The Family Reunion Ch. 11The Family Reunion Ch. 11


The closest sensation that she could compare it to was pooping. Feeling her Uncle Mark’s cock slowly enter her butt, it was like pooping, but much slower, and…in reverse. It certainly wasn’t unpleasant – the Virus was taking care of any pain, turning it into pleasure signals – but she was very aware of everything that was happening.

Even as she felt the cock entering her rear entrance, she was vaguely aware of her changing body. The Virus was helping puberty along, doing things it hadn’t done – giving her a decent pair of tits, for one. Even now, just a few minutes after her first sexual experience, they were starting to plump up. By the time night fell, she’d have a full pair of breasts.

By morning, she would have BOOBS. The big, succulent boobs that she’d secretly wished for – breasts that really filled out a top, created cleavage.

Gave a guy something to hold onto.

As well as that, the Virus was making sure that she could take anything anywhere. The Virus was turning her into a girl who was built for sex – both physically, widening her throat and removing her gag reflex, stretching her anus and vagina both – and mentally, turning her into a sex-hungry slut.

The Virus’s effects would have had Delilah dirty-talking like a phone whore, but she was held back by two things; her limited vocabulary, and the cock that was about to cum inside her mouth. Despite this, she was doing surprisingly well.

“Mmmph, do it, do it, mmph…” Delilah managed to articulate, before a fresh load of cum spurt out of her Uncle Thomas’s cock. Even with the Virus’s modifications, she wasn’t able to swallow it all down fast enough, and she started chocking and coughing, sperm dribbling out of her mouth and flying out of her nose.

After a few deep breaths, she looked up at her Uncle Thomas demurely, and thanked him. His cute, young niece, covered in cum and thanking him for letting her fellate his cock turned Thomas on so much that he immediately stuck his still-erect dick back inside his young niece and started fucking her mouth once more.

She was so distracted by the fresh load she’d just been provided with that Delilah didn’t even notice that her Uncle Mark had managed to get his entire cock deep inside her ass. He started fucking her anus with gusto now, and she was forced to briefly remove Tom’s penis from her mouth just to moan.

“Oh god…I’m pooping…I’m pooping, Uncle Mark, I’m pooping…oh it feels so good. Uncle Mark, I’m pooping, I’m pooping, you’re making me poop…”

Edward was laying still, allowing the young girl to writhe around on his cock to her heart’s content. Her motion, combined with Mark’s thrusting was providing more than enough stimulation, and while he had a less-than-pleasant view of Thomas’s ass directly in front of his face, as long as he closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensations, he didn’t have to think about it.

Thomas grabbed Delilah’s head, and forced it back onto his cock. Her eyes went wide in surprise, and then hooded with desire and she looked up at him and started sucking with an earnest enthusiasm and passion that Thomas’s wife Isabelle hadn’t provided in years, if ever.

Edward, with his eyes closed, had less distractions, and so over the grunting and moaning of the two other men in the room with him, he could still hear the young woman’s attempts to cry “I’m pooping” even as she blew her Uncle Thomas.

The foursome continued for several minutes – Delilah, impaled upon her Uncle Edward, being slowly fucked in the ass by her Uncle Mark, and letting her head be used to roughly blow her Uncle Thomas. She felt what she now recognized as an orgasm approaching, and Edward, ever-observant, noticed the signs as well.

“She’s gonna blow, gents.” Edward said.

“Me too,” Mark grunted.

“This fucking slut gives the best head I’ve ever had,” Thomas confirmed.

Delilah didn’t understand what her uncles were talking about, but at this point she didn’t much care. She felt so full – more full than after she had eaten half the cake at her friend’s birthday party a few years ago (far more than her fair share) and then had three sausages at the barbecue afterwards.

She was full of three sausages now, but unlike last Ödemiş Escort time, she didn’t feel like throwing up. She felt satisfied, fulfilled, like she was serving her purpose in life, yet still somehow hungry for more. The feeling in her stomach grew stronger and stronger, and she knew that it was time to have another yummy orgasm.

“Mmmph…oh…oh…oh…oh!!” she cried, and Edward used that as his cue to cum. He bucked his hips forward, lifting Delilah a foot off the ground, and his hard cock spasmed as he came, hard, into Delilah’s young, tight cunt.

For the first time since he’d started fucking Delilah’s ass, Mark was able to feel the sensations of Edward’s cock, separated only by a thin membrane of his own. The unique feeling – combined with Delilah starting to vibrate with sheer pleasure – set him off as well, and Delilah felt two cocks simultaneously ejaculate inside of her, just as her own orgasm started.

The sight of cum gushing out of both his niece’s holes simultaneously, even as her eyes rolled back in pleasure (along with the vibrations that her cries of pleasure were making around the base of his cock) was enough to set Thomas off, and he pulled out and, for the second time, sprayed his niece with his cum.

As some landed on her nipple, Delilah dreamily reached down and scooped it up, bringing it to her mouth. Some hit Thomas’s brothers-in-law, but they were past the point of complaining, and most of it just coated the post-orgasmic girl’s face and tender body.

The four of them sat there panting for some time, the men feeling (briefly) satiated, Delilah feeling stretched. The three uncles sat next to each other, and one of them lifted Delilah up to sit across their laps – her hands started casually playing with their still-erect penises; not in an overly sexual way, just playing, like a child who found a new toy.

They probably would have sat there for a while still, playing, eventually building up the energy to start a new round, but Thomas and Mark’s wives chose that moment to enter, naked as the day they were born, hands on each other’s asses.


Isabelle and Carol had, after Zack had fucked and then left them, spent a few hours just exploring each other’s bodies – their rivalry ever-present, it had turned into a game of “who could get the other off the most”, which quickly turned into “who can get each other off the hardest”, and then finally “who can talk the dirtiest while getting the other off the hardest and the most.”

They’d hadn’t kept track of the winner.

During the course of their dirty talk, each of them had shared every lewd fantasy they’d ever suppressed, every dirty thought they’d been too embarrassed to even admit to themselves (let alone share). Every time, growing up, they’d lusted after each other, each other’s boyfriends…Isabelle had talked about the time she’d masturbated thinking about their father, and Carol had struggled to top that…until she remembered the time she’d gotten off thinking about their mother catching her in the act, and joining in.

The topic that they’d been talking about for the past hour, while slowly and repeatedly coaxing each other to orgasm, was watching Isabelle fuck Carol’s husband and vice-versa.

Unlike all the other topics of discussion, this one was feasible – they could literally get up, leave the room, and make it happen. The thought hadn’t been able to escape their minds, even after each of them had come to the idea several times, and it became an obsession.

Without saying anything, without stopping to put any clothes on, the two ladies had left the room, and gone looking for their husbands, starting with the last place they’d seen them.

Such was the Virus’s hold on them that they didn’t even question what they saw in front of them – truth be told, the image of their husbands (and brothers-in-law) playing with their young niece was as erotic as the fantasies they’d been sharing for the last few hours, and without so much as blinking an eye, they had decided to join in.

First and foremost, they were determined to play out the fantasy that had been stuck in their minds for the past dozen orgasms, and so (to their husbands’ surprise) Seferihisar Escort Carol had gone straight for Isabelle’s husband, Thomas, and Isabelle had gone straight for Mark.

Delilah, Mark, Thomas and Edward shared a distinctly non-erotic emotion for the first time as the two ladies came through the door: fear. The adults knew that if they were busted for incest, that would be the end of everything – their careers, their marriages, everything. Delilah, on the other hand, just knew that she’d discovered something that she enjoyed more than anything else she’d ever enjoyed, and in her experience, adults discovering her doing fun things simply resulted in them being taken away.

The fear slowly disappeared from the adults’ minds as they noticed that the women were a) naked and b) smiling, and by the time they had walked over to the wrong men and, staring them in the eyes, started to caress and fondle their hard cocks, it had completely dissipated.

Delilah was still wondering if her fun times were at an end, seeing the grown-ups come in and take her cocks for their own, until her Uncle Edward had started fondling her rear, and whispered in her ear.

“My turn now, sweetie.”

Delilah squealed in delight, as her uncle lined his cock up to her ass, and slid in. He was slightly larger than her Uncle Mark, but since his cock was well lubricated from the combination of cum and saliva coating his cock, and her asshole was still open from the cock it had just had inside it, he penetrated her without effort.

Delilah’s noises of pleasure as her uncle sodomized her set off Isabelle and Carol’s competitive side. While they couldn’t compete with her sheer enthusiasm, they knew that they could out-do her with language.

“Oh god, Mark…” Isabelle cooed. “Your cock is so big, I love how it feels. I can’t wait to pop this in my mouth…do you want to feel that? Do you want to feel my lips wrapped around it? I’ve been wanting to do this for so long…ever since Carol first introduced us, I’ve been wondering what your cock looks like, what it tastes like…”

Isabelle’s words were cut off as she popped Mark’s cock inside her mouth. Carol smirked; Isabelle had put in a fair effort, but she knew that she could easily out-do her.

“Is your cock all nice and hard for me, Thomas? Have you been dreaming of doing this for a while? Have you thought about your lovely little sister-in-law in this way, have you thought about her on her knees in front of you, her tits out for you to look at…what do you want me to do, Thomas, I’ll do anything for you. Anything at all…”

Isabelle raised one eyebrow, while enjoying the feeling of Mark’s cock deep inside her throat. She had always been good at playing dirty, and this was the dirtiest type of dirty that there was. She pulled Mark’s cock out, and continued stimulating it with her hand while she spoke.

“Fuck, Mark…your cock…what’s that flavor?” Isabelle looked over, and her eyes widened as she realized the answer to her question. “Is that Delilah? Is that the taste of naughty little Delilah’s ass? Am I tasting the ass of my innocent little niece, Mark? Have you been fucking her? Have you been fucking a virgin? Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to fuck me, while Delilah sucks on my tits? Is that what you want, honey?”

Mark moaned, and Isabelle knew that she was close to getting her sister’s husband off.

“What if Delilah was sucking on my titties and you pulled out and came all over us?” Isabelle purred, looking over and noticing that Delilah looked like she’d already had a blast or two of cum land on her hair. “Would you like that, seeing your niece sucking on my boobies, covered in cum? How does that sound, Mark?”

Mark could only nod, and Carol knew that she really had to up her game if she was going to win this.

“Do you know where we’ve been, Thomas? Me and your wife have been playing with each other. We’ve been lying in a big ole bed, sucking on each other’s titties, our fingers buried in each other’s cunts and asses. Kiss me, Thomas, taste your wife’s ass on my tongue. Fuck me, knowing that your cock is where your wife’s tongue was just a few minutes ago…cum all Selçuk Escort over me, and maybe she’ll lick it off. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you?”

Thomas didn’t even nod, he just shut his eyes and started to shoot his load all over his sister-in-law. Carol smiled triumphantly, staring straight at Isabelle, until a burst of cum hit her in the eye.

Isabelle burst out laughing, which cause Delilah and Edward’s copulating to stop as they looked over to see what the commotion was. When they saw what had happened, they started laughing as well, and pretty soon all of the family members were laughing; the three men, the two naked aunts, and little Delilah.

Laughing together, like a family, secure in the knowledge that as soon as the laughter stopped, the sex would start again.



The sound of their laughter echoed down the halls, and even through the thick haze of lust, drew the attention of the rest of the family. Zack, balls-deep in his horny grandmother’s ass. Becky, being triple-penetrated by her cousins while her mother sucked on her nipples and took one of her nephew’s cocks in her ass. Albert, who had stumbled across Jack and Kelly and accepted his nephew’s invitation to fill whichever hole he wanted.

Finn, watching with delight as his aunt Gertrude and her sexy daughter Rita ground desperately against his legs – he was refusing to fuck them until they got each other off, but their attempts had turned back to him and now they were humping him like dogs. He’d just spent the last few hours licking out his own mother’s pussy as his older sister Quinn bounced up and down on his thick erection.

In the next room, Yvette was watching her husband Vincent fuck their son Wallace’s tight asshole. She’d just spent nearly forty minutes being double-teamed by them, but now she was enjoying the feeling of her niece Xanthia’s tongue buried deep in her own ass – she was only moments away from getting off, and she knew that as soon as soon as she did, she’d flip her niece over and return the favor.

The sound of the laughter even permeated the basement, where Stuart and Steven (twins ran in the family) were delightedly double-teaming their sister Tania.

It was like magic – the mirthful noise stopped all sexual activity, and as if in a trance, the entire family followed it, until all of them were standing, naked, in the living-room, watching as their relatives laughed.

At the sight of their sudden audience, the laughter died down, and soon everyone was standing in silence.

Finally, Ula (Zack’s grandmother – the eldest living member of the family) spoke.

“You know,” she said, feeling better than she had in years – the Virus had given her endurance, flexibility, energy; everything she needed to fuck for hours, “if my husband was alive, I know exactly what he’d say.”

There was a long pause, and then Delilah – the youngest member of the family – replied.


“What are you waiting for?” Ula said with a wicked laugh, and dropped to her knees in front of her. A smile spread over the face of the rest of the family as Delilah’s grandmother grasped her daughter’s daughter’s ass-cheeks and pulled her towards her. Within seconds, her tongue was buried deep inside Delilah’s cunt, licking out the cum that her uncles had been enthusiastically providing her with.

All of a sudden, the awkwardness was gone, and family members began lovingly pairing off. Uncles and nieces who had never exchanged more than a handful of words were suddenly enthusiastically fucking, and cousins who had lost touch in the last few years were touching each other wherever they could reach.

Only one family member wasn’t joining in – Zack was standing to the side, watching with a huge grin on his face. He kept on watching as the door opened behind him, as he heard the sound of a bag full of bottles being dropped, and a shocked gasp.

“What…the…HELL…is going on here?” his mother asked, and he turned around casually.

“Oh, hey Mom,” he said, and before she could react, leaned forward and kissed her deeply on the lips, giving her a potent dose of the Virus that he’d been carrying all day.

“Zack!” she said in shock when he pulled back, but the rest of her objection died in her throat.

She didn’t find her voice again for a few minutes, when her son’s thick cock slid between her thighs, and found her dripping honeypot.

“Zack…” she moaned, and it wasn’t long before the young man was happily cumming into his mother’s tight cunt.

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