saying he was dying and that although Daniel was his only son he was out of the will and would only receive the message that his father had passed. Daniel would not be permitted to even attend the funeral, which is scheduled for this coming Friday. The will is going to be read the day before and you will need to be there for that. The attorney has already called your boss and bought your plane ticket. Mom and I are already packing for the trip to Tennessee. I suggest you do the same as we are leaving tomorrow at 1 pm from Tampa International. Mom is a mess but is putting on a good front… I’m doing ok. I’m more excited to see you. It has been too long. I still can’t believe you missed my 18th birthday last month.” she pauses to check that I’m still there and listening.

“I’m so sorry I had to miss it. I couldn’t get off from work though. I’ll make it up to you sis. Be strong for mom, I know it’s probably rough on her, she just lost a good friend in grandpa. I guess I better get my ass up and pack for the week then. I’ll see you tomorrow at the airport. I love you, Izzy.” I respond before I go to hang up.

“I love you too, Teddy. Sleep well.” My heart swells with love at my sister’s nickname for me. Teddy is short for my real name Theodor but everyone calls me Ted. It is also what I am to her, a big ole Teddy bear, everyone else sees me as a hard worker and a ” take no-nonsense” guy, but to Izzy, I’m just the protective and sweet Teddy.

Finishing my bourbon I make my way to the shower to wash off the grime of work. The smell of smoked wood has burned itself into my skin but the smell of food and alcohol can be scrubbed away. Before I step in the shower I take stock of myself. I’m just slightly overweight at 210lb and 6 ft tall. My facial features are average, I don’t have a chiseled jaw or a strong brow line whatever the fuck that means. I’m just me, unapologetically me. My love life is obsolete, my last relationship ended because my girlfriend at the time thought my dick would be bigger and when she realized I was telling the truth that my cock was average length and girth(6in long 4.5 in around) she dumped me.

My shower routine has been described as lengthy and a bit feminine. I start with shampoo which is left in for about a minute or two before I rinse it out and grab a hair mask. While the hair mask sits for 10-15 minutes I start manscaping, keeping my chest, stomach, and pubes to just stubble and trimming up my beard. Then Narlıdere Escort I apply my body wash and scrub till my skin is nearly pink before rinsing it all off including the hair mask. I’ve had a lot of compliments on my cologne, which is odd because I don’t wear any. It’s a combination of that smoked wood that just won’t leave my body and the mer from my body wash. I finish the routine by brushing my teeth and rinsing off for 5 minutes in ice-cold water.

I step out and grab a big fluffy bath towel and dry off then head into the closet to grab a garment bag and a suitcase to start packing for my flight tomorrow. My everyday clothes are the easy part to pack, it’s the suit I find difficult to choose. After staring at my closet for 30 minutes I still can’t make a choice. Drastic times call for drastic measures. I throw on a pair of grey sweat pants before making a face time call to my gay best friend, Anthony. I’ve been best friends with Anthony for close to 5 years. He was devastated when he realized I was straight. I can still hear him saying ” why are all the good ones straight?” I let out a slight chuckle to myself as I remember his comment.

When he answers he lets out an audible gasp then responds with his thirsty comment of ” Daddy yes! You really need to stop facetiming me right after a shower in grey sweatpants. My poor homosexual heart can’t take it, but my ass can.”

“Seriously Anthony calm down. I need your help. I have a funeral to go to and I don’t want to look like a slob around the family that I haven’t seen in years. Which suit should I take?”

“Oh, I see how it is you only need my fashion sense. Here I was thinking that a phone call from you all wet and glistening at 2 am you decided to take me up on my long-standing offer… well a queer can dream. Go with the charcoal grey suit, pair it with brown loafers and a belt with a baby blue button-up and blue paisley tie. The blue will bring out your eyes and the grey will make your ashed out hair pop. Anything else you need from me, Ted?” he asks, finally losing the thirst from his voice.

“No, I think that’s all for now, thanks again, Anthony.”

“Well if you need anything call me, just do me a favor and put on more than just a pair of sweats. You’re giving me mixed signals bud.” He says as he hangs up.

I just shake my head and grin. Typical Anthony, that’s what I love about him, he always makes me feel like I have the body of a Greek god, and not Dionysus either. Taking his suggestion, I finish packing and place my bags by the door. I’ll uber in the morning so I don’t have to leave my car at the airport for god knows how long. I set my alarm, drop my pants, and crawl into bed. I’m out before my head hits the pillow.

The alarm clock blares the next morning jarring me awake. I don’t remember my dream but it must have been a steamy one. My morning wood is dripping pre-cum all over the sheets. I get out of bed and head to the toilet to piss and brush my teeth before packing away my toiletries. My stomach rumbles and I know I’ve got to do something about it. Eggs, bacon, and cheesy grits it is. I never did learn my lesson about frying bacon in the nude. I guess you can say I enjoy the quick pain of grease popping and hitting my lower abdomen.

After the kitchen is cleaned and breakfast is finished, I put on some porn to relieve some tension. Who knows when the next time I’ll be able to jerk off. I grab the lube from my side table and sit down on the cold leather sofa. I start a BDSM-style hardcore video and about 20 minutes later my body has a sheen of sweat and my breath is labored. I can feel my cum moving out of my balls and heading to the tip. 5 long ropes of hot cum hit my chest and stomach. I let my breathing slow before turning the video off and heading to the shower.

Unlike last night, I just wash my body and ignore my hair other than getting it wet so that I can style it after I’m dressed. In no time I’m dressed and headed to the airport to meet up with my mom and sister.

As soon as I passed through security I got blindsided by a young woman jumping into my arms with her legs wrapped around my waist. Out of instinct, my hands grab hold of her tight but juicy ass, my cock begins to rise when I realize that this bombshell of a woman is Izzy. Her B cup breasts are pressing into my chest. The top of her cleavage just under my chin god she smells wonderful like honey and lilac. As I breathe in the sweet scent I squeeze her ass. Why did I do that? She’s your sister, get a hold of yourself. I scrutinize myself before I slowly lower her to her feet. She giggles as her body slides down mine no doubt feeling my obvious erection.

“It’s good to see you, Big brother,” she says exaggerating the last 2 words with a breathy moan. What the fuck was that about? What happened to my sweet innocent little sister? I’ll make a point to talk about this with her later when we are alone from mom.

“It’s good to see you too, Izzy,” I say Ödemiş Escort with a genuine smile.

The surprises keep coming as my mother seductively walks to me. She places a hand on my chest and the other grazes my cock before disappearing around me then reappearing to squeeze my ass. All of this happens while she says in a lazy sexy breath “Hey baby”.

“It’s good to see you momma” my voice cracks as I begin to speak before returning to normal. What is going on with my family? This is going to be a long and sexually frustrating week if they keep this game up. We sit in the terminal and catch up with each other over coffee, before lining up to board the plane.

When we land in Nashville Tennessee we are greeted by 2 men in black suits one is our driver the other is my grandfather’s attorney, Bill Williams. We load into a small limo and Bill begins to go through everything that is going to take place over the next few days.

“You all will be staying at your grandfather’s house” he addresses me as if I’m the only one who knows English. “I was given strict instructions to make sure you understand everything in the will. As of the time of your grandfather’s passing, I am your lawyer and right-hand man for the business, or should I say businesses. When you arrive at the house there’s a letter that your grandpa wrote to you and only you, in the top drawer of his office desk. It is for your eyes only and is not to be discussed with anyone until after the time stated in the will. I understand that this seems very secretive but your grandfather was a very private man, wise but private. Dinner will be ready at 6 and you will have a meeting with the staff after dinner. I will be there to help you in any way I can as will Jon, your grandfather’s and now your butler.”

I’m in a state of shock really. The way Bill is speaking my grandfather must have been filthy rich. There’s no way that my grandpa, the man who dressed in old blue jeans and undershirts, was a multi-millionaire.

Just then we pull up the driveway, passed a guarded gate, and stop in front of a distinguished-looking mansion. A gentleman in a waistcoat and gloves I assume to be Jon stands at the top of the stairs. Standing next to him are 2 young ladies in black button-up shirts and slacks. The moment the limo stops Jon and the 2 women descend the stairs. Bill exits the limo first, followed by my mother, then sister, and finally me.

“Welcome home!” Jon says with a slight southern drawl and a genuine smile. “The ladies will take your things to your prospective rooms. Ms. Martha, Ms. Izzy if you wouldn’t mind following them they will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Mr. Pine if you would follow me to the study.”

It seemed a bit odd to me that my mother and sister were called by their first name and me by my last, but I followed Jon through the double doors and to the right towards the study. Upon entering the study Jon locks the door behind us and guides me to the solid mahogany desk. I sit down into the large leather chair, open the drawer, and receive my letter. As I begin to open the letter I realize that Jon is standing to the left of the desk, with his hands folded in front of him. He looks so uptight and uncomfortable. He’s making me nervous.


“Yes, Mr. Pine?”

“A few things, first call me Ted or if you must be formal Mr. Theodore. Second, can you grab me a bourbon on the rocks? I feel it’s the best way to honor my grandpa while I read his instructions. Third, once you are finished grab yourself a drink and take a seat in front of me. I have a feeling I’m going to have questions and you being the one in charge of the day to day are the best to answer them. I don’t want you standing uncomfortably in silence this could take a while.”

Jon responds with a chuckle as he pours our bourbons “you are just like your grandpa. He hated the formalities in private. If guests were over it was always pompous and stuffy. When it was just the staff and him it was casual and easy-going. Your grandpa was a good man and a good friend. If I may?” he says as he raises his glass and I follow suit. “To Kenneth Pine, a legendary man gone too soon.”

We each take a sip of the familiar Horse Soldier bourbon and sit down in our seats. I grab my letter and begin to read my grandfather’s neat cursive scrawl.

“Dear Ted, if you are reading this I have moved on to greener pastures. Let me first start by apologizing for the many years I’ve missed in your life. I was going to inform you of my plans for your future at Christmas but I once again made a miscalculation. In the bottom drawer of the desk is a copy of my will. Technically you should not be shown this until the reading but fuck semantics. I’ll give you the gist of it in this letter and you can read more in-depth later.

Basically, I’m leaving you everything, the mansion, the businesses, my fortune, and the shack where it all began. I would like for you to learn your family’s Seferihisar Escort history and secrets. This will not be the only letter you receive from me beyond the grave. Jon and Bill have been given several letters to last you over the next few years. My best advice is to follow your heart. You’re a bright kid. You made a way for yourself through hard work and that is the reason you are my pick. You are now the CEO/ President of several large corporations and a few smaller ones. One of the smaller ones being the restaurant chain you were working for in Florida.

I have accumulated more money than I knew what to do with. I would like you, with the help of Bill, to pick out 5 charities to donate a million dollars. That is one of my stipulations for my will. Jon will give you a list of a few that were close to my heart. I would like you to go shopping for a new wardrobe, son you never had good fashion sense until you met that friend of yours, Anthony. My suggestion: fly him up for 2 weeks and get to shopping. I’m not letting you run my legacy and reputation into the dirt. Lastly, fix up the old shack so you can have a home away from home to go back to where you came from and appreciate where you are.

Find love even if your mind tells you it’s wrong. Follow your heart, you deserve to be happy – Sincerely, Kenneth Pine/ Grandpa.”

I reread the letter twice before I give up trying to decipher what my grandpa was trying to say. I understand the gist. I’m now a multi-millionaire. Time to get used to it and learn how to run the businesses. The only one I’m sure I can run is the restaurant. The others I have no clue what they are or where to begin. Then it hits me, I won’t be returning to Florida any time soon. I look up at Jon with a smile.

“Can you grab Bill for me? We have a lot to discuss and a short time before dinner.”

“Of Course,” he says, realizing I’m ready to jump in headfirst.

A short time passes before Bill and Jon return to the study locking the door behind them. “Right, first things first Bill I need to see the financial statements of all the businesses for the past 5 years as well as grandpa’s personal finances for the past 2 years. I need to book a flight for my best friend Anthony to be here tomorrow. Jon, have the staff set the dining room for everyone to join us for dinner. This will give me some extra time to get to know them in a nonformal setting. Jon, I also need a list of the charities that my grandpa has helped in the last 5 years. Bill when you can I would like to schedule board meetings with the businesses starting the Monday after the funeral. I’d like to spend 2 weeks with each business to understand it better and get to know the employees. I don’t know how to make this happen but I trust you do.

After dinner I want you to get me a laptop and a business phone so I can stay in touch with the day today. Finally, I need the 2 of you to promise to always be honest with me even if it hurts. I don’t need yes men in my life.”

Bill opens his briefcase which I didn’t even see him bring in. He pulls out a stack of papers that are the financial reports for the past 5 years. The next paper pulled is a list of the charities a few are highlighted showing the ones close to my grandpa’s heart. Lastly, he pulls out a laptop and the latest iPhone as he chuckles out “Kenny had you pegged done to the letter. He knew you wouldn’t want to waste any time.”

“Do we have a private jet?” I ask Bill without looking up from the financial statements from the restaurant.

“Yeah. What are you thinking, boss?”

“Have it sent and ready to fly in the morning to Tampa to pick up Anthony. I need you to go get him and explain to my new fashion adviser that I need his help.”

As I’m calling my best friend and newest employee, Bill is texting the pilot and flight crew. “Hey, Anthony. I need you up here to help me. Be at the airport in Tampa at 10 am. A gentleman in a nice suit named Bill will meet you just before security. Listen to him and ask any questions you have. Keep it professional. I’ll see you tomorrow, pack for a week. Bye Bubba.”

“Well, that’s one thing handled. Who do I talk to about making an account for my new head of fashion or whatever title is appropriate for Anthony? He will need access to a half-million budget for shopping expenses and if he decides to stay up here an apartment to live in. He knows my sizes and measurements so as soon as you land he can begin if possible.” as I’m speaking Bill is typing away on his phone and when he is finished the whole ordeal is done, including the meetings starting Monday in New York City.

Jon returns a few minutes later. I didn’t see him slip out to get the word to the staff about dinner. Now that he is back, he asks me to follow him so I can get a tour of the mansion and see where my new room is. The master suite contains a huge Californian king-sized bed, his and her walk-in closets each the size of a small bedroom, and a giant spa-quality bathroom. The shower alone has so many jets and heads it would be difficult to find a dry spot to soap yourself without it instantly being washed away. Jon, upon seeing my shocked face, hands me a tablet and proceeds to show me that everything in the master suite can be controlled digitally as well as programmed to make life as easy as possible.

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