The Last Day of SummerThe Last Day of Summer


This story is about Joe, a 19 year old, and his 22 year old sister Lena, who is a senior in college home for the summer.


This summer, I discovered my sister was a slut. This may sound harsh, but this is not the intent. The truth is I love my sister very and think the world of her. She’s not a nymphomaniac, because as I understand it nymphos don’t even enjoy it. Lena, she really and truly enjoys it, and pursues it, and at least back then she wasn’t too picky about who she enjoyed it with.

Early in the spring, I didn’t know this. But shortly after she returned home from school for the summer, she shocked me by taking a guy up to her room and fucked him, making no attempt to keep the noise down. Back then when a car pulled in the driveway, I left the house. If I came home from work and somebody was there, I would just keep driving. But as spring transitioned into summer, I got used to it, because I was just tired of going out in the pouring rain, or sitting around in blazing sun when I could be home doing what I wanted.

Not that it was cool in the house. The air conditioning had stopped working, and the HVAC guy said we needed to get a new one. Mom said maybe she could afford that next year, but this year she had just enough to make the monthly bills. She was putting in lots of extra hours, which Lena was taking full advantage of. Mom would always send us a text when she was coming home. Ostensibly, it was about what to do for dinner, but I suspect she also wanted to make sure there were no surprises when she got home.

That didn’t always work. There was one summer afternoon I got a text from Mom. She was coming home a little early. It was one of those really hot, humid sunny afternoons without a breath of air. My hair dripped with sweat that ran down my shirtless chest and dampened my underwear as I stood in front of my dresser, stroking the cock hanging over the waistband of my underwear as I watched myself in the mirror. Through my open door, I heard Lena getting loudly fucked by another random guy I’d never seen before. How could I even be in the house and not think about sex when it was happening about fifteen feet away from me? But anyway, Mom takes about twenty minutes to get home, so I had time to finish, and Lena was always careful to kick her fuck buddies out before Mom arrived. I liked to time my orgasm to when I heard Lena cum, because that usually made it more exciting. Now it was ten minutes since the text, and the fucking was still going. C’mon sis, I thought, wrap it up. I gave up on her and with a few hip thrusts and furious stroking, I came expertly onto my prepared tissues.

I glanced down at my phone and realized that Mom had accidentally sent the text only to me instead of our family group. Lena didn’t know. She had six minutes. I ran down the hall and pounded on her door. It wasn’t latched and it swung wide, just as Lena had started her climax. She was on top of the guy doing cowgirl, with her mouth doing the letter O as her hips bucked and swirled against the guy’s pelvis. Her eyes were closed but popped wide in surprise when the door flew open.

“Mom will be home in SIX MINUTES!” I yelled at her.

Lena tried to say something but she was still in the throes of her orgasm. All she said was a breathy “Fuck.” I couldn’t tell if she meant that as an expletive, or what, because she liked to swear a lot when she was fucking.

Since maybe she didn’t understand me, I stood there, watching her and repeated: “Six Minutes!”

Now her eyes came back into focus, and she look at me, her eyes trailing down my sweat drenched underwear, noticing a drop of cum oozed escaped my sagging undies and ran down my leg. She licked her lips, smiling mischeviously.

“Jesus Lena, she’ll be home any minute!”

Finally, Lena came to her senses, and hopped off the guy. She leaned over and took his thick stubby cock in her mouth, her hair dipping into the puddles of her own juices on his pelvis.

“Mmm, fuck that was good”. she said as the cock popped out of her mouth.

She rolled off the bed and told him she was sorry but she didn’t have time to get him off and he needed him to get the fuck out now. The guy said it was fine, and he would like to fuck her again soon. He threw on his gym shorts and started down the hall putting on his tee shirt, with the top of his stiff cock extending well above his waist band.

I went back to my room to get some clothes to bring to the shower, but when I stepped back into the hall Lena was standing there, naked and holding a towel in front of her crotch.

“Sorry, Joe but who needs a shower more right now?”

I looked her up and down from head to toe. Her hair was a mess, matted to her neck with sweat and her own juices. Her luscious lips had lipstick smeared all around, no doubt a result of sucking cock. Perspiration ran down between her beautiful breasts, and a drop hung on the end of her right nipple. As my gaze dropped to the towel she was holding, she slowly moved it to the side while she watched Manisa Escort my face with interest. My face reddened as blood rushed into my dick. Her pussy was not shaved but neatly trimmed. I couldn’t see much but suddenly I felt like I wanted to see more.

“Oops, silly me.” she said as she dropped her towel. I stood transfixed as she started to descend slowly into a squat with her knees open wide. Her gaze was now fixed on my crotch, as my member was now at full attention. I knew I should leave but I was transfixed. Her legs open wide, it took in a breath as my eyes devoured the view of her still-swollen labia, and the glorious treasure between them.

I had seen thousands of vaginas, mostly from porn but also a few girls I had done stuff with. But this was the most beautiful little pussy I had ever seen.

A little drop of fluid formed at the bottom of the entrance and I imagined how wet and warm and tight-feeling it must be. Like a zombie, I took a tentative step forward.

I heard the sound of a car door clunking shut. Mom was home.

Lena looked directly into my eyes and she put her finger down to collect the drip and bring it to her mouth.

“Joe,” she said with a wide smile as she stood up and returned her gaze to my crotch. I looked down and realized that my right hand had found its way inside my underwear and was clenched around my throbbing cock.

“This might be a good time to go back to your room.” said my sister as the front door opened.

Lena quickly stepped into the bathroom and shut the door, while I tried to walk nonchalantly down the hall, with my boner bouncing side to side. I figured doesn’t usually come upstairs right away. After all, she’s got to read mail and check Facebook on her laptop. Once safely inside, I considered the fastest way to get rid of this boner. I could either let it go down naturally, or quickly jack off again. I tried the former without success, because the only thing I could actually think about was Lena, her legs spread, and that gorgeous little love hole beckoning me. For the first time, I thought about fucking my sister as I stroked myself hard and fast. I imagined her squatting, and I tackling her, and slipping my cock into that lovely little cave. Oh god it would feel so fucking good. Oh how I want to cum inside that delectable little pussy. Oh fuck I thought and then I came in a flash, squirting semen made it three feet to my mirror where it dripped down to collect in a droplet on the frame, while I continued to spurt more out onto my dresser.

Then I heard steps on the stairs. Mom was coming up. I dashed to me bed and grabbed my denim shorts. I had one leg in when she knocked on the door.


“Hi Mom, just a minute I’m changing.” I yelled, trying not to sound stressed.

I threw on a tee shirt.

“Joe, there is a letter for you here. It looks like it is from the University.”

“Uh, ok Mom. I’ll open it later.”

“I’m sure your done changing, and I’m dying know if you got in.”, she explained as she opened my door despite my protestation. My cock was still semi-hard, so I crossed my legs as I sat on the bed.

The letter was nothing, just an acknowledgment that I was still on the wait list. I had taken a year off after high school, and my mother was getting anxious that I would never go to college. As she walked out of my room, I could tell Mom was a little disappointed. I thought she briefly glanced at the cum all over the dresser and on the mirror, but she continued out and closed the door behind her. I collapsed on the bed, a dark round circle forming on my shorts where additional cum was leaking out of my shrinking penis.

The next morning, I ignored the morning wood and got ready for work. After getting dressed, I was laying on the bed with my phone, when I heard Lena approach and knock my door. She entered without waiting for me to reply. Her hair was tousled and she was still wearing her wrinkled nightshirt.

“Hey” she said.

“Hi Sis, what’s up?”

She glanced at my crotch.

“Nothing yet. But that may change.” she said mischievously.

She hopped up on my dresser, knees facing me.

“Lena, what do you want?”

“Oh I want a lot of things… But actually I was wondering if I could borrow your phone charger. I can’t find mine.”


She pouted. Then she started slowly moving her knees apart. When the nightshirt pulled tight, she rocked her hips and pulled it up some more.

“Why not?” she said.

I tried not to look as sexual excitement gave me a light-headed buzz through my entire body. My pants began to bulge, and I wound up staring between her legs as if there were nothing else in the entire world.

“Because I…” And then I lost my train of thought. My cock was yearning for freedom, yearning to be right there in the grip of that luscious, tight little pocket of pleasure.

“So can I borrow it?”

As she said this, her right hand came down to her pussy Mavişehir Escort and spread the lips even wider so I could darkness in the center of her vagina. Just where I wanted to be. She made a small humping motion with her hips.

“Oh god yes” I said.

She hopped off the dress and grabbed my charger.


She started to almost skip out of the room she was so pleased with herself. But then she stopped.

My foreskin was now peeking out of my waistband. It was throbbing under the pressure from the jeans. Lena leaned over me and admired it. I felt paralyzed with lust, as if thought was being suppressed by a wall of desire.

“I was right. Something did come up!”

And with that she walked out the door, letting it swing closed behind her. I watched her ass wiggle beneath the loose nightshirt as she left.

I desperately undid my jeans enough to get access to my throbbing member. The precum oozed at the end and I tasted it, then started stroking my cock in earnest. In my mind I replayed the last few minutes, only this time I undid my pants before she left. I walked over to the dresser that was somehow just the right height. As my sister looked adoringly into my eyes, I grabbed her buttocks and slid her forward until my rock hard penis slipped into her. I imagined her climaxing as soon as I was all the way in, and then… and then… oh god

My cum spurted all over my shirt, and on my bedspread. A few drops hit my face. I was breathing heavily. I heard a small sound near the door, which hadn’t quite closed.

After changing my shirt and cleaning up the rest of my jizz, I went downstairs to grab some breakfast. Lena was all smiles. She had gotten a bowl and spoon out for me and even poured my serial and put the milk out for me.

I felt drained, and a bit unhappy that she was doing this to me. Now that she had discovered the power she could wield, I would be at her mercy, never able to actually get satisfaction.

“Why did you change your shirt?” She asked, barely able to keep a straight face.

“Fuck you.” I said, frowning.

“Mmmm, I look forward to that very much.” she said as she moved languidly towards me.

“Hey, what’s that?” She leaned down and wiped a blob of cum from my pant leg.

She brought her fingers to her lips, and slowly licked it so I could see the milky white drop on her tongue.

“Mmmm, brother cum is the best cum.” she said, now standing next to my chair as I tried to pour my cereal despite a new raging hard-on and a very red face.

Lena leaned in, so her pussy touched my shoulder through her nightshirt. She rocked back and forth just a tiny bit. I could feel her labia through the clothing and I found myself moving my shoulder as if to work my way in and start fucking her with it.

“Mmmm, She said with her eyes closed.” Then she straightened and looked down with a pout. Her nightshirt had a large wet spot where she was against me.

“You are making a lot of messes this morning, bro”

“But have a good day at work. “

She leaned down to give me kiss on the cheek, no doubt she was about to laugh at me as she left me with another raging boner. So at the last second I turned my head and our lips met. I felt her surprise, but took her arms gently and pulled her closer so we didn’t part. I felt her lips go into a smile. Then her hands slid down my chest and up my back as her lips parted and I felt her tongue in my mouth. I thrush my own tongue in her mouth and tasted the semen she had licked off me. With my hands I reached up her nightshirt and felt her breasts for the first time. They felt heavenly soft, but resilient in shape as I cupped them. When I ran my fingers over her nipples she shuddered with pleasure. Her right hand made its way to my pants and she squeezed my cock. I was at the brink of climax. She leaned in to me, pressing herself against my chest. I moved my hands around her back. Lena pushed the kitchen table back with her ass so she could straddle me, and I moved my hands down to her lovely buttocks to pull her onto me.

Then suddenly she pulled away and stood up.

“Jesus!” she said, her breath coming in deep gasps.

“I was just screwing with you. I didn’t mean for this to get out of hand.”

And with that, she was gone. I heard her run up the stairs through my floating buzz of sexual energy. I looked down at the pulsating cock shape pressed against the fabric of my jeans.

“Well, it doesn’t sound like you are going to get with her after all, little friend.”

I didn’t have time to jerk off again, so I just walked out to my car with a proud tent pitched on the front of my pants. It just had to subside before I got to work.

Obviously I was useless at work that day. The entire morning my attempts at distracting myself from what happened that morning resulted in only in an erection which varied from rock hard to strongish-semi. I did my best to hide it, but I’m pretty sure the secretary Menderes Escort saw it. She was looking right at it and then smiled at me. I don’t know if it was a smile because she was thinking about my young cock, or smiling because she thinks its funny that teenage boys have such trouble controlling their hormones. Being nearly fifty with boys of her own it was probably the latter.

After that I went to the single potty bathroom in the back near the loading dock, because it had a lock on the door, and rubbed one out as quickly and quietly as I could. I flushed the cum-covered toilet paper, then checked myself carefully for stray blobs.

At around 5pm that night, I drove up to the house to see a car in the driveway, just as two guys came out of the front door with big smiles as they high-fived each other. I pulled in and they gave me a little nod as they pulled out onto the road.

I felt vaguely upset, but I really couldn’t place why. As the summer had approached I had become indifferent to the rampant fucking of my sister nearly every day by different guys. Although I did like to beat off to it, I had stopped feeling upset by it.

Maybe it was because there were two of them, I felt a little concerned for my sister. I ran up the stairs and knocked on her door.

“Lena, are you ok?”

The door clicked open just enough for her to poke her head out. Her hair was slick against her neck, and there was a blob of cum on her eyelash. She smiled warmly at me, looking bizarre with lipstick smeared around her mouth.

“I’m ok, Bro. Thanks for checking on me, though. ”

Then her expression got more serious, almost sad.

“Look, I think I need to make some changes, you know, be a better sister. I had a fun time with those guys but I wanted them to go before you got home but they took their time. It’s just rude the way I’ve been treating you and I want to do better.”

“We’re good, Sis. I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

I went back to my room and collapsed on my bed.

I woke up to muffled sound of yelling downstairs. I opened my door and heard Mom screaming at Lena. Apparently a neighbor had informed Mom about the boys visiting every day. She said that the whole neighborhood was abuzz with it, and that people our house had been turned into a brothel. I didn’t think Lena was taking money, but I guess I really didn’t know.

After that, the boys stopped. I’m sure my sister was still fucking guys, just not in our house. She went out a lot more now. As the leaves began to turn, the summer of love appeared to be over.

I didn’t see her in her nightshirt any more. If I saw her at breakfast time she would be fully dressed, and no longer did she tease me, at least not sexually. She still looked plenty hot in a tee-shirt and jeans, and I did get a partial sometimes just by watching her walk down the bedroom hall, but I knew she felt terrible about what almost happened and kept my lust as discreet as I could.

As the days counted down to when she would return to school, my feelings were a tangled ball of conflicted emotions. Lust and possessiveness where there, balanced by love and concern for her. But the tension of living with her was straining my nerves, and I looked forward to a more relaxed life coming in the fall.

That night the phone rang. Mom informed us that an old friend was in the hospital and she needed to fly to Boston for a few days. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to take Lena back to school. I was to drive Lena out in Mom’s SUV and help her move into her dorm.

On the way back from dropping Mom off at the airport, Lena stopped at a convenience store.

“Let’s get some beers and watch a movie tonight. Something we can’t do when Mom’s home.”

As we stepped out of the store, a gust of warm wind nearly pulled the door out of my hands. My sister’s hair fluttered in the breeze, and she gave me a smile that made my heart beat faster with feelings of love and undeniable sexual attraction.

“It’s like the last gasp of summer,” she said.

When we got in the car, she pulled around the side of the store and stopped the car. She grabbed a 20 oz single out of the bag and threw it to me, then cracked open one for her self. I was a bit anxious. Drinking in the car was one of those things you should never do, but when she held up her beer for a toast, I did the same.

“To the Summer of Love” she said.

“To the Summer of Lust” I said as our cans clinked.

She hesitated, like she was wondering if I was putting her down. Then she shrugged and said.

“I guess that’s pretty accurate. I’ll drink to that!”

“To the Summer of Love and Lust!” we cried out together, and we chugged our beers.

“Now let’s go have some fun!” She raised her hand for a high five and I slapped hard, unabashedly watching her gorgeous breasts jiggle. She laughed and put the car in drive.

At home we watched a bawdy comedy and by the time we were halfway through the horror flick we’d finished a twelve pack. In the scary parts, Lena leaned closer on the couch and we ended up holding hands in the dim light of the TV. When the credits rolled I switched off the TV without letting go of Lena.

In the dead quiet we could hear crickets chirping outside. I wondered if she could fell my hard-on underneath our clasped hand.

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